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Stephen Gray: Cannabis & Spirituality Part One #71

Topics Covered: The stigmatization of cannabis over the last century The misinterpretation of the plant in spiritual communities, and the dogma that has perpetuated the stigmatization of the medicine The various ways in which cannabis can be used as a powerful spiritual medicine ally Anxiety, fear, and paranoia--why someone might be experiencing these things while using cannabis, and how they can use it to their advantage for spiritual healing The future of cannabis and the dire state in...


Anaiya Sophia: Rise of the Divine Feminine #70

Topics Covered: Anaiya’s catalyst for her mission on Earth to serve humanity and the collective consciousness in the precise way that she does What it means when people speak of the divine feminine and masculine energies that exist within and without each of us. The current state of the divine feminine rising at this point in our collective evolution, specifically the rise of the fierce feminine, and how this energy is calling each of us to seek justice and inspire positive change in the...


Lauren Walker: Energy Medicine Yoga #69

Explore the power of fusing energy medicine and yoga with Lauren Walker, creator of Energy Medicine Yoga—the only style of yoga with its own built-in health care system. In this episode, learn how EMyoga can change your life, pick up practical ways to establish a steady routine, walk away with easy tips to manage stress, and more. Topics Covered: * Lauren’s book, The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription * The benefits of energy medicine yoga and how it can change your life * The inspiration...


Joe McQuillen: Messages From The Other Side #68

Following the loss of his son in 2016, Joe McQuillen went on an inspirational journey to connect with him on the “other side.” Not only was he able to make a strong connection that grew over time, but his son even helped him write his book, My Search for Christopher on the Other Side, to show grieving parents that life after death is real. In this episode, Joe shares his story and offers a fresh perspective of Heaven & Earth. Topics Covered * The motivation behind Joe’s book and the...


Catharine Arnston: The Health Benefits of Chlorella & Spirulina #67

If you’re as interested as we are in plant-based nutrition, superfoods, or anything related to your health and well being, then you don’t want to miss this short but sweet and super information-packed episode on spirulina and chlorella with Catharine Arnston. In this episode she breaks down the healing power of both types of algae and how you can use it to benefit your life. **TOPICS COVERED** * The healing power of the algae, spirulina and chlorella, including Catharine’s sister’s inspiring...


Dr. Joe Gallenberger: Manifesting Abundance, Prosperity, and Good Fortune #66

Dr. Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist and psychokinesis and manifestation expert with 30+ years experience. In this episode he shares the inside scoop of his latest book, Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook, so you can tune into your naturally abundant and prosperous self. **Topics Covered** * The premise of his book, Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook * “Bad luck” and the most common thing standing in your way of allowing good fortune into your life * Joe’s Liquid Luck...


Belinda Womack: Divine Guidance From the 12 Archangels #65

Join Chris, Sara, Belinda Womack, and the Archangels for a powerful episode of the Soul in Wonder Podcast. Belinda is a spiritual counselor, teacher and author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life, and works with the Archangels to support individuals, couples, and families with seemingly impossible problems to solve. In this episode, Belinda opens up about her life with the angels and invites them in for a channeling session to share their divine wisdom with...


Bill Bennett: Unlocking & Unleashing Intuition #64

In episode 64 of the Soul in Wonder Podcast we talk to author, writer, and producer, Bill Bennett on his groundbreaking documentary PGS (Personal Guidance System). In this interview we break down everything you need to know about tapping deeper into your own intuition so you can use it as an effective tool to navigate your life path. **Topics Covered:** * Bill shares the groundbreaking event which nearly cost him his event that triggered his questioning of intuition and sent him on...


Amanda Gates: Redesigning Your Life With Fung-Shui #63

In episode 63 of the Soul in Wonder Podcast, Chris and Sara talk with Energy Design Expert, Award-Winning Interior Designer, Media Personality, and Best Selling Author, Amanda Gates. In this interview she shares her tips and tricks for designing your home and life to align with more abundance, health, wealth, and love. * * * * * **TOPICS COVERED:** -What makes feng shui different than interior design and break a few feng shui myths--like how it’s not just about moving furniture but rather...


Paul Selig: Aligning With The True Self #62

In episode 62, Chris and Sara dive deep with bestselling author and one of the most popular spiritual channels and mediums working today, Paul Selig. We discuss his major catalyst in his journey into channeling and how his life has changed since then. Paul talks about the difference between channeling and psychic readings, and what actually qualifies as legitimate channeling, while sharing helpful tips for raising your vibration to align with a more coherent expression of your true, divine...


Dean Sluyter: Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Addiction #61

In episode 61, Chris & Sara nerd talk with author and natural meditation teacher and author of "Fear Less: Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, and Addiciton," Dean Sluyter about his new book. Listeners will also receive practical tips and exercises to get them tuned into the present with the snap of a finger or clap of the hands. * * * TOPICS COVERED: -Dean’s earth-shattering realization at the age of 11 that got him on the path of mindfulness -The inspiration behind his new book Fear Less -Common...


Jeff Chilton: The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms #60

In episode 60, Chris & Sara nerd out with Jeff Chilton, ethno-mycologist, co-author of The Mushroom Cultivator, and founder of Nammex, which offers a complete line of Certified Organic mushroom extracts to the US nutritional supplement industry and is noted for their high quality based on scientific analysis of the active compounds. In this episode Jeff talks about the fascinating science of medicinal mushrooms and how to incorporate it into your diet to get the most out of this healing...


Alijah Morton: Healing Through Emotional Trauma #59

Join Chris & Sara for another inspirational episode with guest Alijah Morton, a musician, producer, and visionary. Having been a victim of child abuse and violence, Alijah takes the listener on his journey of healing after emotional trauma. He talks about the power of forgiveness and teaches you practical tips on moving beyond psychotherapy into the realm of spiritual healing through the cleansing of the aura and energetic pathways. **TOPICS COVERED** * Alijah’s background and experience...


Ilona Selke: Living From Vision #58

Join Chris and Sara for this soulful episode with Ilona Selke, international bestselling author, seminar leader, lecturer, musician, and CEO of Living from Vision. In this episode Ilona shares real-life stories of the power of consciousness, as well as practical tips anyone can use to shapeshift their lives with manifestation.


Dawson Church: How Your Mind Shapes Your Reality #57

Join hosts, Chris and Sara for an eye-opening episode with special guest Dawson Church, PhD. This award winning author shares his groundbreaking wisdom on how your mind creates your material reality in a very real and scientific way. As founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, editor of Energy Psychology (a peer-reviewed professional journal), and author of the popular books, The Genie in Your Genes and Mind to Matter, Dawson has extensive knowledge from many years of...


Jake Eagle: Thrilled to be Alive #56

Join Chris and Sara with Jake Eagle, meta-therapist and author of Get Weird, How To Make The Most Of Your Life, for an amazing discussion on what it means to be thrilled to be alive, how to transcend safety consciousness into a state of soul consciousness, and how to detach from your stories so you can experience the present moment fully. [Jake's Website]( [Vegan Warrior Summit](


Robbie Lockie: The Plant-Based Revolution #55

Join Soul in Wonder for a motivational interview with Robbie Lockie, co-founder of Plant Based News—a vegan outreach platform that reaches almost 5 million people per week! Talk about the role PBN plays in spreading awareness about health, the animals, and the environment, and learn how to continue spreading the vegan message effectively. [Plant-Based News]( [Vegan Warrior Summit]( [PMB Hemp...


Joe Williams: Money Mindset #54

Join Chris & Sara with internationally-known speaker and Senior Head Trainer of Tony Robbin’s Wealth Mastery (and more!), Joe Williams. Joe’s impressive resume combined with his passion for personal and professional development techniques makes him a leading expert in money mindset. In this episode, learn about ways you may be standing in your own way of success, exploring a variety of avenues along the way on life topics of balance, curiosity, and resourcefulness.


Alletta Vaandering: I Am Vegan #53

Alletta Vaandering, vegan fashion model and photographer, inspires listeners to follow their passion and excitement through her own commitment to a life of passion. In this episode, Alletta shares her unique perspectives through her art projects, particularly her “I Am Vegan” photography series, showcasing the diversity among the individuals of the growing vegan community.


Yarrow Willard: Herbal Medicine, Superfoods, & Medicinal Mushrooms #52

Hang out with Chris, Sara, and their guest, Yarrow Willard, a second generation Clinical/Master Herbalist and co-creator of the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. In this episode, Yarrow brings his in-depth knowledge of plant medicine to the table and focuses on the modern day need to reclaim health and deepen our connection with the natural world. Learn about how herbs work with the body and leave with tips to start exploring your relationship with the plant kingdom.