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Big Weight Loss is Possible!

Big Weight Loss is Possible!
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Big Weight Loss is Possible!




The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 80: Only You Know

It’s hard to not get excited when your friends are talking about joining a new gym or starting a new exercise program together. Have you ever gotten excited and committed to joining them every week, to realize that deep down you know you wouldn’t enjoy that type of exercise? Today’s episode all about trusting your gut when you’re presented with a new workout regime. You know the type of exercise that you enjoy doing, and if you don’t think you’re going to like some new routine, then say...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 79: Breaking The Promise To Yourself

We’ve all had those days where we set our alarm clock for early in the morning, determined to make it to the gym. Then, when the alarm goes off, we snooze and go back to sleep. On the other hand we’ve had those mornings where we promised a friend we’d work out early in the morning with them, and we actually follow through. Why is it that when another person is involved we commit, but when it’s just us, we don’t? Today’s episode is about keeping promises to ourselves, so that the world takes...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 78: You Can’t Go Back, You’re Not Her

Everyone’s life experiences change them and the things they go through, make them who they are. Today’s episode is about embracing who you’ve become and not looking back on your old self. On fitness journeys it’s easy to want to cling to your old weight, old friends and old eating habits. People sometimes feel like they’re losing a part of their identity when they break out of these old habits and routines. Suzanne’s here today to help you find beauty and strength in you've...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 77: Own Your Space

Gym’s can be intimidating places. This is especially true for Gym newbies or those who are a little uncomfortable in their skin, or out of shape. In today’s episode Suzanne recalls an experience in which she watched an in shape guy at her Gym more or less kick a lady off a workout machine, so that he could use it. Saddened by this story, Suzanne decided to use today’s episode to talk about owning your space and being comfortable and confident in new and uncomfortable...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 76: Weight Loss Is a Mind Game

All too often the fitness industry fails to mention the mental side of weight loss. Having the right mindset and believing in yourself can be the difference between hitting your goals or not hitting them. It’s imperative that you train your mind to keep up with the mental endurance of sticking to your diet and exercise plan week to week. In today’s episode Suzanne gives some tips for manifesting your goals and avoiding burn out. Highlights: Key Takeaway: Visualize yourself living your...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 75: Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

Today, Suzanne is talking about self-sabotaging. We're all familiar with this and have done it to ourselves many times. There's a lot of engrained beliefs in us that cause us to jump ship when we’re on our way to achieving something great. These beliefs and emotions range from fear, to unworthiness, to imposter syndrome. Today, Suzanne addresses some of her reasons for self-sabotage and encourages the listeners to get honest with themselves, figure out their self-sabotage triggers and begin...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 74: It’s Warrior Week

It’s Warrior Week and this week we’re going to work on overcoming limiting beliefs as well as focusing on how strong we are and how far we’ve come. Everything you’ve gone through in your past has brought you to where you’re at today. It’s not by chance that you’re still here, it’s because of how resilient you are. It’s time to own that strength, straighten up that posture and go through your day-to-day owning your space in the world. Highlights: Key Takeaway: Words matter, and words...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 73: Do You Have A Fat Phobia?

Behind the closed doors of the health industry are tons of men and women with Fat Phobia’s. A fat phobia is when you’re so obsessed about becoming fat that you do whatever it takes to not gain weight. This is often to the point of an eating disorder, exercise disorder and mental breakdown, which ultimately can land you in the hospital or wreck your health. In today’s episode Suzanne talks about how to overcome a fat phobia by looking within and learning to love your body for what it’s...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 72: We are ALL warriors!

On the heels of attending a fitness conference to re-new her personal training certificate, Suzanne has some thoughts about what it means to be strong. Seeing a variety of different types of trainers and fitness people made Suzanne realize that there is no one definition of strong. Rather, we’re all strong in our own unique way and while we often get intimidated, feel unworthy or weak, we’re all digging deep to make it through life while trying to leave our mark on the...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 71: Just Take a Step

Today’s episode is about looking at your trajectory and the path that you’re currently on. Most of us are just cruising a long and our path is fine, things are going well, but we’re just kind of living an average life. There’s nothing wrong with that, but just know that it’s never too late to change the path you’re on and start perusing greatness. Stop, reflect and figure out what you want to change then take a step towards that. It’s time to start making life happen instead of allowing it...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast – Episode 70: The Path to Yourself

The older we get, the faster time goes by. All too often when we hit pivotal points in our life, we take a look in the mirror and wonder how we got to where we are. As adults we’re so busy raising kids and focusing on our careers, that once our kids are grown or we hit retirement, we feel like a shell of the person we used to be. In this episode Suzanne talks about these momentous life moments and we can transition to re-define ourselves and our new goals. Highlights: Key...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 69: How Strong Is Your Circle?

