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THE FINAL SHOW: Episode #146: The Trillest Podcast

Yall! It's the end of The Trillest Podcast. 👋🏾 A big shout out to everyone that has supported us by downloading and listening each week! 😘 We're so grateful to each guest that spent their time sitting down and spending time with us. This podcast was a dream come true, and we're SO very thankful for the experience. We hope it brought joy and realness to your ears each week. We'll miss you guys! Keep in touch - we're @taylorgwoods and @salahsays on social media. Cheers to keeping it trill!...


Be Less Fat with Sam Pogue: Episode #145: The Trillest Podcast

Our friend, Sam Pogue, is back on the podcast this week (learn more about him in Episode 32!)! Sam is a brand strategist, sports performance coach, fitness educator, and podcast host. He currently serves as the Vice President of Brand at TrueCoach, a fitness technology platform that allows personal trainers the ability to manage more clients in less time. We asked Sam to give us details on his new life in Colorado, he explained Time Blocking and how to implement it, and gave us the details...


Talking CBD with Whitney Jaynes, President at Hemp Lyfe, LLC: Episode #144: The Trillest Podcast

We've had SO many CBD questions for SO long. Today, we finally get to ask them to Whitney Jaynes, President at Hemp Lyfe, LLC! As a former professional soccer player and collegiate athlete at a top D1 university, Whitney has used her passion through athletic performance to excel her to higher levels in the health and wellness industry. Currently, Whitney is president of a premium CBD company, Hemp Lyfe where they help individuals who want to enhance their lifestyle with premium CBD products...


Genetic Nutrition with GenoPalate: Episode #143: The Trillest Podcast

Ever wondered what your genes really want you to eat? We did! So, we asked Sherry Jhang with GenoPalate to come chat with us and tell us why eating for your genes is so important! GenoPalate provides a personalized nutritional analysis based on genetic markers related to various health outcomes. They then can provide nutritional recommendations and meal plans based on molecular biology and nutritional science. Allowing you to fuel your body with foods that are the right match for your unique...


How to feed your kiddos with Judy Delaware of Feeding Littles: Episode #142: The Trillest Podcast

Judy Delaware is an Occupational Therapist and Feeding Specialist who has been providing home-based feeding intervention within the infant-toddler population for the last 15 years. She's also one half of Feeding Littles, the very popular educational course and Instagram account. We’re (Salah especially since she’s a soon to be the mom of 2!) are thrilled that Judy agreed to chat with us today! Today we talked high chairs, sippy cups, choking concerns, baby-led weaning and SO much more. Tune...


Confidence, How to Network and Productivity Hacks with Phoebe Mroczek: Episode #141: The Trillest Podcast

Today we welcome back Phoebe Mroczek (check her out on Episode 118) to the show! Phoebe is a podcaster (everyone go listen to Unbecoming, her podcast - it’s great!) and marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs create a profitable business that is a reflection of who they are and what they want most. We quizzed Phoebe on what it was like to interview the greatest female soccer player (Mia Hamm!!), asked her how she is so confident and bold in her business ventures, got advice on...


Chatting Hormones with Dr. Ann Barter: Episode #140: The Trillest Podcast

Dr. Ann Barter, a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner located in Colorado joins us today! Dr. Barter is helping people get out of pain and reach their maximum potential through what we’ll call a more “unconventional” approach! It's about time we have a professional on the show. We got to quiz Dr. Ann on all things hormone. Tune in to hear her thoughts on causes, prevention, and treatment of hormonal issues in women. Guys, get ready to get schooled! Follow Dr. Ann on IG:...


Ketamine Infusion Therapy with Alli Waddell: Episode #139: The Trillest Podcast

Alli Waddell is back for her 3rd appearance on The Trillest Podcast! If you've listened to past episodes with Alli, you know she brings the heat! Today she's back to tell us about her latest adventure, Ketamine Infusion Therapy! Guys, it's fascinating and we're were blown away by the impact this treatment is making in the lives of so many humans. Tune in to catch up with Alli and to get schooled on Ketamine. To hear more about Alli be sure to go back and listen to Episode 46 and 88. Learn...


We've Tried That - Wellness Edition: Episode #138: The Trillest Podcast

If you're like us you've tried SO many health and wellness trends. Today we're walking through the list of wellness trends listed here: and chatting about our experiences with them. It's quite comical to hear which ones we've gone all-in on and others we haven't touched (how have we both never done a juice cleanse?). Tune in and tell us your experience with these trends! Follow The Trillest on IG:...


