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The Steve Weatherford Show is strategically designed to accelerate you to the next level and get you to the center of God’s calling on your life. Hosted by 10 year NFL veteran, Super Bowl Champion and entrepreneur Steve Weatherford, each episode contains stories, messages, and guests to create massive breakthroughs in your life. Greatness is in you because greatness made you.


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The Steve Weatherford Show is strategically designed to accelerate you to the next level and get you to the center of God’s calling on your life. Hosted by 10 year NFL veteran, Super Bowl Champion and entrepreneur Steve Weatherford, each episode contains stories, messages, and guests to create massive breakthroughs in your life. Greatness is in you because greatness made you.






The Warrior Compass

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How to Change Your Brain Every Day with Dr. Amen

I’ve always been into biohacking, dating back to my NFL career when I tried supplements, spent time in a hyperbaric chamber, and did all sorts of blood tests to improve my physicality and performance. At around that time I came across Dr. Amen who’d just launched Brain MD I’d tried adderall which made my moods erratic, and so I went to see Dr. Amen at his clinic with my son. We spent money on brain scans to better understand how my brain had been negatively impacted by physical trauma,...


Identity Creation And How to Choose Your Character Traits

Until age 35, my identity was connected to my achievements and worldly success. In reality, I hadn’t created my identity. As a matter of fact, I have left the world to decide for me. But then I realized that there were three traits that I really wanted to embody. So right now, I don’t introduce myself as a former NFL player or entrepreneur. Now that I know who I am, I introduce myself as a man of honor, integrity, and accountability. If you don’t create your identity, the world will create...


Principles Over Preferences With Garrett Unclebach

God has a plan for your life. You don’t exist for no reason. There is a purpose for you, chosen before you are even born. You may not understand this when you are a kid, but it’s essential to listen to it from your father or your pastor. Even though you may not understand it when you are a child, the seed will grow inside you as an adult. And when you know this, you will be unstoppable. Garrett Unclebach shared these powerful thoughts in our conversation. Garrett is a real friend of mine....


The Relationship Rules I Live My Life By

I didn’t become a World Champion on my own. I was one of 53 guys on the New York Giants football team in 2012 when we defeated Tom Brady. You, too, will make the most significant impact in your life with what God has given you through cultivating relationships. There are many different types of relationships. Aside from my relationship with God and my relationship with my wife, my connections, in general, are the most valuable part of my life. Before starting a relationship with Jesus, I...


How To Become The Spiritual Leader Of Your Family

Every man is designed by God to operate with four crowns - a prophet, a priest, a king, and a warrior. I acted as a king and a warrior in the past. However, I scored no points as a prophet or a priest. I was helping no one, not even myself. And even though I was highly successful, I won a Super Bowl and had money and influence, I felt empty. When we look at becoming spiritual leaders, we must become prophets and priests. Prophets and priests receive information from God and must declare...


The Most Important Hour Of My Week

Athletes are committed and obsessed with mastering the 168 hours available per week. And I treat the men that I coach like they are athletes. Not only do I give them accountability, but I also stretch their vision to go beyond what they consider to be possible. Every year I choose twelve men to work with weekly at an executive level. So every seven days, I come back together with each of them and coach them in the way I was coached when I played in the NFL. How do these sessions work? We...


Creating an Iron Mindset With Chris Peterson

When I got outside of my comfort zone and did something I had never done in a place I had been before, I met Chris Peterson. This happened in a retreat I organized. It was the opportunity for him to come to Christ. He didn’t know why he went to the event. But when he was there, he discovered that the purpose was to start having a relationship with God. Chris Peterson is my special friend. I don’t say this lightly. I have many friends, and I don’t call any other friends like this. The reason...


The Power Of A Spiritual Father with Josh and Keith Craft

It’s an honor to have my pastor, mentor, and spiritual father on the show for the third time. One thing that is different about this one is we actually had his son, Josh Craft, on as well. Josh and I have gotten really close over the last year. We talk all about having a spiritual father voice in your life and the supernatural acceleration that can happen because of it. We talk about how the most noble thing isn’t always to blaze your own trail, and Josh shares how and why he has decided...


Running Your First Marathon With Brian McKittrick

What does it take to go from being on the couch to running a 5 hour marathon? And what does it mean to grow in your spiritual authority as a man, as a husband, and as a father? It is my great pleasure to be chatting to Brian McKittrick as we unpack the answers to these important questions. Brian is a personal friend who came into my life about a year ago. He is an insurance and finance specialist, and is also the international bestselling author of "It Ain't Rocket Surgery - 21 Simple Tips...


