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EP83: Case Study: How Andrea Enrolled 3 New Ideal Clients After Defining Her Niche

It’s already the middle of January and 2019 is in full swing! We want you to get all that you can out of this year for your business and know many of you struggle with narrowing down your niche and ideal client. Today, we welcome Insider’s Club member Andrea Dahlman to share how she figured out her niche, attracted three new clients in ONE week, how she surpassed her goal of filling her online program and much more! In this episode, we talk about… How the Insider’s Club helped Andrea focus...


EP82: A Sneak Peek Inside The Wellness Business Insider's Club

In late 2018, Karen and Kathleen raised their commitment to listeners to an entirely new level by launching the Wellness Business Insider’s Club. Today’s episode is a real treat full of aha moments and valuable content for those really wanting to understand the process of narrowing down your ideal client and marketing message to help build your business. Enjoy exclusive VIP access as you take a glimpse into the Wellness Business Insider’s Club! In this episode, we talk...


BONUS! Top Tips for Planning a Successful 1st Quarter

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EP81: A New Year Message from Karen and Kathleen

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019! A new year brings new possibilities, and as a business owner, you have so much of your destiny in your own hands. You have the power to decide how you will take advantage of the opportunities each day brings. To ring in the New Year, Karen and Kathleen have an open conversation and discuss 5 Year in Review questions and 5 Year Ahead questions. Here are the questions we answered on this episode. Now it’s your turn. Year in Review: What was one of my...


EP80: Case Study: The Secret Behind Heather's Coaching Success

As a follow up to Part 1 in our previous episode, we continue talking with Heather about how she builds and maintains her wellness business. We strongly recommend listening to Episode 79 and Episode 80 back to back to get the most insight on the ideas Heather shares for both new and experienced business owners. Heather Woodruff is a certified nutritional practitioner and digestion guru. She loves supporting women to live wild and IBS free through deep digestive healing so they can stop...


EP79: Case Study: How Heather Uses Workshops to Fill Her Programs

Our topic today will give you some great ideas for the new year on how to get in front of people and get clients! Today’s episode is all about workshops. Workshops are how Karen grew her own health coaching business back in 2011. For a straight year, Kathleen hosted workshops once a month, and during that time, she grew her email list from zero to 2,000 ideal client subscribers. It was an intentional strategy that required consistency and it worked really well. Our guest today has taken the...


EP78: Ask Us Anything with Karen and Kathleen

We’re back with another episode of Ask Us Anything! We’re going to take the questions you submitted and give you both of our perspectives on the answers. We love these episodes because we love hearing from you, and it’s also fun for us to help with specific questions where you might be feeling stuck. Today, we’re going to cover how to reach beyond your friends and family to get clients, what to post on your Facebook page versus your Facebook group, and how to create the perfect free offer...


EP77: Starting a Wellness Business Brand From Scratch

For this episode, Karen and Kathleen welcome back one of their favorite business mentors, Ryan Lee. He is the author of The Millionaire Workout, Passion to Profits, was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, and has been called “the world’s #1 lifestyle entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur. Ryan understands what it means to build your business from scratch and shares a behind-the-scenes look for those interested in starting a brand-new business. He defines what a brand entails and...


EP76: Small Win Your Way to A Successful Wellness Business

Today’s episode is all about revelling in small wins. We have had this topic in the works for awhile now, because owning your own business, especially a wellness business, can be tricky; everything feels so incredibly personal. Our businesses ARE personal. Your business is a reflection of you and your brand is definitely a reflection of you. This episode is going to help you find a way to separate you the person, from you the brand. In this episode you’ll get solid strategies on how to...


EP75: How to Structure Your Facebook Livestreams for Maximum Engagement With Luria Petrucci

When it comes to livestreaming we’re heard a few very common questions. “What should I talk about on a livestream?”, “What should you lead people to do next?”, “Should I have an outline? Or just wing it?”. If you’ve ever asked one of these questions before you are in the right place! Our guest today is Luria Petrucci from Live Streaming Pros. Luria is a live video strategist focused on helping you grow your business with professional live videos. She is one of our all-time favorite...


