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Ah, wedded bliss! The charming melodies of your partner chewing, every dirty dish stacked to perfection, passionate dialogue that is definitely NOT yelling! Real-life couple, Emily & Nathan explore the mirth and the myths of long term relationships.

Ah, wedded bliss! The charming melodies of your partner chewing, every dirty dish stacked to perfection, passionate dialogue that is definitely NOT yelling! Real-life couple, Emily & Nathan explore the mirth and the myths of long term relationships.


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Ah, wedded bliss! The charming melodies of your partner chewing, every dirty dish stacked to perfection, passionate dialogue that is definitely NOT yelling! Real-life couple, Emily & Nathan explore the mirth and the myths of long term relationships.






You've Got Personality

If you're like us, you love taking silly Facebook quizzes that tell you which Hogwarts House you belong to. (We're proof that a Gryffindor and Slytherin can make it work!) But this week we take it to a whole other level with the Myers Briggs test from We dive into what makes us tic, how annoying it is to have a computer call you out for your worst traits, and how it affects our relationship. Does the test have our number or is it way off, and even more importantly, what...


Fatherhood Freakout!

In this week's episode, Emily asks Nate all about what it's like to be the other guy. Ya know, the anchor, the support person, the often overlooked partner in the pregnancy duo. What's it like finding out you're going to be a parent? Is sympathy pregnancy a real thing? And how does it feel knowing your partner is going through a total body transformation and and a potentially dangerous and (at it's easiest) a pretty traumatic and inevitable labor experience and there's not a damn thing you...


Cheers for 10 Years: The Anniversary Episode

Well we did it y'all. 10 trips around the sun with each other. 5,256,000 Minutes (That's Ten Rent's of marriage! Nate & Emily sit down on their anniversary and revisit what the last 10 years has taught them, how is has surprised and challenged them. They open up about how it was nothing like they anticipated, yet richer than they could have ever anticipated. As they close out this chapter of their marriage and prepare to enter the next as parents, they reflect on what the last year has...


The Babymoon Bonanza Episode!

This week Emily & Nate recount the adventure of their BabyMoon. What is a BabyMoon? How does one do it? Well we’ve got answers apparently, because a registered OB in Key West chased us down the street to ask us all about it. The final trip as a duo is a great chance to reflect on where you’ve been as a couple and look forward to how the new addition to your family is going to change everything. All of that was great, but like most things in marriage, it wasn’t without its messes. From...


Going the (Long) Distance

The world is opening again and if you’re like us you’re feeling equal parts excitement and “did I really like being around people that much before?” Emily and Nate found themselves thrown back into old patterns when Nate had to start flying for work again. From little things like forgetting how to pack, to larger issues like checking in promptly when your pregnant wife texts you, it was a week filled with nervousness, excitement, relief, angst and at least one of us crying while on a plane...


The Parent Trap

We all vow that we'll never become our parents, but if there's one thing that will bring it out of you, it's becoming parents yourself. This week, Emily & Nate dive into how their own upbringing has given them insight into how they would like to parent. Prompted by a great discussion of other parent's to be they talk about the wonderful things they want to pass on to their child from their families. On the flip side, they discuss the parental patterns they want to break. They also turn the...


The Bump and the Grump: Another Baby Update!

You've heard of the bump and grind, but this week Emily and Nate are here to talk ALL about the bump....and the GRUMP. Who is the grump? Is it one of them? Possibly. Likely even. What they can tell you is that they are experiencing (in real time) how pregnancy changes the very nature of a relationship. Turns out the cliche we always hear about mom's hormone changes are just one part of the story. Did you know Dad's hormones change too? When Dad had a meltdown about installing a light in the...


Better Wed Than Dead

Many of us say it right in the vows, and hardly take a moment to think about what it really means. Whether it’s facing your own mortality or the mortality of your partner, kicking the bucket is an uncomfortable topic. Nate & Emily talk about how they have prepared for end of life decisions...and by that they mean they haven’t prepared at all. From the little things like what songs you want played at your funeral to the big complicated stuff like wills and life insurance it’s definitely a...


50 Shades of Green

It’s not easy being green with envy. It’s even harder when the person inviting the wrath of your green-eyed monster is your partner. Turns out it’s a slippery slope from admiration, emulation, and pride to malicious behavior. Most people don’t like to admit it, but it’s easy to harbor resentment with your spouse over careers, popularity, attractiveness, wealth, prestige and a host of other things that should make us nothing but proud...except they make us feel so damn worthless. If...


