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Greg Poisson - Open Your Eyes to What Is Around You

Former pro motocross racer, Greg Poisson talks about growing up with a singular focus to live the lifestyle of being a top level athlete. The hyper-focus kept him away from broadening his sight lines to the world around him and from taking an introspective look at himself. After almost 20 years of dedicating his life to motocross, he walked away from the sport. This period of his life was confusing as he discovered he didn’t know who he was and that he was dealing with an undiagnosed...


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John Witzing - Success is in the Doing, Model Cars not Included

Co-host of The Whiteboard Project podcast, John Witzing, dives into his beliefs behind how he continues to evolve himself as a human being. A big topic of discussion is about the limits of human potential and the mission to discover stories from people and uncover the insights they’ve used to strive for better. One big issue openly discussed is how society spends too much time tearing people down versus building people up. And, the concept that when we sell ourselves and others short we...


Josh Chessman - Success is in a Good Warm-up

Co-host of The Whiteboard Project podcast, Josh Chessman, dives into his beliefs behind how he continues to evolve himself as a human being. Subscribing to the old adage that you become more like the people you surround yourself with, he’s used this approach to learn from the people he admires in order to achieve success. This approach comes from the realization that when people are better than you, do what it takes to learn from them because it is always going to pay out in the end....


The Whiteboard Project - How It All Began

Amateur Strongman competitor, Josh Chessman and amateur Endurance athlete, John Witzing dive right into the first episode of their newly created podcast, The Whiteboard Project. No fancy introductions or slick music, the boys get straight down to discussing how this endeavour all began two years prior. At that time they were doing something they called the Whiteboard Workouts as a way to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Each workout began with a blank slate; regardless of the...


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