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Hear from insiders across healthcare and technology and get the scoop on the latest trends in digital health. Rock Health exists to fund and support entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Join us and build something useful. Visit us at

Hear from insiders across healthcare and technology and get the scoop on the latest trends in digital health. Rock Health exists to fund and support entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Join us and build something useful. Visit us at
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Hear from insiders across healthcare and technology and get the scoop on the latest trends in digital health. Rock Health exists to fund and support entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Join us and build something useful. Visit us at




Startup-Enterprise Partnerships in Digital Mental Health

Digital health companies seeking to scale through large enterprise organizations have their work cut out for them—especially in an increasingly crowded space like digital mental health. To find out what makes for a successful partnership, we teamed up with Kaiser Permanente Ventures on an event bringing together two leaders who have been instrumental in getting such a partnership off the ground. Roger Dowdy, Kaiser Permanente Washington’s Director of Mental Health and Wellness, and Karan...


Navigating Pharma-Digital Therapeutic Alliances

The industry is at a unique crossroads: pharmaceutical and digital therapeutic (DTx) companies have begun to act on their ambition to advance digital therapeutics—but the path to successful alliances and, importantly, scale remains uncertain. As a follow up to our recent research on building pharma-DTx alliances, we sat down with two leaders to get their perspective on: -The dos and don'ts of pharma-DTx partnerships -Evidence standards for digital therapeutics -Channel pathways and business...


The Promises and Potential Pitfalls of Telemedicine

In 2018, digital health companies leveraging telemedicine received nearly $1.5B in investment. And although telemedicine adoption has grown across the board in recent years, the majority of users remain the urban and the young. How are different healthcare stakeholders thinking about tackling barriers to adoption, potential limitations of virtual care, and the evergreen question—how telemedicine should be paid for? Hear from Blue Shield of California's Director of Investments & Corporate...


The Current State of Digital Health Regulation

In 2017, the FDA launched its Digital Health Innovation Action Plan, detailing its plans to review and update regulation of software. Among the digital health programs is the Pre-Certification Program, also known as Pre-Cert, wherein FDA is working with innovators to develop a new approach to regulatory oversight for software-based medical technologies. Nearly two years into the pilot program, we wanted to get a status update and hear what’s in store this year and beyond. Rock Health...


How AI Can Get Medicine Back On Track: Dr. Eric Topol

Will artificial intelligence help humanize healthcare and get medicine back on track? Signs point to yes—with a few caveats. Rock Health Managing Director and CEO Bill Evans spoke with leading cardiologist and digital medicine researcher Dr. Eric Topol about his new book, Deep Medicine, which provides a wide-ranging overview of the current state of AI in healthcare. Together with Dr. Topol, we explore the fundamental shift from “shallow medicine” to “deep medicine,” the data and privacy...


Building Enterprise-Startup Partnerships in Digital Health

Even when serving patients is their primary goal, most digital health solutions go to market via large enterprises, whether through payers, providers, biopharma, or employers. That’s why effective digital health companies build expertise not just in their product, but in cultivating relationships with large enterprises and implementing solutions across them to reach patient populations at scale. Rock Health recently co-hosted an event with Kaiser Permanente Ventures to discuss what it takes...


Is Digital Health In An Investment Bubble?

Earlier this week, we released our annual funding report, which explored the “bubbliness” of digital health amidst record dollars and tempered exits. To expand on our findings and get to the heart of what the funding environment means for the future of the sector, we spoke with an entrepreneur and seasoned digital health investor about: –How entrepreneurs should approach fundraising in a capital-rich market –What milestones investors look for before signing the check –Whether valuations are...


2018 Summit Series | Will Big Tech’s Bets In Healthcare Pay Off?: Dr. Toby Cosgrove

As the tech titans push forward with their entrance into healthcare, speculation surrounds their chances of successfully solving the industry’s myriad of maladies. Hear from Cleveland Clinic CEO-turned-Googler Dr. Toby Cosgrove and's Chrissy Farr on what’s notable—and what’s just noise—as these tech giants move into the $3T healthcare market.


2018 Summit Series | How Oscar Is Shaking Up The Payer Landscape: Mario Schlosser

Free from the constraints of legacy operating systems, Oscar Health takes a full-stack approach to insurance—one where healthcare becomes a collaborative experience between the patient, payer, and provider. Rock Health's Megan Zweig sits down with Mario to understand how his company is breaking down industry silos, what plans are in store for Alphabet’s recent super-investment, and what others can learn from Oscar’s consumer-first, tech-forward approach.