Fall Wellness Trends: Episode #137: The Trillest Podcast

We love a list! Especially when it involves what's hot in the health and fitness space. So, today we're combing through this list - Have you jumped on the oat milk bandwagon? How about CBD? Or do you think this ugly sneaker trend is as weird as we do? Tune in to hear our thoughts and whether or not we give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to what's to come in the wellness space. Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a...


Cheers to your thirties!: Episode #136: The Trillest Podcast

We're back and Taylor has been 33 for 1 whole day (yay!)! So, we felt the need to reflect on how our thirties have treated us thus far. We definitely have complaints, I mean getting old is hard but there's also been SO much good that has come with getting older. We're digging into the good, the bad and the ugly of your thirties on this week's episode. Tune in and let us know what you think! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Who has time for that?: Episode #135: The Trillest Podcast

Today we're chatting self-care and what that looks like for us both. Do you have time for hair appointments and the nail salon? We're trying to figure out how busy moms, working women and all the other ladies out there fit it in. Seems impossible! We wrap things up with a short chat on the joys of homeownership. Tune in and let us know what you think! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


Dog Stories, Van Life Peeps and Wanting Control: Episode #134: The Trillest Podcast

This week is a touch of the usual randomness! We're talking about candles being poison, telling funny dog stories and then getting trill on wanting control of pieces of your life. Have you ever felt like just having a bit more control in one area would make you feel SO much better? Salah's opening up about how pregnancy makes her feel so out of control and she's really longing for just a piece of her life to be all hers again. Can we all relate to that in some capacity? Fo sho! Tune in and...


Stress, Rest Days and Sugar: Episode #133: The Trillest Podcast

We're talking about stress, baby! We all deal with it differently and it's definitely more noticeable on some more than others. Do you take rest days from the gym when you're stressed? We dig into our thoughts on this (spoiler: we haven't figured it out!). Lastly, we're talking sugar. We all love it but how do we manage it within our homes? Tune in and we'll tell ya! Thanks for listening!! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...


24 Hour Fast + Health & Fitness Newbies: Episode #132: The Trillest Podcast

We're talking about fasting AGAIN today. How does it keep coming up? Probably because we're both super intrigued by its benefits and the different approaches people take with it. Specifically, today, Taylor's talking about her 24-hour fast, we go deep on when fasting should be considered an eating disorder and talk more about our overall obsession with it. Briefly, we get distracted by the question "how should you introduce health and fitness to newbies?." It's one we have addressed in the...


Picking Beauty Products Is So Hard: Episode #131: The Trillest Podcast

We've never met an hour we couldn't fill by rambling about whatever is on our mind. Today we did just that. We're jumping right in with a chat on TV shows, movie genres and how all social events should occur during breakfast hours. We almost get to questions from you guys but quickly get distracted by a beauty-related conversation. This one is all over the place but really fun! Tune in and let us know what you think. Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the...


Dress Code at the Gym?: Episode #130: The Trillest Podcast

Hello again! What would you think if someone told you what to wear to the gym? Would you be offended? Happy that some of the pressure was off? Do you think it would eliminate some of those scandalous gym stories? These are the questions we're voicing our opinions on today. It's in response to a recent article that was published and to our surprise it leads to some pretty edgy convos. Tune in and let us know what you think! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review...


Ew, Don't Hit On Me: Episode #129: The Trillest Podcast

It's always an adventure when we record first thing Monday morning. You never know what you're going to get! Today it's definitely not health and fitness related. Instead, we're chatting about seeing our co-workers in swimsuits, being hit on when you're married (so awkward), and why they should teach a college course on how to avoid razor bumps. Lots of real deep topics today, you guys! Tune in and tell us what you think! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for...


HEY, GIRL! What's Up?: Episode #128: The Trillest Podcast

Any episode that starts with a laugh is gonna be a good one. Salah just got back from vacay and moved into her new house! So, we got to hear all about it! Big things going on at the Gibzz house (whoo hoo!). The only thing exciting happening in Taylor's life, annoying text messages from fitness clubs (can we not!?!). Since it's been a minute, we let you guys in on our current fitness routine and recent eats. Right at the last second, we start the heated debate of InstantPot vs AirFryer. Which...


Will This Break My Fast?: Episode #127: The Trillest Podcast

Will we ever stop talking about fasting? Probably not in the near future. It's so hot right now and we still have so many questions. The hot one today, "does mct oil break my fast?" Tune in to hear our thoughts. We're also telling you our honest opinion on celebrity trainers, our high/low from the past week and lots of life updates in between. Enjoy! Follow The Trillest on IG: @thetrillestpodcast To leave a review for the podcast (YAY!), go to...