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We're Gonna Keep the Couch: Episode #78: The Trillest Podcast

This week we're together and in the best moods! Probably because we both just got back from big trips and it's always nice to be home! Tune in to hear how Salah tore it up in Vegas (#momsnightout), what makes us feel like we have our life in order, our thoughts on going couch-less (lol, that's funny to even type) and our safer skincare routines. Thanks for tuning in! Keep it trill this week! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Carb Adapted vs Fat Adapted with Carla Nowicki, R.D.: Episode #77: The Trillest Podcast

This week we're joined for the third time by Carla Nowicki, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS. Carla is a Dietitian, a competitive weightlifting athlete, strength coach, and founder of Pursuit Nutrition. Listen back to Episode 38 and 51 for more details on Carla's background and basic nutrition information. We've brought her on today to talk about being carb adapted vs being fat adapted. Determining where you fall is all the rage right now, and we wanted an expert opinion. Carla lets us in on her thoughts,...


Fav Things: Episode #76: The Trillest Podcast

We're back to catch up on life and talk all about our favorite things at the moment. Curious what foods or beauty products we are digging right now? Or how about our favorite tv shows and podcast? Tune in this week to hear what we have to say. In true #trillest fashion, we're going to let you know what hasn't been our favorite thing as of late too. Go download and keep it #trill! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Mallory & Jason Brooks Founders of Spectrum Trail Racing: Episode #75: The Trillest Podcast

Meet Mallory and Jason Brooks, founders of Spectrum Trail Racing. These badass humans started Spectrum in 2014 with the goal of bringing a different style of racing to Texas: one that not only focused on providing a great race but also giving you a full blown finish line party with plenty of local flare. If starting an incredible business is not enough, these two have tackled running distances that most of us cannot even imagine. We get to hear all about their past race experiences, what...


Not Gonna Make The Rollerblade Team: Episode #74: The Trillest Podcast

This is a classic Salah + Taylor episode! You're gonna get to hear how Taylor quickly gave up her rollerblading career after a solid one-time pursuit. The story is quite amusing, it had Salah snort laughing during our conversation. Other topics included: spray tans (per usual!), Salah is actually sleeping (miracle!), and our thoughts on needing to eat more (spoiler: it's mentally tough!). Tune in and let us know what you think! Keep it trill! Follow The Trillest on IG:...


Valerie Hunt on Running + CrossFit: Episode #73: The Trillest Podcast

Valerie Hunt, running coach extraordinaire, is on to chat all things running with us this week! It's about time we chatted with someone that knows a thing or two about running. Valerie's a big fan (and coach) of the PoseMethod® of running. So, we got to learn all about Pose and what it can do for your running career. What makes Valerie extra special, is she's basically a unicorn because she loves running AND CrossFit. We had to find out why she thinks so many CrossFitters do not enjoy a...


Murph Recap and Living with Intention: Episode #72: The Trillest Podcast

We're coming off Memorial Day with a Murph Workout high (or Taylor is at least)! We recap our past Murph experiences and how special workouts with specific motivation or intentions can be. Which leads us down a long-winded discussion of living life with daily intentions. We each talk about what we do to set our intentions for the day. Then get into the bigger picture of living your entire life with intention and what that looks like and how you would set that up. Tune in and keep it...


Getting Deep on Intermittent Fasting: Episode #71: The Trillest Podcast

What do you get when you give Taylor an extra cup of coffee? Apparently, lots of chatter on intermittent fasting. There is SO much information out there and SO many people dabbling in intermittent fasting. Which makes it is so hard to determine what's true, what would be best for you and if it's really all just bullshit. Making it the perfect topic for us to place our highly un-educated opinions on. Spoiler, we've both given it a shot. Tune in to hear what we think about the whole thing...


Will Lanier with OUTWOD: Episode #70: The Trillest Podcast

Get ready folks, it's a good one! This week we're chatting with Will Lanier, founder of OUTWOD and The OUT Foundation. Speaking to people that are doing incredible things is one of the main reasons we started this podcast and Will was a great reminder of that. What he has done for the LGBT community is incredible and his fitness journey/career is also a damn good story. Tune in to hear us chat about the evolution of Crossfit, Will's cancer story, his newish vegetarian diet and lots...


Butt Implants, Salah is Trail Running & Breast Pump Tan: Episode #69: The Trillest Podcast

Whew, this week is a good one! You would think we were 2 friends that haven't caught up in almost 3 weeks...oh wait...that is exactly it. Let's start by chatting about butt implants, yay or nay? If butt implants are not your thing, how do you feel about other age-reducing enhancements? Hear what we have to say on both! Then Salah drops the running bomb on us...we're so excited to share this journey with you. Last but not least...a little high, low, high for you guys. Tune in to hear the...


