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The Unpause Your Life podcast puts a spotlight on life challenges, the hurdles we must get over to move onward and upward. Interviews with experts and others with amazing life experiences will focus on highlighting strategies that work to alleviate and eliminate common stumbling blocks like addiction, job loss, relationship struggles, and more. Unpause yourself and live the life you desire, the life you deserve. Music: "Believe" courtesy of Crowfly


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The Unpause Your Life podcast puts a spotlight on life challenges, the hurdles we must get over to move onward and upward. Interviews with experts and others with amazing life experiences will focus on highlighting strategies that work to alleviate and eliminate common stumbling blocks like addiction, job loss, relationship struggles, and more. Unpause yourself and live the life you desire, the life you deserve. Music: "Believe" courtesy of Crowfly






72: Peter Shankman – Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of HARO

“You have to learn how to drive your brain,” says Peter Shankman. He and I go deep into what it’s like have a faster than normal brain. The benefits, and the challenges. Join me for a fascinating discussion with Peter, whom the New York Times has called “a rockstar who knows everything about social media and then some.” He is a 5x best selling author, entrepreneur and corporate keynote speaker, focusing on customer service and the new and emerging customer and neurotatypical economy. With...


71: Erin Wathen – Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?!

Erin Wathen is a holistic health coach, food abuse counselor, and the inspiring author of Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?: How To End The Food Drama. Her philosophy, simply put: Health isn’t a number on the scale or how often we exercise, but our lives as a whole. Several years ago, Erin was not at peace with her body — despite her wealth of knowledge on diet and exercise. She was always on a diet, and yet never reached her goal weight. As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative...


70: Dani La Barrie – Stories of an Ex-Party Girl

Dani La Barrie helps her clients by listening to where they currently are, listening to their pain points. Then, explore where they want to be, what they would want their life to look like. Then create a plan of how to get them to where they want to be. During this fun and interesting conversation, Dani shares her experience and how she is helping women with Cacao Ceremonies and more. It’s much more than just eating chocolate and complaining about husbands! We also go deep into her...


69: Alex Sparrow – Be True, Be You

Alex Sparrow is an actor, singer and musician, best known for his role as Alexi Petrov on Lifetime’s UNREAL (seasons 3 and 4), and his music video, “She’s Crazy But She’s Mine” written and directed by Alex Sparrow that became viral all over the world, and collected more than 600 million views on Facebook, and over 300 million on YouTube. Alex Sparrow was born in Russia and raised in the family of Austrian Baron Alexis von Gecmen-Waldek. Alex was the winner of Russian “X-factor” in 2005,...


68: Darren Littlejohn – Compassionate Recovery

Compassionate Recovery: a universal, secular program to heal the Spectrum of Addictions. Darren Littlejohn is a best selling author, retreat leader, Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki healing practitioner. A recovering addict and a practitioner of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as a former mental health specialist, he earned a BA in Psych in 1991 and worked in chemical dependency and acute psychiatric care facilities during college. Darren took 2 years of graduate school in Research...


67: Tom Shanahan – Spiritual Adrenaline

In his twenties and early thirties, Tom had developed a lifestyle that centered on alcohol and cocaine. Although he had stopped excessive drinking and drug use, a number of things happened in a short period of time which led him back to that lifestyle. He was wrongfully fired from a high-profile job in 2009 in a public and embarrassing manner. Then in January of 2010, when his colleague’s 18-year-old son was paralyzed from the neck down after a snowboarding accident, he agreed to assist with...


66: Mark Willingham – Agent: Where Companies Book Models

AGENT is the fastest growing modeling platform where models take control of their careers and clients have direct access to the best, most diverse talent instantly. AGENT is committed to a safer, more transparent work environment. Clients can take control of their talent bookings and find the best, most diverse models instantly on the AGENT platform. Powerful search filters, lower booking fees, total transparency, real­time communication and team collaboration tools for speed and...


65: Marty Norman – Motivation in Recovery

“Sobriety is exactly what you want it to be, as long as you are willing to put in the work.” This is a very powerful episode with someone who has followed an amazing path. Inspirational to the core, this highlights the incredible story of this generous man. Marty is so much more than a person in long-term recovery. Marty is the voice of hope for the hopeless. A voice of freedom from addiction. A voice that breaks the silence because silence is killing people. Marty has the solution. No...


64: Dr. Valerie Mason-John – Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery

Today’s episode is a powerhouse of recovery stories from myself and my guest, and loads of recovery wisdom too. Don’t miss this one! Dr. Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John M.A (hon.doc) is the award-winning author of 8 books, including Eight Step Recovery, Using The Buddha’s teachings to overcome Addiction, and there are 8 step recovery meetings in several continents. She is also the author of Detox Your Heart – Meditations for Emotional Trauma. In 2005 she co-founded the eight weeks course...


