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Recovery Power Topics and Powerful Recovery Stories in every episode! Support this podcast:


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Recovery Power Topics and Powerful Recovery Stories in every episode! Support this podcast:




Success and Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 212

We’re back with another enlightening and valuable edition of our Recovery Power Topic Series. The topic dejour? Success and Recovery. Anyone who’s ever happened upon a recovery based social media group doesn’t have to look for too long or very hard to find folks highlighting their accomplishments in and out of recovery. Fact is folks do that in recovery meetings quite frequently too; and to that end a big part of 12 Step recovery is centered on celebrating length of sobriety milestones which...


Don Cummins Comes Home to Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 211

This edition of The Way Out features a story unlike any other we’ve told before. Author, speaker, person in long term recovery and reformed serial bank robber Don Cummins shares his incredible journey to recovery with us with remarkably true humility and candor. For Don this is a story, ultimately, of coming home after spending what seems like more than a lifetime lost and unwell in mind, body, and spirit. Don’s story is poignant and striking evidence that we can and do recover from...


The Alcohol Matrix with Dustin Dunbar | The Way Out Podcast Episode 210

In this installment of The Way Out we’ve got author of the upcoming book, Alcohol Matrix and PHD holder Dustin Dunbar. Much is made of and discussed in recovery circles about the problems that lie within us and how those problems increase our susceptibility, severity, and recovery to alcoholism and addiction. There’s little doubt that adverse childhood experiences, trauma, mental health diagnoses, and arguably even genetics play a role in the chances an individual may become addicted to...


The Funky Brain with Dennis Berry | The Way Out Podcast Episode 209

This week I have a thought provoking and unbelievably instructive interview with Life Coach and fellow podcaster, Dennis Berry who is also in long term recovery from addiction and alcoholism. Dennis and I illuminate incredibly important topics that can transform your recovery and life. We talk about purpose in giving, the awesome power of meditation, quieting and calming that funky brain of ours, and truly nurturing our mind, bodies, and spirits with physical, mental, and spiritual actions...


Healer, Heal Thyself First with Alyssa Rocco | The Way Out Podcast Episode 208

This edition of The Way Out can be summed up by answering a very compelling question: What happens when you’re a life coach and you find yourself in the middle of your very own life crisis that reveals a critical obstacle that’s been preventing you from truly connecting with the people you’re trying to help? The answer my brothers and sisters is you go about the business of healing yourself first; which is precisely what our very special guest, Alyssa Rocco, went about the business of doing...


On the Front Lines and to the New Frontiers of Addiction Care with Dr. Harshal Kirane | The Way Out Podcast Episode 207

In this installment of The Way Out we have some serious addiction care and research brain power coming at you by way of Dr. Harshal Kirane, a Medical Doctor, Addiction Psychiatrist and the Medical Director of Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research. Dr. Kirane’s passion and sincere desire is to put in the work to bring the still suffering the best of what we presently know in addiction care, as well as continue advance pertinent research in order to improve care and produce better...


Change is Easy When You Stop Chasing the High with Micheal G. Dash | The Way Out Podcast Episode 206

In this installment of the Way Out we bring you an enchanting interview with Entrepreneur, former CEO, and Author of “Chasing the High”, Michael G Dash. In long term recovery from both gambling and drug addictions, Michael takes us for a ride through his tumultuous foray into and out of addiction, which included an Adderall infused, six-year legal battle with a former business partner. Through the 12 Steps and a combination of the transformational power of EMDR and FLOW; Michael came out the...


The Dangers of Idolizing Others in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 205

In this edition of The Way Out we’re back with a serious recovery power topic – The Dangers of Idolizing Others in Recovery. The working title of this episode was a skosh more sensational, but I digress. The desire to pedestalize others who seem to be working the perfect recovery program, or that appear to living the good life because of sobriety is quite natural. We hear phrases like stick with the winners, and to a large extent that’s sage advice. What becomes dangerous, is when we raise...


The Spiritually Transformative Experience with Tim Moon | The Way Out Podcast Episode 204

In this rendition of the The Way Out we have Tim Moon, a frequent listener of The Way Out Podcast who has been in long term recovery from alcoholism for over 2 years. Tim writes about his recovery and spiritually transformative experiences for the website contemplative light, as well as his own website, quantum recovery. Tim’s journey through alcoholism and into recovery is marked by two distinct spiritual experiences, one rooted in religion early in adulthood and another much later as part...


Junk Knowledge with Marques Marchand | The Way Out Podcast Episode 203

In this installment of The Way Out Jason’s got a spectacular interview with Author, and person in long term recovery and dual diagnosee, Marques Marchand. Growing up in the 80’s, Marques endured his share of family dysfunction and adversity and like so many of us found drugs and alcohol to be quite the suitable escape from not only the strife within the family, but also his bi-polar II disorder which he wouldn’t discover until well into sobriety. Sober at 22, Marques’ story is a welcome...


