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Episode #068: Soul Fit: Well-Being for the Mind, Body, and Soul with Amanda Arnold

I sit down with Amanda Arnold to learn more about her business, Soul Fit. Soul Fit works to enhance the well-being of the mind, body, and soul. Amanda focuses specifically on residential apartment buildings and helps to make physical fitness easily attainable for residents. My takeaways from Ep. #068: Links from the Episode: Soul Fit Health and Wellness Website Soul Fit Minnesota Website Soul Fit Facebook Page Instagram: @SoulFitResidentialHW and @SoulFitMN Soul Fit LinkedIn


Episode #067: Portages: A Total Mental Health and Wellbeing Solution featuring Dr. L. Read Sulik and Dr. Michael Bloomquist

I dive deep into Portages™, a total well-being solution, with its creators, Dr. L Read Sulik and Dr. Michael Bloomquist. More about Portages™: Portages™ is a whole-person, science-based, personalized mental health and wellbeing improvement program designed to overcome stress, anxiety and depression and build resiliency through guided transformation of health behaviors and habits. To portage literally means to carry your vessel and your gear on a path from one body of water to the next to...


Episode #066: Swing For The Fences: Show up, Dig in, Suck Less with Greg Bancroft

Greg Bancroft is a writer and speaker with a passion for baseball—and helping others overcome shame. He has spent a lifetime writing, speaking, teaching in roles as diverse as an Episcopal priest, pastoral counselor, adjunct professor, Navy Chaplain, corporate trainer, community engagement leader, as well as in sales and marketing positions within Fortune 500 companies. In a world where so many people are carrying the weight of shame, Greg brings desperately needed affirmation and...


Episode #065: Mayne Sales and Media: Connecting Business to Buyers with Charlie Mayne

Charlie Mayne is the owner and founder of a full-service agency called Mayne Sales and Media. They have worked with clients ranging from your local food truck all the way up to clients like State Farm. They take an approach to online marketing that is intentionally designed to generate both profits from the campaigns as well as long-term brand awareness. Listen in as Charlie shares how he helps transform and create innovative design experiences that make a global impact for clients' brands....


Episode #064: Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better with Dr. Scott Schreiber, DC

Dr. Scott Schreiber has been in practice since 2004. He is double Board Certified in Rehabilitation and Clinical Nutrition. He specializes in manipulation, rehabilitation, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Combined with years of experience, this allows him to see a wide variety of patients, including tough cases where other treatments have failed. Listen in to this episode to have a 10,000 ft. view of the chiropractic side of medicine and how Dr. Scott gives premium care catered to every...


Episode #063: Look, Feel, and Be Your Best with Holistic Health Expert Senia Mae

Senia Mae Tuominen is the owner of Healing InSight Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine, where she and her team of practitioners help people of all ages feel great, lose weight and look younger. She loves helping other business owners restore their optimal health and energy so they can make their business dreams come true. Senia is the Holistic Health Expert on Twin Cities Live and has been featured in Minnesota Monthly, Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, Women’s Health, FM107, and the cover of...


Episode #062: Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury: Finding the Road Back to Normal with Amy Zellmer

Who would’ve thought that an accident will not only change your life but a thousand more? How would the painful experiences lead you to a mission to spread awareness and help others? Amy Zellmer is an award-winning author, speaker, and traumatic brain injury survivor. She is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post and Thrive Global; and also produces a podcast series and TBI TV for survivors and caregivers. In November 2015, she released her first book, Life with a Traumatic Brain...


Episode #061: Guiding People to Courageously Express their Authenticity with Annie Kuensting

Annie Kuensting is the owner and operator of Beacon Empowerment Strategies where she is an alignment and empowerment coach. She spent 10 years teaching cultivating mindsets of possibility and love with youth and transitioned to coaching adults as a natural progression of her calling. She teaches, speaks, and facilitates workshops in various ways around the Twin Cities related to her work. In this episode, Annie shares about the work she does for Beacon Empowerment Strategies, how to bring...


Episode #060: TC Realtor Turns Social Entrepreneur on a Mission to Spread Kindness with Josh Neumann

Josh Neumann is the creator and founder of Kind Lips, a lip balm company. Josh knew Kind Lips would serve a higher purpose than just hydrating lips. He believes that its message will inspire kindness all over the world one set of lips at a time. Today’s episode deals with, not only a burning passion, but a mission to impact the world genuinely and compassionately. How a lip balm so small and noble, and yet would bring massive positive effect on the way we speak and treat others? How did a...


Episode #059: What are Functional Foods and How Can They Help Us with Adam Southam

Adam Southam is a broad-based strategic thinker with more than 30 years of leadership, innovation, strategy, invention, business start-up, branding, and marketing excellence. He has conceived several patented and patent-pending inventions related to health, fitness, functional and preventative medicine, broadcast media, e-commerce, and distribution channel management. In this episode, Adam talks about My Formulary and his quest to help humanity in the field of health sciences and...


