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Sex, Drugs & Travel Stories

If you’ve never listened to Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About before, don’t start here-- or maybe start here. This episode was recorded at Ali’s birthday BBQ, which was completely crazy and not at all like our other podcasts. Ali and Amanda, as well as a few friends, spill all in this sex, drugs and travel themed episode. Ali was kicked off a military base and Amanda was basically held hostage on a Hampton Jitney. We also talk about nearly dying on spring break (from both illness and...


Investing In Your Wardrobe & Yourself

This episode is all about fashion and how to build a wardrobe that makes you look & feel your best. Ali and Amanda open the show answering a question from a Blogette about lipstick vs lipgloss. Then we get serious about fashion and what the building blocks of a good wardrobe are. Ali gives her perspective as a stylist and Amanda shares her opinion as a fashion blogger. If you’ve ever asked yourself “Should I buy this?”— we will teach you to stop second guessing yourself. We also talk about...


A Stylist & Blogger Reveal Their Best Discount Fashion Hacks

Let’s cut to the chase. Listen on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn or below. Hello Blogettes! This might be our most simultaneously fun and helpful episode yet because Ali and Amanda share their best discount fashion hacks and tricks. We don’t believe in paying full price and neither should you. If you want to save on your favorite fashion brands—this is the episode to listen to. Just a note—we originally recorded this on May 30th, so if things sound slightly out of order, that’s...



Let’s cut to the chase. Listen on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or TuneIn Live from Ali’s pre July4th BBQ! Someone is pregnant and it’s not Ali or Amanda. It’s Ali’s East Coast bestie, Nicole. In this episode we dish about getting pregnant, having kids, high school, why Ali is ready for babies and why Amanda is not, Amanda’s OG fave podcast, birth control nightmares, and so much more. Have a happy and safe holiday! Things We Talked About In This Episode Get extra karma points by rating us...


Nikki Lund

Let's cut to the chase. You can listen on on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or TuneIn. We get REAL in this episode with Nikki Lund. First, we talk fashion with Nikki and she tells us all about her 10 Essentials Collection. Then we get DEEP into a serious convo about life, bullying, being a parent, helping other women, Internet trolls, working hard, ambition, feeling good about yourself and so much more. Shop Nikki Lund Please visit Ali’s website and Amanda’s blog Follow Ali on Twiiter and...


Semi-Secret Bonus Mini Episode

IT’S A BONUS MINI-EPISODE! We love you Blogettes so much, we wanted to give you a quick update about our lives and the show. Here are the links we talked about- Get styled by Ali See how Amanda attempted to organize her sad closet Consider this your invitation to join our closed Facebook Group Want to collab? Write us love letters? Please email Like us on Facebook because we really want to be liked. Don’t forget, you can EARN EXTRA KARMA POINTS...


Lauryn Evarts & Michael Bosstick Of The Skinny Confidential

This week on Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About, we are so happy to welcome Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast. In this episode, we talk about being real, blogging, gratitude, boundaries, haters, working with your spouse, Instagram tips and so much more. If you aren’t reading The Skinny Confidential or listening to the podcast, you are seriously missing out. Want to collab? Write us love letters? Please email...


Jamie Kennedy (Yes, that Jamie Kennedy)

Our dogs apologize in advance for this podcast. Ali and Amanda welcome actor/comedian/man of many hats JAMIE KENNEDY to Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About to talk about male rompers (romp-hims?), dogs, etiquette, and how crazy the industry is. They also discuss what it is like for both sexes to pee while wearing rompers, ADD, Jamie’s Podcast called Hate To Break It To Ya, standup, social media, Breckin Meyer, Jason Lee, Seth Green, The Property Brothers, People Magazine, Bethenny Frankel,...


Up In The Gym Just Working On Their Fitness

This week Ali and Amanda get into it about fitness. Amanda talks about inconsiderate people at the gym, her love for AKT, ClassPass, the car accident that changed her life, anxiety, the wisdom of Keltie Knight, The Hamptons, her favorite Pilates studio in LA (dr pilates) and what she has learned after taking 500+ group fitness classes. Ali chats Krav Maga (not to be confused crab dip), working out at home, DVDs (remember those?), feeling good, Danette May and more. Things Amanda Said She...


Annabelle DeSisto

We welcome our first guest for episode 4, the brilliant and hilarious Annabelle DeSisto of the Adderall and Compliments Podcast ( If you’re an A&C Kitten, thank you for listening, we love you. In this episode we discuss how amazing Annabelle’s hair is (to a nearly obsessive level), Joan Rivers (Annabelle’s former boss), Postmates, why needing cash is a complete nightmare, Kim Kardashian, The Drybar Book and compare the post-jail styles of Paris Hilton and...


Beauty Deep Dive

Get ready for a deep dive about all things beauty. In episode three, Ali and Amanda talk about drugstores, fancy Duane Reade, Boots, when coconuts smell good or like a gas station, Calabasas, the Kardashians, LA pill popping, state liquor laws, Larchmont Village, Flower by Drew Barrymore Zoom In Ultimate Mascara, major love for Blushington, Drybar, Armani Foundation, Sweat Cosmetics, Nars, Too Faced (Semi Sweet for life), Stila, lashes, how primer changes your game, Ali’s love for iGlow...


Bad Malls & Fast Fashion

In episode two, Ali and Amanda talk about malls, the good the bad and the ones that desperately need to be bulldozed. Growing up in NYC (Amanda) and the suburbs (Ali), shopping anxiety, NYC Bloomingdales, strange SoCal chain stores, and our shared love of The Caruso Family (not the actor David Caruso). They also dish on fast fashion, H&M, Zara, Forever 21 (FOREVER), dressing room disasters with our moms, clothing care tips and velvet hangers. Ali spills some secrets about working with Lisa...


Meet Ali & Amanda, #firstworldproblems & LA Fashion

Welcome to the debut episode of Things We're Too Lazy To Blog About with Ali Levine & Amanda Lauren. If you are wondering where you can get this on iTunes, the answer is you can't at the moment. It's not because we're trying to be exclusive, it's because we are still waiting for an actual human at Apple to approve the podcast. This is more annoying than a publicist who can't find your name on a guest list. But, hopefully it should be up within the next few days (possibly hours). However, all...