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The Disposable Organ: The Placenta

Placentas are cool. They're the interface between baby and mother. They are manufactured on demand, and disposed of when they're not needed anymore. Unlike other organs you can eat them even if they're from a human, if that's how you roll, and most will just label you a bit weird and not a cannibal. Dr. Katee has the scoop on this 'disc-shaped' organ. E-mail: Twitter: @thevagibonds Instagram: @thevagibondspod Facebook: The Vagibonds Podcast


Shoulder Dystocia

Sometimes, babies get stuck on their trip along the birth canal. We’ve covered breech births in a previous episode, but another cause is shoulder dystocia–the baby’s shoulder gets caught on the front of the mothers pelvis. It’s a true obstetric emergency, but it’s one that Drs. Katee and Corbin have rehearsed and practiced for. E-mail: … Continue reading Shoulder Dystocia →


Preterm premature rupture of the membranes

Drs. Corbin and Katee and their mansplainer Dave have taken a couple months off to get their lives together. But they’re back to drop some knowledge about PPROM (Preterm premature rupture of the membranes). E-mail: Twitter: @thevagibonds Instagram: @thevagibondspod Facebook: The Vagibonds Podcast


Emergency Contraception

Drs. Corbin and Katee have been promising an episode on emergency contraception, and here it is! Katee takes us through the options for emergency contraception, what emergency contraception is and what it isn’t, the side effects, and why–if you’re sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant–it’s a good idea to have it on hand … Continue reading Emergency Contraception →


ACOG Committee Opinion: Treating The Obese Patient

The American Congress of Gynecology has issued a ‘committee opinion’–which OB/Gyns like Drs. Katee and Corbin use to guide their treatment decisions according to the best evidence available. We discuss what ACOG thinks OB/Gyns should do for their obese patients, including encouraging doctors to avoid implicit biases ag ainst them. Dave points out Planned Parenthood’s … Continue reading ACOG Committee Opinion: Treating The Obese Patient →


Choosing between Family Medicine and OB/Gyn

We got a lovely email from listener Kristin, a first-year medical student who’s trying to decide between OB/Gyn and Family Medicine. So it’s pretty lucky that Dr. Katie is married to a family med doc, Dr. Adam Verhoef. The three docs discuss the areas of overlap, the differences, and the benefits to each specialty as … Continue reading Choosing between Family Medicine and OB/Gyn →


Drug Shortages (Rebirthed)

That drug you count on? It might not always be around. The Vagibonds talk about why shortages of medicines and medical supplies happen and what common items are in short supply right now. Plus the implant Essure is taken off the market. E-mail: Twitter: @thevagibonds Instagram: @thevagibondspod Facebook: The Vagibonds Podcast References: Yahoo!


Things Your OB/Gyn Wants You to Know

Dr. Katee, inspired by a Women’s Health article she read, discusses the things OB/Gyns want you to know but won’t tell you. Except that she and Dr. Corbin will tell you because that’s how they roll. And Dave puzzles over a thoughtful article in the Atlantic about the so-called sex recession. E-mail: Twitter: @thevagibonds … Continue reading Things Your OB/Gyn Wants You to Know →


Zika Virus (Rebirthed)

[This is a previously released episode. Enjoy!] The Zika virus caused quite the stir in the news a couple years ago. It made few people feel sick…but its effects on developing fetuses was horrifying, causing multiple, profound birth defects. It has receded from the news since then, but it’s effects are still being felt, especially … Continue reading Zika Virus (Rebirthed) →


Breech Birth

Dr. Corbin takes us on a journey into breech birth, something many are familiar with because of the condition’s associate with c-sections (stay tuned for a future show on that). The term, of course, refers to the fact that the baby is improperly positioned in the uterus at or close to the time of birth. … Continue reading Breech Birth →


Residency: What Corbin and Katee are Doing All Day

Their long hours and constant learning might be trying to kill them, but specifically, what do they do during all those hours? Most people think of OB/Gyns as delivering babies all the time, but don’t forget the ‘gyn’ side. Also, Dave likes the sound of a new program in New Jersey which throws community baby … Continue reading Residency: What Corbin and Katee are Doing All Day →


Natural Cycles App – with Dr. Jillian Claire (Rebirthed)

Because Katee and Corbin’s schedules are challenging, The Vagibonds are switching to an every-two-weeks schedule. I know, it sucks, but it’s what they must do. In the meantime, enjoy this rebirthed episode. –Dave This week the Vagibonds are joined by Dr. Jillian Claire to discuss the FDA’s recent approval of the app Natural Cycles for … Continue reading Natural Cycles App – with Dr. Jillian Claire (Rebirthed) →


Labor and Delivery: What Is Going On?

So, you’re having a baby. You go to the hospital…and then a lot of things happen to you and are done to you. Why do OBs do all those things? What even are those things? Corbin leads us through all the things that may happen to the typical mother as she begins her labor, from getting … Continue reading Labor and Delivery: What Is Going On? →


ACES and Toxic Stress: How trauma can change our brains (Rebirthed)

[Katee and Corbin are, as always, being amazing at their residencies this week. But since being a doctor often means sacrificing other bits of life, take in this rebirthed episode until next week. –Dave] If you have been following the news, you likely have seen that a recent Trump administration policy has forced children crossing … Continue reading ACES and Toxic Stress: How trauma can change our brains (Rebirthed) →


Abbreviations Hell

Lord knows Dave could use a good challenge once in a while. It is in this spirit, and certainly not that of causing him any embarrassment, that Katee challenges Dave to see if he knows his way around the abbreviations commonly used in obstetrics. Can he do it? No, he cannot, but along the way … Continue reading Abbreviations Hell →


What Comprehensive Sex Ed Looks Like: Our Whole Lives (Rebirthed)

[Katee and Corbin are beavering away at their residencies this week, so enjoy this rebirthed episode. –Dave] Alison Oliver is a sexuality educator at the university level, and also for the Unitarian Universalist Society’s sex ed program known as Our Whole Lives. Unlike what most of us get in schools, public or private, OWL is … Continue reading What Comprehensive Sex Ed Looks Like: Our Whole Lives (Rebirthed) →



Essure is a controversial permanent method of birth control. Its controversy arises from the side effects that women have reported–including ‘migration’ of the device and pain– which we’ve briefly discussed in a past episode. In this episode, Katee takes us along as she explores this no-longer available sterilization device, which manufacturer Bayer is removing from … Continue reading Essure →



Endometriosis happens when endometrial tissue has migrated outside the uterus and made itself at home elsewhere. But Adenomyosis—where the endometrial tissue infiltrate he walls of the uterus itself—can also cause pain and heavy bleeding each month. Come with us as Corbin teaches us more about this difficult condition. E-mail: Twitter: @thevagibonds Instagram: @thevagibondspod Facebook: … Continue reading Adenomyosis →


Postpartum contraception

In this previously aired classic, we discuss why women should be thinking about birth control while they’re pregnant, what kinds of birth control we can use postpartum, and the methods and timing of those options. Also, our group text kept autocorrrecting postpartum to post-party and we kind of like that. E-mail: Twitter: @thevagibonds Instagram: … Continue reading Postpartum contraception →


APGAR with Dr. Alyson Pierick

It’s not just an acronym folks! This week, pediatrics resident Dr. Alyson Pierick joins us to discuss Dr. Virginia Apgar – namesake of the Apgar score. Learn why OB/GYNs and pediatricians can both assign Apgar scores and why we both care! Plus babies are fun and who doesn’t want to learn more about them?! E-mail: … Continue reading APGAR with Dr. Alyson Pierick →