Episode #058: Stand-Up Comedy's Surprising Ability to Improve Well-Being with Lisa Evanson

Lisa Evanson is a Minnesota native who's an advertising account manager by day, stand-up comedian by night. In this episode, we discuss how the art of stand-up comedy helps Lisa with both her personal and professional life, from networking to writing better emails, setting expectations, self-fulfillment, and everything in between. Even if you don't plan on taking to the stage, you'll hopefully walk away with a new lens on what life throws you---big or small. “Be funny first, message...


Episode #057: Exceptional Wellness, Caring for Oneself and Others with Annie Meehan

Annie Meehan is known as the Exceptional Life Expert. She is a high-performance leadership speaker, trainer, consultant, and author. What sets her apart from other speakers is her light, authentic, humorous, and relatable presence that awakens her audience to action. In this episode, Annie shares how she helps others achieve exceptional results and exceed their goals by developing a new mindset, confidence, perspective, attitude, and action steps toward positive change. She also tackles why...


Episode #056:Finding Your Brilliance with Joan Steffend

Joan Steffend has spent almost thirty years in the media, first as a national Emmy-winning news anchor and reporter at an NBC affiliate in Minneapolis-St Paul, and then as a top-rated national host on HGTV’s Decorating Cents (with White House Christmas, Rose Parade, & Dream Home specials). She has appeared on Oprah, Live with Regis and Kelly, and The Today Show. Today, she is a published author. Her first book And She Sparkled was published in 2010 and her latest, Peace In Peace Out, came...


Episode #055: StatusNow App: Freedom to Put Your Phone Away and Be Present with Susan Melnick

Susan 'Susie' Melnick is an Edina mother to four busy kids, with a husband who travels for work and family that lives out of town. In 2017, she found herself feeling like she couldn’t even go for a walk without her smartphone, in case someone who needed her called or texted. She knew then that something had to change. The StatusNow App was born to help people feel free to disconnect and be more present in their lives, while still ensuring that their responsibilities are covered. In 2018 she...


Episode #054: Peak Mind: Build Psychological Strength and Transform the Way You Live Life with April Seifert and Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith is a licensed clinical psychologist and has spent the past 10 plus years specializing in treating anxiety and related disorders using an evidenced-based treatment called cognitive behavioral therapy. She has dedicated her career to helping people understand how their brains work and teaching them effective strategies for reducing anxiety and depression and ultimately leading meaningful and happy lives. April Seifert, on the other hand, is a psychologist, entrepreneur, and life...


Episode #053: The Champion’s Way: Adopting a Championship Culture in Your Life with Ben Utecht

Ben Utecht has always chased his dreams, finding his way from a small river town in Minnesota to a Super Bowl championship field. He has established himself as a prominent corporate and motivational speaker in the areas of leadership and culture. Both of his programs, The Champion’s Way™, and The MVP Program™ stem from lessons he learned in the locker room with Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy and in the huddle with future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. Both programs illuminate dynamic ways to...


Episode #052: LearningRx: Cognitive Skills Enhancement Programs For Children and Adults with Rich Frieder

Rich Frieder is the owner of LearningRx, a center that provides cognitive skills training to empower every student to learn faster and easier. Rather than focusing on tutoring which simply reteaches information, LearningRx gets to the root issues causing the learning struggles. In this episode, Rich shares why he opened LearningRx, the process they use to help others improve their learning ability, and the positive impact cognitive skills training has on others' lives. “When there is an...


Episode #051: Getting to the Bottom of What’s Really Going on with Your Health with Dr. Tom Pastor

Dr. Tom Pastor is a Doctor of Chiropractic who focuses on helping proactive people understand what’s going on with their health so that they can take appropriate action and feel better. In this episode, Tom shares his area of expertise, how he stands out as a chiropractor, how he gets to the bottom of what's really going on to his patient's health by building meaningful relationships with them, how value of building trust with his patients serves as a key factor in helping them to reach...


Episode #050: The JOY-Effect: Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability with Nancy Clairmont Carr

Nancy Clairmont Carr is a transformation expert, #1 bestselling author, speaker and energy practitioner, founder of The Joy-Effect, a master transformation coach who helps achievers optimize their business and lifestyles. In this episode, Nancy shares how her strategy empowers business owners to develop higher consciousness to access higher intuition, infinite intelligence, and optimal real-time solutions. Learn how you can transform your mindset, eliminate fears, limiting beliefs and...


Episode #049: Supporting Businesses, Ownership Groups, ​and Leaders Through Transition with Katy Mitchell

When we talk about succession, we also talk about letting go. And when we let go, we lose control. How does this scenario affect you as the business owner? Whether you are planning for the transition in your well-established family business or making your first key hire as a start-up, Katy Mitchell can help. Katy Mitchell leaverages her Masters degree in Psychology and a deep understanding of family owned businesses to provide guidance to businesses that are in transition.. She aids...