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Tanner Kern went through a massive transformation in his life as he went from a 340 pound D1 football player to a 200 pound marathon runner. The goal of The Tanner Kern Podcast is to share motivating stories of people from all different backgrounds to inspire listeners to achieve their dreams.

Tanner Kern went through a massive transformation in his life as he went from a 340 pound D1 football player to a 200 pound marathon runner. The goal of The Tanner Kern Podcast is to share motivating stories of people from all different backgrounds to inspire listeners to achieve their dreams.


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Tanner Kern went through a massive transformation in his life as he went from a 340 pound D1 football player to a 200 pound marathon runner. The goal of The Tanner Kern Podcast is to share motivating stories of people from all different backgrounds to inspire listeners to achieve their dreams.








#44 - Getting the Job Done with Shawn Eckert

My guest today is Shawn Eckert. Shawn is an ultra runner who lives in Florida. Shawn battled alcohol and drug addiction before completely turning his life around and finding health. When Shawn's son was born, he decided to lose weight. Although, he did not fully commit himself to his goal initially. It took Shawn a little time to start his journey, but he never looked back losing over 200 lbs from his 446 lb starting point and turning into an ultra-endurance athlete. Shawn's story is very...


#43 - 100-Mile Treadmill Run Preview to Benefit the AFSP

Do you want to find out why I am running 100 miles straight on my treadmill to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention? If your answer to that question is "YES," check out this special episode of TKP. In this quick episode, I discuss why I am running 100 miles on my treadmill for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I also tell listeners all the details of the fundraiser including how you can watch me suffer through the run's live stream and donate to help stop...


#42 - The Journey of a Lifetime with Shan Riggs and Callie Vinson

My guests today are Shan Riggs and Callie Vinson. On December 1, 2020, Shan finished a three-month run across America. Callie was his crew chief for the entire journey that began on September 1, 2020. These two undertook this challenge to raise money for Foodshare, a food bank that supports the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut. Shan and Callie raised $45,000 for the charity in order to fight food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cross-country run took 92 total days (84...


#41 - Transformational Leadership with Nick Jankel

My guest today is Nick Jankel. Nick is a thought leader whose ideas, tools, and research are designed to take the pain out of transformation, blast through the barriers that block creativity and innovation, and unleash conscious changes in leadership and life that bring less suffering and more thriving into the spaces we touch. He is the co-founder of the leadership and personal development company Switch On and the chief architect of a rigorous methodology and philosophy for transformation,...


#40 - Creating Your Own Success with Chris & Eric Martinez

My guests today are Chris and Eric Martinez. Chris and Eric had a childhood filled with adversity. They lost their father at the age of 18. This caused their mother to turn to alcohol and both of them to go down a negative path for an extended period of time. Chris and Eric used fitness as a way to pull themselves through the stages of grief. Fitness ended up shaping the beginning of their adult lives. Chris and Eric became personal trainers. This passion ended up turning into a...


#39 - Conquering Adversity with Jake Anapol

My guest today is Jake Anapol. Jake is fresh off of his commitment to play Division I Football for the Marist Red Foxes. Jake has overcome a ton of adversity to get to where he is today. He moved to the United States from Oxford, England in elementary school. Jake had to undergo multiple surgeries to fix a knee issue that he was born with throughout his childhood. When Jake got to high school, he had an additional two surgeries caused from football totaling seven knee procedures. Jake began...


#38 - The Gift of Health with Rich Duffy

My guest today is Rich Duffy. Rich was born and raised in Philadelphia, but currently resides in Virginia with his wife and two children. Rich described his weight and health as a yo-yo throughout his adult life. When his 53rd birthday rolled around a couple years ago, he decided to give himself the gift of health. Rich made the commitment to stop drinking alcohol and do good things for his body. This resulted in Rich losing 60 pounds and becoming a two time marathoner in the past two years....


#37 - Life is Terminal, it's Our Job to Live It with Matthew Pullan

"My cancer might be inoperable but I’m not scared. I just want the word ‘inoperable’ used and not ‘incurable’." This is a quote from today's guest Matthew Pullan. Matthew Pullan, known as Running Through Cancer, is a young adult from the UK. In 2004, he had a brain tumor that was able to be successfully removed. Matthew had a normal childhood following the removal of his first brain tumor. He participated in all types of sports growing up. In 2020, he was feeling dizzy so he went back to...


#36 - Not Being Defined By Your Lowest Moments with Matt Dekoeyer

My guest today is Matt Dekoeyer. Matt is a 2012 graduate of Xavier High School where he played the offensive/defensive line and won two Connecticut state championships. Following high school, Matt attended Providence College. He joined the rugby team in his sophomore year and fell in love with the sport. He ultimately became an assistant coach immediately following graduation and spent one season as the head coach of the team. Matt ultimately moved on from the head coaching role and ended up...