God Works in Mysterious Ways with Adam Fout | The Way Out Podcast Episode 202

In this edition of The Way Out Podcast the best Co-Host in the business has an exceptional discussion with writer and person in long term recovery Adam Fout. Adam’s journey to recovery, like many of ours, begins in fits and starts before it takes hold in a way that’s meaningful and enduring. Relapse is a part of many of our stories, and truly we can learn from them and use what we experienced when the next window of recovery opportunity presents itself. Adam’s window flew open with the...


Do Not Give Up Now with Essi Bagheri | The Way Out Podcast Episode 201

In this edition of The Way Out we’ve got a story and a guest like none we’ve had before with motivational speaker, author, and trauma coach Essi Bagheri. From growing up in Iran and separated from his 11 year old mother before the age of 1 and subject to untold abuses, to child soldier, to refugee and what amounts to more than a lifetime’s battle with addiction and alcoholism, and finally coming out the other side to use his powerful and inspiring story to drive home a powerful message – Do...


Jesus and the 12 Steps with Katy Patton | The Way Out Podcast Episode 200

In this installment of The Way Out cohost Jason has an outstanding interview with Katy Patton. Now, I stopped believing in coincidences somewhere inside of my first six months of Recovery, and I ain’t about to start now. The fact that we had a last minute cancellation, creating a gap in our weekly episode rhythm, combined with the fact that Jason was quite literally on a trip with Katy who’d already agreed to be on the show, and the house of their mutual friend they were staying in had a...


Hope Springs Eternal with Scarlet Begonias | The Way Out Podcast Episode 199

In this edition of The Way Out we have a truly extraordinary interview with Scarlet Begonias, a full time traveling professional model and person in long term recovery from addiction. We’re truly honored to be the first to share the story of Scarlet’s journey to sobriety and wellness in no small part because of the passion and authenticity woven into her words as she speaks her truth so that it may encourage and inspire you in your own recovery journey. Beautiful inside and out, Scarlet’s...


Sobriety Isn't Perfect But It's Worth It with Kellina Martin | The Way Out Podcast Episode 198

In this edition of the way out we’ve got a truly wonderful and insightful interview with Kelli Martin, a dear friend of mine whom I had the pleasure of meeting inside the rooms of one of my favorite 12-Step fellowships. There is an old saying in the rooms of recovery to describe someone who has allowed their sobriety and recovery to permeate their entire being, mind body and soul. It goes like so “You know, that so and so wears their sobriety like a loose fitting garment” – and that’s...


Ray Corona Went From Dumpters to Happy & Free in Sobriety | The Way Out Podcast Episode 197

In this edition of The Way Out I’m honored to bring you a terrific interview with a loyal listener and now aspiring recovery podcaster Ray Corona the 3rd. Ray’s story is loaded with adversity as he quite literally takes us from being homeless and getting high behind a parking lot trash dumpster all the way to nearly two decades of sobriety with a loving wife and family and even running a company. Above all this is a story that proves to us once again, that no matter how far down the scale...


Dual Diagnosis Recovery with David O'Meara | The Way Out Podcast Episode 196

This week our favorite recovery pod co-host Jason’s got an enlightening and relatable interview with David O’Meara, who’s authored 2 books which share is personal accounts of his struggles with and recovery from addiction and alcoholism, as well as schizophrenia and depression. David’s shares his story of what it was like to wrestle with both addiction and mental illness openly, honestly, and unapologetically in print and here for us for one simple but powerful purpose – to help those who...


Shedding Shame | The Way Out Podcast Episode 195

The Way Out Podcast is on right now. Along with our beloved cohost Jason, I’m Charlie and this edition of The Way Out we’re talking exactly how we can shed the shame that often accompanies alcoholism and addiction and shed it for keeps. Shame and guilt are frequently used interchangeably but they are two distinctly different feelings. I feel guilty if I take something that’s not mine without permission. I feel ashamed because I can’t stop stealing even though I know it’s wrong. Shame is a...


When It's Hard to Do the Next Right Thing | The Way Out Podcast Episode 194

The Way Out Podcast is on right now. Along with the cohost with the mostess, Jason I’m Charlie and we’ve got a stellar rendition of The Way Out on a topic not oft discussed in and out of recovery. Many of us are quite familiar with the Recovery mantra “Do the next right thing” when faced with uncertainty in how to act in a given moment or situation, and for good reason – this saying embodies the idea that we need to act our way into right thinking, rather than think our way into right...


Sober Meditations with Buddy C. | The Way Out Podcast Bonus Episode

I’m super stoked to bring you this bonus mini episode with Buddy C who shares with us his new project – Sober Meditations. Inspired by his work with his own sponsees and centered on the 12-Steps, Spirituality and the healing and transformative power of the practice of mediation, Sober Meditations is available through an app on both Google Play and the Apple App Store as well as online via any current web browser. I’ve been on my own meditative journey for exactly 120 days and mediation is...