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The Steve Weatherford Show is strategically designed to accelerate you to the next level and get you to the center of God’s calling on your life. Hosted by 10 year NFL veteran, Super Bowl Champion and entrepreneur Steve Weatherford, each episode contains stories, messages, and guests to create massive breakthroughs in your life. Greatness is in you because greatness made you.


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The Steve Weatherford Show is strategically designed to accelerate you to the next level and get you to the center of God’s calling on your life. Hosted by 10 year NFL veteran, Super Bowl Champion and entrepreneur Steve Weatherford, each episode contains stories, messages, and guests to create massive breakthroughs in your life. Greatness is in you because greatness made you.






From Religion To Relationship With God Featuring Jimmy Rex

Jimmy Rex is an acclaimed real estate investor, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who has achieved remarkable success in multiple industries. His exceptional business acumen and negotiation skills have propelled him to great heights in the real estate world. As a sought-after speaker, Jimmy has captivated audiences with his inspirational messages and practical strategies for personal and professional growth. He is known for his contagious energy and ability to empower individuals to unlock their full potential. Jimmy's dedication to continuous learning and personal development has contributed to his remarkable achievements. On this episode of The Steve Weatherford Show, Steve and Jimmy delve into Jimmy's faith journey, sharing his transition from the Mormon religion to developing a personal relationship with God. Through his captivating storytelling and valuable insights, Jimmy Rex brings a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and a unique perspective to the conversation. “Here’s the deal… preferences change, principles never do.” -Steve Weatherford In this Episode: Jimmy’s journey as a mormon Why Jimmy left the mormon faith The difference between religion and relationship Why Jimmy started We Are The They Principles vs preferences Living a life based on God’s principles Connect with Steve: Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube - Connect with Jimmy Rex: Instagram - Podcast - Book -


Navigating Seasons of Transition With Nick Bare

You may have heard Steve on Nick Bare’s show but this time the roles get reversed as Steve sits down to interview Nick. Nick Bare is the visionary founder of Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN), a renowned fitness brand known for its high-quality supplements. With a background in the United States Army, Nick's commitment to discipline and physical fitness led him to establish BPN in 2012, providing products backed by science and free from artificial additives. As an influential figure in the fitness community, Nick shares his knowledge and experiences through his popular YouTube channel, inspiring millions to embark on their fitness journeys. His relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to personal growth have made him a trusted source of motivation, making Nick Bare a true trailblazer in the health and wellness industry. “And when the ceremony was over, my mom said two things. She said, I'm gonna miss you guys so much. And she also said, if you wanna see me again, you have to believe in God. And I'll never forget where I was standing, where she was sitting, how she said that, what her faith looked like when she said that. And Steph and I came home after she passed away and all the funeral obligations were complete, found a church here in Texas, and just started going.” -Nick Bare In this Episode: Nick’s Childhood and Background Bootstrapping a Business From Nothing to 8+ Figures Transitioning out of the CEO Role at BPN Using Training as a Coping Mechanism Nick’s Relationship with God Resources Mentioned: The Power of Moments - Bare Performance Nutrition - Connect with Steve: Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube - Connect with Nick Bare: Instagram - YouTube - Podcast -


A Radical Encounter With God Featuring Joel Brown

I am extremely excited to share with you this episode I recorded with my friend Joel Brown. Joel is an Australian entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and coach who has inspired over 50 million viewers online through his website We actually haven’t been friends for a long time but have grown very close in the last year mainly connected through our faith. In this episode, Joel shares his testimony of the fleeting success can feel and how it led him to the new age retreat. Then after a radical encounter with God, he left all of that behind to follow Jesus. “If you can do so much by yourself imagine what you could do being a vessel for God, the creator of the heavens and the universe?” - Joel Brown In this Episode: How Joel and I met Joel’s experience of EMERGE The TRUTH about the new age movement Joel’s radical encounter with God How Joel came to Christ E.G.O. = Edging God Out B.I.B.L.E = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Resources Mentioned: Emerge Men’s Conference - John Maxwell Leadership Bible - Connect with Steve: Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube - Connect with Joel Brown: Instagram - Website - Addicted2Success Podcast - The Unknown God Podcast -


