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Ultra Stories - Episode 33: The Run Bum Sean Blanton

Take a run with a man who truly needs no introduction, the run bum, Sean Blanton. Sean is the owner and race director of Run Bum Tours, famous for such races as The Georgia Death Race, Chattanooga 100, Quest for the Crest and the new Ute 100. In this episode we get to know Sean, how he got into running and ultra, how he became a race director, and why he decided to travel so far from his native Georgia to host a race in Utah. If you like big personalities with a whole lotta sass, this...


Ultra Stories - Episode 32: Ultra Running With Mental Illness

Countless ultra runners participate in our sport as a coping mechanism for a variety of life's traumas. Perhaps they're recovering from addiction, working through a breakup or divorce, loss of a loved one, or they suffer from mental illness. Join host "Sherpa" John Lacroix and guest host Jessica Croissant, as these two ultra runners who live with mental illness have an honest conversation about their daily lives, and how it intertwines with their running.


Ultra Stories - Episode 31: Ed Ettinghausen

How many 100s could one man possibly finish? Take a run with 55 year-old ultra runner Ed Ettinghausen, of Murrieta, CA. In this episode we talk about the man who almost needs no introducction. He has finished more 100-mile races than anyone in the history of our sport and has a long way left to go. He has more sub-24 hour finishes than anyone in history, and is most recognizable by his jester running attire. A great episode with a legend in the making!


Ultra Stories - Episode 30: Jason Proulx

When college football player turned mountain biker become an ultra runner. Take a run with 43 year-old ultra runner Jason Proulx, of Exeter, NH. In this episode we talk about how and why jason made the jump from mountain biking to ultra running. We talk about the endurance scene in the northeast, the Vermont 100, and Jason's attempt to run it in Luna Sandals this year. Two New Hampshire native's talking about their current, or former, stomping grounds.


Ultra Stories - Episode 29: Dr. Drew Brazier

Ever wonder how a 360 lbs. football player lost 160 lbs and became an ultra runner? Take a run with 34 year-old ultra runner and race director Drew Brazier, of Portland, OR. In this episode we not only talk about Drew's journey into trail and ultra running, but how his journey has morphed into his new adventures in race directing. We learn about his new events in Southeast Idaho known as the Palisade Ultra Series. Drew is also an acomplished psychologist with his own "Healthy Made Easy"...


Ultras Stories - Episode 28: Rob Rives

Take a run with 28 year-old ultra runner Rob Rives, of Burlington, VT. Find out how Rob got into running by way of the Dance Dance Revolution video game. An ultrarunner for almost a decade, Rob has found the finish line of 5 or so hundreds, and countless other shorter distance ultras. He is the volunteer and trails coordinator for Vermont's storied Green Mountain Club, and he recently set the first FKT on the new Cross Vermont Trail. Download This Episode SHOW NOTES: Green Mountain Club...


Ultra Stories - Episode 27: Jonathan Pope

[cherry_row] [cherry_col size_md="12"] Take a run with 26 year-old ultra runner Jonathan Pope, of Denver, CO. Jon literally stumbled into ultra before taking on his first official race in 2014. Since then he has run 100-miles four different times, has completed the R2R2R of the Grand Canyon 2x, and a whole host of other iconic running events. Hear Jon's take on what makes ultra so special, how life and ultra provide metaphors for each other, and even a little bit on how spirituality plays...


Ultra Stories - Episode 26: Jason Green

Take a run with Jason Green, race director of Georgia's Yeti Trail Runners. Jason has been an ultra runner for nearly a decade and quickly jumped into giving back to the sport he fell in love with by creating his own race series. In this episode we discuss Jason's journey through ultra, what's important to him and in turn the sport, and we get to know Jason through him being his awesome authentic self. Download This Episode SHOW NOTES: Yeti Trail Runners Yeti 100 Miwok 100k


Ultra Stories - Episode 25: Sherpa's First Ultra and The Sport In 2005

Take a run with Sherpa John as we discuss his journey to his first ultra distance run, his first official ultra, and what ultra looked like in the early 2000s. Joining him in this episode is HPRS Director of Human Experience Hollis Lyman as they talk about how far the sport has evolved, what's changed and what hasn't, and the many challenges runners face then and now.