Stork Raving Mad!!! A Baby Update

If you’re looking for advice, we have none. This week we provide an update on all of our baby craziness and how it’s impacting our marriage in surprising ways. From ultrasounds to genetic testing; registries and gender reveals, we’re capturing some of what’s happening in real time. Listen in to find out how fluctuating birth plans, last name debates, and nesting make things all the messier. If you like us, do us a favor and share us with you're friends and family! Find us on Facebook,...


The 3Gs of Gettin' It On

No, it'a not an episode about broadband. These 3 G's are all about sex. As in Gettin it on, Gettin busy, Giggity get the idea. (giggity) This week, Emily and Nate discuss why it's so dang hard to keep the fire stoked after over a decade of shagging. Have they always succeeded? Of course not! Do they keep trying new things? Most definitely! Learn about (some of) those things and learn some ideas about how you can spark the flames and rekindle your fire. Emily and Nate got a...


Valentine's, Yea or Nay?

Is Valentines Day feeling more stale than a box of candy hearts? Are you tired of the expectations and pressure that go along with trying to fit all that love into one day? Maybe you’re anti-Valentines day all together because screw consumerism. We’ve been all three and after years of acting “too cool” for Cupid, we were in for a rude awakening when one of us skipped it during our first year of marriage. Take back the holiday and make it your own because damn it, you deserve to celebrate...


Maybe Baby, Part Deux

After the amount of feedback from people who reached out about episode 7: Maybe Baby, Nate & Emily regroup after the holidays to revisit the topic of kids. Will they or won't they? Should they or shouldn't they? Will their Mom's heads explode if they don't make up their minds already? Listen in to hear the latest. If you like us, do us a favor and share us with you're friends and family! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube Have a question or an idea for an episode? Email us at...


Relationship Red Flags

There are plenty of jokes out there about the red flags of dating, but what about the Red Flags waving in your relationships? This week, Emily and Nate, dive into a list Red Flags that therapists look out for when working with couples in therapy. They analyze which ones seem insane, which ones are a little too close for comfort, and the ones they have certainly been guilty of from time to time or all the time. Want to follow along with us? Check out this Buzzfeed Article of Instant Red...


Marriage Is A Martial Art

How on earth does Tae Kwan Do, or the Way of the Foot and the Fist, help make a marriage tough enough to break boards? This week, Emily & Nate discuss how the practice of Tae Kwan Do has not only helped them survive the pandemic and create a sense of community, but also how it has helped them in their relationship. In Tae Kwan Do, the practice that it takes to prepare for combat and and hone your skills requires a lot of trust and communication, and it turns out it prepares you for the...


The Sound of Silence

What do you think would happen if you took a 24 Hour Vow of Silence with your partner? Well we did so you don't have to. After reading Esther Perel's Mating in Captivity,Emily & Nate spent 24 hours without talking, texting, writing, and only minimal wild gesticulating . What they learned about their relationship without words was way more powerful than they anticipated. Hear how they tuned into each other's body language, expectations, awareness, spontaneity and spoiler alert....their sex...


Lost In Limbo: Getting Out of That 2020 Rut

Welcome to 2021, pod goblins! How’s it feel on the other side? If you’re like Em & Nate, you might not feel very different than you did in 2020. After all, we’re all still stuck in the COVID rut, a sort of limbo holding pattern purgatory filled with angst and uncertainty, anger and Enugu, and Netflix and carbs. The good news is, we can see an end in sight. The bad news...? We’re not entirely sure how long it’ll be before the COVID hold loosens it’s grip, nor do we know what life looks like...


2020: The Grievances and the Gratitude

Ahh 2020. What a year. In this episode Emily & Nate ring in the estinguishing of this dumpster fire by sharing two of their New Years traditions: The burning of the grievances, and the gratitude jar. The silver linings of 2020 were in many ways surprising, and Emily & Nate find themselves feeling a lot more introspective than they thought they'd be. Join us in celebrating 2021, the most anticipated New Year of our lifetime! What were your grievances and gratitudes this year? Email them to...


HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Love, Actually Is...

...All around us. ....A bit problematic. ......Absolutely necessary. In this week's episode, Nate and Emily break down the classic holiday film Love, Actually. It is absolutely a guilty pleasure for them every single year, but it gets more and more dated with every passing season. What aspects of love are ridiculous, absurd, or downright toxic? Which parts are delightful in all their Pointer Sister goodness? With an all star cast, that delivers , despite its surface level portrayals of...



The Oxford Dictionary defines phubbing as, " the practice of ignoring one's companion or companions in order to pay attention to one's phone or other mobile device". Sound familiar? If you're like Emily and Nate and - let's face it - most people on the planet with a cell phone, this behavior is causing tons of tension in your relationship and is probably keeping you from connecting with each other in some very significant ways. This week, Nate and Emily talk about all the ways their devices...