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085: Wisdom for the Weekend: The Song Inside You

What is a soul? I heard a profound answer on a Super Soul Conversation podcast and had to share it with you. It's beautiful. I hope it resonates with you as much as it did with me!


084: Arousal Session with Pamela Madsen

This week, I have a sexy episode for you. Joining me is the founder of Back to the Body, Pamela Madsen. Pamela is also the author of the book, Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Somehow Got Home In time to Cook Dinner. In this episode, we talk intimately about what happens at her sensual retreats and events. Plus, we talk about arousal, A LOT. It gets a little hot and heavy, so beware! We jammed on: Show notes:


Women's Wedneday: Preventing UTI's

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are so common. Today’s short talk is how to prevent them and what to do if you keep getting them. Here is the women’s probiotic useful for UTI and yeast infections: Pro-Flora Womens Probiotic by Integrative Therapeutics. Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri. Show notes:


082: Updates and Your Vision Board

The Sacred Medicine podcast is going on vacation! In mid-June, I'm taking some time for hiking in Utah and then attending a convention. I'll also be going to a workshop in Italy. I'll be returning in July and back with new episodes and interviews. Until then, how about working on your vision board? In this episode, I share some ideas to spark some vision board inspiration for you. Speak to you all in a few weeks! Resources: I'll be sharing some of my travels on my Instagram account -...


081: Evolution of a Goddess with Emma Mildon

Spiritual babe, Emma Mildon, is back on the show. This time we talk all about her new book, Evolution of a Goddess, A Modern Girl’s Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers. Emma Mildon is known as the Spiritual Personal Assistant aka PA for your soul, is an International Columnist, #1 Best Selling Author, and spiritual philanthropist. And, I have to tell you, her new book is a gem! With it, you can take a quiz to find out your goddess archetype. Once you know your archetype, you can...


080: Reversing Hair Loss in Women with Dr. Carrie Jones

Dr. Carrie Jones is back! This time she giving us the downlow on hair loss. She is a functional medicine hormone doctor, Medical Director at Precision Analytical, Inc. and actively promotes women’s health and hormone education. In today’s episode, we talked about the sensitive issue of hair loss. This seems to be common among women in their 30-40's and beyond. This episode will give you some insight into the issues surrounding hair loss in women and offer some suggestions on what you might...


079: Getting Over Postpartum Depression with Dr. Stefani Reinold

Dr. Stefani Reinhold joins me on this week’s episode of The Sacred Medicine Podcast. Stefani is a Christian, Doctor, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Army wife, and mother of two. If that’s not enough, she is also an author and the host of the podcast Not The Typical Mom Show. In this episode, we speak on a topic that affects a growing number of women, postpartum depression. Whether you are a first time or 3rd time mom, postpartum depression can still affect you. This episode will give you...


078: Feminine Genius with Liyana Silver

Liyana Silver, my new soul sister, brings so much wisdom to this interview. She is the author of, FEMININE GENIUS: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman. She is also a coach, teacher, and torch-holder who helps women find the full expression of their feminine strength in work, love, and life. In this episode, Liyana and I had so much to share about bringing the feminine back into our daily lives. We jammed on: Show notes:...


Wisdom for the Weekend: Gratitude

In this week's episode of Wisdom for the Weekend, I have a mini assignment for you! I talk about one of my own daily rituals and a beautiful way to start you day.


077: My Lupus Journey with Margaret Romero

This week’s episode of the Sacred Medicine Podcast, I share my Lupus journey. Plus, I launch my 7 Day Lupus Challenge following the airing on this podcast! 11 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis. And, in honor of Lupus month, I wanted to share my story with you. In this episode I talk all about my diagnosis, my hospital disasters, an emergency medi-flight, and how I am living life, today. This is the first time I publicly share these events, as well. Join me for a 7 Day Lupus...


076: Sex With Soul, Sexless Relationships and Living Apart Together with Isiah McKimmie

Isiah McKimmie is a highly trained sexologist, couples therapist, sex therapist and Tantra expert. She is my guest this week and she gives us the lowdown on cultivating sex with soul. This is a topic I absolutely swoon over. And it’s not a woo-woo topic but rather a beautiful way of connecting to your beloved. We also discussed what to do if you find yourself in a sexless relationship and living apart together; a growing trend. We jammed on: Show notes:...


Wisdom for the Weekend: Dreaming Big

Before or after you listen to this episode, check out my recent Instagram post. You will see one of my biggest desires. After an interview with Sarah Centrella featured in Episode 73, I knew I wanted to create a new vision board! Check out this week’s Wisdom for the Weekend for some inspiration!


075: Sacred and Soulful Exploration with Shann Vander Leek

Shann Vander Leek is a Transformation Goddess, bestselling author, producer, podcast coach, and voiceover talent. She is also the author of Life on Your Terms and co-author of six more bestselling books for women. Shann joins me on the podcast, this week. And, I love Shann’s mission which is to elevate the feminine in women who have lost that connection. You can feel her groundedness and feminine strength come through in this interview. It’s palpable! We jammed on: Show notes:...


074: Experiencing an Ecstatic Birth Through Pleasure with Sheila Kamara Hay

This week on the podcast, I welcome Sheila Kamara Hay. She is an Ecstatic Birth visionary, advocate, and coach. Reconnecting with this goddess opened my eyes to the possibilities a woman can encounter during childbirth. As a woman who does not plan on having children, Sheila’s tips were useful and eye-opening, even when it comes to birthing things like projects or books into creation. We jammed on:


Hustle Believe Receive with Sarah Centrella

When I first listened to a podcast with this week’s guest, Sarah Centrella, I was blown away by her fierceness and badass attitude. She went from being a single mom of three in a broken marriage to best selling author. She has managed to manifest her biggest dreams using her Future Boards. She says her clients manifest from their boards in 12-18 months! Sarah Centrella is the author of the #1 best-selling self-help book, Hustle Believe Receive An 8 Step Plan to Changing Your Life and...


Wisdom for the Weekend: Allow Your Experiences to Strengthen You

I recently found a nugget from The Goop Podcastwith Oprah that I had to share. How can we use any and all experiences to elevate us? I talk about my failed marriage a bit and the woman I have become today.


The Dental Diet with Dr. Steven Lin

On this week’s episode of The Sacred Medicine Podcast, I share my amazing conversation with Dr. Lin, a world leading functional dentist, TEDx speaker and author of the International #1 Amazon Best Selling Book, The Dental Diet. Parents, listen up, you want to tune into this episode. You may also want to reconsider teeth extractions and how doing so can affect your child’s future health, not to mention what it can do to them in childhood. We jammed on: How extractions can affect a child’s...


Wisdom for the Weekend: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There is no growth in your comfy space. In order to grow in all areas of your life, you need to bravely step out of your zone. This could be in the bedroom, in your relationship, or in your business. What will you do to get out of yours? Take me on your journey!


071: Online Dating, Ghosting, Dating Disasters,Sex Toys and Orgasms with Laura Lane and Angela Spera

This week I am joined by the hosts of the This Is Why You’re Single Show, Laura Lane and Angela Spear. They also recently wrote a book of the same name. This was one hilarious interview, I loved every second of it! What’s the deal with online dating? We chatted all about that and we shared some of our online dating disastrous tales.! We also jammed on: Ghosting: why it happens and what to doLong distance relationshipsOur dating disasters, including a few of my ownIs dating...


Wisdom for the Weekend: What are you waiting for?

What is that one thing that you keep holding off from doing, trying or buying? Now is the time to just do it. Research how you can do it, buy it, or afford it. Live your life now. What are you waiting for? Show notes: