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Episode 169- Amy McKinnon- Running Towards Health

Amy McKinnon is a long-distance runner and plant-based nutritionist who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 18 years. She specializes in working with people living with Type 1 in managing their nutrition and diabetes for optimal blood glucose control. She also works with clients with weight loss, improving athletic performance, and increasing overall health and well-being. Amy is doing some really inspiring work, not only with assisting others with their health, but with her own...


Episode 168- Dave Windsor- Changing Your Emotional and Physical State with a Raw Vegan Diet

Dave Windsor is a health and lifestyle coach that has completely changed his life by switching to a raw vegan diet. After playing college basketball and becoming less active, Dave decided to start making positive nutritional choices, which eventually led him to a raw vegan lifestyle. After making that switch, everything changed for him... His energy, his mental clarity, the things that he was passionate about... He is now using what he has learned to help as many people as possible. Excited...


Episode 167- James Marin and Dahlia Marin- Married to Health

James Marin and Dahlia Marin are both plant-based dietitians who are dedicated to transforming the lives of as many families as possible. They provide so much knowledge when it comes to raising a healthy vegan family, so I'm excited to have them on to share their stories and everything that they're working on! In this episode, we talk about their wellness journeys and how they have both transformed their own health, we discuss their amazing work with their platform, Married To Health,...


Episode 166- Robyn Meierotto- Creating A Consistent Lifestyle Change

Robyn Meierotto is a plant-based Integrative Nutrition health coach, who has transformed her own health and life. Growing up an overweight child, she was constantly trying to lose weight, which led to a lot of discouragement when nothing would create a longterm change. She started being more aware of her food choices and cutting out processed food, which gradually led to a plant-based diet. She has lost 80 lbs to date, and is dedicated to help change the health of her community. Excited...


Episode 165- Kylie Buckner- The Benefits of a Plant-Based Pregnancy

Kylie Buckner is a nurse, yoga instructor, and has a large focus on assisting women who want to have a plant-based pregnancy. She also works with the amazing team at Mastering Diabetes, and is helping transform so many lives. In this episode, we talk about Kylie's wellness journey, how she overcame IBS symptoms by switching to a plant-based diet, how her nursing background inspired the work that she does now, and all of the amazing content she has planned for the future. We also dive into...


Episode 164- Dr. Angie Sadeghi- Optimizing Gut Health with a Plant-based Diet

Dr. Angie Sadeghi is a plant-based gastroenterologist and internist. She is transforming so many lives by helping her patients create sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes, not just by masking symptoms. In this episode, we talk about Dr. Angie's personal wellness journey, and how she has transformed her health and life with a plant-based diet, we dive into the side effects of consuming dairy, how digestive issues, like IBS, can be be eliminated with a plant-based diet, and also discuss...


Episode 163- Shana Moore- Losing 100 lbs on a Plant-Based Diet and Discovering Self-Love Along the Way

Shana Moore's story is incredible. Shana grew up an overweight child, and she tried every diet possible, but nothing seemed to work. She even had gastric bypass surgery at the young age of 19, but quickly gained the weight back that she had lost after the surgery. Shana had lost a lot of hope and also lost a lot of self-love and confidence. She discovered a plant-based diet, and her life hasn't looked the same. She's lost 100 lbs, and is now passionate about fitness, which in the past she'll...


Episode 162- Odelia Silva- Diet and Exercise as Therapy

Odelia Silva is a plant-based, fitness and nutrition coach who empowers women to get strong and feel comfortable in their own skin. She's doing so much positive work, and strives to live by example. In this episode, we talk about Odelia's backstory and how she has overcome depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and an eating disorder. She discusses how going plant-based and lifting weights has not only transformed her physically, but her overall mental health as well. I'm excited to share...


Episode 161- Axel Schurawlow- Spreading Veganism and Transforming Lives

Axel Schurawlow is a vegan athlete, vlogger, podcaster, and soon-to-be filmmaker. He's dedicated to helping as many people as possible discover a plant-based diet, and wants it to not only serve them physically, but also mentally, and all while improving the environment. Axel is really doing some positive work, so I'm excited for him to share his story and everything that he's working on! Keep up with Axel on social media! @axelschura Axel Schura Enjoy! Credits: Music:


Episode 160- Sonya Looney- Be Brave, and Live an Epic Life

Sonya Looney is one of the world's best endurance mountain bikers, and thrives on a plant-based diet. She has had some incredible experiences, and loves inspiring others to live life to the fullest. Sonya is an accomplished speaker, podcaster, writer and blogger, and is bringing so much positivity to the world. Excited to share our conversation! Keep up with Sonya on social media! @sonya_looney@plantpoweredtribePlant Powered Tribe @sonyalooney Enjoy! Credits: Music:


Episode 159- Joe Ciciless- From Overweight Biker, To Vegan Triathlete

Joe Ciciless's story is extremely inspiring. Joe's health had taken a downward spiral. He was overweight, addicted to alcohol, and was immersed in the biker bar culture. After realizing that his health and life needed to radically change, Joe discovered a plant-based diet, began increasing his cycling, and his life hasn't looked the same since. He's lost about 100 lbs, completed his first triathlon last month, and is working towards completing an ironman. His story is proof that anyone can...


