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Episode #032 Inspire, Align, Connect: How to Transform and Operationalize your Brand with Sarah McNally

Sarah McNally is the CEO of TransForm Corporation, a transformational consulting company, and a contributing author to the book Our Journey to Corporate Sanity. On this episode, Sarah shares share proven strategies for developing powerful and enriching relationships that will ensure you become the kind of leader others want to follow. “Wellbeing is really about inner alignment. When you know you are coming from a place of self-love, when you're making choices versus self-loathing.” -...


Episode #031 Structure Equals Freedom with Lakshmi Dady

Lakshmi Dady is a business coach, speaker and zealous advocate for ethical business and women’s empowerment. She is the founder of (B) Free, and partner of Coaching Hour. She is also an integral coach and holistic organizer with a decade of experience in teaching personal growth and facilitating organization. On this episode, Lakshmi shares her passion for coaching combined with her tenacity for business puts her in perfect alignment with The Coaching Hour's mission to empower...


Episode #030: Finding Power From Your Pain with Jenn Nelsen

Jenn Nelsen is a transformation specialist and catalyst for change. She is the founder and owner of The Wellness Alchemist, she has been cultivating human experience with her clients that transforms the mind, body and connection. In this episode, Jenn shares her passion of helping people increase their performance and increase longevity. She shares her expertise working with sending the mind and igniting the spirit to all walks of life and mini corner of the Earth. “My vision is to be able...


Episode #029 Shaping Minnesota’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Diane Rucker

Diane Rucker is the Executive Director at University Enterprise Laboratories, a non-profit incubator dedicated to supporting early stage life science and technology ventures. In this episode, Diane shares her passion and expertise in balancing timelines, resource constraints and hit impossible goals, her advice to starting entrepreneurs, how she aids start-ups to work towards success, the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Minnesota and how she maintains her own professional well-being. “Taking...


Episode #028 LIV Chiropractic: Build Trust in Your Brand Through Relationship Building with Scott Hawkins

Scott Hawkins is the owner and co-founder of LIV Chiropractic . In this interview, Scott shares his big vision and desire to make an impact in the health of others in the city. He always aims to develop a meaningful personal relationship. His emphasis on the cultivation of positive relationships shows that his practice seeks to move from treating not only the physical to positively impacting the patient. “To be able to focus on something much bigger than me is my route.” - Scott...


Episode #027 Inclusivi-tee: Show You Care in the Art You Wear with Lori Myren-Manbeck

Lori Myren-Manbeck is a social entrepreneur, founder of Inclusivi-tee, a quarterly subscription-based t-shirt club that produces beautiful, original, shirt designed by local artists. The company is structured as a public benefit corporation and donates their profits to non-profits that aligned with Inclusivi-tee’s mission. Listen to this interview and hear how Lori spreads and shares her positive message of hope to all and giving back in the process through being a social...


Episode #026- Cultivating Change-Makers for Sustainable Community Impact with Elaine Tymchak

Elaine Tymchak is the Founder and Director of Cultivate International, with the mission to empower immigrant, minority and indigenous leaders to fight poverty and injustices through small-scale grassroots community efforts. She is a Brazilian native with a Masters in International Development, she brings over 14 years of nonprofit management and community development experience while serving communities worldwide, and building relationships with global community leaders. Listen to this...


Episode #025- The Athlete in Us All with Dr. Matt Wiest

Dr. Matt Wiest,DC is the owner and operator of the Center of Movement. They are a wellness C.E.N.T.E.R. focusing on Chiropractic, Education, Nutrition, Therapeutic Exercise, and Recovery. Their mission is to get patients out of pain, educate on how to stay out of pain, and show that you are much stronger, faster, and more agile than you give yourself credit for. Listen to this interview and learn how you can succeed by being authentic and by aiming to reach what you are passionate about by...


Episode #024-Exploring Nootropics and Living Life on Your Terms with Christopher Austin

Christopher Austin is the owner and founder of Momental Nootropics. He has extensive experience in guiding patients to optimal health through nutrition and diet consultation as well as treating orthopedic injuries by restoring musculoskeletal balance through proper movement. Listen to this interview and learn how what inspired Chris to come up with a nootropic product that offers a day and night recovery solution to coincide with the rehab solution for their patients. “Find a way to be...


Episode #023- From Chef to Digital Marketer: Finding Occupational Well-Being Through Entrepreneurship featuring Benedict Frank

Benedict Frank is a chef-turned digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur. He found more freedom in his life when he stepped into his role as an entrepreneur. Life as a business owner grants him more time with his family, and career fulfillment. Listen to this interview and learn insights on work-life integration from Benedict’s personal experience, learn how his transition helped him improve his well-being. “Wellbeing for me means enjoying life, having a positive perspective on things...


