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Finding the calm within chaos

Finding the calm within chaos
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Finding the calm within chaos




027 - Valentine's Day - Yay or Nay!

Love it or hate it, Valentine's day is here to stay. I have been on a roller-coaster of emotions towards this day, from wanting the hearts and flowers to labelling myself a Valentine's Day Scrooge, saying humbug every time the day came around. However, life teaches us so much and although the day remains the same, our perspective is constantly changing. Wishing you all an amazing day of love, joy and happiness. Tune In.


026 - When I push you away, I need you the most

Human Beings! So complex and yet so simple. We allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with pain whilst trying our best to avoid it. What would happen if we were to face all our fears and insecurities and not allow them to build-up within us to a point of complete chaos? In conversation with health psychologist Dr. Melanie Schlatter who tells us what its like to go through life being too hard on yourself and why seeing a therapist is not as alarming as we think it to be. Tune In.


025 - Let's stop body shaming!

Its 2019 but it still feels like we are in the dark ages where size and beauty is concerned. We need to be aware of the fact that the increase in the rates of plastic surgeries to create a perfect exterior is a cry for help. There should be no place for discrimination against men and women based on their size or perceived ideals of beauty. In this world where we can be anything, we need to be kind to ourselves first. In conversation with Dr. Thoraiya Kanafani who is a clinical psychologist...


024 - You can't sit with us!

"You can't sit with us" is an iconic phrase from an iconic movie that resonated with so many teenage girls. If you have ever been discriminated against or singled out and bullied, you know what I am talking about. Mean girls exist and not just in school and universities but at work and in social situations too. There is nothing worse than being told you do not belong and feel shunned by the people you considered friends. Most of the young girls and women blame themselves and internalize...


023 - Angels that give your business wings

Angels live among us. They are here to help and support us when we need it the most. However, these Angels mean business. They belong to the Women's Angel Investor Network - WAIN, in Dubai. WAIN was started to support women entrepreneurs in the region by providing mentoring and financial support. They believe through this network they have been able to find not only businesses that are innovative and run by women but also business savvy women investors looking to be mentors and provide...


022 - How Electronics Stole Childhood

Technology can be a powerful tool when used properly. However, research is showing that addiction to electronic gadgets is growing at an alarming rate for children under the age of 8. Every parent wants whats best for their child and isolating your child by barring them from using a gadget may not be the solution. In conversation with Anisa Ismail, who as a kindergarten teacher was alarmed enough to quit her job and start a company called Kids Unplugged and write a book, How Electronics...


021 - Tougher than Cancer

The C word. No one wants to be told they have cancer but, once you hear it, you need to quickly switch to survivor mode. The first few weeks after the diagnosis can wreak emotional and physical havoc on you and your family. My guest today is Linda Berlot whose first brush with cancer was when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her sister was then diagnosed and she felt she had a sword hanging over her head. She has managed to not only beat breast cancer but is now an active...


020 - It's ok not to be ok

Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression.... We have all heard of these and may even have experienced some of it or know someone who is struggling to cope. The common factors in issues relating to mental health is isolation, guilt and shame. My guest today is Helen Hope, who has not only battled with these problems from a young age but has worked hard to help herself cope with them and is now helping many others by telling them they are not alone. Tune in to listen to her story and what she is...


019 - A Doctor who listens

Are you healthy? Are you well? They can be two different things. Being healthy is not just being disease free but feeling well. Our body is a marvelous machine that can adapt to a lot of different situations and environments but what happens when we can't identify the reason for not feeling well? In conversation with Dr. Shefali Verma who is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who loves to ask a lot of questions and treat the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Tune in if...


0018 - So you want to be a Writer?

We all have stories and we wish we could write them well. My guest today is Kira Jean, Founder of The Dreamwork Collective, a print and digital publishing house, says we can. Writing is a personal journey that requires a tone that can connect with an audience because we all want to write a book for others to read and appreciate and we may not know what to do once we have that idea. What do we do to write that book and once its written how do we publish it? If you have these questions then...


017 - If not now then when? Resolutions 101

Its the New Year and we have all decided to do better and be better, but did you know that 80% of people fail to keep their resolutions beyond February. Some of us never even get started and of those that do, only 5% actually manage to achieve their resolutions. Let's face it, the numbers don't look good but we keep making new ones every year because we like to believe we can always do better. If we don't have hope for a better future, what is left for us to look forward to. Let's try and...


016 - Legal Rights and Moral Wrongs of Divorce

Sometimes you have to overcome the fear to get what you deserve. We all deserve a happy life where we feel secure and loved. This is especially true if we have children because we owe it to them to be a role model of what life can be if we break the chains of fear and look for a better future. In conversation with Attorney at Law in the UAE, Diana Hamade who deals with heart breaking cases of relationships gone bad and is tasked with the difficult job of finding the path towards freedom...


015 - Organic food to organic growth

We are what we eat. Why then do we abuse our bodies with foods we know cause us irreparable damage? In conversation with Jean Winter who is the Chef and Founder of Jean's Private Kitchen which not only caters to celebrities and politicians but is also keeping a dying cuisine alive. Jean has great insights into how to grow your business organically by doing what you love and sticking to your strengths rather than following in someone else's footsteps.


014 - Happiness is a learned behavior

The eternal search for happiness is a common need among every person on this planet. We all aspire to be happy with what we have no matter how much or how little it is. Is happiness external to us? In conversation with Maria Haggo who is the founder of Little Miss Wellness and has a passion for helping people find their bliss. Tune in to listen to her talk about all things happiness and what we need to do to be happy.


013 - Compassion is a Verb

Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. This quote by The Dalai Lama is simple and accurate. We cannot live in this world ignoring our responsibilities towards our planet and all those who inhabit it. In this day and age when over-consumption of all things, physical and emotional has become the norm, we need to take a step back and question what we need to do to create balance in our life and our environment. In conversation with...


012 - Disruption is the new normal

Changing the world is always disruptive. In conversation with Miki Agrawal, who loves to challenge and break taboos. She creates innovative products to talk about issues that people find uncomfortable but relatable, using out of the box marketing strategies to build multi-million dollar companies. Social Entrepreneur, Disruptor, Author and Philanthropist, she wears many hats not just as a fashion statement but as a woman on a mission.


011 - Turning pain to purpose

Often the deepest pain pushes you to grow to your highest self. There is no greater pain than losing a child and my guest speaker turned her pain to purpose by starting a foundation to help as many new born babies as she can. In the six years since losing her 4 month old daughter Zahara, Danielle Wilson Naqvi has helped save thousands of babies by providing new born screening facilities in Pakistan through her foundation The ZB Foundation.


010 - There is no Planet B

The greatest threat to our planet is the thought that someone else will save it. We think we are not responsible for problems our planet is facing but if we all were to do just one thing to save it and do it consistently, it would have a huge impact. The time will run out, if not in our or our children's lifetime then their future generation's lifetime. In conversation with Environmentalist Mariska Nell about what we can do and should do to help create a better home for the future...


009 - I Want to Thank Me!

Who is responsible for your success? Who is responsible for motivating you when things go wrong? Who is responsible for never quitting until you succeed? You!!! The speech I heard recently by Snoop Dogg made me want to find the answer to the question : Why do we find it so difficult to praise ourselves?


008 - We are more alike than we are different!

The recent D&G racism row got me thinking, what is racism and why are people racist? What makes a certain group of people feel they are better than others and why we must stand up for each other when we are around someone who voices their despicable views.