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Really Wednesday - TopCat 247 Podcast

It's Really Wednesday!? Well that's a rip! With the climate of the world being a little on edge right now, its only right for me to be a little bit frosty as well. So let me ask you all, how does the climate in the US feel to you? Oh, I'm not talking about the weather? Tyranny and ignorance go hand in hand, so please forgive our ignorance because it does not represent the people of the US. Whew! I got that out of the way now we can proceed. Ok, so my speaking engagement was about white...


RealTALK2 - TopCat 247 Podcast

More What's Good? I hope you all are great and there are no BURNED eyes from the Eclipse! As my son and I were watching it we wondered out loud, we are truly in space! Some forget that and think we are bolted to some immovable object, but alas we are not. Next up: got some great info on the podcast today and it will really make you think. With all the mess about Race and life, its a wonder...


Wowednesday - TopCat 247 Podcast

Wowednesday for Women! What a great day it is and will be tomorrow, as long as you awaken...Ok so this MILK thing is crazy and I have to get people to STOP drinking this poison!! Read the article and then go straight to the podcast! The Truth about Dairy According to Dr. Willett, who has done many studies and reviewed the research on this topic, there are many reasons to pass up milk, including: 1. Milk doesn’t reduce fractures.(i) Contrary to popular belief, eating dairy products has...


Poli-Tricks - TopCat 247 Podcast

Us Government Report On Homeless Youth, Homelessness in the united states - wikipedia, The number of homeless people grew in the 1980s, as housing and social service cuts increased and the economy deteriorated. the united states government determined .. More than 500,000 people homeless in the united states, More than 500,000 people - a quarter of them children - were homeless in the united states this year amid scarce affordable housing across much of the nation ....


ToFU? - TopCat 247 Podcast

So let me ask you, what did you think when you read the title? Ugh? No way? For real, how many of you have ever tasted a tofu based dish? Have you ever eaten at an Asian restaurant, specifically Japanese? Many of you, right? How did it taste? For some great but for some, no way! But consider your health and the fact that you're helping the planet! How great is that?!! As a family, we are committed to learning more and more about health and our genes. You can too. Ok, facts are not real...


Fireworks - TopCat 247 Podcast



OMG - TopCat 247 Podcast

Wake up, Wake up, Wake up its the end of the month! Get up, get up, get up and don't forget your lunch! Ok, that's for those that work and love it...and the stories today are again, feel good! Have you ever seen something that your brain could not make out? Or it filled in what it thought it saw? That's what we will discover today in the Podcast. Why we do what we do? What are the causes? One thing I have learned, we are products of our upbringing environment. Imagine not having to work...


WildOut Wednesday - TopCat 247 Podcast

Oh my goodness, what's exciting about today in your world? Well as usual, I have a few things on my mind and on the podcast today, I got them off!! Have you ever had something stuck in your throat and no matter how much you try, it was not budging? What did you eventually do? Was it an old family remedy passed down generations? What did you eventually do? Well, you probably fell asleep and awakened the next morning to find it had removed itself. How? Unexplained stuff happens all the time....


Keep it Simple - TopCat 247 Podcast

Hello again! I truly hope you all are well and inspired and inspiring others to do more and Keep it Simple! This is the theme of the day! Food is mandatory but the overconsumption is alarming especially with foreign born folk that come to the USA and experience "fast food" for the first time. Its unbelievable the amount they eat. It was eye opening for us as a family to witness it... Had to explain this to my son and he already figured it out. Keep it Simple. Love for ones self is crucial....


Friend-Foe - TopCat 247 Podcast

Happy Friday! Are you a friend or foe? Don't you ask yourself that sometimes? I mean, people are a little shady at times, aren't they? Even you are at times. Listen I'm not the morality policia but humans have this fascination with the "Dark" side. Lets face it, the bad guys get the girls! They may not marry them but the get them. So, what happens when you encounter people that look like you but act like they look like a stranger. Well I had a few brown folk that were actually ashamed of...


Remember - TopCat 247 Podcast

Happy Memorial Day! A time to Remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom! Thanks you!! As a military person myself, I understand the challenges some had and what they gave! Do you remember someone that was lost? If so, what do you remember about them? Their smile? Voice? Eyes? What? Hopefully, you have learned how to keep those memories sacred and share the love with all that will listen. Some feel that death is not the end? What do you think? Celebration of life...


