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We believe in the power of women supporting other women and the wisdom we all have to teach one another how to find joy in the journey of life. This is our podcast with hosts Nancy Werteen and Kim Howie.

We believe in the power of women supporting other women and the wisdom we all have to teach one another how to find joy in the journey of life. This is our podcast with hosts Nancy Werteen and Kim Howie.
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We believe in the power of women supporting other women and the wisdom we all have to teach one another how to find joy in the journey of life. This is our podcast with hosts Nancy Werteen and Kim Howie.






WOW 131 ~ Let’s do a Complaint Cleanse with Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen

Did you know complaining actually impacts our brain function? Complaining also can make us feel physically bad and researchers say negative thinking breeds negative thinking. So, we are doing a Complaint Cleanse and we invite you to join us! See how long you can go without complaining. We promise once you put your complaints on a diet, you’ll feel so much better. In this episode, the ladies of The Wisdom Coalition ( walk you through how to get started and how to...


WOW 130 ~ Every day has never been better with Michelle Drager, owner of Bean

How can you think that every day will be better than the next? Simple. Think like a dog!! We speak with Michelle Drager, owner of a sweet golden retriever named Bean who is sweeping the nation with his acting, presidential run and 73-thousand followers on Facebook Bean is a virtual therapy dog, lifting people’s spirits with his charm and simple advice to live in the moment. Turns out we can learn a lot about life from our dogs if we just...


WOW 129 ~ How to step out of your comfort zone with Connie Challingsworth, Positive Life Decisions

Comfort zones are nice and...well...comfortable! But sometimes, you have to take a risk and challenge yourself so you can become your very best self. Connie Challingsworth, owner of, tells us how she sucked in her fear and changed her whole life which was very comfortable at first, but proved to be the best move she could make. How can you be brave and change your life?


WOW 128 ~ What do you see when you look at me with Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen

What do you bring to interactions with other people that might make you act in a certain way? It’s called the unconscious bias. Apparently about 80 to 90 percent of our mind works unconsciously. So how can you understand what your mind is telling you even if your heart isn’t saying the same thing? Learn how to find your metaphoric blindspot and how to make the most of your relationships from the ladies of


WOW 127 ~ What can you get from giving with Jane Wells Schooley, Northstar Team Development

If you think you can never stop learning, never stop growing and never stop giving, your life is going to expand by leaps and bounds. Listen to the wisdom of Jane Wells Schooley, Founder of Northstar Team Development and Northstar Women Leaders She has had a distinguished career in business. And is a huge advocate for women, girls and children. With a vibrant life, she is also a grandmother to 28 refugee children. Jane talks about how much she gets from...


WOW 126 ~ 50 Shades of Change with Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen

Oh the times they are “a-changin’”! That’s for sure. One thing certain about life is that it’s always changing. The ladies of The Wisdom Coalition explain why change can be scary but they also outline the best way to approach change of any kind with the right attitude for success! Listen in to find out how to ask the right questions, change your attitude and create the life you want!


WOW 125 ~ How can we understand each other with Mona Del Sole, coach, speaker and educator

How did the conversations go at the last family gathering? Could the grandparents talk to the kids? How about the last meeting at work? Did the millennials find a way to communicate effectively with the baby boomers? Intergenerational communication is a buzz word sweeping the nation and our guest Mona Del Sole who is a coach, a speaker and an educator tells us all about it. Mona gives great tips to help you communicate better with any age! She says, “One of the...


WOW 124 ~ Let’s Save Our Girls with Tiana Clark, creator and executive producer of Soci Circle

What can be a lifeline for young girls struggling with trying to figure out who they are in a world complicated by social media, bullying and low self-esteem? Tiana Clark, creator and executive producer of Soci Circle is working to reach young girls in a way they can understand. Soci Circle is a critically acclaimed award-winning web series and in-school educational program that features tween girls, 8 to 12 years of age, who talk openly with each other and seek...


WOW 123 ~ Live a life in full bloom with Rebecca Lamperski, author

If you think of your life as a garden, what have you planted lately? How are you taking care of your garden and what are you allowing in that is preventing you from fully blooming? In her book, Full Bloom: Planting the Seeds For Your Future, Rebecca Lamperski challenges us to create the life we want with a few simple ideas. It all starts with a life dream, a dream that YOU can make real. We’ll tell you how.


WOW 122 ~ Do you handle disappointment the best way with Dr. Jarrod Spencer, Psychologist

How can you manage disappointments, rejection and setbacks with a positive attitude? That’s right, life’s challenges don’t HAVE to bring you down. Learn how to bring yourself back up with a few simple tactics and realizations. Dr. Jarrod Spencer, president and Founder of The Mind Of The Athlete, says if you don’t explore your emotions after a difficult situation, they will find the weakest part of your body and settle there to give you more problems in the...