Ultra Stories - Episode 24: Niwot's Challenge "The Barkley of the West"

Take a run with The Human Potential Running Series as we discuss The 2018 Niwot's Challenge. In this episode we dive into the history and intricacies of "The Barkley of the West," in HPRS' Niwot's Challenge. Join race director "Sherpa" John Lacroix with his special guests Hollis Lyman, Kate Welle, and 2x Niwot's finisher Brandt Ketterer; as they discuss all that is Niwot's from the day of the race itself. You'll hear some of the sounds, a description of some of the sights, and a whole lot...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 23: Jessica Croisant

Take a run with ultra runner Jessica Croisant of Stow, OH. Jessica has been involved with ultra since November 2015, and in that time she has been all in! In this episode we discover how she found ultra, her addictive personality, the various ways in which she gives back to her ultra community, her luck with the love of an ultra family, and much more. If you run in the midwest/mid-atlantic, Jessica is a true gem in your community and the honest and candid thoughts she shares with us are...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 22: Making Sense of WHY We Ultra or The Stories Ultra Finale

Take a run with HPRS as we wrap up our experience and thoughts on the 2018 Stories Ultra. In this episode we give one last stab at trying to make sense of it all, telling the true story of what we feel ultrarunning is to not only our runners, but countless others out there. Sherpa John and Hollis Lyman share their personal views and feelings on what keeps us all coming back for more, and how ultra is a metaphor for life, and life a metaphor for ultra. Download This Episode SHOW NOTES Jocko...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 21: The Final Runners From Stories Ultra

Take a run with HPRS as we dive into more stories from our participants in the 2018 Stories Ultra. In this episode we dive deeper with the last of our featured runners Michelle Regn, Scott Phaler, and Kate Welle. Listen in as we discuss some of the psychology behind what moves us as ultra runners, and the lessons we learn along the way. Other topics of discussion include; the term "practicing medicine", the value in overcoming adversity, the pyschology of ethical deciet, fueling for ultra,...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 20: Transgender Athletes in Ultrarunning

Take a run with HPRS as we dive into more stories from our participants in the 2018 Stories Ultra. In this episode we dive deeper with Alex Clemons-Laput, a transgender athlete from Colorado Springs, CO. We start by diving into Alex's thoughts from Stories Ultra, and then explore more about the life of being a transgender individual, and the process involved with horomone therapy. We then dive into the controversial topic of transgender athletes in ultra, and the various stereotypes and...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 19: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

[cherry_row] [cherry_col size_md="12"] Take a run with HPRS as we dive into more stories from our participants in the 2018 Stories Ultra. In this episode we dive deeper with runners James Clark, Greg Newman, Joanna Harness, and Joshua Myers-Dean. We focus on the thoughts of the Front Runners from this year's race and the mentality they all shared. We also talk about the importance of helping military members transition from military life to civilian life and what HPRS is doing on that...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 18: Stories Ultra Part 2 - The Teachers Among Us

Take a run with HPRS as we dive into more stories from our participants in the 2018 Stories Ultra. In this episode we we dive deeper with runners Kate Baines-Lyman, Jamie Kreider, and Eric Selle. We focus on what ultra can teach us, how those of us who are here should take on the role of mentor; as well as giving back, and finding those teachable moments from our experiences.


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 17: Stories Ultra Part 1

Take a run with HPRS as we dive into the stories from participants in the 2018 Stories Ultra. In this episode we showcase race volunteers Jamie Reichler and Jason Haddock and discuss how volunteering makes more than a successful race, but successful runners. We also dive deeper with runners Miguel Isaza and Jonathan Pope as we work through our first impressions in crafting the story of ULTRA. Download This Episode Silver Hills Crisps Hellgate 100k Dr. David "Doc" Horton Rocky Racoon 100...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 16: Christian Griffith and A Run To Heal

[cherry_row] [cherry_col size_md="12"] Take a run with Christian Griffith of Jacksonville Beach, FL. You may have seen him on the TV shows "Monsters Inside Me" and "The Selection," or perhaps you've shared some miles with him over the last decade in Ultra. Christian's motto, and business, is #LiveForALiving. This month, he'll run from East to West across the lower 48 to raise $1 Million to prevent and treat child abuse. Episodes seldom get as personal, and meaningful, as this. Join us for...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 15: The Behind The Scenes of Race Directing

Take a run with HPRS Race Director "Sherpa" John Lacroix, and HPRS Director of Human Experience Hollis Lyman, as we go behind the scenes of race directing. In this episode we go into detail about how a race comes to be. From conception of an idea to obtaining permits, permissions to execution, and the myriad of challenges an RD faces on race weekend. If you've ever wondered what really takes place to make a race happen, this episode is for you!


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 14: Avery Collins & Marijuana In Running

[cherry_row] [cherry_col size_md="12"] Take a run with Avery Collins. Avery is a 25 year old ultrarunner from Steamboat Springs, CO where he works at Twisted Trails Running Company. Twisted Trails is the first running store in America that carries Canna-brands in house. Avery is also sponsored by Mary's Medicinals, a popular Canna-Brand here in Colorado. In this episode, we get to know Avery and his running history in a little more detail, before we talk about marijuana and running. If...