My Full Testimony

In this episode, Steve shares his testimony of how God has worked in his life to help him get clear on his identity so he could take authority over his life. Connect with Steve: Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube


The Triangle Of Transformation

In this episode, Steve shares about the Triangle of Transformation. He started by explaining the philosophy of alignment. One of his mentor’s biggest philosophies is “Your alignments determine your assignments.” You must know that who you get around will determine what you do in life. Once you pursue the people that you want to align yourself with, your relationship with these people will grow deeper, and visions and businesses start to happen. Now, there are 3 men that are important for you to have in your life. First, you need to have a “Paul” or a spiritual mentor and choose them carefully by looking at the fruit he bears in his life. Next, you have to have a “Barnabas”. This person is someone you can confide in and encourages you to reach the visions you have in your life. Lastly, you need a “Timothy” or someone who you are reteaching what you are learning through your maturation and your transformation. So, let this principle build you and lead you into a supernatural acceleration of your growth, doing the things that God planted in your heart to fulfill. Resources Mentioned: Email Pierce - Pierce on The Show - Connect with Steve: Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube -


From 5k To Ultraman With Pierce Showe

Pierce Showe is a 22 year old, faith filled ultra endurance runner on a mission to inspire people to become all who God has created them to be by doing hard things. He is also my armor bearer and helps bring my vision to life. In this episode, Pierce shares his testimony of how God has worked in his life through running. Then we dive into how we got connected as well as his most recent race, Ultraman Arizona. Ultraman Arizona is a 3 day race where you swim 6.2 miles and bike 90 miles on day 1, bike 171.4 miles on day 2, and run 52.4 miles on day 3. Pierce was the youngest participant and came in 4th place. Connect With Pierce Instagram - Connect with Steve: Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube -


Tithing 101 With Laura Weatherford

This week on the podcast I am joined by my wife Laura Weatherford to talk about our journey tithing. Over the last couple of years, we have learned a lot about tithing, so this week Laura wanted to share. Connect with Steve: Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube -


The Faith-Made Millionaire, Matt Sapaula

A Marine Corps Veteran turned entrepreneur, Matt Sapaula found his success in the financial services industry with help from his mentor and host of Valuetainment, Patrick Bet-David. He is now currently the newly appointed Chief Distribution Officer of PHP Agency, and has amassed a following of thousands of people ready to change their family legacy by becoming a member of the 7 Figure Squad. Instagram YouTube Millionaire Goals Podcast Faith-Made Millionaire Book,aps,105&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=7figuresquad-20&linkId=803cf08e7171c5b3fcef0b9e5bbc8840&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl


The Warrior Compass

Resources Mentioned: Join The Freedom Council Waiting List - Connect with Steve: Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - Connect with Pierce: Instagram - Email -


How to Change Your Brain Every Day with Dr. Amen

I’ve always been into biohacking, dating back to my NFL career when I tried supplements, spent time in a hyperbaric chamber, and did all sorts of blood tests to improve my physicality and performance. At around that time I came across Dr. Amen who’d just launched Brain MD I’d tried adderall which made my moods erratic, and so I went to see Dr. Amen at his clinic with my son. We spent money on brain scans to better understand how my brain had been negatively impacted by physical trauma, and how my son’s brain was still developing. I learned so much about my brain and the divine uniqueness with which God created me. It allowed me to shed the shame of the label ‘ADHD’ as I learned how my brain is supposed to work. Instead of choosing chemicals with harsh side-effects that were retarding me, Dr. Amen led me to an all-natural solution. I’ve been taking BrainMD for over ten years now and I haven’t looked back. Dr. Amen has indirectly given me Grace in so many areas of my life — and I thank him for that. I couldn’t be more grateful to be in conversation with him today as he shares his wisdom ahead of the launch of his new book, Change Your Brain Every Day. Please join us. “One of my gifts is to take complex information and make it really easy to understand.” ~ Dr. Amen In this Episode: - How Dr. Amen has scanned over 350 NFL players with high levels of brain damage - Look at your brain — and then love it! - Happiness, effectiveness, and learning to love your brain - Why most psychiatric problems are not mental health issues, but brain health issues - What does fattening your brain look like? - If you have a fit brain, you’ll be fit physically - The bigger your temporal load, the more likely you are to believe in God - How does an analytic brain (such as Dr. Amen’s) allow for a relationship with God? - What does legacy look like to Dr. Amen? - How to know the difference between chemical and spiritual depression - Becoming a fan of accurate rather than just positive thinking - Dr. Amen shares on his new book – daily exercises you can apply as you learn to love your brain And more… Resources Mentioned: - Get Dr. Amen’s new book - - BrainMD - - Use code ‘Weatherford 15’ to get 15% off Connect with Dr. Amen: - LinkTree - Connect with Steve: - Twitter - - LinkedIn - - Facebook - - Instagram - - YouTube - Connect with Pierce: - Instagram - - Link Tree -


