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EP66: 3 Simple Steps to More Facebook Page Engagement with Amanda Bond

When it comes to Facebook engagement, there are so many factors that go into the what posts the Facebook algorithm decides to give more impressions to. According to Amanda Bond, this week’s guest, it’s ALL about the engagement on the post. Amana is the Owner of The Ad Strategist, creator of The Strategy System and has been dubbed a “Facebook Advertising Genius” by Entrepreneur Magazine so she definitely knows what she’s talking about! There’s been a lot of fear-mongering about the new...


EP65: How to Stand Out as an Authority in Your Niche with T.C. Hale

What does it mean to be an authority? The dictionary tells us that authority is the confident quality of someone who knows a lot about something. It’s easy to get imposter syndrome and feel like you’re not an authority on your topic but chances are that you actually ARE an authority. All of you listening to this podcast probably know a lot about something and that makes you an authority! Our guest today, T.C. Hale is a celebrity trainer and nutrition specialist from L.A. who has written 6...


EP64: How to host an online giveaway - with Maria Saracen

There is no one right way to build your business. There are many factors to consider! The same is true for growing your email list. The options and combinations are endless and what worked 4 or 5 years ago may not be relevant today. Right now, one of the latest and most effective ways to grow your email list is by running giveaways. Giveaways are a newer, modern version of an online contest except for the fact that everyone is a winner! This strategy can result in hundreds, if not thousands...


EP63: Ask Us Anything with Karen and Kathleen

Karen and Kathleen are back with another “Ask Us Anything” episode! This week they discuss a wide variety of topics including finding interviewees, getting in tune with your ideal client, growing your social media presence, and so much more. If a previous episode has ever left you hungry for more knowledge you’ll definitely want to tune in and take some notes! In this episode we talk about… Choosing who to interview and what kind of questions to askGetting over the intimidation of starting...


EP62: How to Set Yourself up Financially to Take the Leap to Full Time Health Coach

This episode is all about finance, numbers, and revenue. It may not be everyone’s favorite topic but a lot of coaches are seeing most of their money going out and are receiving very little profit. This week, Karen and Kathleen sit down with Amber Dugger to talk about planning finances to build a profitable business right from the start. Amber is the found of Budget Alchemy, a holistic system combing personal finance and business cash flow strategies that was developed for health coaches to...


EP61: Building a Thriving Wellness Business When You're an Introvert

There are many coaches out there who are introverts. In fact, Kathleen did a poll in her facebook group and over 70% of people who responded considered themselves to be an introvert. Being an introvert can come with some unique challenges as far as how to build your business but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Introverts tend to think they can’t compete with extroverts but that’s far from the truth. There are still huge advantages to being an introvert. This week Karen and Kathleen...


EP60: Case Study: How Kendra Used Vulnerability To Fill Her Coaching Practice

It’s time to have a conversation about vulnerability. It’s ok if being vulnerable makes you feel scared and intimidated. That’s perfectly natural. However, it turns out that being more vulnerable can actually help your business grow. This week Kendra Perry shares her story about how she started being more vulnerable and transparent on social media and how her business took off because of it. Kendra walks us through how she’s been able to use a simple but extremely effective way of having...


EP59: Case Study: How Sandy 4xd her Client Base This Year

As we’ve mentioned in episodes before, workshops are an amazing way to find your ideal client and turn them into a paying client. This week we are continuing that conversation with Sandy Nannen who 4x’d her client base in her wellness businesses in only a few months by simply starting to put on workshops. Workshops dramatically expedite the Know, Like and Trust factor and can create a connection between you and your ideal client right away. Not only can you turn your ideal clients into a...


EP58: How to Author & Market a Book with Doneane Beckcom

Publishing a book is easier now than ever before. But where do you even start when you want to write a book? What is the process actually like from start to finish? This week Karen and Kathleen talk to Doneane Beckom, a best-selling author and fitness nutrition specialist. As Doneane will tell us, it’s not hard to write a book. You just need to start! If you have knowledge on a particular topic and you're trying to reach a larger proportion of your niche audience then all you need to do is...


EP57: How To Use Free Challenges To Fill Your Programs & Grow Your Email List

Creating a challenge is a great way to meet more potential clients and grow your email list. Free challenges can open the gates to help people learn more about you in a completely no-risk way to see how you’re the right person to help them solve their problem or reach a goal. But what is a challenge? What goes into it? Where do I even start? Don’t worry! This week, Karen and Kathleen cover all the basics on creating a challenge, marketing your challenge, and turning challenge participants...


EP56: Real Talk About Procrastination; The Symptoms, Fallout and Solutions

Do you ever procrastinate in your business? For the most part, we all do for different reasons and at different times. Sometimes we’re too busy or we don’t know where to start. Other times, all of the moving parts that need to be put in place are just too overwhelming. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of these things. Don’t worry! You’re not alone. Although procrastinating too much can also turn into a nasty habit, there are ways to disrupt the pattern. This week, Karen and Kathleen...


EP55: Overcoming Imposter Sydrome with Nathalie Garcia

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know enough about a certain part of your business? Like you were inadequate and an incompetent failure despite the evidence that you ARE skilled and successful? This feeling is typically called Imposter Syndrome and it’s much more common than you think. This week, Karen and Kathleen chat with Nathalie Garcia from Practice Better and discuss their journeys and experiences dealing with the self doubt and negative self-talk associated with Imposter Syndrome....


EP54: The 7 Necessary Ingredients to a Successful Workshop

Workshops are an amazingly effective way to convert your ideal clients into paying clients. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of running workshops is that it actually helps speed up the client journey. This week, Kathleen puts Karen in the hot seat to discuss all of the key components in delivering a successful workshop and converting your ideal clients. We are also announcing the winners from our 50th episode giveaway! Be sure to listen in and see if you’re a winner of one of the...


EP53: Getting more website visitors using Pinterest with Kate Ahl

Pinterest is a place where users go to search out ideas, topics, motivations, dreams, or whatever else they’re looking to discover. It’s also a great place for coaches and business owners to generate leads and clients. This week’s guest, Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media, is a Pinterest expert and is Karen and Kathleen’s top pick to help you, our audience, understand the basics of pinterest and how to get started posting your own pins. Kate teaches small businesses and business owners...


EP52: Build Your Brand and Get More Clients with Instastories

Stories are the latest trend on social media platforms. They’re great for getting the word out about what is going on in your business and your personal life. In fact, engagement rates on Instagram stories are just as high as they are on Instagram Live! That’s why Karen and Kathleen sat down with Brock Johnson, a master storyteller who tells exceptional stories on Instagram. What are stories? When do I post them? What do I post?! This episode answers all the basics on everything you need to...


EP51: How Corinne Generated Over $2,500 by Enrolling 17 Ideal Clients in Her Latest Challenge

This week we bring you a case study of an amazing coach who is growing her business by being consistent. Corrine has been consistently implementing a few simple strategies since December and has seen incredible results in the last 20 days. It’s easy to get paralysis by analysis but if you don’t overthink, keep it simple, take action and get support you will see results and be amazed at how fast you can turn your business around by just being consistent. In this episode we talk about… How...


EP50: 50th celebration - feedback, training - what we're hearing from you and giveaway. (1 hour coaching call each plus 4 Amazon gift cards Winner announced 6/12)

It’s our 50th episode and we have so much to be thankful for - especially you, our listeners! In this episode, we read some iTunes reviews from the past year and share how listening to this podcast has helped other Wellness Business professionals from all over. Karen and Kathleen also dive into 6 crucial tips to running a successful wellness business. We’re having a 50th episode giveaway contest too! Be sure to listen in to find out how you can win one of 6 awesome prizes, worth up to $500....


EP49: How to Create a Community Around Your Brand - Abigail Hopkins

As a wellness business owner, a community is so important. A community brings together link-minded people who support your work together. It helps people feel connected to the problem that you’re all trying to solve. But what steps need to be taken to build, strengthen and maintain a community? This week, Karen and Kathleen discuss the process of creating and maintaining a community with Abigail Hopkins, a community building expert! Abigail is the co-founder of That Clean Life and has...


EP48: How to Get Your Blog to Rank Higher in Google

Blogging can be a great way to become known for what you do, position yourself as an expert, and grow your email list. But how do you get your page to appear higher in Google search results and get in front of more people? That is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and our guest, Elan Zusman, come in! As the co-founder of Ziggy Media, Elan helps businesses of all sizes grow their online presence using the latest in online marketing technologies. He’s the perfect person to teach us the...


EP47: Will Your Website Homepage Pass The Visitor Test?

Your homepage is the storefront of your business. It’s the first impression and the message that you are giving to your visitors. It’s more than just a landing page. It lets people know they’re in the right place and gives them directions on where to go. But what does your homepage actually need to be the most effective it can be? This week, Karen and Kathleen dive into the art of creating a homepage that works for your business. A nice design looks great but what information and content...