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Thriving After Addiction: Using Yoga, Meditation, & Life Coaching to help recoverees live life skillfully with passion, fierceness, and love

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TAA149 Shadow Work Embracing Your Shadow

Shadow Work Embracing your shadow Shadow work is a special kind of self-love work. You learn to acknowledge your dark parts, accept and embrace them. It’s not easy and it’s taken me a long time to be able to fully embrace or even KNOW my shadow. When I found my shadow, she was all the parts of me I rejected ... Read More


TAA148 Interview with Gregor Maehle Yoga, Spirituality, Addiction Part 2

On the continued interview with Gregor Maehle, Gregor and Erin discuss Yogic meditation and why ethics are so important to a yogi’s practice to keep them on the path and the eight limbs in totality. We discuss how yoga is really the relationship with yourself and how the body is crystallized history of your past actions and thoughts. Check out ... Read More


TAA147 Interview with Gregor Maehle Yoga, Spirituality, Addiction Part 1

On this special podcast Erin interviews long time yoga practitioner, author, and public figure, Gregor Maehle. Gregor and Erin talk about the physical aspect of yoga and flow into the mental and emotional aspects of how to heal the wounds that we have. Check out more from Gregor including retreats and trainings at Reach out


Erin’s Retreat (HUGE DISCOUNT)

Erin’s annual retreat is half filled and has a huge discount on it. May 6th-8th and May 9th-11th for $399 for each segment! Or stay the whole time for $750! Sessions are from 12-5:30pm each day with a catered lunch included in tuition. Every day we will blend life coaching, emotional processing, tantric techniques, book activities, and more to help ... Read More


TAA146 EMDR Therapy for Healing with Special Guest Julie Simons

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. Today on TAA, we have Julie Simons who is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Sarasota offers online therapy throughout the state of Florida. Erin shares her experience with this form of therapy about how it ... Read More


TAA145 Fomo and Non-Excess

Fomo and Non-Excess Fomo is real (fear of missing out) I know for me lately my life has been way too fast. My body is telling me, my mind, and it’s showing up in my life in different ways.I crave quiet and peace and at the same time, I have a fear of missing out on something that is exciting ... Read More


TAA144A Inspired Journeys Jayme Westrom Interview REAIR

The Yamas and Niyamas: Satya In this episode Casey and Erin discuss the second Yama, Satya: Truthfulness with special guest and energy worker, Reverend Jayme Westrom. Jayme talks about how to remove emotional blockages from our energy fields and how these blocks can affect our relationships and how we carry ourselves in the world. These energies are stored as frequencies ... Read More


TAA144 Breakthroughs and Body Love

Breakthroughs and Body Love Epiphanies can happen at any time. I have found for me that when I create some space in my life, it gives room for amazing creativity and conscious energy to enter me. In this episode, Matt Murphy talks about some break throughs he has had from an athlete’s standpoint of treating his body like used sports ... Read More


TAA143 Finding Your Identity and Joy

Finding Your Identity and Joy When sorting out your identity or identities, list out all the thing you love to do and be. Imagine putting them on like you would a jacket or suit. Does it feel good? Does it bring you joy? If not, you let it go. Be sure to make sure your motivation for adopting it. Is ... Read More


TAA142 Inspiration and Coming Alive

Inspiration and Coming Alive Coming alive is the final of a 3 part series from my tag line on my prior radio show, Inspired Journeys. These principles have played a huge role in my life. We become inspired, we dig into ourselves, and then we see what’s on the other side. To come alive we need acceptance of where we ... Read More


TAA141 Digging Deep: Healing Inner Child

Digging Deep: Healing Inner Child Each stage is attached to a basic virtue and if any of this virtue is wounded at any point in time, inner child is affected. The failure or the inability of completing a stage successfully can end in a reduced capacity to complete other stages further. This leads to a morbid personality and sense of ... Read More


TAA140 Anger Shame and Self-forgiveness

Anger is many times a shield for shame If you poke a wounded animal, it’ll probably lash out. It may cower to in fear, but sometimes it comes out as anger. Why? For me, shame makes me more defensive. If a person says something that could be true and I don’t have a lot of space between my thoughts and ... Read More


TAA139 Dream Big

Dream Big So I’ve talked about manifestation a few times on here, but my angle in this episode is different. It’s important to establish a relationship with yourself and find a balance of intuition and ego. So the stronger parts and the softer parts can find a balance. If you are constantly fighting yourself, you won’t manifest, because your energy ... Read More


TAA138 Speaking Up

Speaking UpSpeaking up for people is difficult sometimes. When you need to have those deep conversations that are uncomfortable, sometimes we just want tohide. It’s not uncommon for really important serious issues that need to be talked about in a relationship to just go unspoken, but it can have huge impact on us. When we do speak up it’s important ... Read More


TAA137 Patience for the Process

Patience for the ProcessHealing takes time. Deepening a Relationship takes time. Full Recovery takes time. So we must cultivate patience for this process as we move through life. Patience for our journey will cause us to flourish. It feels good to be supported no matter what from the inside out. Sometimes the process is messy and it’s almost always WAY ... Read More


TAA136 Allowing Love and Subconscious Beliefs

Allowing love and subconscious beliefs Hi everyone! If you have not left a review, please do so. I only need 9 more to reach 100! Namaste xoxoxo Erin Allowing love can be a complex process. I don’t know about you, but any time things are going great in my life, my brain wants to find a way to bring me ... Read More


TAA135 Manifestation and Messengers

Learning how to manifest is a skill that takes connection of mind and body. You cannot just think these things into existence, though that’s certainly part of the process. You must also FEEL and work for them. The way the body communicates to the universe in through vibration. Now if we have a vibration of prosperity within us, that is ... Read More


TAA134 How Coaching Can Help EVERYTHING

Life Coaching is a translation tool. It helps you to remove obstacles, doubts, and sabotaging beliefs you might have about showing up in your life in a meaningful way. So basically if you have a result in your life that you’re not pleased with, but for some reason you keep doing (i.e. eating too much, drinking to much, not taking ... Read More


TAA133 Resilience and How to Deal with Bullying

Reach out Erin’s Retreat is open for sign ups!!! I was recently the target of bullying. This kind of thing used to make me shrink and cry and I would go over in my head about how terrible I was. I would shut down Because I have developed a fierce sense of love for myself, that doesn’t happen ... Read More