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Keto, Dry January, Yoga - Is this what a new year looks like?: Episode #104: The Trillest Podcast

We're halfway into the first month of 2019 and it's been a doozy of a year so far! We've both already been on pretty terrible road trips and everyone around us is sick or injured. We're guessing it can only go up from here. Right? This week we're doing a quick check in on our big goals (Tay's not scrolling on social media for all of 2019!), commenting on the thought of Dry January, and we discuss minimalizing our homes. Tune in and let us know how your 2019 is going! Follow The Trillest on...


Talking Macros with Tina Haupert: #103: The Trillest Podcast

We're excited to have Tina back on the podcast today (tune in to Episode 85 to learn more about Tina)! Tay recently signed on with Tina as a macro coaching client and we wanted to share that experience on the podcast. Initially, the reason for wanting to work with Tina was all about the aesthetic goals (spoiler: haven't gotten there yet!) but what actually came out of it was SO much more. Tune in and let us know what you think! Go check out Tina's blog: Follow...


It's A New Year and We're Not Mad About It: Episode #102: The Trillest Podcast

It's the new year and we're claiming it as our favorite holiday. What's not to love about a fresh start and new goals to achieve? We're tots down for it. This week we reflect back on last years new year's episode and see where we fell short and where we crushed. Then we lay out what we're hoping to accomplish in 2019 in regards to fitness, health, career, and just life in general. Tune in and let us know what you're tackling in 2019. We hope it's the best year yet! Follow The Trillest on...


Merry Trillest Christmas: Episode #101: The Trillest Podcast

It's Christmas day! We hope you're having a wonderful holiday season and that Santa brings everyone Pelotons and Apple watches (cause that's what dreams are made of - am I right?)! We're popping in to say hello and Merry Christmas, let ya know what we're up to on this holiday and what we're hoping to find under the Christmas tree. Thank you all SO much for supporting the podcast! It really is the best gift ever! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the...


Joy + Claire of Girls Gone WOD Podcast: Episode #100: The Trillest Podcast

EPISODE 100! Can you believe we made it? Us either! To celebrate we interviewed Joy + Claire of Girls Gone WOD Podcast. You've definitely heard us mention Girls Gone WOD (GGW) on numerous occasions over the past 100 episodes. It's one of our favorite 'cast and it was no doubt the lead inspo for us to start The Trillest. Needless to say - we LOVE these ladies! Today we got to chat with them about how they got started with GGW, their CrossFit journeys, the mental aspect of taking a step back...


The Holi-Daze: Episode #99: The Trillest Podcast

Whew, we're in rare form today! Remind us to never record after a long day of work again. We're definitely running that hot mess express. Tune in to hear us chat about the usual assortment of randomness including our bachelorette party stories (omg Salahs, lol!), what we've bought that our husbands still give us shit about and how this HOLI-DAZE feels like the most stressful part of the year! Tune in and keep it trill! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for...


Hanah Jamroz AKA The Ripped Barbie: Episode #98: The Trillest Podcast

Today we're joined by Hanah Jamroz (@therippedbarbie) of HanJam Fitness. Hanah has had quite the fitness adventure! She started off as a multi-sport athlete, dabbled in bodybuilding competitions (at a super young age), got REALLY into Crossfit (didn't we all?) and has landed on a balanced lifestyle that includes macro counting, rest and not killing herself in the gym. Hanah's gig is helping others achieve their fitness and health goals. We talked to Hanah about her fitness journey, her...


The Holidays! + Holiday Gift Ideas: Episode #97: The Trillest Podcast

It's the holidays, yall! And we're fired up about it. Today we jumped down the longest rabbit hole of holiday traditions, how we decorate for Christmas and what we're cooking (or not cooking) this holiday season. We also named off some awesome gift ideas for the peeps on your list this year. Tune in, let us know what you think and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Do old people work out?: Episode #96: The Trillest Podcast

We're backkk and we're in the same room this week which equals wayyyyy to much laughter for one podcast. We're catching up on life (fitness, fashion, and self-care), talking about what we think we'll look like when we are old (so random but hilarious), and how Salah may or may not be on top of birthday party planning (lol!). It's a good one and we hope you'll love it. Keep it trill, guys! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Is this what being old feels like?: Episode #95: The Trillest Podcast

It's a classic Salah + Taylor episode where we basically catch up and let you listen in (these are our fav!). We're talking about our best Halloween costumes (turns out neither one of us are that creative, lol), Salah's recent back injury and how she's coping with it, how terrible stomach bugs are and what podcast we're listening to at the moment! Tune in and let us know what you think! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Candace Gary AKA The Fitness Soulmate: Episode #94: The Trillest Podcast

If one Alabama accent wasn't enough for you then you're in for a treat on this week's episode! We're joined today by one of Tay's BFFs (who happens to live in Alabama!). Candace is a mom of 2, competitive cross-fitter turned wannabe weightlifter :) and has more willpower than anyone we've met! Tune in to hear Candace's fitness journey, all about her current hormone battle and for a strong dose of encouragement and motivation. We know yall will love Candace as much as we do! Tune in and...


