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A deep dive into what it takes to transform your body and life...permanently. Learn from leading fitness, nutrition, psychology, and behavior experts to understand exactly what is needed to lose weight, develop healthy nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits, and truly transform.

A deep dive into what it takes to transform your body and life...permanently. Learn from leading fitness, nutrition, psychology, and behavior experts to understand exactly what is needed to lose weight, develop healthy nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits, and truly transform.
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A deep dive into what it takes to transform your body and life...permanently. Learn from leading fitness, nutrition, psychology, and behavior experts to understand exactly what is needed to lose weight, develop healthy nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits, and truly transform.






EP 23: Nate Bailey on How to Build a 100 Mile Mindset

When it comes to running 100 mile race, completed the 52+ hour SEALFIT event Kokoro, being picked for GORUCK Selection, losing dozens of pounds, it takes one key element...MINDSET. If anyone can teach you how to forge an elite mindset it's non other than coach, father, husband, entrepreneur, and leader Nate Bailey. Nate shares his insights on how to honor your word, create a challenge based life, and achieve some incredible results in life. You can grab Nate's new book that he mentions on...


EP 22: The Art of "Being" Healthy

If you've ever found yourself saying, "I have to workout and start losing weight," and then struggle to do anything...then this episode is for you. We uncover the 3-Models of Self Behavior and break down how you can shift from focusing on externally driven thought process to internally driven feelings. This is a fun one as we learn to shift your thinking about weight loss to start being the healthy person you deserve to become. Reach out if you have any questions:...


EP21: The 3 Phases of Body Transformation

Breaking down a deep understanding of the 3-phases of transformation that occur to achieve permanent weight loss. Discover which phase you might find yourself continually falling into and the steps and strategy to love into the next step. Email me questions or inquire about coaching programs:


EP20: Integrative Nutrition Expert Jennifer Islerloh on Gut Health, Gluten, and Weight Loss

Jennifer started out as a classically trained chef and graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education working in the homes of exclusive clientele such as Annie Leibovitz, Susan Sontag, and Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. To maintain balance during her hectic career, she became a certified yoga teacher, a certified reiki practitioner, and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is the best-selling author of 50 Shades of Kale and The Healing Slow Cooker, among 22 other books....


EP19: Coach Jess on Discovering Purpose Through Grief to Lose Weight and Become Strong(her)

Coach Jess from Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance shares her weight loss story. She shares how she discovered self love and acceptance through fitness as she overcame the grief of losing her mom. Coach Jess packs in some some powerful and helpful lessons for anyone on a weight loss journey. @strongherbyvigor @vigorgroundfitness @coachjessica


EP18: Perry O'Hearn on Giving Yourself Permission To Be Your Authentic Self (and results follow)

Perry O'Hearn is the owner and founder of Philly Fitness, in Philadelphia, PA. With over 40,000 personal training sessions completed at his facility, Perry shares how important it is to discover the root cause of your nutritional habits. He discusses how what got you hear, won't be what will get you to where you want to be. Perry humbly lets us into his past life lesson from a 100 mile run attempt, growing up with a homeless father, and a motor cycle accident that nearly ended it all for...


EP17: Overcoming Trauma and Achieving Self Love with Miranda Barrett

Miranda Barrett takes us into the process of how to increase self awareness to overcome past trauma that might be causing limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns, and meet it will appreciation to achieve self love. This episode is packed with insights that will help you move from stuck into action and continue your journey of transformation.


EP16: Luka Hocevar On How The Truth Will Help You Transform

Luka Hocevar goes deep into the power of truth, belief, identity, and the action steps of success. He teaches how to "cast votes" that will shift your identity, creating positive patterns, and help you become the person you deserve to become. There's no holding back on this episode as we talk about everything from fat loss, psychedelics, parenting, and business. Facebook: Luka Hocevar Instagram: @lukahocevar Vigor Life Podcast


EP15: Pleasure Not Meating You with Melody Schoenfeld, MA

Melody Schoenfeld is a well known name in the fitness and nutrition industry with over 20 years experience. She shares how to find what's right for you, your desire for change, and doing it from the right place. She shares some excellent insights on being vegan and you can check out her book, "Pleasure Not Meating You" on Amazon. ________ Ready for a 4-Day Women's Retreat? Let your transformation begin HERE.


EP14: Sherrie Bullock Shares How She Lost 100+ Pounds by Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Depression

An amazing transformation story about how to turn pain into power, having the courage to ask for help, build a supportive community, and become a positive role model for kids. Sherrie lost over 100 pounds and went from working out only twice a week to consistently training 5-6 days a week. It's been a long journey and one that she's excited to still be on. Sherrie credits Fitness Together Owner Michael Watkins for much of her success. You can read more of Sherrie's story on her...


