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TeeJay Dowe wants you to find the spark to your success. She will use a variety of techniques to empower you to build confidence, boost self worth and to provide vision and direction. She is the creator of Ignition! - the Spark that Starts Your Journey to Success; Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative Ambassador for the UK; Author of 'PerfectShun - Permission to be Human' and a STEM Ambassador.

TeeJay Dowe wants you to find the spark to your success. She will use a variety of techniques to empower you to build confidence, boost self worth and to provide vision and direction. She is the creator of Ignition! - the Spark that Starts Your Journey to Success; Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative Ambassador for the UK; Author of 'PerfectShun - Permission to be Human' and a STEM Ambassador.
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TeeJay Dowe wants you to find the spark to your success. She will use a variety of techniques to empower you to build confidence, boost self worth and to provide vision and direction. She is the creator of Ignition! - the Spark that Starts Your Journey to Success; Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative Ambassador for the UK; Author of 'PerfectShun - Permission to be Human' and a STEM Ambassador.






21: There's Hope For Us Yet

Today TeeJay is talking about hope. Sounds good doesn’t it? Or does it? What actually is hope? Is it empowering or is it actually disempowering? Well that depends on how and when you use it. Hope has its place, it can be powerful and be the light at the end of the tunnel when you are at rock bottom. It provides an option and a chance to move forward. But hope without action or intention? Well that’s another story. TeeJay explores how hope can help you but also how it can hold you back. Let...


20: Opportunity

When opportunity knocks on your door, what do you do? Panic or maybe you seize that big break you’ve been waiting for. This is something TeeJay’s been thinking about a lot because she’s had a number of opportunities present themselves over the past week or so. Fear and anxiety versus excitement and exhilaration are two sides of the same coin. You can choose either of those reactions based on what you make the opportunity mean in your head. What you focus on about that opportunity dictates...


19: Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

It’s all about sleep in this episode of The Spark To Your Success. How much sleep are you getting? More importantly how much good quality sleep are you getting. Phrases such as “Sleep is for the weak” often encourage us to burn the candle at both ends. And what does that lead to? Yes burn out! TeeJay has been guilty in the past of thinking 8 hours sleep is overrated but now she’s trying to sleep better. And she’s even considering a power nap! Have you heard of a nappuccino? Daniel H. Pink...


18: The State Of Our Roads

Have you noticed the state of the roads recently? Potholes seem to be everywhere, including this podcast! And what about roadworks? How many traffic jams and diversions have you been caught up in recently? It feels as though there’s an epidemic of roads being dug up and the dreaded temporary traffic lights. Yes, this is a bit of a strange topic for TeeJay and the Spark to Your Success but actually - some of TeeJay’s very long hold ups feel as though they could well be a metaphor. If you know...


17: Meditation

This week TeeJay is talking meditation. It’s something she does but is meditating a useful tool for you? Meditating is not just for hippies, mindfulness champions or monks; it’s for anybody and everybody. TeeJay explores just what meditation is and all the ways you can meditate. One thing it is good for is breathing, which is useful and another benefit is apparently looker younger and having fewer wrinkles - that’s got to be a good reason to sign up! TeeJay uses meditation to create her...


16: A Rant About Kindness

TeeJay’s been inspired this week by a card. Not just any card, but a Thank You card. Recieving this card got her thinking about kindness. It’s easy to be a bit cynical when people mention kindness and being kind but actually it really can make a big difference. The card came from an 11 year old girl who has been doing TeeJay’s Ten Day Challenge (if you need reminding about this check out episode 14 - Mind Your Mind) and she wanted to say thank you for her sticky man as well as update TeeJay...


15: Mastermind Groups

Don’t worry TeeJay’s not going all Magnus Magnusson on you and she won’t be asking you about your specialist subject and general knowledge, while your on a black leather chair under a bright spotlight. Instead she’s talking about mastermind groups. If you’ve never heard of a mastermind group then TeeJay is here to explain them and tell you why you need to be in one. A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the...


14: Mind Your Mind

TeeJay's been speaking at a local business networking meeting. She didn't use a powerpoint presentation though, instead it was pens, a flip chart and her friend Bob. Bob helps to explain what goes on between your ears; TeeJay then explains how you can rewire your thinking to bring more positivity in to your life and begin to banish those negative feelings. It wouldn't be an episode of Spark to Your Success without a challenge and this week you are being given the same challenge as those...


13: Spring Is In The Air

TeeJay is full of the joys of spring today! It's her favourite season and she's been inspired by the flower so many of us associate with the first early days of spring, yes it's the daffodil! Inspiration is all around you and that's the same for TeeJay. She was inspired by the bright yellow bloom as she was on her way to a meeting. The flowers just stood out for their beauty, their brightness and their cheeriness. They also reminded her that nature has lessons for us all about hope, about...


12: The Power Of Focus

This week TeeJay is focussing on focussing! The power of focus and getting in to flow is incredible, but how often do you achieve this? The challenge for TeeJay is to not get distracted because when she's distracted everything takes longer. Does that ring true for you too? Being focused and getting things done quickly should be easy, but is it something you struggle with? Don't worry, you are not alone. TeeJay lists the many distractions she has during a simple task and also looks at why...


11: Ear Plugs and Earphones

TeeJay has been travelling again. She's also been collecting all the freebies that come with flying abroad or staying in a hotel. We're talking all those tiny bottles of shampoo, shower gel, body lotion; those socks you get on the plane as well as those mini toothpaste and tooth brush sets. And also for some reason she has a collection of ear plugs. Which is strange because TeeJay won't wear them because she's worried about not being able to hear her alarm. But let's imagine you could have...


10: A Little Story

TeeJay LOVES stories. If you think about it we are surrounded by stories; in books, newspapers, magazines, on the radio, on the telly and on the internet. Of course we shouldn't also forget the stories we create ourselves every day. Stories are entertaining, informative, educational and a great way of keeping memories alive. You'll hear stories passed down from generation to generation, although who knows how much of the original stories are still in place. Stories can be fact, fiction or...


9: Taking Time Out For You. Do You?

Be honest, do you take time out for yourself? TeeJay doesn't always, but this year she's making a commitment to do just that. In this episode TeeJay looks at some of the ways she and you can give yourself time for yourself. Her long list includes spa days, watching movies, cooking, enjoying the gym, taking a stroll in nature, time with family and friends, time for writing (could that be the sound of a new book!?) reading and or listening to audiobooks, podcasts (listening to and creating)...


8: Fuel For Your Flow

Last week TeeJay introduce you to Flow so today she's looking at the fuel you need to get in to Flow and the fuel you need to beware of that takes you out of Flow. TeeJay's Ignition programme is called Ignition because to go on a journey in a car you have to turn the key which in turn creates a spark and that spark lights up your fuel. If you fill up with the wrong fuel it will lead to a breakdown. Make sure you are not the person who fills up your diesel car with petrol, you won't get far....


7: Flow

What is flow? It sounds as though it should be soft and fluffy but it's not. It's actually the most important thing in your life that you can discover. If you're struggling to find your flow TeeJay is here to help. She examines exactly what flow is - it's the place that challenges you, but doesn't over stretch you. It's within your natural gifts and talents. TeeJay describes Flow as being like a river. It's a force of nature that knows exactly where it is going and nothing is going to stop...


6: Change The Story You Tell Yourself

TeeJay's been working from home a lot this week which means she's been able to enjoy a spot of people watching while having a coffee in a cafe. She overheard a group of women on a nearby table talking about holidays. You know the type of conversation, where they've been, where they'd like to go. Then came the reasons why they couldn't go to some of their dream destinations and they all agreed they are too far away and you'd need to spend at least a month, probably two to make the travelling...


5: Mental Wealth

This week in The Spark To Your Success TeeJay is examining mental wealth. That's not a typo by the way, she does mean mental wealth, not health. In the run up to Childrens Mental Health Week ( ( she asks whether labelling children (or anybody) with a mental health condition is the best way to treat the epidemic of young people who have low confidence, low self esteem and little self worth. TeeJay's mission is...


4: What Makes Us Tick

This week TeeJay is looking at some of the things that make you tick. The things that motivate you to behave in a certain way. Understanding this will allow you to make sense of your behaviour and that of other people. TeeJay discusses the work of Tony Robbins ( who is well known (and a bit like marmite) in the world of personal development. She examines the six human needs we all have. Certainty Uncertainty (or variety) Love and connection Learning and growth...


3: Relationship Resilience

Relationship resilience is all about deciding what it is you value the most about the people you spend the most time with. That can be your family, your friends, your co-workers or even all three at once. What purpose do they serve in your life? What lesson are they there to teach you? When do say goodbye to them? TeeJay is sharing with you her favourite poem. Here it is in full Reason, Season, or Lifetime People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out...


2: Life Happens

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