WOW 121 ~ It’s okay not to be okay with Jason Harrar, veteran from Tails Of Valor

It’s totally okay to not be okay! An important lesson from our guest Jason Harrar, who served for 13 years in the Marines. He now works for an organization called Tails Of Valor, a beautiful non profit which basically takes puppies from animal shelters and trains them to help veterans with symptoms of PTSD and traumatic brain injury. Jason talks candidly about his struggles to get his life back after PTSD took him by the throat. Jason’s service dog, Loftus,...


WOW 120 ~ What is the secret to success with Amy Banocy, author

What is the secret to success you ask? It isn’t body shaming, putting yourself last and ignoring what you want and need! Our guest Amy Banocy, who just co-authored her first book, “The Success Formula”, with best selling author, Jack Canfield, learned these lessons the hard way and she’s determined to help other women understand and discover the self-love we all deserve. Amy says you have to use your GPS-Gratitude, Positivity and self-care to succeed at anything!


WOW 119 ~ Finding Joy with Grief, Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen

Who or what are you grieving right now? Grief is such a constant in our lives. We feel sorrow for people we’ve lost, experiences we wanted to have or didn’t want to have. We grieve for our younger selves and for the babies our adult children once were. We grieve a job loss, a divorce, the loss of our health. In this podcast, you will learn how to process the feelings of loss that are such a big part of the fabric of our lives in a way that’s healthy and even leaves room for joy.


WOW 118 ~ How does almost dying change how you live with Jill McComsey, personal injury attorney

“Life is a terminal condition”, we say in our book, The Power Of A Pivot, How Changing Your Mindset Can Bring You More Joy In Every Aspect Of Your Life. This realization that our time is finite is most present for people who have stared death in the face. Our guest, Jill Kelly McComsey, a personal injury attorney who had a heart attack at age 36, didn’t know if she would live or die. Now, she thrives with a different attitude. Jill talks about what the trauma gave her and how it infused her...


WOW 117 ~ Let’s jump off the worry-wheel together with Kim and Nancy

Do you spend a lot of time worrying? Is it hard to stop worrying? Do you accomplish anything with your worries? The ladies of explore the root cause of our worries and explain how we can each set an intention to make sure our ruminating thoughts don’t control our lives and our actions. How can you stop worrying so much? What are you worrying about? Why? We help you find the answers!


WOW 116 ~ Don’t just survive, thrive with Caroline Adams Miller, author

How can you ask questions in a way that will propel your life? What questions will change the way women are perceived by themselves and in the world? Join us for a look at an exciting new book called Thriving Women Thriving World. An Invitation To Dialogue, Healing And Inspired Actions. Caroline Adams Miller, one of the nine authors of the book, details how this book can change your life, your relationships and the trajectory of your future.


WOW 115 ~ Are you numbing with alcohol? with Meg Lewis, certified recovery coach

How much do you rely on alcohol to relax you, help you celebrate, stimulate you? More women today are drinking more alcohol. Why and what can we do to focus more on ourselves? Join us for a discussion with Meg Lewis, who is a certified recovery coach working with professional women with mild to moderate alcohol use disorders. Meg says “life has really become just an accessory to drinking.” She talks about how she overcame her own dependance on alcohol and...


WOW 114 ~ Astrology 101 with Melissa Stratton, Astrologer

Do you believe in Astrology? What is it anyway? What’s a birth chart, and what can it tell you about your character? Astrologer, Melissa Stratton, tells us a birth chart is like a mission statement for your life and can tell you who you were meant to be. She says it’s a cosmic fingerprint that’s different for everyone. Join us for a fascinating discussion.


WOW 113 ~ How can you REALLY let go of what makes you sad or sick or angry with Kim and Nancy

What are you holding on to? What are you allowing yourself to be stuck in? How can you shed the weight of things that trouble you but hold you hostage at the same time. The ladies of The Wisdom Coalition examine this complicated concept of what we hold on to and why, and how that can work against us. Learn how to fully bloom without barriers and obstacles pushing you down.


WOW 112 ~ How to grow out of childhood pain with Lisa Zarcone, author

In her memoir, The Unspoken Truth, author Lisa Zarcone, gives a raw account of a childhood marred with the agony of abuse. But today, as a mother and grandmother, she tells her story to tell the ending-the part where she picked herself up from the point of suicide and decided to become who she was meant to be. Her wisdom is wrapped around the concept that we can be more than our experiences and we can thrive despite the worst of times.