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Running and coaching tips for beginner and advanced runners with Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Featuring guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, listeners will learn how to race faster, stay healthy, prevent running injuries, and get stronger in this informative and fun podcast.

Running and coaching tips for beginner and advanced runners with Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Featuring guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, listeners will learn how to race faster, stay healthy, prevent running injuries, and get stronger in this informative and fun podcast.
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Running and coaching tips for beginner and advanced runners with Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Featuring guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, listeners will learn how to race faster, stay healthy, prevent running injuries, and get stronger in this informative and fun podcast.




Episode 86: Beth Skwarecki, the Health Editor of Lifehacker, on Health & Fitness Trends

Beth Skwarecki is the author of two books and the Health Editor of Lifehacker. She's here to dispel fitness and health myths that might be leading us astray. Beth is a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the Association of Health Care Journalists. After getting a BA in biology from Alfred University, she received her Master's in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Rutger's University. She also has previously taught nutrition and environmental sciences at the...


Episode 85: Lindsey Hein on Elites, Podcasting for Runners, and Training with Kids

Lindsey has always been a runner. She ran cross country in high school and after running for fitness and health in college, started running marathons post-collegiately. To date, she's run 14 marathons and is currently preparing for the 2019 Boston Marathon. She's also a RRCA-certified running coach. Her podcast is one of the most popular running podcasts out there: I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein has more than 160 episodes and features the most talented runners on the planet: Meb...


Episode 84: How to Optimize Recovery with Christie Aschwanden

Recovery means much more than what you do - it's also about what you don't do. For example, many runners think foam rolling or taking an ice bath are effective recovery methods. And if you enjoy them, I won't argue! But what you're not doing is equally important: If the answer is yes, then it almost doesn't matter what you do for your post workout recovery. Because the addition of stress - whether physical or mental - derails our best recovery efforts. That's why when I was in college,...


Episode 83: Sarah Canney on the 2019 World Snowshoe Running Championships

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending an hour talking to Sarah Canney. She's a Road Runners Club of America and USA Track and Field certified running coach in addition to being a competitive mountain runner and member of the 2018 US National Snowshoe Running Team. In fact, she recently placed 9th at the World Championships in Val di Non, Italy on January 5th. Now, I've never gone snowshoe running. I don't own any snowshoes. Frankly, I don't even like the cold. But after hearing Sarah...


Episode 82: Megan Roche on Becoming a Happy Runner

Megan Roche is a professional runner for HOKA ONE ONE and the 2016 USA Track & Field Trail Runner of the Year at the ultra and sub-ultra distances. A five-time national champion, she’s also the North American Mountain Running Champion and a six-time member of Team USA. Her new book The Happy Runner: Love the Process, Get Faster, Run Longer was written with her husband David Roche (also an elite runner who contributed to our Little Black Book of Recovery & Prevention) and presents a unique...


Episode 81: Strength Coach Tony Gentilcore on Deadlifts: Form, Dangers, and Function

Over the last two years, I've been learning more and more about strength training. In fact, our new strength program High Performance Lifting (details here) has rocketed to our most popular training course. Like many runners, I'm not in love with weightlifting (I'd rather be running!) but I've come to appreciate just how valuable it is for endurance athletes. Higher levels of strength almost always lead to faster race times. That's why I'm thrilled to present a new podcast with strength...


Episode 80: The Best (and least effective) Injury Prevention Strategies

Now, my goal at Strength Running is to always show you the most effective approach. The training that will most likely get you to achieve your biggest goals. That’s why we don’t waste time on minutiae. We don’t chase shiny objects like CrossFit Endurance or wonder if we should go keto or run all of our miles barefoot. We focus on what has been shown to conclusively work for runners. As you can imagine, some prevention strategies are better than others: strength training This episode will...


Episode 79: How a Physical Therapist (and 2:24 Marathoner) Prevents Injuries

Verrelle Wyatt is a 2:24 marathoner, 4:18 miler, and an Athletic Hall of Famer for his high school. He received his doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Walsh University in Ohio. He has two medical licenses in both Physical Therapy and Sports Physical Therapy in addition to being certified as both a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). In this conversation, we discuss a lot: This episode is an excerpt from our full conversation for Team...


Episode 78: Jason Koop on Coaching Competence and Smarter Training

As a runner himself, Jason Koop has two top-10 finishes at the Leadville Trail 100 and has finished some of ultrarunning's most challenging races like the Badwater 135, Wasatch 100, and the Hardrock 100. He's the Director of Coaching at Carmichael Training Systems where he's been for over a decade working with runners, cyclists, and triathletes. Today, coach Jason Koop focuses more on trail ultramarathoners, guiding some of the best ultra runners in the country: Dakota JonesMissy...


