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Recovery Power Topics and Powerful Recovery Stories in every episode! Support this podcast:


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Recovery Power Topics and Powerful Recovery Stories in every episode! Support this podcast:




Ray Corona Went From Dumpters to Happy & Free in Sobriety | The Way Out Podcast Episode 197

In this edition of The Way Out I’m honored to bring you a terrific interview with a loyal listener and now aspiring recovery podcaster Ray Corona the 3rd. Ray’s story is loaded with adversity as he quite literally takes us from being homeless and getting high behind a parking lot trash dumpster all the way to nearly two decades of sobriety with a loving wife and family and even running a company. Above all this is a story that proves to us once again, that no matter how far down the scale...


Dual Diagnosis Recovery with David O'Meara | The Way Out Podcast Episode 196

This week our favorite recovery pod co-host Jason’s got an enlightening and relatable interview with David O’Meara, who’s authored 2 books which share is personal accounts of his struggles with and recovery from addiction and alcoholism, as well as schizophrenia and depression. David’s shares his story of what it was like to wrestle with both addiction and mental illness openly, honestly, and unapologetically in print and here for us for one simple but powerful purpose – to help those who...


Shedding Shame | The Way Out Podcast Episode 195

The Way Out Podcast is on right now. Along with our beloved cohost Jason, I’m Charlie and this edition of The Way Out we’re talking exactly how we can shed the shame that often accompanies alcoholism and addiction and shed it for keeps. Shame and guilt are frequently used interchangeably but they are two distinctly different feelings. I feel guilty if I take something that’s not mine without permission. I feel ashamed because I can’t stop stealing even though I know it’s wrong. Shame is a...


When It's Hard to Do the Next Right Thing | The Way Out Podcast Episode 194

The Way Out Podcast is on right now. Along with the cohost with the mostess, Jason I’m Charlie and we’ve got a stellar rendition of The Way Out on a topic not oft discussed in and out of recovery. Many of us are quite familiar with the Recovery mantra “Do the next right thing” when faced with uncertainty in how to act in a given moment or situation, and for good reason – this saying embodies the idea that we need to act our way into right thinking, rather than think our way into right...


Sober Meditations with Buddy C. | The Way Out Podcast Bonus Episode

I’m super stoked to bring you this bonus mini episode with Buddy C who shares with us his new project – Sober Meditations. Inspired by his work with his own sponsees and centered on the 12-Steps, Spirituality and the healing and transformative power of the practice of mediation, Sober Meditations is available through an app on both Google Play and the Apple App Store as well as online via any current web browser. I’ve been on my own meditative journey for exactly 120 days and mediation is...


Turning Excuses into Change in Progress | The Way Out Podcast Episode 193

We’ve got a brilliantly informative and enlightening rendition of the show for you all about excuses, recovery, and how to turn these counterproductive defense mechanisms into positive change in progress. Rooted in fear and purpose built to prevent meaningful and rewarding transformation, excuses are quite complicit in the perpetuation of active addiction and alcoholism as well as lack of progress or regression in Recovery and spirituality. Excuses, justification, and rationalization are...


Let the Body Heal the Mind with Dr. Alice Kerby | The Way Out Podcast Episode 192

I wanted to take a brief moment, off the top to acknowledge and address what’s happening in my hometown in this moment. Born in Minneapolis, raised in the Twin Cities, and a life-long Minnesotan, I am, nay we all are still very much grappling with the heinous and horrendous tragedy that is the killing of George Floyd this past Monday, May 25th. I’m at once experiencing feelings of deep sadness and incredible helplessness after watching the now infamous footage of this horrific event and left...


Got Problems? Heidi Davis Found Her Answer in Jesus | The Way Out Podcast Episode 191

This week co-host extraordinaire Jason’s got a killer interview with Heidi Davis, a woman in long term recovery from alcoholism and addiction and very passionate about what brought her to and keeps her in long term recovery. I happened to read one of her social media posts that read like an intro to a recovery memoir and immediately said to your favorite recovery co-host “get her on the show”. I can’t tell you exactly why I was immediately compelled to get Heidi on to share her story, but...


The Power of Connection in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 190

In this edition of The Way Out we turn our collective attention to a the very human need of connection and as we’ll discover, it has particular importance to those of us in Recovery from substances or other addictive behaviors. Recent and mounting evidence suggests one of the factors in determining whether or not an individual will develop an addiction is their ability or inability to establish and maintain healthy, meaningful connections to others, to the world around them, and to something...


Change & Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 189

This edition of The Way Out is all about change. At the center of the recovery journey is a transformational change that occurs within us that allows us to shed old, negative and self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and most importantly behaviors and begin to replace them with those that are healthy, positive and aligned with who we yearn to be. A truth my dear, late member of my home 12-Step group was fond of goes “If you don’t change, your sobriety date will”. If we are to recover,...