Hormones, Over Exercising and Under Eating & Macro Tips with Laurie King: Episode #93: The Trillest Podcast

We've been chatting a lot about hormones lately and we thought it was high time to get someone on the podcast that knows a whole hell of a lot more about them than we do. Enter Laurie Christine King AKA LCK (and our new BFF! - WE LOVE HER!). LCK is a wealth of knowledge on female (and male!) hormones and she schools us so hard in the best way! We dive deep it to hormones post birth control, seed cycling, over-exercising while under-eating and wrap it up with a few macro tips. Tune in and go...


Thoughts From Other Countries: Episode #92: The Trillest Podcast

Tay's back from her trip to Iceland and London. She tells us all about her travels and brings to the table a few deep thoughts on the way other countries look at a woman's bodies. Things get #trill (duh!). We travel down several rabbit holes including but not limited to the obsession with looking the way we think we should look, how one diet/lifestyle is not for everyone and our favorite taboo topic - how we're both not thrilled with our appearance right now (and that's okay!). Hola at us...


Kindal Boyle of Fit Women's Weekly: Episode #91: The Trillest Podcast

Today we're joined by Kindal Boyle of Fit Women's Weekly. Fit Women's Weekly is an online training program that Kindal has created to help women who think there's just not enough time to get a workout in (spoiler alert: there is!). Today we chat about Kindal's fitness journey, her experience with the keto diet and her love affair with kettlebells! She also gets us to tell the tale of how Salah and I came together to create The Trillest (it's a good one!). Tune in and let us know what you...


What's up with the CrossFit Games with Armen Hammer: Episode #90: The Trillest Podcast

Curious about what the hell all of these CrossFit Games changes mean? Us too! So, we asked Armen Amirian (aka Armen Hammer) of Armen Hammer TV and The Wodcast Podcast to sit down and spill the deets. Armen breaks down the latest CrossFit changes in an easily digestible format that even we could understand (and get excited about!). In this episode, you'll get to hear Armen's journey into the world of CrossFit, his breakdown and opinions on what the CrossFit Games will look like in the future...


I Want To Be Just Like Everyone: Episode #89: The Trillest Podcast

Hola! Do you ever listen to a podcast or watch IG story and immediately think "I need to start doing that as soon as I get home." Us too! We're talking a little bit about our desire to become who we are around and the unrealistic expectations it puts on ourselves. Additionally, we're chatting about what we spend most of our money on, beauty routines we want to get in to and how we thought we might be youtube stars (lol!). Tune in and let us know what you think. Follow The Trillest on IG:...


Bone Broth Fast, Ice Baths and EMDR Therapy with Alli Waddell: Episode #88: The Trillest Podcast

Alli Waddell is back and she brought it! Alli is definitely one of the #trillest humans we know. Do you need someone to tell you to "shut the f up and just do it?" Then tune in this week because Alli is the girl for you. She's a no BS, bad-ass, lady boss and we're so happy we get to call her a friend. Today we dove into Alli's bone broth cleanse, ice baths, past trauma that holds you back from future success and EMDR therapy. This is one for the books! Tune in and let us know what you...


Come At Me Bro!: Episode #87: The Trillest Podcast

Hola! Salah + Taylor here this week and we're on fire! We chatted about the reality and pressure of getting a certain number of steps in a day, we discussed the "balance" phenomenon that everyone seems to think is realistic (#bullshit), and walked through what we ate in a day. This was a super fun episode that definitely got #trill. Tune in and let us know what you think! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Salah + Taylor - Maybe our #trillest Episode yet: Episode #86: The Trillest Podcast

Tune in this week to hear what we thought was going to be a casual catch up sesh. Turns out we had lots to chat and vent about! First up, Salah's over breastfeeding and she's not scared to say it out loud. Then Tay takes the stage with a little rant on how she's over the internet for making it feel not okay to admit that you want to modify your body image. We take a few minutes to discuss where Tay's been the past month and how we've both been fitnessing lately. Tune in and keep it...


Tina Haupert of the Carrots 'N' Cake blog: Episode #85: The Trillest Podcast

Today we're fangirling hard because we got to interview Tina, the author of the blog Carrots 'N' Cake. We've been following along on Tina's health and fitness journey for years. So, it was crazy fun for us to get to chat with Tina. We got to ask her about how Carrots 'N' Cake became a thing, macro plans, fitness after a baby, hormones and then hear about some of her current favorite things. Tina is so inspirational and #trill when it comes to her health and fitness journey and we're so...