EP13: Financial Expert Michael G. Isom on #1 Asset #1 Investment and #1 Strategy

Vault AIS Founder and financial expert, Michael G. Isom, shares valuable information on what it takes to create a daily routine that for optimal health and living. He shares his AIS method of being your own #1 Asset, knowing your #1 Investment, and identifying your #1 strategy. Michael talks about the power of celebration and appreciation and we have a blast talking fitness, racing, and all other fun things about life. Vault AIS Book: What Would The Rockefellers...


EP12: Shane Casado on Self Care for Mom Means Everyone Wins

Shane shares the power of self acceptance for where you're at in life. As a busy working mom of three kids, she found acceptance for the body she was living in while the kids were young. She shares how she chose to appreciate all that it could do. When the kids were older, she didn't wait and made that jump to invest in her health. A goal to lose 15 pounds turned into 50 pounds lost. She shares how this has sparked a fire for all of her kids and a new found health focus for her family. For...


EP11: Jerred Moon on Killing the Comfort

This week our Expert Authority is Jerred Moon. With over 10,000 athletes served in over 27 countries from his company End of Three Fitness, you could say Jerred knows a thing or two about what it takes to kill the comfort and create lasting change in people's lives. He talks about the power of failure and how to turn that into your greatest driver. Jerred brings to light the common distraction that sits in our pocket and how to refocus your priorities to get accomplish more and enjoy the...


EP10: Lexi Hall on Falling in Love with Getting Stronger

"Without focusing on weight loss anymore, I lost the weight. I fell in love with getting stronger." Lexi shares her story about how much environment shapes our behavior and food choices. She dives into how taking ownership over her own nutritional education helped her know what was best for her body and results. Credits: Evolve Personal Fitness St. Louis Owner of Evolve: Doug Schlenk


EP9: Megan Oesterreich, LCSW on Becoming Self Aware to Transform Your Body and Learn to Live in the Gray

After losing 30 pounds and finding a love for Spartan Racing, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Megan Oesterreich, dove into a new section of her practice. She became a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and has helped her clients establish new healthy eating habits, lose weight, dig into why they gained the weight in the first place, how to avoid sabotage, and finally what she calls...learn to live in the gray. She talks about how our self story plays a roll in our ability to transform and the...


EP8: How Focusing On One Thing and Not Waiting Helped Rob Zeitler Lose Weight Permanently

Rob shares how he felt like he tried everything and after 20 years of marriage, 3 kids, and a busy career he thought he might be a bigger guy forever. With just a little bit of momentum, a challenge along the way, and little changes, he found success, new strength and amazing results. Rob trains at


EP7: Tiffany Kelley on Uncovering Belief Patterns, Facing Fear, & What Success Means To You

Fitness coach, nutritionist, powerlifter, retreat host, and transformation authority, Tiffany Kelley, shares some valuable and applicable insights into what it takes to question your past beliefs that may be keeping you stuck. Tiffany discusses how everyone is an athlete and the steps needed to realize what you’re capable of. She goes into the comparison mindset, how to be proud for the action you take, and the importance of a support group. A packed episode. More info:...


EP6: Marva Brannum Shares How Truth, Forgiveness, and Self Love Will Release The Weight

One of the most real and raw conversations about how past trauma can keep us hiding being weight. Honored and grateful that Marva was willing to share her story that sadly all too many have experienced. We talk about shame, guilt, childhood trauma, discouragements, living in pain, rheumatoid arthritis, surgeries, hiding behind weight to avoid vulnerability, belief and the power of learning to like yourself. As she says, “We don’t have to stay stuck. It’s an inside job.” Do that and you’ll...


EP5: Kate Purtle on How Your Deepest Low Can Bring Your Highest High

While on a trip with her family, Kate tried to put on a pair of ski boots, but even the largest size wouldn't fit over her calves. She knew she had to change and embarked on a multi year journey to lose around 100 pounds and become one of Australia's leading women's transformation coaches. This episode is packed with insights that you won't want to miss. For more information about Kate and her program: Instagram: @katepurtle Facebook: Persistance pays


Episode #4: Stage 4 Cancer Survivor Vincent Lopez shares how he lost 80 pounds and started Spartan Racing

At the age of 19, Vincent was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer. He survived, but didn't change his life until the lose of loved ones woke him up. He lost 80 pounds, changed his life, and has since completed two Spartan Trifecta's. It's one hell of a story!