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Bestselling author TJ Hoisington shares success principles, insights on motivation and high achievement - helping you 'unleash your greatness within.'

Bestselling author TJ Hoisington shares success principles, insights on motivation and high achievement - helping you 'unleash your greatness within.'
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Bestselling author TJ Hoisington shares success principles, insights on motivation and high achievement - helping you 'unleash your greatness within.'




“Shout Out” to my Chinese Friends!

Years ago, I lived in Taiwan for two years. As I served the Chinese people in Taiwan, I came to love the culture, the food and most importantly the people. Enjoy this podcast as I speak a little Chinese. Thank you for being a part of my community. Thanks for subscribing to my Podcasts. I’ve got a great offer for you! Click here to order book: https://bit.ly/2vRRaLF


You've Got to Be Hungry with Les Brown

TJ Hoisington interviews Les Brown – TOP Motivational Speaker. In this "Success Interview," on the "Unleash Your Greatness Within" podcast, TJ Hoisington, and Les Brown discuss how to achieve your goals and dreams. Les Brown shares several tools and strategies for achieving greatness! Les also invites listeners to contact him by providing his email address. He's looking for then next GREAT SPEAKER!


Success Principles with Jeff Bell (LegalShield, CEO)

In this Success Interview, TJ Hoisington interviews Jeff Bell, (CEO of LegalShield). Before being named the CEO of the leading provider of legal and identity protection services, Jeff was VP of Global Marketing, Xbox and several years in leadership positions at Ford Motor Company and VP of Chrysler. TJ and Jeff share many success principles around personal development, finding happiness, and taking your business to the next level. There is STRONG content in this interview with practical...


Master Your Thinking

Being successful starts with the right MINDSET. So, what does a high achievers mindset look like? How do you think like a high achiever? During this speech, I covered four LAWS and the FIRST LAW, “Master Your Thinking." I share a personal story about one of my early jobs and how that job was a steppingstone to where I am today. I developed some early habits! Where have you gotten into a rut? What can you do to increase the quality of your thinking...RESULTS!


The Greatest Salesman in the World - Story

Recently, I gave a speech to a small group of high-performing #legalshield professionals. During the speech, I shared the story of “The Greatest Salesman in the World." This was a powerful book by Og Mandino over 40 years ago. A #classic! I encourage you to #read that book! Go to #youtube and type #tjhoisington. Enjoy as I provide a summary. Watch TJ share: The Greatest Salesman in the World


How to Be a High Achiever - Speech

In this speech, I talked about "How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams. I share laws that will guarantee your success. I also cover many aspects regarding mindset and performance.


Motivational Speaking TIP for Success

If you have any desire to be a professional speaker or simply be a better presenter, here is one tip that can help you take your game to the next level. Follow this suggestion and you will have better flow and connect better with your audience. Learn more about becoming a professional speaker. Go to my YouTube channels and watch my four-step process for become a professional speaker. Click here!


Check Out My Personal Development Library

How much is "personal development" needed to succeed? What is personal development? How can personal development impact your life? In this video (go to YouTube), I talk about how important personal development is when it comes to performance and achievement. I also share how much “personal development” I engaged in during my early years. "Personal Development" changed my life and gave me the courage to live my dreams! Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/LkPmssuX3KM


Find Your Purpose - Live Limitless

What have you bought into that is beneath your potential? Are you living with "purpose" or are you living in a "castle with thousands of room, but only occupying one or two?" Get back to believing in yourself. It's possible!


4 Ways to Communicate with People Successfully

In this podcast, I share FOUR HABITS that will help you communicate with more effectiveness. These four habits apply both professionally and personally. Learn how to become a great conversationalist. Learn how to communicate with people successfully.


How Decisions Shape Your Life

Listen to the first audio program I created over 18 years ago. Although it sounds a little dated, the content is still accurate today. We pulled the audio office cassette tape and digitized it to make it easily accessible to you. I speak on, "The Power of Decisions."


George Lucas Believed in the Impossible

George Lucas believed in the impossible and turned his dream into a massive success. George encounters failure and rejection, but he never gave up. Listen to George Lucas's story around the creation of Star Wars. It's totally cool! George Lucas has the Jedi Force. YouTube: https://youtu.be/2GaTmbI924Q


Have You Ever Hit Rock Bottom?

Here is my response to someone who messaged me that question (title) on Instagram. Sometimes hitting rock-bottom is good – you just don’t want to live there long term. Adjust. Be Flexible. Look for the Blessings and Move Forward with a SMILE!


The Making of a Champion - with Sonya Looney

In this podcast, I interview Sonya Looney - former Mountain Bike Racing World Champion! It was an honor to have her on the “Unleash Your Greatness Within" podcast. Sonya shared many nuggets that can help you achieve your goals and dreams! She shares her thoughts on dieting, promoting, goal setting, mindset and much more. Sonya SPIT FIRE 🔥😁 Positive Inspiration!


Interview with Vietnam P.O.W. Captain Larry Chesley

Recently, I was privileged to interview former Vietnam P.O.W. - Captain Larry Chesley. During the Vietnam war, while on a low flying night mission, he was shot down breaking his back in five places, which he has never received medical treatment for. Now 80 years old, he discusses torture, the conditions of prisoner life, communicating is code, perspectives, and much more, including divine assistance that strengthened him throughout the ordeal. Thank you to ALL service men and women.


You MUST have P.A.M. to Succeed

What is the one thing you need to know about achieving your goals? It's called, "P.A.M." "P.A.M." will multiply your performance and maximize your potential more than education, skills or talents alone. P.A.M. is the invisible substance that moves mountains. It enables you to make quantum leaps. It's the source of unlimited energy. What is "P.A.M."? Discover this POWERFUL FORCE. TJ Hoisington shares how he was able to write a 416-page novel without ever reading a novel in his life. TJ...


Raising Kids in a Crazy and Confusing World

We EXPECT GREATNESS from our children. In this podcast, I share insights about how my wife and I have chosen to raise our children. I hope that by sharing some of our parenting principles and strategies, it might be beneficial to you. I share 13 Principles for creating healthy relationships and a pattern of excellence. Wait till you hear about some of our "extreme" standards. It's BOLD. It has WORKED, so far – because LOVE ALWAYS WINS!!!


Creating Customer Service Excellence with Robert Spector

I interview Robert Spector in this new podcast episode! Robert Spector is the bestselling author of “The Norstrom’s Way." He is a leader in the area of customer service and has even been called, "America's preeminent retail historian." Join me as we discuss aspects of creating customers excellence, including and one of my favorite concepts of, “Love Wins."


Closing the Performance Gap!

Your limitations or not external, they are within! In this podcast, I show you how to Close the Performance Gap. It’s true you have enormous potential, but how do you unleash it? How can you reduce fear and anxiety? What is the key to increasing confidence? I also share how to taking advantage of the enormous energy that lives in the space between where you ARE and where you want to BE. As my friend and co-author, Bob Moawad, once said, "All limitations are mental and self-imposed.”


9 Principles of Success

Sometime back, I was asked to be a guest on a national conference call with LegalShield, Inc. The top producer in the business, Dave Savula asked me to inspire his team and share some concepts around success and achieving greatness! And this podcast I share 9 PRINCIPLES of SUCCESS. Watch the YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/y0G7CWYHQ3s