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Big Weight Loss is Possible!

Big Weight Loss is Possible!
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Big Weight Loss is Possible!




The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 60: Step into Self Love

If you’re struggling to lose weight or keep it off, your mindset may be to blame. In this episode we speak with Krista Dickson who is a spiritual, health, and weight loss coach. After struggling to lose weight, Dickson realized that she needed to completely change the way she thought about herself, exercise, failure, and weight loss. She now helps clients overcome their own internal struggles and limiting beliefs in order to reach their goal weight. Dickson also believes that being healthy...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 59: Food Is Not The Enemy

A lot of diet plans out there have unhealthy relationships with food. In these weight-loss plans label foods as good foods and bad foods. People then take their behavior and decide if their behavior is good or bad based on what they’re eating. The reality is food isn’t good or bad. There’s healthy food and less healthy food, but eating less healthy food doesn’t make you a good or bad person Highlights: Key Takeaway: Focus on the emotions you have behind the foods you eat. Suzanne...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 58: Be Who You Are Meant To Be

Today’s episode all about forward thinking and embracing who you’re meant to be. Along your life’s journey your going to change and in order to empower yourself, you must accept that change and not be stuck in the comfort of the past. It can be difficult to adjust to who you’re supposed to be, but this is where the real power is. It’s in believing that you’re worthy of the new you. In this episode Suzanne discusses her personal struggle with owning herself and adjusting her mentality to be...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 57: Believing In The Power Of You

Belief is the key to accomplishment. You have to believe that you can do something. This is especially true with weightloss. You have to believe that you can lose the weight. The mind believes what the body can achieve. Once you can feel it and think it, your mind can visualize it and create it. In this episode Suzanne talks about her own experience with visualization and how it helped her reach her weight loss goals and continues to play a role in her podcast, family life and...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 56: Own Who You Are

Often times women have trouble being themselves, they have imposter syndrome or feel like they’re not good enough. On your journey it’s important to own who you are and tell your story. Embrace your strengths and use them to better your life and career. Then, work on your weaknesses and realize that you’re human and perfectly fine the way that you are. You’re uniquely different and beautiful. Highlights: Key Takeaway: You have to look inside to find the happiness you seek. Suzanne...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 55: The Season Of Renewal

When we think about growth, we get intimidated by all the work we’re going to have to do, to make a change. These negative connotations we have about growth aren’t helping anyone. We have to train ourselves to see growth as a beautiful thing, like watching flowers bloom. During seasons of renewal we must begin by auditing ourselves and determining what area or parts of our life need rejuvenation, then acting on them. Once you can change your mindset and begin to look at renewal as a...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 54: Be Resilient But Be Smart

Today on the podcast Suzanne is talking about resilient women. Women are extremely resilient and are always taking care of others. Being of service is important, but not at the cost of your health and your happiness. In this episode Suzanne breaks down why it’s important for women to honor themselves and start saying no to things that don’t serve them. When you’re constantly multi-tasking, with your kids, family and career it’s easy to get worn down. You need to check in with yourself and...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 53: You Are Not Alone

Everyone is on a journey and everyone’s journey looks different. Often times the journey us feel lonely. One of the reasons the journey feels lonely is because we make a judgment about our journey compared to another person’s journey. We must learn to not judge other people for what they’re going through and accept that we’re right we were supposed to be. Here at The Warrior Within Me we support your journey and if you ever feel lonely along your journey you can reach out to us...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 52: The Journey Never Ends You Just Get Better

Life is a lifelong journey, as is a health journey. The journey never ends, but don’t get discouraged. A lot of people have spots or goals and decide that when they hit them they’re going to give up on their diet and exercise plans and go back to eating junk and being a couch potato. People want to feel that when they hit a certain point they can get off the rollercoaster, but unfortunately you can’t. In today’s episode Suzanne provides some advice on how to start looking at your health plan...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 51: Use Your Courage

The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 51: Use Your Courage During a weight loss or health journey there’s a time when you become discouraged. This episode is about the journey of how that discouragement manifests itself. Leading up to a big diet or a boot camp you get hyper focused and a couple weeks into it you feel good. Maybe you lost a little weight and you’re feeling better, but soon the dreaded frustration sets in. Maybe your results slow down and your body adapts to your new...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 50: The Weight You Need To Lose

