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Simple, real food nutrition and lifestyle tips to managing and living with health challenges, autoimmunity, and chronic illness. Hosted by Anne Marie Garland (of Grass Fed Salsa) & Michelle Hoover (of Unbound Wellness). Submit your questions via email at unboundhealing@gmail.com or in our private Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/unboundhealing.

Simple, real food nutrition and lifestyle tips to managing and living with health challenges, autoimmunity, and chronic illness. Hosted by Anne Marie Garland (of Grass Fed Salsa) & Michelle Hoover (of Unbound Wellness). Submit your questions via email at unboundhealing@gmail.com or in our private Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/unboundhealing.
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Simple, real food nutrition and lifestyle tips to managing and living with health challenges, autoimmunity, and chronic illness. Hosted by Anne Marie Garland (of Grass Fed Salsa) & Michelle Hoover (of Unbound Wellness). Submit your questions via email at unboundhealing@gmail.com or in our private Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/unboundhealing.




#64 - Finding Your Community

Michelle and Anne talk about ways to find support and community, and they share some important news about the podcast. Topics 1:19 - Updates7:10 - What Michelle is loving10:34 - Finding community12:01 - Asking the people in your life for support14:03 - Finding support online and taking friendships offline19:05 - Sharing your story20:34 - Meeting like-minded people21:50 - Finding a cause23:40 - Anne and Michelle saying farewell for now27:36 - Meal of the week Links we mentioned in the...


#63 - Our Favorite Health & Business Resources

Anne and Michelle share their favorite resources for health information and business growth. They discuss their picks for blogs, books, documentaries, podcasts, and more. Topics 1:10 - Anne’s updates3:12 - Michelle’s updates6:34 - What Anne is loving10:03 - Why does it matter to have resources you trust?11:29 - Our nutrition backgrounds13:16 - Our favorite nutrition and health blogs15:55 - Books21:06 - Documentaries24:27 - Favorite business resources33:52 - Meal of the week Links we...


#62 - What's Up Lately: Orange Theory & Fitness Reviews

Michelle and Anne do a “catch-up” episode and share their latest. Michelle talks about her new fitness journey, and Anne adds her perspectives on exercise and what has worked for her. Topics 2:52 - What Michelle has eaten today4:35 - What Anne has eaten today6:56 - Michelle’s new gym12:23 - Pros and cons of Orange Theory17:48 - Other resources Michelle recommends for exercise21:36 - Anne’s experience with different types of exercise26:00 - Exercise tips32:30 - What Anne is excited...


#61 - Detoxification Q&A

This week Anne and Michelle are answering your questions about detoxification. They delve into the topic of genetic mutations, how to detox with certain conditions, and how to tell if your detox efforts are working. Topics 1:50 - What Michelle is loving7:20 - Genetic mutations9:35 - Gentle detoxing at home17:25 - Detoxing with the MTHFR mutation20:57 - How can I tell if my detox efforts are working?26:06 - Histamine intolerance and detoxing27:42 - Detoxing with the COMT mutation28:42 -...


#60 - Supporting Your Detox Pathways

After each doing a solo episode, Michelle and Anne reunite for this week’s conversation on supporting detoxification. They explain what it means to detox, why we need to do it, what detox pathways are, and how to unblock them. Topics 4:09 - What Anne is loving5:49 - Michelle’s updates6:35 - What does it mean to detox?10:04 - Why do we need to detox?13:03 - Detox pathway blockages16:34 - But what is a detox pathway?19:40 - Ways to support detox pathways29:23 - Other ways to reduce your...


#59 - How Long Does It Take to Heal?

In her solo episode this week, Michelle is tackling a frequently asked question: how long does it take to heal on a protocol like AIP? It’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. She talks about varying factors to consider when assessing how long it’ll take to heal, how long it took her to see (and feel) results, and what it looks like when you get past the elimination phase and into a long-term healing lifestyle. Topics :50 - Michelle’s updates and what she’s loving6:45 - Does...


#58 - Learning to Trust Your Intuition

In today’s episode, Anne is flying solo and talking about using your intuition. She shares a recent experience of listening to her own inner guidance and details five ways to tune into yours. Topics 2:47 - What Anne is loving6:14 - Anne’s recent example of following her intuition10:20 - Using your intuition to grow and heal12:35 - Intuition vs. fear14:40 - Proving your intuition to yourself20:14 - Introspective activities23:34 - Free-flowing activities25:00 - Repetitive activities26:48 -...


#57 - Limiting Beliefs

This week Michelle and Anne are talking about an important but often overlooked aspect of health and healing: limited beliefs. These are the beliefs we hold about ourselves that can hold us back, keep us feeling stuck, and make us feel like we’ll never be enough. Michelle and Anne discuss why this matters for healing autoimmunity and other health issues, what we do when we compare ourselves to others, their own struggles with limiting beliefs, and, best of all, how to bust...


#56 - Detoxing Your Home

Anne and Michelle often talk about detoxing our bodies, but did you know we can also detox our homes? Today they’re delving into that topic and discussing everything from air filters to furniture. Listen in and learn ways you can begin to reduce your exposure to toxins. Topics 3:12 - Michelle’s updates6:15 - Anne’s updates15:28 - Detoxing your home intro16:35 - Reducing your toxic exposure18:20 - Air filters + servicing HVAC23:50 - Mold26:38 - EMF and WiFi exposure31:12 - Cleaning...


