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Episode 182- Teddy Bass- Affirm Fitness

Teddy Bass is a nationally certified personal trainer to some of Hollywood's top celebrities and executives, as well as an author of his new book, Affirm Fitness. He is also regularly featured in a variety of fitness magazines such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Self, and US Weekly. In this episode, we talked about Teddy's personal wellness journey, struggles that he has had to overcome, how he discovered his love of fitness, and his goals for creating a positive difference in the world...


Episode 181- Richard Lima- Find a Way, Not an Excuse

Get ready to be inspired. Richard Lima's story is amazing. He definitely isn't living the life of an average 47 year old. After becoming a dad at the young age of 16 years old, Richard was forced to drop out of high school to start working to support his family. After discovering modeling and the opportunities that it had the potential to bring him, he decided to work as hard as he could to make his dream a reality. He had no money and no education, but his work ethic was above and beyond....


Episode 180- Jeff Tritten- From Obese BBQ Chef to 168 lb Weight Loss on a Plant-Based Diet

Jeff Tritten has such an inspiring story. While co-owning a BBQ restaurant, Jeff's health began to rapidly decline. He gained over 130 lbs, and was suffering from an array of health issues, such as pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, elevated liver and kidney enzymes, and severe arthritis. After a hospitalization, Jeff knew that if he didn't make changes, and soon, that he was going to die. On his journey to reclaim his health and life, he discovered a...


Episode 179- Vinny Vegan- Transforming the Lives of Inner City Kids with a Vegan Diet

Vinny DePaul, AKA Vinny Vegan, is transforming so many lives. Vinny has overcome so many obstacles to get where he is today. He became a millionaire in his early 20's, lost it all by 30 years old, and eventually was homeless. After being introduced to juicing and a vegan diet, he began to radically transform his life. He created Gangster Vegan, a shirt company that is helping feed inner city kids free, organic vegan meals, as well as opened a restaurant called Gangster Vegan Organics, which...


Episode 178- Nikki Namdar- Orlando Vegans

Nikki Namdar is founder of Orlando Vegans, an amazing group that is spreading the vegan lifestyle in central Florida, and is making such an incredible impact through events, meet-ups, and a large social media community. In this episode, we talk about Nikki's personal wellness journey, how going vegan has transformed her life, not only physically but mentally, we dive into how Orlando Vegans originated, how it went from occasional small dinner meet-ups to large, amazing events, and what's in...


Episode 177- Sarah Goodenough- Losing 150 lbs with a Plant-Based Diet

Sarah Goodenough has such an amazing story. At 22 years old, Sarah was extremely overweight. She was dealing with high blood pressure, had the beginning stages of fatty liver disease, as well as several other negative health issues. After struggling for years to lose weight and find an option that would work for her, Sarah discovered a plant-based diet, and her life began to radically change. She has lost 150 lbs, is now a runner, and is doing some incredible work with her company Kitchen...


Episode 176- Katie Horwitch- Women Against Negative Talk

Katie Horwitch is a writer, speaker, and the founder of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk - a platform that gives women tools, insight, and inspiration to move forward in their lives by shifting their negative self-talk patterns. She has over a decade of experience in the wellness lifestyle editorial space, and almost 2 decades in public speaking and performance. Katie is also host of the WANTcast: The Women Against Negative Talk Podcast, where she interviews so many inspiring people about...


Episode 175- Briana Miller- Mindfulness, Movement, and Meals

Briana Miller is a wellness blogger who specializes in plant-based diet transition. She has completely transformed the way that she eats, moves, and overall mindset along her own wellness journey, and is dedicated to educating as many people as possible about the benefits of a plant-based diet, not just physically, but also for the environment and for the animals. In this episode, we talked about Briana's wellness journey and what inspired her to start researching veganism at a young age,...


Episode 174- Elizabeth Leone- Transforming the Educational System

Elizabeth Leone is a teacher for new English learners, primarily refugees and immigrants who have very limited, to no prior education. Her own personal wellness and life journey has given her so much love and appreciation for other cultures, and has led to a deep passion of wanting to change the world for the better. This episode is a lot different than past episodes. We really dive into how education and wellness are extremely interconnected, and how Project Based Learning can empower and...


Episode 173- Laurie Denomme- Wave Makers

Laurie Denomme is an international fitness educator with 25 years experience in aquatics. She is founder of WeCoach, a unique water and land exercise program. She is also working on a new project called Wavemakers, that will be launching soon and will greatly assist the aquatics movement. In this episode, we talk about Laurie's fitness journey, how aquatic therapy and exercise is beneficial for everyone, at every age and every fitness level, as well as the exciting projects that she's been...