Identity Creation And How to Choose Your Character Traits

Until age 35, my identity was connected to my achievements and worldly success. In reality, I hadn’t created my identity. As a matter of fact, I have left the world to decide for me. But then I realized that there were three traits that I really wanted to embody. So right now, I don’t introduce myself as a former NFL player or entrepreneur. Now that I know who I am, I introduce myself as a man of honor, integrity, and accountability. If you don’t create your identity, the world will create it for you. For this reason, you have to analyze your identity. Firstly, you must explore your identity, who you belong to, and what matters most to you. Then, you must choose the three character traits that will unlock you. These traits will also open your potential to be the best version of yourself that God has created you to be. Today’s episode is a sneak peek into a series of videos I created. The course is called The Twelve Disciplines of A Pro. In truth, you are a rocket ship. You have a clear destination that you need to land on. But before you can launch off, you must have a strong foundation. So grab a piece of paper and a pen because there are some things you’ll need to write down. Then, spend some quiet time thinking. This is a deep dive into building your launching path. Transform your mind. And God bless you. “What if life wasn’t about a to-do list? What if life was about a to-be list?” – Steve Weatherford In this Episode: - How to create a strong foundation - Start analyzing your identity - Impostor syndrome and its connection with identity - Difference between relation and relationship - Choose the to-be list rather than the to-do list - My current identity and how I create it - Who do you belong to? And more… Resources Mentioned: - Connect with Steve: - Twitter - - LinkedIn - - Facebook - - Instagram - - YouTube - Connect with Pierce: - Instagram - - Link Tree -


Principles Over Preferences With Garrett Unclebach

God has a plan for your life. You don’t exist for no reason. There is a purpose for you, chosen before you are even born. You may not understand this when you are a kid, but it’s essential to listen to it from your father or your pastor. Even though you may not understand it when you are a child, the seed will grow inside you as an adult. And when you know this, you will be unstoppable. Garrett Unclebach shared these powerful thoughts in our conversation. Garrett is a real friend of mine. He is the most focused, disciplined, and devoted man I know. A former Navy SEAL, he is now a member in a leadership position at the Elevate Life Church in Frisco, Texas. Our meetings are an incubator for greatness and helping men who feel broken and lost. In this episode, you will see that Garrett is different from most people. But God has put the right people in the right place to direct his nature into tasks where he would thrive. His spirit and his mind have allowed him to go through extreme situations. This episode will help you get there too. If you need extra help, text me the word SAVED at 949 763 5934. And I will connect you with the resources you need to find God’s plan. “You have a great destiny in your life. God wants to do something with you. He wants to use you.” – Garrett Unclebach In this Episode: - How my relationship with Garrett started - What following God look like for Garrett - How did Garrett decide to become a Navy SEAL - Why every man wants to be tested - Scoring points in every area of your life - Transition out of the military for Garrett - Principles over preferences - Influence of the movie The Matrix And more… Resources Mentioned: - Me as a guest at The Impossible Life Podcast - Connect with Steve: - Twitter - - LinkedIn - - Facebook - - Instagram - - YouTube - Connect with Garrett Unclebach: - Instagram - - Podcast - Connect with Pierce: - Instagram - - Link Tree -