#55 - All About Hashimoto's

This week Michelle and Anne are dedicating a full episode to one of the most asked-about autoimmune conditions: Hashimoto’s. They discuss how to understand blood work, why medication is often necessary, and how to begin the path to healing. This episode offers advice that can be applied to any autoimmune or chronic condition, so even if you don’t have Hashimoto’s, listen in for some good tips for managing and healing health challenges in general. Topics :50 - Introduction1:30 - Anne’s...


#54 - Mastering Your Mindset with Amanda Nibley

Today Anne and Michelle are chatting with Amanda Nibley, a nutrition and fitness coach who changed her life with the help of a real food diet and loves helping others do the same. Amanda shares her own health journey and offers advice for adjusting your mindset and making a healing diet work with your lifestyle. Topics :50 - Introduction4:20 - What Amanda is loving8:30 - Amanda’s health journey22:30 - How to find acceptance25:00 - What to do when there’s never enough time38:30 - Making...


#53 - Listener Q&A: Leaky Gut and Anxiety & Normal Thyroid Labs with Thyroid Symptoms

This week Anne and Michelle are answering more of your questions! They tackle an inquiry about leaky gut, which leads to a discussion about anxiety and its potential influence on other aspects of health, and they talk about what to consider when you have thyroid symptoms but normal lab results. Topics 1:05 - Anne’s updates4:00 - Michelle’s updates6:42 - What Michelle is loving10:00 - Leaky gut21:40 - Anxiety27:55 - Food reintroductions and gluten32:12 - Thyroid symptoms with normal lab...


#52 - Quick Fire Questions & One Year Anniversary!

This week is the podcast’s one-year anniversary! To celebrate, Anne and Michelle are doing a rapid fire Q&A--everything from favorite ice cream flavor to how to find a functional medicine doctor. Topics :50 - Anne’s updates4:45 - Michelle’s updates10:55 - Happy anniversary, Unbound Healing!12:35 - Quick fire Q&A Links we mentioned in the podcast: Healing Your Adrenals & Stress Response w/ Michelle Hoover and Kara Halderman


#51 - Crystals for Chronic Illness with Sarah Small

Anne and Michelle talk with Sarah Small, an intuitive coach and bioenergetic practitioner, about using crystals for chronic illness. Sarah explains how crystal healing works with the energetic frequencies of our bodies, what she means by the “subtle body,” and her suggestions for starter crystals. Topics :45 - Introduction2:36 - What Sarah is loving7:39 - Vibrational medicine and intuition9:08 - Sarah’s history with crystals14:15 - Energetic frequency22:53 - The frequency of...


#50 - Making Peace with Food with Chelsea Gross

Today Anne is talking to Chelsea Gross, a certified transformational nutrition coach and blogger at Nutrition with Chelsea. Chelsea shares her own still-in-progress story of healing from health issues and gives her advice on how to approach healing diets when you have a history of disordered eating, intuitive eating, issues that everybody has but nobody talks about, and self-love. Topics :48 - Introduction3:57 - What Chelsea is loving10:00 - Chelsea’s health + healing story29:50 -...


#49 - Disordered Eating and a Healing Diet

Today Anne and Michelle are talking about a much-requested topic: how to approach a healing diet when you have a history of disordered eating. They outline steps you can take to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally before, during, and after adapting a protocol. Topics 1:03 - Michelle’s updates1:59 - Anne’s updates5:58 - What Michelle is loving7:54 - Introduction to topic10:50 - Making sure you’re in a good place22:40 - Digestion and blood sugar29:26 - Preparing mentally38:28 -...


#48 - Making a Healing Lifestyle Sustainable

Anne and Michelle dish on their tips for making healing diets and lifestyles last, from busting the myth about “being on AIP forever” to building community. Topics 1:00 - Anne Marie’s updates4:08 - Michelle’s updates6:04 - What Anne is loving8:55 - Intro to making a healing lifestyle sustainable11:30 - How do I do this “forever”?12:30 - Outlining your goals17:55 - Planning ahead26:55 - Make it FUN!32:17 - Keep your doctor38:50 - Building community47:13 - Working on mindset54:56 - Meal of...


#47 - Listener Questions about Liver Detox, Mindset, and Hormone Imbalance

This week, Anne and Michelle are answering another round of listener questions. They address how to shift an unhealthy mindset, troubleshooting irregular periods and hormone imbalance, and the important subject of liver detoxification. Topics 1:00 - Michelle’s updates7:05 - What Michelle is loving10:20 - Healing your mindset24:04 - Irregular periods and bioidentical hormone replacement41:35 - Liver detox50:30 - Meal of the week Links we mentioned in the podcast: Gut Health Overhaul...


#46 - Safer Hair, Skin, and Body Care

Today Anne and Michelle are discussing safer approaches to hair, skin, and body care. They touch on common reasons for skin concerns, such as gut health issues and hormone imbalance, before sharing their favorite non-toxic products from shampoo to deodorant to face oils. Topics 1:28 - Michelle’s updates4:36 - Anne’s updates6:34 - What Anne is loving10:50 - Common reasons for skin concerns14:45 - Hair care25:04 - Body products36:30 - Face care1:00:35 - Meal of the week Links we mentioned...


#45 - Healing Diet on a Budget

This week Anne and Michelle are talking about a challenge familiar to most of us: how to manage a healing diet on a budget. They discuss some the biggest budget breakers, tips for saving money, and their favorite budget-friendly grocery stores. Topics 2:49 - Michelle’s updates8:36 - Anne’s updates14:28 - What Michelle is loving18:31 - Healing diet on a budget20:40 - Budget breakers31:25 - Budget saving tips39:21 - Things that are cheaper to make at home41:47 - Setting your...