We-e-ednesday - TopCat 247 Podcast

Oh my, there is so much to talk about but not a lot of time to do it because for me time is motion and sitting still is wasting the some of the time I have in this world! So, listen so that I do not have to write a bunch of what's going on! I can tell you this though, the healthier you are the better your mindset will be and sleeping 7.5-8hrs EVERY night will improve your wellness is exponential ways! Who knew that you lost weight while you slept? Ok, I knew but wanted to make sure you...


Granny Marie - TopCat 247 Podcast

Happier Mindset Monday and the day after Mother's Day welcomes a great opportunity to share stories and visit loved ones. What did you do? Well we had our 91 year old Granny over for the first time.... Wow, it was too funny. We went to school and she met my dudes teachers and class mates. Awesome experience for someone born in 1920's! What do you think? Also, shared some drama and science but you have to listen. Love your kids and they will love you back! Be real with them, share failures...


High-appy Mindset Monday - TopCat 247 Podcast

Yes, its High-appy Mindset Monday again! I hope all of you made the weekend memorable for inspiring reasons of course...Or did you have excuses that were accepted as reasons? Well anyways, WELCOME back! Ok, so my lil dude wanted to interview me and so I let him do his thing and ask me 5 questions and you got to hear his reporting skills. Also, we had a great conversation that will surely make you laugh and realize, that's you too! Hopefully your team is still grinding, don't lose faith in...


Way-back Wednesday - TopCat 247 Podcast

Way-Back Wednesday! Well this one was a tough one because it was about an issue that plagues our community and others too it appears. Light skin and dark skin. Its crazy but folk are still buying to the "good" hair thing too. Do you perpetuate the hate? Ok, so that is discussed a little as it was shown to me via a speaking engagement to kids. So if its there, its at home, agree? How do you feel about it? Have you seen this or been a part of it? I bet you will watch out for it now. I...


Mindset Monday Marriage - TopCat 247 Podcast

Young and Married... Discover Intimacy and each others Love Language! Man, its not like it used to be, is it? Well this story begins where most ends, happy and all smiles. Now it does not seem to be that way when in the line of fire so hang on to your hats on this one. I had a great conversation with a 23 year old, married mother of 3 girls and a Navy husband. We were in the gym and she was working out and doing a great job. She came over to me and said, she was going to do a pull up if it...


Time-Out Thursday - TopCat 247 Podcast

Time Out Thursday! What's good familia'? I truly hope you all are well and enjoying all that life has to offer you at this moment, not in the future, but rught now!!! Too many times when I speak to prospects and clients, some are lost with what time means. Time is ACTION. Time means little if there is NO action attached to it. Feel me? Think about that, what is time to you! Ok, serious I am today. Watching my wife and son battle in a chess match gave me an opportunity to OVERstand how they...


Tap In Tuesday - TopCat 247 Podcast

Good Morning Familia! Tap In Tuesday or are you going to Tap Out? My son and I went out this weekend and I challenged him to run across a very log span bridge. Now he has no fear of heights as we climb high into trees but the thought of the bridge intrigued him. I know he wants to impress me so I used this as an advantage to teach him how to overcome an unknown, not label it a fear. Be careful with the labeling. Ok, so I posted it on Instagram and Twitter so please check the video out. Tap...


Feel Me? Friday - TopCat 247 Podcast

Feel Me Friday! You feel me? How many times have you been asked that question? How many times have you asked that question? Who knows, right? I guess we will never know but I do know that the podcast is deep, like fathoms... What are we going to have to do to get our people communicating and meaning what they say? Feel me? oops, there I go. I want you share my heart felt concerns for this subject. That's why I use, feel me? Ok, thanks to my IG family for the follows and I appreciate my...


Weird 2 - TopCat 247 Podcast

What's good?! I sincerely hope you are well wherever you are today! So let's get to the business at hand. I mentioned embracing your Weirdness in a post yesterday and was asked to dive into it even further. So I decided to do a Podcast on it. You will have to listen to it for the details. So much info so please indulge me!