#35 - How to Break the Chains and Find Your Flame with Steve Opalenik

My guest today is Steve Opalenik. Steve is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Co-Founder of The Promethean Project. Steve received his undergraduate degree from UMass Amherst and his masters from Springfield College. In 2017 he started The Promethean Project. The Promethean Project is a non-profit wellness center, whose mission is to create a one stop shop for peoples’ physical, mental, and holistic health needs and goals. In the episode we discuss Steve's background, why he started...


#34 - The Fundamentals of Leadership with Dan Jaskot

My guest today is Dan Jaskot. Dan is the President of Empower Leadership and host of the Lead with Empower Podcast. Empower Leadership is a collection of leadership experts who share a passion for adventure and helping others. Dan attended Xavier High School where he played football & baseball. He continued his education at Springfield College as a Physical Education major and a member of the football team. Following graduation, Dan initially went into teaching before joining the Empower...


#33 - Dedicated to Consistency with Jamie O'Hare

My guest today is Jamie O'Hare. Jamie is a former Division I basketball player at Lafayette College where she was a 3-time All-Patriot League selection at Guard for the Leopards. She is also 2nd in assists and the all time 3 Point leader in Lafayette history. In her journey to D1 basketball, Jamie was introduced to the weight room by her father and found a love for lifting weights. This propelled her to an amazing collegiate basketball career and she is now running a fitness account on...


#32 - Miles For MAMA with Darius and Charlie McDonald

My guest today is Darius McDonald. Darius owns his own business 100percentfitness where he is a personal trainer and sports massage therapist. He resides in England with his wife and two children. This is Darius' second time coming on the show. In the episode we discuss many topics including the running challenges that Darius and his son Charlie have embarked on during the COVID pandemic. Darius is attempting to complete the LEJOG Virtual Challenge in 6 months. This is an 874 mile run which...


#31 - Enjoying the Journey with Matt Wallace

My guest today is Matt Wallace. Matt is a great dude as well as an extremely versatile runner. His first ever running race was a 100 mile DNF, but this fueled him to conquer the distance and keep pushing his body to new limits. He has completed four 100 milers including the Georgia Jewel this past weekend and is a Tahoe 200 mile finisher. Despite this, Matt doesn't just excel on the trail. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon twice and also is a multiple time full Ironman finisher. In...


#30 - Running For Life with Hector Rodriguez

My guest today is ultra runner Hector Rodriguez. Hector Rodriguez is a husband, father, and challenge seeker that resides in San Diego, CA. Hector’s journey started after coming across David Goggin’s Can’t Hurt Me book. He was an endurance athlete before he read the book, but his life was completely transformed as he lost 50 pounds and began intentionally throwing major challenges in his path. Hector began running, walking, and hiking 10 miles a day and this paid dividends in his daily life...


#29 - Running Across America with Shan Riggs

My guest today is ultra runner Shan Riggs. Shan's running resume includes close to 50 ultra marathons including the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run which is the oldest 100 miler in the country. Shan is about to embark on a run across the United States for Foodshare which is Greater Hartford Connecticut's regional food bank. The people at Foodshare connected Shan and I because that was the non profit that I ran from Canada to Connecticut to support. In less than a week, Shan will be...


#28 - What's Your Why with AMPed Up Coaching Founder Amy Puchini

My guest today is AMPed Up Coaching founder Amy Puchini. Amy received her undergraduate degree in nutritional sciences and is currently pursuing her masters in holistic nutrition. She started AMPed Up Coaching as a way to help others achieve their goals by utilizing fitness, nutrition, and mindset together in harmony. She preaches that making small changes is the way to creating lasting change in one's life. In the episode we talk about how Amy found a passion for fitness and nutrition,...


#27 - For the Love of Running with Anthony Garcia

My guest today is Anthony Garcia. Anthony is a former collegiate offensive lineman turned ultra endurance athlete. If you know anything about football, offensive linemen are the biggest people on the field who typically hate running. I know this was the case for Anthony and I at least! Anthony's playing career ended in 2003, but it wasn't until two years ago that he found trail running and fell in love with sport. Since his football career ended, he has lost 140 pounds and completed numerous...


#26 - Whatever It Takes with Miami Dolphins Equipment Asst. Shorney Douet

My guest today is Shorney Douet. Shorney is a high school buddy of mine where we played football together. Following high school, Shorney attended Allegheny College and played football for two years before transfering to Penn State. Shorney has done whatever it has taken to get into the sports world and has an incredible story of perseverance to get to where he is today: An equipment assistant for the Miami Dolphins. He has worked with the Orgeon and Penn State Football programs as well as...


For the Kids with WATS Baseball Tournament Director Will Visgilio

My guest today is War at the Shore Baseball Tournament Director Will Visgilio. Will and I grew up playing in these tournaments together and now he has taken over as the tournament director and is doing an amazing job. WATS has experienced a difficult summer with COVID, but they've found a way to adapt to regulations and still provide a world class experience for the kids who make the trip to Southeastern Connecticut for a tournament. WATS has been in business since 2001 and it was started by...