Episode 158- Matthew Davey- Change Your Plate, Change Your life

Episode 158: Matthew Davey is host of The Vedge Talk Podcast, and is doing some really positive work in the plant-based community. In this episode, we talk about Matt’s personal wellness journey, how changing the food on his plate has transformed not only his health, but his perspective on life, and how he hopes to inspire others with his podcast! Excited to share our conversation! Keep up with Matt on social media! @vedgetalk@mattxdavey Enjoy! Credits: Music:


Episode 157- Taylor Reichelt- Addict to Athlete

Taylor Reichelt's story is extremely inspiring. Taylor struggled with severe drug addiction for almost 12 years. Through fitness, veganism, and spirituality, he has transformed his life completely. Taylor believes that he was placed on this earth to spread love and compassion to as many people as possible and works to be an example of hope and strength to those who not only struggle with addiction, but any aspect of life. His story is amazing, and I know he's going to change so many...


Episode 156- Chris Ward- Spreading Positivity Through Ultrarunning

Chris Ward is an ultrarunner, host of the Like a Bigfoot Podcast, and is dedicated to spreading as much positivity as possible. If Chris looks familiar, it's because he was a past podcast guest, all the way back on Episode 53! Chris is doing so much positive work, and recently completed a 140 mile stage race through the desert. In our conversation, we talk about what it took physically and mentally to complete his race, how the lessons that he learned while pushing his body to the limit...


Episode 155- Lauren Purnell- Healing with Natural Self-Care

Lauren Purnell is a holistic health coach and an expert in self-care, especially when it comes to stress management and meditation. She's an author, a podcaster, and is doing so much positive work. In this episode, Lauren talks about her own personal wellness journey, how she has overcome anxiety, negative self-talk, and even chronic skin issues by implementing natural self-care. Lauren is such a positive energy, so I'm excited to share our conversation and everything that she's working...


Episode 154- Dr. Joel Kahn- The Plant-Based Solution

Dr. Joel Kahn is founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity, and has spent 25 years improving the lives and vitality of thousands of his patients, taking many of them from chronic health issues to a new state of vibrant, healthy living. He is author of Amazon Best Sellers, The Whole Heart Solution, and his newest book, The Plant-Based Solution. Dr. Kahn shares so much of his research and knowledge in this episode, from heart health, to misconceptions about protein and soy. This episode...


Episode 153- Reyanne Mustafa- Creating a Healthy Solution for Food Waste

Reyanne Mustafa is co-founder of the company Soul Much, and is doing so much positive work. While working in the restaurant business, Reyanne started to witness first hand the large amounts of unused, nutrient dense grains, such as rice and quinoa, that were being thrown out at the end of each shift because of chefs over-preparing materials. She knew that the amount of food being wasted could be used in so many positive ways, and she became extremely passionate about finding a solution....


Episode 152- Dakota Mays- Healing Your Body with Diet, Breathwork, and Yoga

Dakota Mays is dedicated to helping others improve their lives through breathwork, yoga, and a plant-based diet. After realizing that what he went to college for wouldn't bring him long-term happiness, he decided to completely flip his life around, and figure out exactly what his passions were. He found a love of business, as well as yoga and a vegan lifestyle, and it has really transformed his outlook on life and the work that he wants to pursue. Dakota will definitely inspire you to take...


Episode 151- Jeff Mayer- From Couch Potato to Ultrarunner

Jeff Mayer has completely transformed his life with a plant-based diet. After realizing that he had become more sedentary over the years and had gained unwanted weight, he decided to get off the couch and take action. Jeff is now an ultrarunner and cyclist, and is doing so much inspiring work to help others realize that it's never too late to take control of your health. Excited to share our conversation! Keep up with Jeff on social media! @plantslayr...


Episode 150- Puru Schout- Health Lions

Puru Schout is a vegan bodybuilder and trainer who is doing so much positive work. Growing up a smaller kid, he was always determined to put in the work to have the health and body that he always dreamed of having. After he was introduced to a plant-based diet, everything in his life changed. His health goals became easier, his energy increased, and he felt more aware and focused than he ever had before. Puru is passionate about spreading this message to as many people as possible, and wants...