Episode 172- Katie Bush- Starting a Plant-Based Restaurant and Maintaining Balance

Katie Bush is co-owner of the plant-based restaurant, Press'd Juice Bar and Kitchen, in Winter Garden, FL. This is a restaurant that is local to me and one of my favorites, so I was excited to learn more about the process of how it was started. In this episode, Katie talks about the wellness journey of her family, how it led to a love for nutrition, how that sparked the idea of creating a plant-based restaurant that was desperately needed in their community, and how they have found balance...


Episode 171- Jordan Bruce- Blood Analysis and DNA Testing for Preventative Health

Jordan Bruce is a holistic nutritionist, live blood analyst, and runs a wellness blog called Bruce's Roots. She is helping so many people transform their health, and using preventative testing to help customize plans that best work for their body on a cellular level. In this episode, we talk about Jordan's wellness journey and how she transformed her health and mindset by switching to a plant-based diet, how having a live blood analysis herself inspired her to go into that profession, how...


Episode 170- Patrick Cromb- Creating Longterm Changes for Health and the Environment

Patrick Cromb, AKA Vegan Pat, is dedicated to creating sustainable, longterm changes for the health of as many people as possible, as well as for the environment. He is certified in plant-based nutrition, and runs a successful YouTube channel vlogging his journey. Patrick is currently studying Nutrition for Global Health, and plans to use his education to create policy changes that will better the planet. The work that Patrick is doing is amazing, and I'm extremely excited to share our...


Episode 169- Amy McKinnon- Running Towards Health

Amy McKinnon is a long-distance runner and plant-based nutritionist who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 18 years. She specializes in working with people living with Type 1 in managing their nutrition and diabetes for optimal blood glucose control. She also works with clients with weight loss, improving athletic performance, and increasing overall health and well-being. Amy is doing some really inspiring work, not only with assisting others with their health, but with her own...


Episode 168- Dave Windsor- Changing Your Emotional and Physical State with a Raw Vegan Diet

Dave Windsor is a health and lifestyle coach that has completely changed his life by switching to a raw vegan diet. After playing college basketball and becoming less active, Dave decided to start making positive nutritional choices, which eventually led him to a raw vegan lifestyle. After making that switch, everything changed for him... His energy, his mental clarity, the things that he was passionate about... He is now using what he has learned to help as many people as possible. Excited...


Episode 167- James Marin and Dahlia Marin- Married to Health

James Marin and Dahlia Marin are both plant-based dietitians who are dedicated to transforming the lives of as many families as possible. They provide so much knowledge when it comes to raising a healthy vegan family, so I'm excited to have them on to share their stories and everything that they're working on! In this episode, we talk about their wellness journeys and how they have both transformed their own health, we discuss their amazing work with their platform, Married To Health,...


Episode 166- Robyn Meierotto- Creating A Consistent Lifestyle Change

Robyn Meierotto is a plant-based Integrative Nutrition health coach, who has transformed her own health and life. Growing up an overweight child, she was constantly trying to lose weight, which led to a lot of discouragement when nothing would create a longterm change. She started being more aware of her food choices and cutting out processed food, which gradually led to a plant-based diet. She has lost 80 lbs to date, and is dedicated to help change the health of her community. Excited to...


Episode 165- Kylie Buckner- The Benefits of a Plant-Based Pregnancy

Kylie Buckner is a nurse, yoga instructor, and has a large focus on assisting women who want to have a plant-based pregnancy. She also works with the amazing team at Mastering Diabetes, and is helping transform so many lives. In this episode, we talk about Kylie's wellness journey, how she overcame IBS symptoms by switching to a plant-based diet, how her nursing background inspired the work that she does now, and all of the amazing content she has planned for the future. We also dive into...


Episode 164- Dr. Angie Sadeghi- Optimizing Gut Health with a Plant-based Diet

Dr. Angie Sadeghi is a plant-based gastroenterologist and internist. She is transforming so many lives by helping her patients create sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes, not just by masking symptoms. In this episode, we talk about Dr. Angie's personal wellness journey, and how she has transformed her health and life with a plant-based diet, we dive into the side effects of consuming dairy, how digestive issues, like IBS, can be be eliminated with a plant-based diet, and also discuss all...


Episode 163- Shana Moore- Losing 100 lbs on a Plant-Based Diet and Discovering Self-Love Along the Way

Shana Moore's story is incredible. Shana grew up an overweight child, and she tried every diet possible, but nothing seemed to work. She even had gastric bypass surgery at the young age of 19, but quickly gained the weight back that she had lost after the surgery. Shana had lost a lot of hope and also lost a lot of self-love and confidence. She discovered a plant-based diet, and her life hasn't looked the same. She's lost 100 lbs, and is now passionate about fitness, which in the past she'll...