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People in recovery utilizing the podcast platform to dive deep into topics about recovery - some of which are not always discussed at meetings.

People in recovery utilizing the podcast platform to dive deep into topics about recovery - some of which are not always discussed at meetings.
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People in recovery utilizing the podcast platform to dive deep into topics about recovery - some of which are not always discussed at meetings.








S1 E8: Relationships in Early Recovery (TSP Boys)

Impromptu session of the TSP boys (#tspbois) discussing the whole 'no-relationships-in-early-sobriety' principle and what it's like to be with significant others in, and not in, recovery. Based on their experiences, the boys openly talk about the good, the bad and the ridiculousness of those early relationships and cover what's going on with them now. Stay tuned for a nice 'surprise' at the end of the episode. Thanks to Pat A. for emailing the idea of this show (along with 40 others...


S1 E7: Sponsorship? in Recovery (James)

Join us this week for a chaotic (and at times noisy) episode with James, who isn't an expert on Sponsorship but has a few stories to share about one of the most important elements in recovery (at least 12 step groups.) This was one of our first episodes and we were a bunch of excited novices who brought in a buddy we haven't seen in a long time, so bare with us. James has been vital in our recovery, we love 'im, and we are grateful he visited at HQ1. Check it out; let us know what you think...


S1 E6: Mental Health and Sobriety (Susie)

This ep is another hard hitter! Join us as we interview and dig deep with Suzie, a wonderful, open and very cool gal we admire in recovery! Suzie is successful in and out the rooms and brings a light to the conversation of mental health, the role it plays in addiction, and the stigma that surrounds it(and needs to be crushed!) We have become huge fans of hers and are proud to call her an OG fan of TSP! Enjoy


S1 E5: Young and Addicted (Spencer)

On this Ep, the TSP boys welcome Spencer, a friend of the guys' who got sober young, by way of Juvenile Detention. Spencer shares his experience and knowledge on JDC and teaches the boys about "creamers"!


Bonus Ep #2 (Reviews and a fan Email)

TSP boys read all their reviews on air (thus far) and discuss/ dig deep into a fan email that warranted our attention! Thanks again for all of you who send emails and reviews! We are grateful to you. All the love!


S1 E4: Importance of Connection (Clyde)

In this episode, ole' timer Clyde W discusses with the TSP boys the importance of connection in recovery. Even after 30 plus years of continuous recovery, Clyde has maintained a solid emotional and spiritual connection with those he comes across in recovery. Listen in and check out his beginning at Young People's AA in Northern VA and his ability to STAY connected after all those years. We love ya Clyde!


S1 E3: Relationships in Recovery (Beth and Katie)

In this episode, TSP Boys invite Beth and Katie to chill, relax, and join 'em on the topic of "relationships in recovery." B and K discuss their happy marriage in sobriety! Like a sober wise man once said, "Their are 2 rules to a successful relationship. Rule #1: It takes time to get to know someone. Rule #2: There ain't getting around rule #1. Enjoy and make sure you hit us up on email (, webpage ( and any of the good ole' socials. *We also just...


Bonus Ep #1 (Dopey, a "War Story" Podcast)

Join TSP as Sam and Chris discuss their reactions and thoughts to This American Life's 667th episode called "Wartime Radio." It's about a podcast, much like ours, called "Dopey." It's brilliantly produced and worth a listen; big shout out to TAL and all at NPR! Big shout out to Dave and the folks over at Dopey!


S1 E2: Grief and Loss in Recovery (Alan)

This 2nd Ep is a hard hitter! We were left speechless! Join us as we interview and dig deep with Alan, a grief counselor in recovery, as he tells his story, discusses his experience and the sometimes evasive subject that is grief!


S1 E1: Introduction Episode

Get to know Sam, Devin and Chris while they discuss the "who", the "why" and the "WTF!" of The Sober Pod, a new podcast about digging deep into recovery. We are so excited to be bringing you guys this! On this episode we introduce ourselves, reminisce about meeting in recovery (in ways only alcoholics and drug addicts do!) while getting sober. The journey has begun and we hope you'll come along with us for the ride.