AI: Fact or Fiction?: Dr. Bob Wachter & Dr. Vineeta Agarwala

While the singularity is nowhere in sight, we’re inching closer to a world where more jobs are being replaced or augmented by machines—and industry sentiment ranges from praise to skepticism. In this live session, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at UCSF, Bob Wachter and Google Ventures partner and physician-scientist Vineeta Agarwala voice their views on the divergent paths of AI.


How Non-Traditional Players Are Shaping Healthcare Transformation

As one of the last industries to undergo technological transformation on an exponential scale, healthcare is ripe for change—and attracting the attention of diverse industries like never before. What opportunities do transportation, finance, food, and other companies see in healthcare? What trends are leading non-traditional companies into this balkanized industry? And what lessons should healthcare learn from them? Featuring Chris Waugh, Chief Design & Innovation Officer at Sutter Health...


Uncovering The Real Value of AI In Healthcare: Andrew Ng #RHS17

An expert in the field of AI, Andrew Ng shares what the digital health community needs to understand about trendy technology, by separating hype from reality, while discussing how these technologies are creating real value in healthcare—today and throughout the decade ahead. Recorded live at Rock Health Summit 2017


Provider Adoption of Digital Health

In our recent survey digital health companies divulged their enterprise sales pain points. This week we went even deeper—with two executives at the center of technology innovation and adoption at leading health systems—to get their honest take on what hospitals want from digital health tools, including: - How they vet new innovations and recommendations to startups on operating a pilot - What’s next in the technology landscape for hospitals? - Their biggest adoption pain points and digital...


Healthcare Investors' Take On Digital Health Funding

Last week we briefed you on the record shattering funding streak of the first half of 2017. Then we sat down with two other investors, Bessemer Venture Partners’ Steve Kraus and Kaiser Permanente Ventures’ Liz Rockett to bring you a deeper look into: - The most exciting opportunities in digital health - How companies are being evaluated in this uncertain, albeit cash-rich, environment - What we expect for the upcoming IPO market - Whether or not unicorns are real - What recent tech giant...


Gaps and Opportunities in Women's Health & Entrepreneurship: Leah Sparks & Julia Cheek

Despite persistent efforts by those in digital health, gender parity in leadership remains a huge issue. It’s not due to lack of attention. The front cover of The Atlantic’s April issue asked, “Why is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women?” According to Rock Health research, digital health companies led by men get 91% of all venture deals, leaving few dollars for women-led companies. Only 9% of companies funded in 2016 had a woman CEO—down from the already dismal 11% in 2015—even though women are...


Getting Clear About Healthcare Transparency: Lisa Maki & Noah Lang

What are players from around and outside healthcare doing to make this universal experience more understandable, clear—and even enjoyable? Two CEOs share their take on how transparency in healthcare is taking shape and what it really means for patients and stakeholders.


Adapting to Consumerism in Healthcare: Robin Thurston & Drew Schiller

The age-old power dynamics in healthcare are quickly shifting—away from providers as the primary touch point for care and toward tech-, and consumer-empowered decision-making. In a world where personal data is king and consumers expect things to be free—and are also expected to take on a larger burden of their healthcare costs, healthcare companies have a lot to adapt to. Two entrepreneurs—one leading a first of its kind marketplace for consumer genomics and another organizing all of this...


Why Scientific Research Needs Technology: Saji Wickramasekara & Sridhar Iyengar

Medical research is a $200B industry—but is not conducted in a way that is searchable, machine-readable, or reproducible. We chat with Benchling cofounder and CEO Saji Wickramasekara and Elemental Machines cofounder and CEO Sridhar Iyengar to understand what's at stake, and how technology is being used to advance scientific research. Interviewed by Mollie McDowell Learn more at


Debunking Patient Data: Deb Kilpatrick & David Vivero

There's tremendous excitement about the potential of what data can do to change how healthcare really works. Simultaneously there's some confusion, and fear from patients around security and privacy. We talk to two entrepreneurs working heavily in the space, David Vivero, Co-founder & CEO of Amino and Deb Kilpatrick, CEO of Evidation Health to understand how to best harness patient data in order to serve patients themselves. Interviewed by Mollie McDowell Learn more at


From Obamacare to Trumpcare: Questions for digital health with Jamie Robinson & Chrissy Farr

The President-elect vowed to repeal the ACA on his first day in office. Or will he just pick it apart and keep the pieces he likes? The water is murky and answers are forthcoming, but we can be certain of one thing—a shift in healthcare legislation as we move from a Democratic to Republican House. Bill Evans, Rock Health’s Managing Director, recently interviewed James Robinson from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and Christina Farr from Fast Company in order to frame the key...