The March to Madness with Nelson Dacier | The Way Out Podcast Episode 188

This week we’ve got an absolutely delightful interview with the Author of the new book “The March to Madness”, Nelson Dacier. Nelson, now six years sober, shares his story; which was the inspiration for his book, with equal measures of humor, wisdom, and authenticity. We dig into his recovery journey, what it finally took to enter meaningful and long-term recovery, and his process in writing the tale of the debaucherous double life he led during active addiction, the unbelievable events that...


12 Steps of Healthy Love with Rachel Levy | The Way Out Podcast Episode 187

This week Jason’s got an absolutely terrific interview with transformational and Imago Relationship Therapist, Love Coach, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Rachel Levy. Rachel shares with us about her journey, her practice, and her creation; the 12 steps of Healthy Love. We learn about the 4 pillars of her recovery program that is designed to be accessible to all. Rachel shares her truth with us as well as an abundance of spiritual, emotional, and transformational wisdom, which is all...


Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts with Michael Brody-Waite | The Way Out Podcast Episode 186

This week we’ve got an interview that will push the limits on your conventional understanding of what it means when we hear the 12-Step vernacular around practicing the principles of recovery in all our affairs. Entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker Michael Brody-Waite contends far too many of us in recovery are likely, and unwittingly compartmentalizing the tremendous power, embodied in the 12-Steps, exclusively to our addictions all the while shielding the other parts of our lives that...


Survivor's Guilt in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 185

This week we’re addressing a topic that very likely affects many of us as we enter into recovery, and especially the longer we sustain our recovery. But before I introduce this week’s topic; I’d like to humbly invite anyone who’d like to hear my recovery story to join a weekly online Zoom speaker meeting at 8pm Central Time this Saturday the 18th of April. A dear friend of mine, Buddy C. asked if I would share my recovery story – and I was told under no uncertain terms very early in Recovery...


This one's for the ladies (and gents) with Ashlee Herget | The Way Out Podcast Episode 184

This week Jason’s got an interview that all you ladies out there will especially relate to with Ashlee Herget. Don’t tune out just yet though gents; I related to Ashlee’s story in a way I didn’t expect and though I know I shouldn’t be surprised by now; the universal struggles that unite our collective experience as people in, or contemplating recovery show up early and often in Ashlee’s story. Just shy of 3 years clean and sober, Ashlee brings her story to us in a disarmingly frank and...


Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic Sane & Sober | The Way Out Podcast Episode 183

We’re bringing you a special episode dedicated to helping you work your program of recovery and survive – nay – thrive in this unprecedented time of Pandemic Covid-19 sane and sober. For many of us we’re dealing with new fears we likely hadn’t even dreamt of just a couple of months ago, and major life changes are being thrust upon us in the form of our daily routines, work lives and home situations. Two mega triggers for recovering addicts and alcoholics – Fear and Change are flaring up for...


No Turning Back, Regardless with Lisa Daggs | The Way Out Podcast Episode 182

This week we’ve got an absolutely righteous interview with Singer, songwriter, producer, writer, and all-around dynamo Lisa Daggs. Along with her many and varied artistic talents, Lisa is a person in very long-term recovery, with over 30 years of continuous sobriety. Lisa’s journey to and through Recovery as told through her Book No Turning Back – Regardless is especially relatable and oozing with universal spiritual truth. We talk about the book, her path through addiction and alcoholism...


PRIDE in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 181

This week Jason brings us the straight up compelling story of Kristin Massman. Kristin’s recovery story will grab you by throat and not let go until right up to the end. Kristin, an unabashed bi-sexual woman, now over 3 years sober, shares her at times heart wrenching and other times super relatable history in a truly authentic and vulnerable way. You will be captivated by the way her journey has led her from the proverbial gutter to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and her powerful ability...


All You Need is Less - Peter S | The Way Out Podcast Episode 180

This week we’ll hear co-host extraordinaire Jason interview our good friend Peter S, who candidly shares his Recovery story. Peter’s called in to the show a time or three and brings unbridled honesty and spiritual truth every time. Ultimately his is a story of love, loss and redemption, Peter’s remarkably poignant story is rife with pain and anguish as a once promising career in the Wine industry complete with six figures, a beautiful fiancé and all the trappings was ultimately swallowed up...


Neil the Alcoholic | The Way Out Podcast Episode 179

This week we’ve got an outrageously entertaining and wide ranging interview with none other than Neil the Alcoholic. We full on embraced the tangential nature of my guest, in full realization that any attempt to confine him would only serve to douse his innate ability to tell one hell of a story, of which this episode is chalked full. Neil’s been sober a whole long time, and he’s a walking encyclopedia of historical knowledge of maybe everything ever. We travel near and far geographically...