The Relationship Rules I Live My Life By

I didn’t become a World Champion on my own. I was one of 53 guys on the New York Giants football team in 2012 when we defeated Tom Brady. You, too, will make the most significant impact in your life with what God has given you through cultivating relationships. There are many different types of relationships. Aside from my relationship with God and my relationship with my wife, my connections, in general, are the most valuable part of my life. Before starting a relationship with Jesus, I was very transactional in my relationships with other people. I was doing something for them to receive something in return. But now, I’m not seeking to compete with others. Instead, I’m looking to complete them. This episode is about relationships and how to be the best at them. A solid philosophy, boundaries, standards, and rules are necessary for every relationship, not for protection but for growth. Pursue people that value what you value, and you will understand that your alignments determine your assignments. I hope you find this information helpful. God bless you. “You might have a great gift that will take you out of your circumstances, but if you choose to allow that gift to be around low-level people that are not living life in order, you’ll ultimately gonna take that gift and use it doing the wrong things.” – Steve Weatherford In this Episode: - Four things that all relationships need in order to grow - Standards, boundaries and rules in relationships - What made me become intentional about my relationships - The what, the how, the when and the why of relationships - My family’s values in relationships - Filters to put in place when meeting someone - Learning how to let a friend go And more… Resources Mentioned: - Elevate Life Church - Connect with Steve: - Twitter - - LinkedIn - - Facebook - - Instagram - - Youtube - Connect with Pierce: - Instagram - - Link Tree -


How To Become The Spiritual Leader Of Your Family

Every man is designed by God to operate with four crowns - a prophet, a priest, a king, and a warrior. I acted as a king and a warrior in the past. However, I scored no points as a prophet or a priest. I was helping no one, not even myself. And even though I was highly successful, I won a Super Bowl and had money and influence, I felt empty. When we look at becoming spiritual leaders, we must become prophets and priests. Prophets and priests receive information from God and must declare that out. They are supposed to give vision where there is no vision and be disciples of the Word. Thank God you are not alone in doing it. In this episode, I share my testimony, how I rekindle my relationship with God as an adult, and how you can do the same. I offer you a step-by-step guide on how to become a spiritual leader not only for your family but also for yourself. Thank you for listening, and God bless you. “If you wanna grow as a spiritual leader to yourself so you can grow as a spiritual leader to other people, you have to take authority.” – Steve Weatherford In this Episode: - Why life is like a decathlon - Every man is designed by God to operate with four crowns - The moment I went from a ronin to a disciple of Jesus Christ - Steps for becoming a spiritual leader - Importance of reading psalms and proverbs And more… Resources Mentioned: - Emerge Men’s Conference - Choose Your Hard Poem - Freedom Council Connect with Steve: - Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube Connect with Pierce: - Instagram - Link Tree


The Most Important Hour Of My Week

Athletes are committed and obsessed with mastering the 168 hours available per week. And I treat the men that I coach like they are athletes. Not only do I give them accountability, but I also stretch their vision to go beyond what they consider to be possible. Every year I choose twelve men to work with weekly at an executive level. So every seven days, I come back together with each of them and coach them in the way I was coached when I played in the NFL. How do these sessions work? We would look at the actions they took the week before. We look at the things they did well and the things they didn’t do well. We make adjustments and scout the opponent for next week. We are really only looking a week ahead at a time. But the coach has the ultimate vision for the season, the playoffs season, and, eventually, the Super Bowl. Besides work, I held similar sessions with my family. In this short, practical, and tactical episode, I talk to you about the most vital hour of my week. But, more importantly, I teach you how to choose one hour of the 168 hours you have every week and how to maximize it. “I’m coaching my children the same way that I’m leveling up really high-level men. And, really, it’s just seven days at a time.” – Steve Weatherford In this Episode: - Why I treat my coaching clients like they were elite athletes - Characteristics of my most important hour of the week - Time of the most important hour of the week - Analyzing core values - Creating a vision - Checking vitals - Meaning of the General’s Tent And more… Resources Mentioned: - Freedom Council - Get 15% off Brain MD supplements using code “WEATHERFORD15” at checkout Connect with Steve: - Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube


Creating an Iron Mindset With Chris Peterson

When I got outside of my comfort zone and did something I had never done in a place I had been before, I met Chris Peterson. This happened in a retreat I organized. It was the opportunity for him to come to Christ. He didn’t know why he went to the event. But when he was there, he discovered that the purpose was to start having a relationship with God. Chris Peterson is my special friend. I don’t say this lightly. I have many friends, and I don’t call any other friends like this. The reason is that Chris is the first person I led to Jesus when I decided to pursue God and ministry. And I believe that guiding people to Jesus is one of the first things Jesus calls us to do. It’s a way of worship. This episode will challenge you, serve you and entertain you. The investment of time, talent, and energy we put into it will really shift how you think and, therefore, everything in your life. Allow it to happen, and you will be a completely different person in three months. “Find somebody who has the fruit that you want and values what you value and get close to ‘em.” – Steve Weatherford In this Episode: - Chris’ religions upbringing - Praying for someone with intention - How I met Chris - Being vulnerable and intentional - Strength in the community - Taking inventory of your life - Importance of positive self-talk - Techniques to improve discipline And more… Resources Mentioned: - Dan Orlovsky praying - Elevate Life Church - Freedom Council Connect with Chris: - Instagram Connect with Steve: - Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube Connect with Pierce: - Instagram - - Link Tree -


The Power Of A Spiritual Father with Josh and Keith Craft

It’s an honor to have my pastor, mentor, and spiritual father on the show for the third time. One thing that is different about this one is we actually had his son, Josh Craft, on as well. Josh and I have gotten really close over the last year. We talk all about having a spiritual father voice in your life and the supernatural acceleration that can happen because of it. We talk about how the most noble thing isn’t always to blaze your own trail, and Josh shares how and why he has decided to make a highway out of the trail his dad has blazed. In this Episode: The story of Otto Mears and the Million Dollar HighwayThe greatest test you can pass is the test of submissionIf you are too big to follow you’re too small to leadWhat to do if you don’t have a dad like Keith CraftHow to get GODfidenceAnd more… Resources Mentioned: The story of the Million Dollar HighwayPastor Keith’s Your Divine FingerprintJosh Craft’ssubstackGet involved in Pastor Keith’s online mastermind Connect with Steve: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Youtube


Running Your First Marathon With Brian McKittrick

What does it take to go from being on the couch to running a 5 hour marathon? And what does it mean to grow in your spiritual authority as a man, as a husband, and as a father? It is my great pleasure to be chatting to Brian McKittrick as we unpack the answers to these important questions. Brian is a personal friend who came into my life about a year ago. He is an insurance and finance specialist, and is also the international bestselling author of "It Ain't Rocket Surgery - 21 Simple Tips that will Take Your Sales to the Moon!" He's an inspiration for many reasons, one of which is his ability to set his mind to something – and then do it. Together with Pierce 'The Big Showe’ we're talking about Zone 2 running and what it takes to become a marathon man. There's even a challenge for you to become a marathon man, and have Pierce as your personal trainer. Bring your eyes to see and your ears to hear God's word. This is a good one! “When God designed us, he didn't design us to be sitting behind a computer. He created us to go climb over a 9 mile mountain and kill a lion or a gazelle, and throw that 150 pounds of meat over our backs, climb 9 miles back over that mountain, and feed our kids.” – Steve Weatherford In this Episode: - Running a sub 5 hour marathon from not running at all - Training revelations - Knowing what you want and being able to pay your price to get it - Giving up your life for Jesus at a secular event - What is heart rate training? - Running Five Peaks - Inspiring others to realize their full potential - Why enhanced physical fitness is good for your business - What is your 'misogi'(annual challenge)? - How to become a marathon man And more… Resources Mentioned: - Pierce’s email if you want to be one of 10 Marathon Man trial subjects - Connect with Brian: - LinkedIn - - Instagram - - Brian’s book - Connect with Steve: - Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube Connect with Pierce: - Instagram - Link Tree


Don’t Miss This… Episode Only Available Today

In this episode of the Steve Weatherford Show, I break down the limited time opportunity for the Freedom council and likely the LAST time we will be opening up registration in 2022… DON’T miss this This episode will be deleted after today Sign up for the Freedom Council at


Brazos Bend 100 Mile Ultramarathon RECAP

In this episode of the Steve Weatherford Show, me and The Big Show break down our experience of the Brazos Bend 100 Mile Ultramarathon. I share what my mindset was like going into it, the reason why I did it, and we both give our biggest takeaways from the challenge. Also, I announce something special we are going to be doing at the end of 2023 with the Freedom Council. Listen until the end to find out! Sign up for the Freedom Council at