Working out for Aesthetics, Men in the Gym & Programming with Coach James: Episode #68: The Trillest Podcast

This week we welcome back Coach James Quigley (originally on Episode 52) as our guest. Coach James helps us dive into the male perspective of the fitness industry. We discuss the differences between coaching men and women and dig into the insecurities men may have in the gym. One of the highlights of this conversation was around the desire to workout for aesthetics and the stigma that has developed around it. This conversation was so so good! Definitely, go listen and keep it...


Let's Talk About Stress, Baby!: Episode #67: The Trillest Podcast

This week we're chatting all about the pressures we put on our selves and how overwhelming life can be. Don't you agree? We're both feeling maxed at the moment and it was nice to put it all out on the table. Letting things go and chilling out is hard to do but we know how important it is and talking through it really helped! We wrapped things up with a few things we're loving lately. Tune in and keep it trill! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the...


Babies with Tattoos, Swimsuit Season & Self Care: Episode #66: The Trillest Podcast

Episode 66 is a grab bag of fun and randomness. After a super serious conversation on babies with tattoos, and learning that Salah has had to get her ears pierced 7 times (insane!), we chat about a few more serious topics. Starting with the discussion on summer bodies and how it seems like that's what everyone is talking about. This turns in to a deep discussion on confidence and what a big role it plays into the way we look. Then we dig a little into self-care practices and gratitude...


Durability & Unconventional Training with Cristian Plascencia: Episode #65: The Trillest Podcast

This week we're chatting with Cristian Plascencia, senior durability coach at Onnit Academy. Cristian knew from a very young age he wanted to be in the business of helping others with their health. So, he has a wealth of knowledge and a serious passion for this industry. He was kind enough to walk us through his fitness journey, the concept of durability training and what a typical class or training session with him would look like. This conversation was such a great peek into what...


Overcoming an Eating Disorder with Megan Knight: Episode #64: The Trillest Podcast

Today we're chatting with Megan Knight! Megan is a fitness instructor in the Austin area, kicking asses weekly at Love Cycling Studio and Knockout Austin. She walks us through her journey into the fitness industry, gives us the inside scoop on what life as a fitness instructor looks like and how she creates those bomb ass playlist. Most importantly, she opens up about her eating disorder journey. We were SO inspired by her vulnerability and willingness to be #trill in regards to her past...


Prioritizing Stretching, Thoughts on Gym Selfies & Ideal Workout Lengths: Episode #63: The Trillest Podcast

In this episode of The Trillest Podcast, we're chatting about stretching and Tay's new found love for not being tight AF all of the time. We take a minute to celebrate the Crossfit Open being over (whoo hoo!) and everybody going back to normal programming at the gym. Speaking of working out, what's your ideal workout time? We're weighing in on what OUR ideal time and intensity to workout are. Then we get #trill on everyone taking gym selfies. Then we get #trill on everyone taking gym...


Defeating an Autoimmune Disease & Depression through Wellness with Katie Martinez: Episode #62: The Trillest Podcast

This week we are chatting with Katie Martinez, from the blog Radiate with Kate. Katie is a personal trainer and wellness coach based in the Bay Area. She is a former Division I athlete who is passionate about helping others reach their health and fitness goals. Radiate with Kate celebrates life with movement, empowerment, and nourishment. She believes in moving and nourishing your body while leading a more balanced lifestyle is the best way to obtain optimum health. The best part about...


Let's chat about Crossfit: Episode #61: The Trillest Podcast

This week we're back together and it's just the two of us! We're catching up on Salah going back to work after baby, and how sleep deprivation is real in their house right now. Taylor's coming off an SXSW high after a week full of inspirational panels and fun parties. Then we start down the Crossfit rabbit hole and have a pretty in-depth discussion on the Crossfit Open and the state of Crossfit at the moment. We've got varying opinions on the longevity, it's growth and whether or not it...


Kimberly Althauser on Fascial Stretch Therapy: Episode #60: The Trillest Podcast

This week we're chatting with Kimmy Althauser, co-owner, and founder of TK Stretching. TK Stretching specializes in Fascial Stretch Therapy. Kimmy and her boyfriend, Tim, have recently brought their practice to Austin, Texas from Arizona. Kimmy walks us through exactly what Fascial Stretching is and all of the benefits it can have on your body (guys, it might make you taller!). Kimmy is such a gem and full of knowledge in regards to healing your body through the practice of fascial...


Taylor Somerville on Breath Practice, Cold Exposure & Competing and Training for The World's Toughest Mudder: Episode #59: The Trillest Podcast

Today Taylor sits down with another Taylor! Taylor Somerville is on this week to chat with us about our mental game. Taylor walks us through his journey that leads him to quit his job at 38 and how his daily mental practice helps to ensure himself he has made the right decision. Taylor walks us through the benefits and art of a breathing practice. Then we chat a little bit about how cold exposure can greatly enhance your mental game. Which for Taylor needed to be strong since he competed...