63: Dr. Lori Shemek - The Inflammation Terminator

Lori Shemek, Ph.D. is a leading fat cell researcher, health expert, weight loss expert, keynote speaker and recognized authority on inflammation and its role in weight loss, preventing disease and optimizing health. Dr. Shemek is the bestselling author of ‘How To Fight FATflammation!’ (HarperCollins) and the bestselling author of “Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!’ Dr. Lori Shemek, a health expert for the ABC TV show Good Morning Texas, has been featured on CBS The Doctors, CNN, NPR and Fox News TV...


62: Darren Prince – Aiming High

Darren Michael Prince (born February 6, 1970) is a sports and celebrity agent who grew up in Livingston, New Jersey. Prince started a mail order company selling baseball cards at the age of 14 called Baseball Card City and also traveled around the country doing trade shows. At the age of 20, he sold his company for $1.0M and formed Prince of Cards which became an industry leader in private autograph signings for sports and celebrity memorabilia with athletes and celebrities. A-List...


61: Chief Tom Synan – Hamilton County Heroin Coalition

Mr. Synan’s wide experience has allowed him to have a unique look into the heroin crisis. Mr. Synan is a United States Marine Corps veteran and a 25-year police veteran with the Newtown Police Department. For the last 10 years as Police Chief and as is a SWAT Team Leader veteran. In 2014, after watching the last of an entire family die from drugs, the last two from heroin, Mr. Synan met with other members in Hamilton County and helped form the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition where he sits...


60: Julie Marie Palumbo - Best Whole Self

After spending 10 years in the Financial Industry and suffering from a chronic illness, Julie decided to pursue a career in what she had been passionate about for years–creating a better, healthier, and happier life. Two years after reaching remission with her Crohn’s Disease, Julie is sharing her knowledge and experiences to change the life of others. On the show today, we talk about why she switched careers and the surprising similarities. We also discuss some fantastic programs and tips...


59: James Sweasy - Author, Influencer, Addiction Specialist

Your Past Doesn’t Define You. James is so much more than just a person in long term recovery from addiction. James is a voice. A voice for the addict that is not strong enough to speak for themselves yet. A voice for those who are too embarrassed to come forward and admit their struggles with substances. Most importantly, James is a voice in the fight against the out-dated stigma that has been placed on the struggling addict stating that one shall no longer feel compelled to remain...


58: The Our Shawn McBride - Attorney, Author, and Show Host: "The Future Done Right"

The Our Shawn McBride is a leading authority in business planning and execution. An attorney licensed in 12 states and DC and a CPA licensed in 3 states he brings the message of Do Business Differently(TM) to his audiences and clients teaching them that they can each find their own unique competitive advantages in business. His client call on him for help in a variety of areas of business planning and execution. He is noted for his two books: Business Blunders which helps business leaders...


57: Phil Chalmers - True Crime Writer & Police Trainer, "Why Teens Kill"

Phil Chalmers is an American True Crime Writer, Homicide Trainer, and Television Personality. He has appeared on the shows Killer Kids on A&E, and Crime Watch Daily on Fox. He is the author of several books including the landmark book on teen violence, Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer. He has interviewed over 200 teen killers, school shooters, mass murderers, and serial killers. His newest project is a book about serial killers and a Netflix documentary that is in the works right now. He...


56: Damona Hoffman - Host of Dates & Mates: "Love As You Are!"

Damona Hoffman is a certified dating coach & TV host from A+E Networks (FYI TV) series #BlackLove and A Question of Love. She's also a lifestyle news contributor for CNN Headline News (HLN), love expert for BET.com, writer for The Washington Post, and host of the Dates & Mates with Damona Hoffman Podcast. Through written, video, and audio content along with group programs, Damona shares my insights as a dating coach of 13 years (certified in 2013) on how to date more efficiently and...


55: Kati Morton - LMFT, Mental Health YouTuber & Author of "Are u ok?"

Kati Morton joins me today for a little "Mental Health 101." Kati's specialties include working with individuals experiencing eating disorders and self-harming behaviors, although she addresses all things related to mental health. We chat quite a bit about toxic relationships and how to deal with them when they show up. Join us for this fascinating coversation! Kati Morton, LMFT, author of Are u ok?: A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health December 2018, holds a Master’s in Clinical...


54: Brian Drolet, Jordan Eubanks, and Christopher Livingston - Be Like Trees

Inspired by his love of nature and the spirit by which his late mother lived, a former MTV star and struggling artist, who now can't even pay rent, finds courage to try something new, stand-up comedy. "We're simply three guys who wondered what if you could create an entire feature film using just an iPhone. No crew, no lighting, no makeup, just the camera and the assets we had before us. That's how we decided to focus the story on our actual lives and use ourselves and basically our entire...


53: Annie Grace - This Naked Mind

For this episode, I was able to talk with Annie Grace, author of the book This Naked Mind. Our fascinating and enlightening conversation reveals that Annie's book primarily addresses the subconscious beliefs most of us have around alcohol. After understanding and tackling these beliefs, you can make a more mindful choice and rely on less willpower when trying to control your drinking. We unpack what Annie means by "controlling drinking" and how it is a very individual thing, it means...