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Welcome to the SCD Specific Carbohydrate Diet Podcast!

Welcome to the SCD Specific Carbohydrate Diet Podcast!


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Welcome to the SCD Specific Carbohydrate Diet Podcast!




Matt Herod, Grandson of BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE Author, Elaine Gottschall, Ulcerative Colitis Remission

Matt Herod, Grandson of BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE Author, Elaine Gottschall, talks about achieving 100% ulcerative colitis remission. Matt gives insights, tips, and tricks in how he manages following The SCD, including references, recipes, and more. For show notes, visit


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Cathy Malone of

Cathy Malone, MS, RDN, has 33 years of clinical experience working with children and adults with gastrointestinal disorders. For links and show notes, visit Find Cathy Malone at Visit for show notes.


Dr. David Suskind, Director of Clinical Gastroenterology and Professor of Pediatrics at Seattle Children's Hospital

David Suskind, MD, is a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine and Physician Lead of ImproveCareNow, a collaborative of over 100 Pediatric IBD centers worldwide, at Seattle Children's Hospital. An expert in intestinal diseases, Dr. Suskind has focused much of his energy on clinical care and inflammatory bowel disease research. He is studying the fecal microbiome's effect in IBD, focusing on dietary therapy in inflammatory bowel disease. The IBD Center at...


Dr. Ali Arjomand, PhD Nutritionist and Founder of Modulla Health.

Join Dr. Arjomand as he shares insights into his journey with Crohn's disease, mistakes people make when following The SCD, the scientific thinking around probiotics and yogurt, and where he sees The Specific Carbohydrate Diet going in the future. For links and show notes, visit Please visit for the full set of notes. Dr. Arjomand: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: ali_arjomand_phd Twitter:...

Part 2: Dr. Christine Bowen, "Ask The Poop Doctor"

For a full list of notes and links, visit Dr. Christine Bowen returns to answer listener's questions: -Weight loss and weight gain on The Specific Carbohydrate Diet -COVID-19 challenges -Nutrition and health as career goals -Is The SCD as effective with colitis as it is with Crohn's -What the doctor eats -SCD misconceptions -Is this a lifelong diet or are some people able to add non-SCD foods without issue -Children and Crohn's Disease: is complete remission possible -Mucus in...


Bonus Episode: Erin Barnes of

Erin Barnes of shares her journey to wellness through The Specific Carbohydrate Diet and offers resources to help with learning about The SCD, recipes, meal planning, and more.


Episode 2, Part 1: Dr. Christine Bowen, ND, Bothell Natural Health, Washington state

Christine Bowen, ND, CGP Naturopathic Physician, discusses many aspects of digestive health and gives accounts of how people, including herself, have reached remission by following The Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Visit Dr. Bowen at Bothell Natural Health:, and Inside Health Institute: For show notes, visit This podcast does not give medical advice, nor should anything here or in the podcast be taken as medical advice....


Jeffrey Berger, Executive Director of The Specific Carbohydrate Diet Association

Jeffrey Berger, Founder and Director of The Specific Carbohydrate Diet Association (a not-for-profit), explains The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), its history, and the positive effect that following the program has had on his life. He also shares how The SCD Association came into existence and the free resources The SCD Association makes available to all. Home of the book BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE: Intestinal Health Through Diet, by Elaine Gottschall:...