Don’t Miss This… Episode Only Available Today

In this episode of the Steve Weatherford Show, I break down the limited time opportunity for the Freedom council and likely the LAST time we will be opening up registration in 2022… DON’T miss this This episode will be deleted after today Sign up for the Freedom Council at


Brazos Bend 100 Mile Ultramarathon RECAP

In this episode of the Steve Weatherford Show, me and The Big Show break down our experience of the Brazos Bend 100 Mile Ultramarathon. I share what my mindset was like going into it, the reason why I did it, and we both give our biggest takeaways from the challenge. Also, I announce something special we are going to be doing at the end of 2023 with the Freedom Council. Listen until the end to find out! Sign up for the Freedom Council at


Seeing Yourself as God Sees You with Travis Ala

It’s a privilege to be able to introduce my friend, Travis Ala. A man who is truly on fire for God. A former Marine and police officer, Travis has served his country and been served divorced papers - twice! He was raised Mormon and he's now blazing his own trail in his relationship with God as an entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. While softly spoken, Travis' message is loud and clear: you can overcome past setbacks in a life of selfishness and achieve things beyond your wildest dreams if...


Strength Through Struggle with Dustin Johnson

You have already met John Highley in the last episode of the show. Today, I want to introduce Dustin G Johnson. At the beginning of high school he played sports and loved doing it. But then he met some awful coaches and quit at age 15. Playing sports was the only reason why he was going to school, so girls, drugs and alcohol became his main areas of interest. Addiction took him to a downward spiral. Until, one day, he met his wife and they decided to change their lives together. Sobriety,...


Answering God’s Call with The Marketing Savage John Highley

John Highley popped into my life about a year ago. He also moved to Frisco, TX, pursuing alignment as I did. Since John has become very consistent in my life, I invited him so you can listen to his testimony directly. People call John “Pastor Savage” because he operates the online Church Of The Savage. Besides, he has created many successful businesses in different branches. Pierce Lowe is also present in the discussion and he asks some insightful questions to John. Vision, abundance, faith,...


5 Keys To Transformation Through 75 Hard

For the third time, I got to sit with my wife, and this time around, she’ll be sharing her phenomenal experience with the 75 Hard Personal Development Program. I’m still in awe of her sheer discipline and how she managed to pull it off, knowing that what she went through was not an easy feat at all. What I am more in awe of though is the result and the impact being in that program has brought not only to her health and well-being but her overall disposition and mindset. Could this program...


How To Develop Your Core Values With Your Spouse

I was a Ronin, or a masterless warrior, for most of my life. This means that I didn't have anyone to help me make decisions or to keep me on track. I was just trying to earn my worthiness by achieving a lot of different goals. But then I realized that I needed to get clear on what I actually valued. Once I did that, I was able to create a foundation for my life that was based on more than just winning and excellence. I was able to lead myself and my family more intentionally and achieve the...


How to Lead Your Team Towards Unity and Alignment

Join this profound conversation with Steve and his lovely wife, Laura, as they talk about the best practices for leading their children. Laura shared some examples of how they’re teaching them to live up to the core values they’ve set for the family. They also talk about the value of being on the same page as parents, of not having a mom’s way or a dad’s way, only the Weatherford way. Through this conversation, you’ll learn how leadership can begin at home and the best way to start if you...


How To Achieve What’s Next For You

Back in January, Steve was on a trip to visit San Diego when his phone rang. It was a call from Ed Mylett asking if he could cover for him and speak at Terry Savelle Foy’s, “Next Conference 2022.” So after a short 2 month sabbatical from speaking, Steve went and spoke to hundreds of business and church leaders to help them get clear on their launching pad to what God has next. “How many of us have had experiences as kids that it’s kind of funny to laugh about now… but some of you guys...


How I Master My Time And Use My 168 Hours

They say time is a precious commodity. I say that the value of time lies solely with the bearer. We all have 168 hours each week. How we decide to spend that 168 hours makes all the difference. If you decided to have it evenly distributed to the things that matter to you while I chose to just idle away, and wait for my dreams to come to fruition without the much-needed action, then which 168 hours do you deem more valuable? Now, how do we make every second count? Take inspiration from Steve...