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Scouse Science Podcast Episode 21 with Rt. Hon Matt Hancock MP Live at Westminster

For this, the last episode in the current series hosted in Westminster by Professor Tom Solomon and Holly O'Dea, the former Secretary of State for Health, the Rt. Hon Matt Hancock discusses the critical collaborative role of the Government and its’ agencies including the NHS and the MHRA with academia and the private sector together with public engagement in the UK's response to Covid-19. Matt answers a range of viewers questions about Covid-19 transmission in care homes and the value of the...


20: The Music Science Edition

In this, the first music science edition hosted Professor Tom Solomon with Holly Ellis, our guests were International DJ, producer, promoter and Circus co-founder Yousef with Dr Eduardo Coutinho, founder and Director of the Applied Music Research Lab at the University of Liverpool which aims to harness the power of music to improve people’s lives. In this episode, Yousef, a pivotal player in ‘The First Dance’, the official trial event forming part of the Governments’ Covid-19 Event Research...


19: The World Encephalitis Day Edition with Jan Ravens

Encephalitis is an acute inflammation of the brain. The majority of cases are caused by either a viral infection or the patients' own immune system attacking their own brain tissue. Actress and impressionist Jan Ravens joins Professor Tom Solomon, who is the President of the Encephalitis Society, to raise public awareness about this devastating disease, sharing her own harrowing experience of the onset, and aftermath of herpes simplex encephalitis in her husband Max. The first female...


18: Merseyside Police Chief Constable Serena Kennedy and Dr Curly Moloney

In this episode, Merseyside Police Chief Constable Serena Williams discusses her initiatives for more compassionate policing in the community and the value of health, schools and other scientific data in a holistic approach to youth crime. We also welcome Dr Curly Moloney, CEO and creator of the new system developed to analyse our subconscious drives; ‘The Cambridge Code'. Also the founder of Moloney International Executive Search, Dr Moloney brings her unique insight into the importance of...


17: The Muscle Edition

In this edition, Liverpool Football Club doctor, Jim Moxon outlines the latest strategies used to improve the players muscle strength and power on the pitch while Professor Anne McArdle discusses her latest research initiative; growing muscles in the International Space Station!


16: The Climate Change Edition

In this, the first climate change edition, guests; former Conservative MP Edwina Currie and Professor Ric Williams discuss the issues of global policies addressing acute climate changes, the potential impact of the recent COP26 meeting and the merits of Tesla electric cars with Professor Tom Solomon.


15: The Liverpool Literary Festival Edition in front of a live studio audience.

This special episode of the Scouse Science podcast was held in conjunction with the Liverpool Literary Festival. This episode was the first in the series to take place in front of a live audience. Best selling authors; Dr Rachel Clarke and Dr Gavin Francis with Prof Tom Solomon explored the impact of the pandemic from an NHS front-line perspective including the harrowing impacts on public mental health but also how red tape and bureaucracy were by-passed to house the homeless in Edinburgh in...


14: Dame Louise Ellman and Professor William Hope

Professor Tom Solomon is joined by guests: Dame Louise Ellman who became Labour group leader in 1977, served as MP served MP for Liverpool Riverside from 1997 to 2019 and was awarded a Damehood in 2018 and as Professor William Hope, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research (CEIDR) which focuses on infection therapeutics. The podcast features a discussion about the need for Covid-19 booster shots for over 70s and the socio-political parallels between the pandemic...

13: Rory Bremner and Professor Helen Sharp

Professor Tom Solomon CBE is joined by Rory Bremner, political satirist impressionist and comedian best known for his work on Mock the Week and Bremner Bird and Fortune, and also, The University of Liverpool’s Professor Helen Sharp, a Professor in Perinatal and Clinical Child Physiology. In this episode: Masks, on or off? ADHD, the impact of lockdown on children, wellbeing and mental health.


12: Fi Glover and Professor Iain Buchan

Professor Tom Solomon is joined by guests, Fi Glover: BBC journalist who hosts the Fortunately podcast alongside previous Scouse Science guest, Jane Garvey, as well as The Listening Project for BBC Radio4 and My Perfect Country for the BBC World Service. Also, Professor Iain Buchan who leads the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Population Health and pursues data-intensive public health research for major societal challenges, most recently the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and COVID-19 responses....


11: Jonathan Freedland and Professor Dame Janet Beer

Professor Tom Solomon is joined by University of Liverpool Vice-Chanellor Dame Janet Beer and Guardian columnist and BBC Broadcaster Jonathan Freedland to chat about poetry, novels, conspiracy theories, politics, and Jonathan's next book project


10: Mairead Smyth and Professor Graham Medley OBE

Professor Tom Solomon is joined by BBC North-West Tonight’s Mairead Smyth and Professor Graham Medley OBE, Professor of Disease Modelling from the London School of Tropical Medicine and member of the Government’s SAGE Committee. The group are also joined, as usual, by THE Scouse Scientist, Holly Ellis discussing the challenges of presenting science to the Government, the different types of stories on BBC News and switching careers from computers to biology.


9: Jan Ravens and Dr Mike Beadsworth

Professor Tom Solomon’s guest this time is actor and impressionist Jan Ravens. They are joined by Scouse Scientist Holly Ellis and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine’s Dr Mike Beadsworth. This episode covers coronavirus, vaccines, risks of infection to doctors and Nicola Sturgeon ‘nutting’ people. Some surprise guests (in the form of Jan’s impressions!) include the aforementioned Nicola Sturgeon, former PM Theresa May, Home Secretary Priti Patel, and some very posh scousers.


8: Michael Buerk

Professor Tom Solomon chats to legendary journalist and newsreader Michael Buerk about his career and controversies, his views on the coronavirus pandemic, and his time in that jungle programme…


7: Stephen McGann and Dr Stacy Todd

Professor Tom Solomon's guest in this episode are actor Stephen McGann and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's Dr Stacy Todd. They discuss coronavirus vaccines, choosing between oil rigs and science, Call the Midwife and how Stephen practices delivering babies with salad servers and teddy bears!


6: Eleanor Moritz and Dr Tom Fletcher

Reporting on the coronavirus, mass testing, the infectious diseases ward at Liverpool and Tom’s aunty Judy


5: Andy Burnham, Dr Emily Adams and Holly Ellis

Coronavirus, Manchester, COVID-19 testing and Andy Burnham’s next steps in politics


4: Jane Garvey, Professor Saye Khoo and Holly Ellis

Coronavirus, Liverpool, Woman’s Hour and THE scouse scientist


3: Roger Phillips and Professor Louise Kenny

Coronavirus, Pre-eclampsia and how to answer interview questions!


2: Sharon Amesu and Dr Dan Wootton

In the second episode of the series, Professor Solomon speaks with criminal barrister and leadership coach, Sharon Amesu and Senior Fellow in Infection at the University of Liverpool and Honorary Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine at University Hospital Aintree, Dr Dan Wootton. Sharon Amesu is a criminal barrister turned professional speaker and leadership coach. As Manchester chair of the Institute of Directors North West, and director of SA Consulting, she is passionate about...