Episode 77: How to Get Injured: 5 Training Errors That Spike Your Injury Risk

Running injuries are formally called repetitive stress injuries. Do the wrong thing (over a prolonged period of time) and you can rest assured that you’re probably going to get hurt. Here’s a great example from outside the running world. Recently I interviewed Staci Ardison in our monthly interview series for Team Strength Running about weight lifting. She’s become a very competitive powerlifter over the last few years and asked about injuries in the weight room. What causes them? How do...


Episode 76: Yoga for Runners: A Deep Dive with Yogi Sage Rountree

With some runners hesitant to brave the yoga studio – and the benefits unclear – I wanted to get a leading expert on the podcast to discuss yoga for runners. Please say hi to Sage Rountree. Sage isn’t just an internationally recognized yoga expert with the highest level of training possible. She hasn’t just worked with Olympians, NBA and NFL players, and collegiate athletes. She’s also a running and triathlon coach and the author of eight books, including: The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga: An...


Episode 75: Running Advice for Beginners - 3 Errors that Derail Progress

Today I want to help you avoid the most common mistakes among new runners. These "unforced errors" derail your progress, invite injury, and make running harder than it needs to be. Simply not doing the wrong thing can be the difference between success and failure. It’s like Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz once said: “It’s not the great play that wins the game. It’s eliminating the dumb play.” Here are three of the most common mistakes I see beginners make with their running –...


Episode 74: Running Your First Marathon? Listen to this Behind the Scenes Coaching Call

Pam is a Team Strength Running member. Every month, I get the team together for a live video coaching call. We talk about workouts, scheduling races, planning around vacations and injuries, and how to strategically plan a season. I recently asked the team if anybody was planning a BIG goal and wanted to come on the podcast to talk more about how to achieve that crazy goal. [These opportunities are only available to Team SR members. Learn more about the team here.] Pam stepped up. She’s...


Episode 73: How NOT to Lift Weights: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

To kick off 2018, we’re focusing on strength training for runners. And there’s an undeniable advantage from getting the fundamentals right before you learn how to start lifting weights: Progress is faster (you get better sooner!) Risks are mitigated (far fewer injuries!) Results are more substantial (you get stronger!) My goal is to help you limit the early mistakes as you start lifting weights so you can enjoy all of the benefits of strength training exercises: We cover a lot more on...


Episode 72: Mark Cucuzzella, MD on A Comprehensive Injury Prevention Plan

If you don't know Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, you're missing out. He’s a professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force Reservists. He designed the US Air Force Efficient Running Project and has presented running workshops on over 50 military bases. Mark has been a national-level Masters runner, completed more than 100 marathon and ultra-marathon races, and is a two time winner of the Air Force Marathon. His PR? A staggering 2:24. He's also...


Episode 71: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tempo Runs

Tempo runs are beneficial for virtually every runner – from milers to marathoners, tempos are nearly ubiquitous. Of course, they’re a staple for longer distance runners training for the marathon and beyond. If you’re not familiar with this type of workout, there are three popular definitions: 1. Comfortably hard. A pace that’s faster than “moderate” but not exactly “hard.” If you have a high training age and prefer running by feel or perceived effort, this may be the most helpful...


Episode 70: Eating Disorders in Runners: An Honest Conversation with Annyck Besso, RD

Most coaches - including myself - don't have the tools to discuss this serious issue. I have no personal experience or training with eating disorders in runners (though I have friends with disordered eating). So I brought on someone who does: Annyck Besso. The goals of this conversation are threefold: Annyck is a Registered Dietitian with expertise in the treatment of eating disorders in private and academic medical center environments. She has a Bachelors degree in nutrition and...


Episode 69: Trail & Ultra Coach Doug Hay on Becoming a Trail Runner

I'm not promoting running trails because they're beautiful. Or awe-inspiring. Or jaw-dropping. Though, that's certainly an added bonus! Trail running is a welcomed alternative to road running because it's a different type of stress that helps you become a better runner: athleticism Plus, let's not forget that running trails usually means that you're going to run slower. And that can actually be a very good thing! When used appropriately, train running can aid recovery by forcing you to...


Episode 68: How to Improve 'Movement Knowledge' with Ryan Smith, DPT

Dr. Ryan Smith is a lead instructor for the Institute of Clinical Excellence in the Fitness Athlete division. He specializes in treating individuals who participate in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, powerlifting, and other recreational sports like running. He also specializes in pelvic health therapy, utilizing an external approach that focuses on education and management of diastisis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, and post-partum issues. Ryan is an avid supporter of the Senior Rehab Project...


Episode 67: Coach Jonathan Marcus on the Art of Coaching and Improvement

Jonathan Marcus is to running as Charlie Munger is to investing: a coach that uses “elementary, worldly wisdom” to mold his athletes into high-level runners. His past coaching and running industry experience includes: He was appointed USA Track & Field High Performance Coordinator for the men’s middle distances in 2011 and his national role with USATF included serving as co-meet director for the prestigious USATF High Performance track meet held annually at Occidental College. Currently...