You are as strong as your five closest people. This week Suzanne dives into what it means to have a solid group of friends and the strong support system that comes with it. You need to surround yourself with strong, positive people who life you up when you're feeling down and inspire you to achieve more in your life. But, you also need to bring this kind of infectious energy to the table so you can be the one who helps and inspires the group. Pull your weight in your group and they will...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 68: The Journey

Mt. Everest has been in the news lately, being that May was peak climbing season. Suzanne was watching the Everest news and learned about these brave souls who set out on the journey of climbing the highest mountain in the world. It got her thinking about everyones personal journey, whether small or large. These great climbers inspired her to talk to you guys about having the will to keep moving forward even when you feel like you can’t take another step. Highlights: Key Takeaway: The...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 67: Gather Your Thoughts

You have to get your thoughts under control. Messy thoughts lead to a chaotic life. When your mind is constantly racing you can’t be present. In order to accomplish goals, you have to be able to shut off your mind and live in the moment. Also, If you’re constantly being negative and have degrading self talk, your life will continue to follow that path. On the other hand, if you can control the bad thoughts and focus on the positive, you can live your life in a state of happiness and...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 66: Get an Accountability Partner!

All of us need help staying accountable. Having a partner helps to motivate you when you’re feeling like you want to quit. Today, Suzanne recaps a recent story where one of her co-workers spotted her drinking a protein shake. This led into a conversation about health journey’s and this co-worker ultimately asked Suzanne if she wanted to team up as accountability partners. With the support and motivation of another individual or group of people, you’re much more likely to reach your...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 65: Forged In The Fire

This week Suzanne recaps a recent trip she took to Paradise, CA to see the remains of The Campfire. One of the biggest wildfires in California history. It completely destroyed the town and almost all the residents lost everything. This led her to ask the question; if you lost everything tomorrow, would everything be ok? Do you have a bigger an better purpose on this earth and are you moving toward the life you want or are you stuck in the fire? Our time on this planet is limited, we could...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 64: Your Big 3 of Weightloss

On today’s episode Suzanne is talking about her Big 3 of Weight Loss. When referring to her Big 3 she’s talking about her most important aspects of a weight loss or fitness journey. Suzanne’s Big 3 are water, mindset/belief, tracking (whether it’s macros, steps or calories) and the bonus 4th most important aspect is sleep. These 4 things have nothing to do with an eating plan, they’re universal and you need to them regardless of what diet your on. In this episode she’ll be talking about...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 63: Standing Strong In Your Beliefs

It’s funny how when we start a new diet people begin to come out of the woodwork and explain to us why that particular diet won’t work for us, or what the health risks are for trying that diet. These types of people don’t give us advice when we’re eating poorly and not exercising, but as soon as we start a new diet they’re in our business and begin telling us the pitfalls of the diet we’ve chosen to pursue. It’s hard to navigate what you should do with your body with all these mixed messages...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 62: Straighten Someone Else’s Crown

Today’s episode all about helping others via random acts of kindness. Everyone has rough days and goes through rough times in their life. When you see someone who is struggling, lift them up by giving them a compliment, let them know they exist. When you’re kind to someone you can really impact their day or even their life. Highlights: Key takeaway: Help others by treating them with kindness. This helps them feel worthy and respected. Suzanne...


The Warrior Within Me Podcast - Episode 61: Live Your Life

This weeks topic is “live your life”. Most everyone has big plans for their life, but they’re procrastinators. They think they need to be at a certain place in their life, or the timing has to be right or they need to reach a certain milestone before they start on their diet, business, education etc... A lot of times what happens to these people is that they never start. They keep coming up with excuses and keep waiting and waiting to get moving on their life’s vision. Then, years later they...