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Influencer Violet Benson (@daddyissues_) tells it like it is while giving life advice and lessons from her wild adventures trying to navigate the world as a single woman whos now too tired to be crazy.

Influencer Violet Benson (@daddyissues_) tells it like it is while giving life advice and lessons from her wild adventures trying to navigate the world as a single woman whos now too tired to be crazy.
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Influencer Violet Benson (@daddyissues_) tells it like it is while giving life advice and lessons from her wild adventures trying to navigate the world as a single woman whos now too tired to be crazy.




Is Your Vagina Normal? with Dr. Nazarian

Today’s episode is all about BIG P*SSY LIPS ENERGY!! Including my own since I share 22 pics of my taco with Dr. Nazarian to get her professional opinion on my beef curtains. On this episode, Sheila Nazarian joins me, an award-winning plastic surgeon and one of the top vaginal/ labiaplasty surgeons in Los Angeles, to discuss EVERYTHING VAGINA. We cover every myth and all of your questions; you’d be surprised by some of the answers. We get down and dirty on what is considered a "normal...


Bad Timing Or Wrong Person?

It’s not bad timing, It’s just the wrong person - What you’re not seeing. On this episode, I discuss what your friends are not telling you, signs you’re being played, how "bad timing" is just a myth, and how to make a long distance relationship work. I also reveal something EMBARRASSING that I do when I like someone that I've never told anyone before, losing my virginity, my trick to getting over someone, and making the first move. I end the episode with signs you’re currently in a toxic...


Your BF Has A Baby D*ck with Sophia Miacova

On this episode with Sophia ‘Miacova’ Esperanza, we discuss, being vegan & an environmentalist, vaginas, reasons why we stay in a controlling toxic relationship and how to get out, toxic friends and when it’s time to let go, and even our own friendship breakup - awkward... We also dive into the different types of vaginas there are and which one we each have, your BF’s baby d*ck, being a crazy ex, having a positive outlook on your breakup, how social media is making us insecure and how to...


Surviving A (Friendship) Breakup

On this episode we discuss friendship breakup and how to cope with losing a friend. We start with a Q&A on feeling lost, letting go, and a weird habit of mine that no one knows about. We then dive into how to spot a ride or die BFF, why friendship breakups are so painful, tips on moving on, and a recent experience of mine. Tune in next week for pt.2 where we’ll cover toxic friendships!! New episode every Thursday. Pls rate & subscribe and don’t forget to follow me on IG at @violetbenson &...


We Never Had Sex with Logan Paul

On this episode with Logan Paul, we discuss that time I tried to bang him, Logan’s type, Japan, depression, James Charles, cancel culture, and my embarrassing drunk texts. We then get into a more serious discussion like the first time Logan touched a wiener, our most embarrassing sex stories, and what everyone’s been dying to know… who’s d*ck is bigger - LOGAN or JAKE?!?! Which team are YOU on!?! Length or girth? We end the podcast with final thoughts on sending nudes, f*cking on the first...


How to Get Over Someone You Never Actually Dated

On this episode I give you 9 steps to get over that fuckboy that’s ruining your life and answer some of your questions like, 5 things you don’t know about me, being rejected, and how being 'Daddyissues' has actually affected my love life in a negative way. GURL, If we're not best friends by the end of this episode and you don’t feel empowered and deserving of love then bishhh DM ME because, you amazing, you are loved, and you are going to be OKAY. I’m here to remind you of that. Below are...


You were inside of me. It’s done. We're together. With Nick Viall

On this episode with Nick Viall, we re-live Nick’s bachelor season and discuss the demise of his and Vanessa’s relationship. We also cover, what Nick looks for in a partner, being a Libra, our definition of love, finding love, soulmates, the rules of sleeping with me, dating in 2019, and going through a heartbreak. Lastly, consider taking a shot every time I break into a nervous laugh or unsuccessfully hit on Nick while he brushes it off, and pretends it’s not happening....


Single and Rejected: Horror Stories with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

On this episode, Remi Ashten and Alisha Marie join me to discuss being single, feeling rejected, getting cheated on, how to win a breakup even if you never actually dated, the importance of friendships, and how to stop looking for love in all the wrong places! We end this episode on a hilarious note where I share fan’s first date horror stories like maybe don’t leave a Ziplock bag with your poop in someone kitchen??? Enjoy because it’s gonna be a sh*t show! Pun intended. Follow Alisha at...


Coachella, Drugs, Vaginas with Brittany Furlan

I tried molly at Coachella and it went from glitter and lollypops to the worst trip of my life. And just when I thought I was in the clear, BITCHHH no one tells you about the molly aftermath. I sunk into depression the following week and barely survived it. As I cry through my experience I discuss what I learned from it and how I pulled myself out! All with this week’s special guest, Brittany Furlan! Speaking of out, we also cover vaginas and labia this week, like is yours out or in?? Why...


Are you dating a F*ckboy?

Welcome to the first episode of Too Tired To Be Crazy - a hilarious podcast brought to you by me, Violet Benson (creator of @daddyissues_ )!! Today we’re talking about my insane dating life and even crazier mind. So grab a bottle of wine and some tissues because you’re about to get on an emotional rollercoaster called “He’s wasting your time 2019”. On this episode, we discuss our own f*ckboy experience, answer your questions, and give advice on how to end a toxic cycle and love...


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Welcome to Too Tired to be Crazy, featuring influencer Violet Benson. She opens up about her everyday experience, and what it's like to be dating in today's digital world. Listen to hear her advice, and stories from amazing guests that give you insight as to why she's Too Tired to be Crazy.