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addicts helping addicts
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addicts helping addicts








One Tiny Pill Hope or Hoax? Episode 6

If you were told that there was a pill you could take that could cure you of the dread disease by which you were embattled, would you take it? Is there such a pill for the alcoholic? Have I been wrong in my long-held opinion that there is no such thing as a magic pill that as some claim can bring about such a cure for the alcoholic? Welcome to episode 6 of Two Drunks With a Mic. The podcast where we share our past so that others might have a future. Subscribe and share is all we ask. In...


The promises episode 5

Welcome to episode five of Two Drunks With a Mic. The place where we share our past so that others might have a future. You can find and subscribe to our podcast at In this episode, we pick up where we left off during my conversation with Gary Farrall. So here we go, episode five… The Promises. 2:00 Keeping busy 3:15 Freedom in recovery 3:56 Hope and action equal recovery 4:37 Gary mentions the promises 5:00 Living the steps 7:00 Ian’s struggle with balance 8:33...


Hold On, Pain Ends episode 4

Happy new year everyone and welcome to Two Drunks WIth a Mic. A podcast where we share our past so that others might have a future. You can subscribe to the podcast at two drunks with a or you can also subscribe and download episodes on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Tunein, Google Podcasts, and any of the fine Android outlets. You can also find and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We are always looking for ways to improve our show, so any feedback is greatly...


Do your prayers even matter? Episode 3

Over the weekend, Randy and I sat down and made a recording. I put it in to editing, just about had it done and changed my mind. Well, more accurately, something changed my mind for me. During my time editing what was going to be episode three, as I listened to Randy and I talking about friends we have lost to addiction and family members who have struggled, a distant memory of a little, gray haired, middle-aged lady that approached me after a church service at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara...


More Dead Than Alive Episode One Part 2

Randy and I pick up where we left off at the end of part 1. Randy shares some of his experience and the value he has found in building a daily routine to keep his faith and spiritual life strong. We discuss some of the day-in-and-day-out struggles that continue to be a part of our lives. Since this recording was completely unscripted, I feel something might have been lost in translation when it comes to the FASTER Scale I briefly mention at 32:40. It is an important relapse prevention tool...


hobos & opioids ep 1 part 1

In this episode, Randy and I meet on a Skype call to have a candid, unscripted conversation. He had some questions that he wanted to ask me about my journey into addiction & my recovery and I figured, why not It just so happens that we decided to do it on a day when it was raining like crazy here and at his home on the East Coast. Needless to say, the sound quality isn't the greatest but we decided to throw it up anyway. Hopefully, all of that will improve when we get more experience putting...


Episode Zero Introduction

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many episodes of Two Drunks With a Mic. I guess we’ll call this one episode zero. We want to take the opportunity in our first installment to simply let everyone know what inspired this project, what to expect from the program in the future, some of our goals, and some key ways you can help support the cause as we strive to remain addicts helping addicts. When I first brought this concept to my friend, Randy, 5 or 6 weeks ago, and asked him to...