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Simplicity living tips and tools for women to optimize their own personal health, hormones, wealth, mindset and create a life they love with more simplicity and ease in all they do.

Simplicity living tips and tools for women to optimize their own personal health, hormones, wealth, mindset and create a life they love with more simplicity and ease in all they do.
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Simplicity living tips and tools for women to optimize their own personal health, hormones, wealth, mindset and create a life they love with more simplicity and ease in all they do.




Curing Inflammation Without Medication with Julie Daniluk

Julie Daniluk RHN is a leading nutritionist and the co-host of Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show on OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network). For twelve years, she was a co-operative owner and the Chief in store Nutritionist for one of Canada's largest health food stores, The Big Carrot Natural Food Market. In this episode, Julie shares her knowledge about inflammation and how to reverse inflammatory conditions. Julie cured herself from what started as an E-coli infection she contracted in...


New Year's Intentions with Jenn Pike

This New Year’s episode is a special one that aims to help you pinpoint your goals and intentions for 2019 the right way. Grab your pen and paper, and prepare a “Soul soothing” drink (find the recipe below) to really synch-in with what this episode is about. New year’s resolutions bring great expectations that usually don't last long and leave us with a feeling of failure, coming hand in hand with procrastination. We make it too complicated! Find your balance: you can make your own...


How Hormones Work with Dr. Carrie Jones

Dr. Carrie Jones is a naturopathic doctor and a medical director for Precision Analytical, which is the company that handles all the dutch hormone testing that is run for women in the hormone project and through my practice. Listen to this episode to unwrap knowledge about the work of hormones in your body, stress connection, estrogen and androgen dominance and the impact on your thyroid. Take your time to absorb and digest this information, and if a lot of what is said today resonates...


Your Adrenal and Thyroid Health (Part Two) with Jenn Pike

This is the second part of two episodes where we’ll take a deep dive into your thyroid health. In episode 12 I talked about all about your adrenal health and how its function has a direct effect on your thyroid. Tune into this episode (which is part two) to discover what your thyroid gland actually is, what it does, and where it's located. We will also dive into the signs and symptoms of an under or overactive thyroid, and how different diets (specifically the keto diet) can impact your...


Your Adrenal and Thyroid Health (Part One) with Jenn Pike

Today I will start a series of two episodes were I will talk about thyroid and adrenal health. This topic will be split into two, so you can really understand the content and go over it as much as needed. Unfortunately, the signs the adrenals give us are usually dismissed, we tend to think it is “normal” since we have always felt this way. These symptoms can be: How do you test your adrenals? How do you begin to heal Adrenal fatigue? How long this recovery takes? For a live experience...


Holidays Hacks to Keep Your Sanity with Jenn Pike

I prepared this mini-episode filled with strategies and tips to help you in this time of the year where it is easy to feel overwhelmed with meals, shopping, and tight schedules. Even though these weeks are full of joy, parties and gatherings it still feels like a lot! It is also a great time to reset, not yourself, but lifestyle changes that can help you be more grounded and in touch with yourself, focusing on what you want to be doing. Here are my 12 top strategies: Learn more about...


Taking Care of Your Family One Grocery Shopping at a Time With Jenn Pike.

There is a common belief that the perfect meal plan is going to bring all the changes that we need in our lives, unfortunately I have to tell you it does not work this way, it is not the golden nugget! The key is to educate yourself about what healthy actually is, and be able to identify in different scenarios what are your best options for your meals. This way you can flow in your daily life without stress, trusting that you will choose the healthiest food, no matter where you are. Best...


Healing Your Relationship with Food with Rachel Molenda

Rachel Molenda is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Emotional Eating Coach, who helps women heal their relationship with food and their body by breaking free from dieting, rigid rules and discovering the power of intuitive eating and eating #RealAssFood. Rachel shares her personal struggle with food that started at 8th grade and evolved as an eating disorder. Rachel was very critical with her body, binging and going in and out of diets; this lasted for 10 years of suffering, until she...


Dealing and Healing Hashimoto’s with Samantha Gladish, RHN

Samantha Gladish, RHN is a Nutritionist and Holistic Life Coach, she dedicates her time to help women achieve more powerful, holistic, purpose driven lives. When Samantha started to feel different, she paid attention to the signs her body was giving her and started to explore her health more deeply. She was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto. She decided to do something about it, teamed up with Marnie Wasserman and created a four week Foundational Healing and...


EP007: Retreating on a Soul Level -Being more than Doing- with Dr. Laura Foster

Today episode includes our first guest, which is also one of my best friends, Dr. Laura Foster. Dr. Laura has been an inspired Chiropractor for over 20 years and along the way she has coached and led retreats, workshops and group gatherings that have allowed her to tap into her gift of helping others find their truth and greatest sense of self. During this episode Dr. Laura engages into a thoughtful conversation about retreats. The experience of going away and encountering yourself, getting...


Ep006: Estrogen Dominance

This episode is all about estrogen dominance, its definition, the different symptoms it causes and how it works. I will offer some guidelines about how you can clear and detoxify to move out the excess estrogen in your body. Don’t get me wrong, estrogen is a wonderful hormone, the excess of it is the problem and nowadays there is a lot of extra estrogen entering to our bodies from the environment, the products we use and consume, like certain foods, water, plastics, pesticides, beauty...


EP005: Birth Control Awareness

This episode is about the history of a woman’s body. The webinar that I am sharing is about hormones and birth control awareness. Lots of women have asked me different questions and this is the way I found to reach you all in one space, this conversation among women is for us to break the barriers that are making us feel alone and ashamed. Many different symptoms begin after stopping birth control pills, physical, hormonal and emotional. Many women don’t even know how their bodies work...


Real Talk About Hormonal Acne

Today I am sharing one of my Instagram posts about the topic of Hormonal Acne since it got such an amazing response from my audience. This episode is all about treating and healing skin when it sends us signs that something is wrong. Here is my personal story, I battled for over 8 years with acne, now I have clear skin, but believe me it wasn't always like this. I started dealing with very bad acne during my second pregnancy. It was a baby boy, and I started thinking that my boy’s...


The Foundation of Your Health is Your Gut

The root of who you are is in your digestive system, your gut, your microbiome. If you want to understand your health you need to start with your gut, by asking the right questions, and listening to the messages your body is giving you. The entire digestive system works like an orchestra, to break down the food that we consume and to absorb the nutrients in it and remove the waste out of the system. If any part of the digestive system is not working right , another part will have to take...


Why Simplicity?

I am often asked: why simplicity? I think we end up teaching what we ourselves need the most! I was driving myself crazy with a nonstop schedule for many years, more exactly until I became a mother. You realize at that point, that your schedule is not your own anymore, and neither is your time. The guilt came, and I just felt like running away! How can I shift this? Simplicity was the answer. Nothing happened immediately, but I started to resent anything that didn't follow this line of...


Episode 001: The Simplicity Sessions My Mini-Sode Intro with Jenn Pike.

I am a passion led holistic living Mama on a Mission to help other women create the health, body and life they dream of. I have been working in the health and wellness industry for the last 21 years specializing in exercise physiology, holistic nutrition, women's health and hormones. I am the best-selling author or The Simplicity Project, The Simplicity Kitchen and host of Simplicity TV on Youtube. I also lead hundreds of women through two game-changing courses that I teach online each...