A lot of us are running around with extra baggage and it’s slowly draining our physical and mental health. The only way to move through this emotional drain is to address it. You can try therapy, Reiki, or meditation but you’ve got to find something to do to release the negative energy. It’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals and it’s not good for your body or your weight. Highlights: Key Takeaway: The longer you don’t deal with the emotional baggage the worse it gets and the...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 49: You’re Perfect Right Where You Are

Although it might not seem like it, the universes timing is perfect. Things happen when they happen and it’s all for a reason. It’s to mold you into who you are and who you are going to become. You have to learn to trust the process and use your life experience as lessons you can learn from to grow. In this episode Suzanne explains how she’s beginning to trust the process and timing of her life more and more. Highlights: Key Takeaway: Trusts life’s processes and timing Suzanne...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 48: You Matter

With some of the societal standards for beauty and success that we see in magazines, on TV and in films it’s sometimes hard to think that we’re worthy. If we don’t look like the people society is glamorizing we can often being to think less of ourselves. Here’s the thing, you self worth isn’t determined by how you look, how much money you make or what kind of car you drive. You self worth comes from within and believing that you’re worthy. Only you can determine how you feel inside, it...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 47: Embracing One Another

Today’s episode is in regards to a story Suzanne read a few days ago. The story was about an overweight woman at the gym for the first time. She was incredibly nervous and didn’t know how to use the machines properly. While she was struggling through her workout there was a group of guys who were watching her and kept laughing and snickering while she was working out. Embarrassed, the women ended her workout early and headed to the locker-room. In this episode Susanne reflects on this story...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 46: Loving You No Matter What

The average New Year’s resolution lasts until Valentines Day. If you’re one of the people who happen to give up your resolution by February, don’t worry, you’re human. The aim of this episode is to try and help you get back on the horse after you’ve fallen off. You must not dwell on your mistakes. You have to love yourself enough to own your decisions and focus on your progress, not being perfect. Highlights: Key Takeaway: Stop pretending your mistakes don’t happen. Acknowledge them and...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 45: Remembering Who You Are

Now that the holidays are over and the chaos has settled down, it’s time to focus in on who you are. If you’ve found that you’ve been straying from goals, and the focus that’s in your life, you need to wind down and find some time for stillness. Stillness can relax the mind and you can go deep, deep into those thoughts and questions you have that you’ve been avoiding. In this episode Suzanne gives some insight on why you might feel like you’re not yourself lately and how to fix...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 44: Word Of The Year

New Years Resolutions are upon us and everyone has set a big goal for himself or herself. However, studies show that the average resolution only lasts about six weeks. Knowing this, Suzanne picks a word of the year to focus on and tries to embody the meaning of that word for the entire year. She writes it in her planner and on the white board in her room. This is a great tip to help you be discerning in 2019 and go through your day to day with intention. At the end of this podcast we...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 43: The Power Of Hope

Everyone has set backs on their health journey. They key is to keep moving forward. This time of year it’s easy to over indulge in treats, alcohol and food. It’s ok to enjoy yourself, but you have to get back on track as soon as possible. In this episode Suzanne shares some experiences from her health journey. She makes it known that she has setbacks, but always puts one foot in front of the other and gets back on track. Those goals you have become further and further away if you self...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 42: Who Are You Making an Impact With?

As we head towards the holidays, more and more people are having internal and external personal struggles. Emotions are amplified this time of year and if you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, financial hardship or health problems, this time of year can be lonely and depressing. However, it’s also the time of year when a lot of people are in the spirit of giving. In this episode Suzanne talks about how we can make an impact on those in need and why charity and good will should be...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 41: Are You Taking Care Of You?

Staying on top of our self-care routine is necessary to maintain our physical and mental health. In today’s world more and more of us around running around working and taking care of our families. We don’t take time to appreciate ourselves or spend a little time doing things that help us relax, i.e massages, baths, meditation, going for walks etc… In today’s episode Suzanne talks about how it’s ok to give yourself permission to take a break, clear up the calendar and do some things that...