Episode #022- Orchestrating a Process for Success in Business, Building Support for New Moms, and Finding Joy along the Way featuring Sarah Becker

Sarah Becker is the Chief Process Improvement Investigator and Implementer, and Founder of Clear Simple Business, a process improvement business that aims to help small businesses improve, automate and create efficiencies within their business. She also founded Chief Holistic Officer, a business that aims to help parents become guiltlessly selfish about their self-care so they can be the best versions of themselves. Listen to this interview and learn how you can get the balance on what is...


Episode #021- Fostering Deeper Connection for Couples featuring Betsy and Tyler Koepke

In this episode I am joined by Betsy and Tyler Koepke. Betsy is the founder of Besty Koepke Coaching and her husband Tyler is the co-facilitator at The Couples Connection Retreat they lead together. Since age 5, Betsy has been on a soul-searching mission trying to conquer her demons and live her own truth. That journey has led her to the study of psychology, anthropology, astronomy, world religions, mythology, education, and philosophy. The road that she has traveled has included living in...


Episode #020- Overcoming the Impossible featuring Duke Pieper

Duke Pieper was 15 years old when he was told that he had a 5% chance to live. It seemed that all the odds were stacked up against him. Except one, his determination. Through that determination and what is deemed as a medical miracle, he was able to survive multiple surgeries. Duke’s case is very rare. According to the Brain Aneurism Foundation, there are nearly 500,000 deaths worldwide each year caused by brain aneurysms and half the victims are younger than 50. Brain cancer, brain tumor,...


Episode #019- Implementing a Sales Process featuring Colin Longren

Colin Longren is a partner and the Vice President of Global sales at the Millau Group. Colin’s “ah-ha” moment in sales came when he was challenged to bring on the next “Key Account” at a private company. He began searching LinkedIn for the all the contacts he would pursue, collected sales materials to use, and researched current customers he serviced in the same industry. The following week his Monday sales meeting began and he was immediately asked was: “Colin, how many phone calls did you...


Episode #018- Shattering the Entrepreneur's Illusion of Perfection with Sue Hawkes

Sue Hawkes is the CEO of Yess! Sue helps CEOs and their leadership teams succeed. As a bestselling author, award-winning leader, Certified EOS Implementer, Certified Business Coach, Women’s Presidents Organization Chapter Chair, and globally recognized award-winning seminar leader, Sue brings a wealth of knowledge and over twenty-five years of business experience to her clients. Sue has received numerous awards including the Dream Keeper award recognized by the Governor’s Council for her...


Episode #017- Achieving Body Bliss with Jennifer Espinosa Goswami

Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami is the founder of Weightless LLC. As a private health coach and motivational speaker, she helps women filter through misleading or ludicrous weight loss claims to add their own flavor to a weight loss plan that fits into their busy schedules. She enjoys analyzing complex information and translating it into focused and actionable steps that others can easily implement. She is a member of the National Weight Loss Control Registry and has been featured in national US...


Episode #016- Finding Your Gravitational Pull with Jeanette Grace

Jeannette Grace is the CEO and founder of Expressive! Communication Consulting and Training. She helps organizations and their people exceed expectations. As a training and development expert since 1995, Jeannette develops and delivers actionable training focused on improving skills needed in every business, in every industry, and at every level in every company. Her aim is to produce results by customizing training centered on your company or project goals. To help in your success, she uses...


Episode #015- A High Healthy Fat Diet, Sciadonic Acid, and Entrepreneurship with Dr. Alvin Berger

Dr. Berger is the CEO of Sciadonics. Sciadonics distributes Sciadonic acid, which is a unique, anti-inflammatory, eco-friendly, fatty acid derived from conifer species of plants, consumed by indigenous populations and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was removed from Western diets during industrialization. Dr. Berger has spent the last 30 years studying SCI. Over the course of 22 studies in various rodent- and animal cell models of oral- and topical inflammation, SCI decreased...


Episode #014- The Superpower of Choice with Lorie Marsh

On today’s show, my guest is Lorie Marsh. Lorie has 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, indie filmmaker, and story developer. She has worked as a creative producer, writer, developmental editor, director, and script consultant on all kinds of content: narrative films, documentary films, screenplays, novels, plays, websites, educational programs, and multi-platform storyworlds (you can find out more about that on Lorie’s website). Lorie has expertise in intuiting stories and...


Episode #013- Uncover your Potential and Express your Power with JADA Studios

On today’s show, I am joined by Hilary Patzer and Sophia Bouwens of JADA Studios. Hilary is driven by empowerment through, growth, health and movement. Her number one goal is to support athletes in achieving their highest level of competition. Hilary is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist in Minnesota. Her tools of the trade also include being a Level lll Fascial Stretch Specialist and certified in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Neurokinetic Therapy. She is currently working towards...