EP74: 5 Steps to Turning Your Blog Into a Lead-Generation Machine With Zach Spuckler

We all want our blog to be a part of our brand awareness but it’s important to understand how to use your blog to build your email list and generate leads. Using your blog to generate leads and sales simplifies part of the marketing process and that’s why we, and today’s guest Zach Spuckler, love it so much! Zach Spuckler is the owner of Heart Soul Hustle where he teaches business owners how to leverage Facebook ads, launches, and challenges to strategically maximize leads, conversions, and...


EP73: Overcoming Objections During Your Discovery Calls – Part 2 with Peter Frumenti

Last week we talked about Peter’s story and some mindset shifts that are really important to help you feel confident about the sales conversation during your discovery calls. This week, Peter Frumenti of Sales Team 6, is back for part 2 on overcoming objections during your discovery calls and boy does he share a ton of helpful information! A lot of people would rather avoid these conversations because it can feel super awkward and uncomfortable when you don’t know what to say or how to...


EP72: Overcoming Objections During Your Discovery Calls - Part 1 with Peter Frumenti

In the past, we’ve covered how to structure discovery sessions but we haven’t gotten a chance to dive into how to handle objections. If you’re not getting a yes from a prospective client, that means that they have some sort of objection. Once you learn how to uncover and address those objections, you’re going to get a lot more clients saying yes to working with you. This week’s guest Peter Frumenti is the perfect guest for this topic. Peter and his company, Sales Team Six, teach experts how...


EP71: 5 Step Holiday Promotion Blueprint

The holiday season is upon us! Not only is it a time for friends and family, but it’s also the most lucrative time of the year for business owners. From the beginning of November to mid-January, consumers and your ideal clients will be shifting their mindset to losing weight, getting good deals, and finding coupons. It’s the PERFECT opportunity for you to show up in your ideal clients’ inbox and social media feed with content that promotes your brand, products, and promotions. This week,...


EP70: How Shonda Got Her Last 5 Paying Clients with Shonda Palmer

This week’s guest, Shonda Palmer, is a certified health coach, trained mindfulness meditation teacher and qigong instructor. Shonda helps stressed out, overwhelmed caregivers find greater peace, joy and wellness through self-compassion and self-care. Recently, Shonda made some mindset shifts that made a huge difference in growing her health coaching business and she’s here to share with us just how she did it! In this episode we talk about… Shonda’s social media process and strategyHow...


EP69: How to Pre-Validate Your Free Offer for More Email Subscribers with Margo Carroll

As we’ve mentioned countless times on the podcast, building an email list is crucial towards marketing your business and gaining more paid clients. In fact, creating a free offer is one of the best ways to help your email list grow. However, it’s easy to feel disappointed if your free offer isn’t doing as well as you thought it would. That’s where our guest, Margo Carroll comes in! Margo Carroll is a copywriter and marketing coach who teaches busy coaches and healers simple plug and play...


EP68: Brand Photography: How to Plan A Professional Photo Shoot with Mallika Malhotra

Brand Photography is so important when it comes to building your brand. If done right, it can tell the audience who you are, what you do and why you might be different. However, for a lot of us, the thought of taking pictures can be dreadful or downright scary. This week’s guest, Mallika Malhotra, is a brand photographer whose mission is to empower women to stop hiding behind their business and confidently become the face of their brand. Mallika brings SO many great tips on capturing the...


Bonus Episode: Special Announcement!

In our first bonus episode, we are SUPER excited to share something with you that we have been working very hard on! We are proud to announce The Wellness Business Insider’s Club! The Wellness Business Insider’s Club is a special program that meets you where you are right now and gives you a clear action plan each month to help grow your email list and gain more paid clients. Not only that, but it’s also a community to get support and celebrate your successes with others. Listen in to learn...