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A trail blazing relationship podcast promoting unconventional monogamy and marriage--where we teach you how to fight well, master communication, and take your marriage to the next level without compromising your business, family, or integrity

A trail blazing relationship podcast promoting unconventional monogamy and marriage--where we teach you how to fight well, master communication, and take your marriage to the next level without compromising your business, family, or integrity
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A trail blazing relationship podcast promoting unconventional monogamy and marriage--where we teach you how to fight well, master communication, and take your marriage to the next level without compromising your business, family, or integrity




Masculine And Feminine Energy In Relationships

Recently I interviewed my friend Joanna Shakti on masculine/feminine energy. Some people get pretty triggered with these terms, but I think they are quite useful, so long as we tease them apart from gender. Regardless, there's a lot of great stuff in this interview about polarity, sexual chemistry, and how one woman turned her "energy" around and found a different level of love. Plus, there are 4 questions you can ask to see where you fall on the masculine/feminine spectrum. Listen...


Over Parenting - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 256

If you are not a parent, this is pretty interesting. I think you can learn a few things here. If you are a parent, there's such a thing as too much parenting. The helicopter or enabling parent. Is there such a thing as "over-attachment"? I think so. In this short episode my wife and I dig into this touchy subject. I say touchy because parents are soooo sensitive to criticism. Check it out!


How to feel accepted and connected - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 255

Do you know the fastest way to get the connection back? Or how about how to feel accepted and not judged by your partner? Listen here as I offer you a few tips to get both. Shownotes:


Codependent Relationships: Signs, Symptoms, and How to Change It

Most people have a little bit of codependency going on. However, if you have a relationship that is based on codependency, you're probably feeling insecure and frustrated. In this podcast, I cover the signs and symptoms of codependency, the history of the term, how it "works" and what to do about it. You'll want to check this out. Shownotes:


How to change your relationship patterns with NLP - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 253

There's a little known hack out there in the personal growth world about changing patterns, beliefs, and thoughts. Tony Robbins' entire approach is based on it. It's called NLP. I've never formally studied it. Which is why I had my friend Matt Brauning on the podcast to discuss how to change your relationship patterns. Check it out. Shownotes: HELPFUL LINKS Matt Brauning's WebsiteMatt Brauning on FacebookMatt Brauning on InstagramDeep Psychology of Intimate Relationships (DPIR)...


Can You Fall In Love Too Fast? - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 252

Are there really any risks with falling hard for someone? You know, when you're just in the zone with this person and you lose track of time and space... Even though it feels so amazing (almost addictive), there are major downsides to the "honeymoon period" that are just underneath the surface, your relationship will be at risk unless you know what to look for. Shownotes: (0:20) Introduction - action step (1:45) Is it possible to fall in love too fast? (4:50) What can you do when...


Spirituality & Relationships - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 251

My friend Tami Simon, founder & CEO of Sounds True, shares her insights about the spiritual path and relationships. Her decades of interviewing the world's leading authorities on spirituality, wellness, and relationships shines in this podcast interview. From spiritual gurus to CEO's of major companies, learn why relationships are key to a brighter future. Shownotes:


Why trying to change your partner is impossible unless… - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 250

Do you ever wish your partner, or ex, would just change? I mean, if only they would, everything would be awesome, right? Not so fast. But... there is one thing you can do under the radar to get them to change. Check it out and listen in... Shownotes:


Women's Sexuality & Nervous System Post Birth, Trauma and #Metoo - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 249

It took Kimberly 6.5 years to heal her body and have sex without pain. Her vulnerability and knowledge is huge and she shares it all on this podcast. She did over 800 sessions with women working on their pelvic floor. Gulp. If you find yourself still in a freeze response after being hurt this morning, or from years ago, you'll want to check this out... Shownotes:


Fragilizing & Dealing With Passive or Insecure People - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 248

This week's podcast is all about passive people and walking on eggshells. In fact, there's a fun new term "Fragilizing". Listen to find out what the hell that means... Shownotes:


Stephen Porges On How Facial Expressions Impact Your Relationships - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 247

Are you a caregiver who is on the verge of burnout? What is the difference between the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system? What happens if I misread a person's face, especially my partner? Listen to this fascinating interview with Polyvagal theory's founder, Stephen Porges. Shownotes:


Why Confidence Is More Attractive Than Looks - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 246

In this episode we explore your confidence. Why is it more attractive than looks? Or is it? Listen in as we quickly explore this terrain and listen for the challenge at the end. Shownotes: (0:40) Open applications for DPIR Program (9 month training) (3:30) What is confidence (5:10) Why confidence is more attractive than looks (7:50) Action step


Dr John Demartini on Money & Relationships - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 245

For the 3rd time, we bring on polymath and human behavior master Dr. John Demartini. In this episode you're going to be confronted and learn a TON! Dig in and let us know what you learned. Shownotes: (3:50) Introduction Dr John Demartini (5:30) The biggest human problem according to Dr John Demartini (7:40) Planning on money and relationships (12:05) Investing money in yourself instead of investing somewhere else (18:55) Saving 10% of your income (20:40) Why opposites...


Becoming a Conscious Parent with Dr. Shefali - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 244

Do you ever wonder why your children trigger you? What if parenting was designed to get you to grow up and become more fully yourself. In this enlightening interview my guest Dr. Shafali sheds light on her own journey as a mother and how parents have a big choice how they raise their children. SHOWNOTES: (4:40) Introduction Dr Shefali. (10:00) Learning not to give. (12:33) About parenting and raising kids. (16:30) The process of breaking out of the feeling of unworthiness. (18:15)...


High school students ask 7 relationship questions - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 243

The Youth Initiative High School in Viroqua, WI had the opportunity to ask Jayson 7 powerful questions. Check them out and listen in to hear his response to these amazing student's questions. SHOWNOTES:


3 Women Share About Their Relationship Journey – Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 242

In this episode we explore in depth what our signature course DPIR is all about.... Shownotes: (5:25) Introduction (12:00) Takeaways of being part of DPIR (20:30) Memorable classes and subjects of DPIR (28:30) Why DPIR is worth the investment (30:20) Final thoughts


DPIR- Practicing relationship skills for 9 months - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 241

Do you feel safe and secure? Seen and understood? Supported and loved? On a daily basis? These are questions you NEED to be asking yourself. Unless you’re perfect, your answers will expose the reasons why it’s a really good idea to enroll in the Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships (DPIR)® course. Think about it. Even science proves relationships are the most important link to happiness. Failed relationships with partners, family members and friends are some of the most damaging events...


Relationship Coaches Vulnerably Share Their Story - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 240

What happens when people get together and train and practice relationship skills together for 9 months? This does. Listen in as these 3 people share intimately about their journey, their connection with each other, and how they became relationship coaches. Shownotes: (6:05) Introduction Coaches (9:00) Bryce Bauer (11:45) Leah Gartner (16:50) Steve Srotir (24:10) Experience on DPIR (27:30) Personal traits that helps to be a better coach (39:45) Using what they learned on DPIR to help...


4 Elements of Good Relationship Coaching - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 239

Do you know the difference between bad coaching and good coaching? There are four elements of good coaching and you’ll want to know what they are. SHOWNOTES (3:05) About good coaching (4:00) A good coach is a work in progress (5:30) A good coach has people on their life that challenge and supports them (6:30) A good coach wants you to get results (7:30) The client needs to take responsibility and be coachable to get results (9:45) Hiring a good Relationship Coach


3 Elements of Bad Relationship Coaching - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 238

In this 3 part series we explore relationship coaching. First, we start with "bad" relationship coaching and things you need to look out for when hiring a relationship coach. Then we'll dive into "good" relationship coaching. Be sure to pay special attention to what types of coaches not to hire in this one. Shownotes: