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Ep 86: Building Resilience from Personal Tragedy with Eric Hodgdon

Eric Hodgdon is a resilience coach, author, and speaker. I first met Eric in October 2017 at a workshop and was immediately drawn to how him. He just exudes being a good guy. In March of 2018 I got to spend a few days with him a a leadership retreat in Florida and it was […]


Ep 85: Chasing Cartels and Congress with DEA Chief James Capra

James Capra is the retired Chief of Global Operations for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Before his retirement, James testified to congress as he had done before, but this time he went off-script and spoke from the heart. It ended up on YouTube as “DEA Official Freaks Out at Senate Hearing.” But to hear James […]


EP 84: Thriving After an Officer-Involved Shooting with Chuck Rylant

Chuck Rylant is a veteran SWAT cop from Santa Maria, CA. After being forced into a medical retirement, Chuck began looking for ways to continue in service to others. As a result, he wrote a book called “Shots Fired: The Psychology Behind Officer Involved Shootings.” Chuck interviews 12 cops who had been involved in shootings […]


Ep 83: What Makes an Uncivilized Man with Traver Boehm

Traver is back with more insights and strategies about how to live your best life. In this episode, we talk about Traver’s new project, Man Uncivilized, and what inspired him to launch a movement that is quickly gaining attention. Traver is a regular contributor to the show and a man I refer to as my […]


Ep 82: Rob Shaul of Mountain Tactical Institute on Physical Training for Tactical Athletes

Rob Shaul is the founder of Mountain Tactical Institute. Rob trains first responders, military athletes, and tier 1 operators.He got his start in Wyoming, training mountain athletes. When members of the military got wind of his success, they started seeking him out to help them climb the mountains of Afghanistan. When first responders learned about […]


Episode 81: Kelly Starrett on Lifestyle Optimization for Tactical Athletes, Sheepdogs and Warriors

Kelly is a physiotherapist, speaker, coach, author and the founder of MobilityWOD. Kelly’s mission is to improve the mechanics and movement of every human to optimize physical performance and overall health. A few years ago he picked up a camera with a commitment to record one video a day for a year demonstrating important stretching […]


Ep 80: SEAL Team 6 Vet Andy Stumpf with Lessons from Hostile Territories

Andy Stump is many things. Boring is not one of them. He’s a retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant who served in the Navy SEALs He served in the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) better known as SEAL Team 6 He was a BUD/s instructor. He holds two world records for jumps in the wingsuit. He […]


Ep 79: Briefing Topic – Be The One

Nearly 2500 years ago, Heraclitus, a famous philosopher and one of the first Stoics, uttered a quote that changed my life here in today’s modern world. It was a quote I first heard recited by the powerful Greg Amundson, a previous guest on this show when I saw him give a presentation. Here it is: […]


Ep 78: Q&A How Do I Get Hired?

The most frequent question I get is from people who want to enter law enforcement and they’ve hit a roadblock. Either they just don’t know where to begin, or they’ve stumbled during part of the hiring process. I get the question so often that I thought I’d delve into some of my tips and tricks that helped me get hired quickly. Disclaimer: I’m not a background investigator so this is just from experience, and sitting on a few panels and watching people crash and burn in front of me. It’s...


Ep 77: Sgt. Kevin Briggs, the “Guardian of the Golden Gate” on Suicide Intervention and Resilience

Sgt. Kevin Briggs of the California Highway Patrol is the subject of one of the most famous photos in law enforcement. He’s leaning over the railing of the Golden Gate Bridge talking to a suicidal man who is ready to jump. The dramatic photo only tells a small portion of Kevin’s story, a story in which Kevin has saved over 200 people from jumping. When a photographer snapped that photo, it led to a feature in a local paper that dubbed him the “Guardian of the Golden Gate.” The nickname...


Ep 76: Developing Your Warrior Mindfulness with Lt. Richard Goerling

Lt. Richard Goerling is the creator of Richard is an active lieutenant with the Hillsboro Police Department, a suburb of Portland, OR. A decade ago, Richard was like most of us, muddling through is career but feeling a sense of unease he couldn’t quite put a finger on. It was then that he began doing yoga to prevent some of the physical problems we experience. Slowly, Richard became introduced to the work of Jon Kabot-Zinn and his course work in mindfulness and...


Ep 75: Going Undercover and Through Hell with ATF Agent and Best Selling Author Jay Dobyns

Jay Dobyns is the author of one of my favorite cop books: “No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels.” He didn’t just write the book, he lived the story. Jay was the primary undercover agent for the ATF during Operation Black Bisquit. Many of us remember the 2002 shotout between the Hells Angels and Mongols OMG clubs in Laughlin, Nevada. Such a brazen gun fight, in the middle of a crowded casino, caught the attention of federal law enforcement and...


Ep 74: Traver Boehm and 8 Steps for Overcoming Divorce and Dealing with Grief

Traver Boehm returns to the show with a deeply personal story about his recent divorce. Traver has talked about aspects of it before during previous episodes, but he was still very much grieving the loss of his marriage and a miscarriage. Having spent 2016 exploring that grief – living in it, stewing in it – Traver returns to The Squad Room for an honest discussion about the worst year of his life, which also turned out to be the best year of his life. Either way, it was also the hardest....


Ep 73: Developing Self-Awareness and Leadership with Bernard Melekian

In 45 years of policing, Bernard Melekian has done it all. Seriously. From being the first K9 handler in California, Melekian rose through the ranks at the Santa Monica Police Department to Assistant Chief, and then spent 13 years as Chief of the Pasadena Police Department. During that time he also served as Interim City Manager for a stint, and of all things, Acting Fire Chief. While in Pasadena, Melekian championed community-oriented policing initiatives and brought about a lot of...


Ep 72: Major Josh Mantz Was Shot and Killed in Iraq, and He’s Here to Tell the Story

U.S. Army Major (ret.) Josh Mantz, author of the new book, The Beauty of a Darker Soul: Overcoming Trauma Through the Power of Human Connection is our guest on this episode. A 2005 graduate of West Point, Josh was commissioned as an infantry officer and soon found himself fighting insurgents in Baghdad during “The Surge.” During a relatively routine patrol, Josh was shot and killed. That’s not a typo. Yes, he was killed. Josh was without a pulse for 15 minutes as medics and triage teams...


Ep 71: Shots Fired, Officer Down with Bulletproof Fitness Creator Shelby Luttrell

On December 17, 2016, Alabama police officer Shelby Luttrell was shot twice off-duty at his wife’s surprise birthday party while struggling for a suspect’s gun. Shelby almost died en route to the hospital but he had the will to survive. Only 7 months later, he comes on The Squad Room to talk about that night, his recovery, and how he was motivated to start teaching others about the importance of fitness. Shelby is the founder of Bulletproof Fitness and he is a personal trainer and coach....


Ep 70: Adam La Reau of O2X on Performance for Tactical Athletes

Adam La Reau is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer. Adam spent 11 years in the teams before transitioning out, eventually earning a Master’s in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Adam wanted to scratch his entrepreneurial itch and along with other military veterans, he launched O2X, a human performance company devoted specifically to the needs of tactical athletes – us. Adam has a wealth of information to give and his seminar staff includes...


Ep 69: Building Resilience and Defeating Negative Behavior with Dr. Jay Nagdimon of the LAPD

Dr. Jay Nagdimon is a board-certified Clinical Psychologist and is one of only a handful of psychologists certified in Police and Public Safety Psychology. For over the past decade, Dr. Nagdimon has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Behavioral Science Services Unit. It’s a unique idea and LAPD has invested into paying attention to the mental health of their officers. As Dr. Nagdimon says in this episode, psychological therapy for police is often more like performance...


Ep 68: Briefing Topic: Why Are You Here?

It’s a simple question. Maybe one you haven’t asked yourself in a while. For some of you, maybe you’ve never asked it. So?


Ep 67: Ryan Michler of Order of Man on Being a Modern Warrior

Ryan Michler is the founder and creator of Order of Man and the Order of Man Podcast. If you’re a guy, you need to be listening to this podcast. If you love a guy, listen to this podcast. We cover a lot of ground in this episode about the idea of manliness: what it is, and how it’s different than masculinity. We talk about how law enforcement, and how we gravitate to the Warrior archetype and if there’s still a place for that in our society, or should we be transitioning to a “gentler”...