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Unshaken podcast is a place for real conversations about all the things life throws at us! Encourage and educate, celebrate and cultivate. We are your community and have your back sis!

Unshaken podcast is a place for real conversations about all the things life throws at us! Encourage and educate, celebrate and cultivate. We are your community and have your back sis!
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Unshaken podcast is a place for real conversations about all the things life throws at us! Encourage and educate, celebrate and cultivate. We are your community and have your back sis!




Organization Hacks Everyone Needs with Meredith Wood

We all have that room or cabinet that we shove everything into with the hopes that someday we will organize it. Unfourtaley, for most of us, that never happens! Cleaning out is Stressful with a capital ‘S’.’ In this week’s episode, we chat with Meredith Wood, a professional organizer with a background in psychology and hoarding, to help us uncover tips and trick to take the chaos out of organizing. Meredith teaches us her tactics to bring order to the most disorganized spaces like the...


Don’t Confuse Your Career With Your Calling with Life Coach, Tammy Hotsenpillar

Wow Guys… just WOW! This episode is LOADED with beautiful takeaways that will inspire you! We chat with Life Coach, Author, and Co-Pastor of Influence Church, Tammy Hotsenpillar about how to be great storytellers and find the value telling your own story. Tammy recently launched her Story Club, a six-week program cultivated to spark personal clarity, purpose & power! We discuss how to get quiet before God and understand your calling so you can step into your purpose. Tammy touches on...


Two Changes to Your Diet that Will Change Your Life with Emmy Award Winner, Lara Lyn Carter

It’s not everyday we get to interview a Emmy Award winning tv host, author, and cook. But on today's show, we did just that! Lara Lyn Carter talks about making a huge life change for herself and her family when they decided to cut out all gluten and refined sugar. Now, this is a feat for most people, but most people aren't famous for their savory, southern recipes. Like any authentic cook and author, Lara Lyn’s recipes made the big change with her. In the episode, she tells about how she...


Getting Your Groove Back with Sexual Communication Coach, Leah Carey

Oh libido, where are you? Will you ever come back or are you gone forever!? Sex is a topic that still makes some of us cringe, but why? We believe it is because it isn’t talked about enough and there is some stigma around women talking about sex. That is why we wanted to have Sexual Communication Coach, Leah Carey come on the show and give us some pointers on how to bring up sexual conversations with our partners. We dive into low libido, foreplay, what gets us in the mood and more. Our show...


How to Navigate Social Media Like A Boss and Make that Money, Honey with Krysten Faulkner

Looking to give your Instagram a bit of a face lift but not sure where to start? Does social media totally stress you out and you are wondering if there is really any money to made on those platforms? Well, buckle up, sis! We chat with Marketing Coach, Krysten Faulkner about all the ways you can gain clients and make money on social platforms. We dive into paying for your followers and how to use Pinterest to drive website traffic. If monetizing your social platforms is something you want to...


Cultivating a Life Worth Exploring not Escaping with Sara Belhouari

You know the feeling you get when you are close to a vacation? The excitement, the joy, and the feeling of getting out of your everyday routine can be a rush. What if you felt like that when you woke up every morning? What if you created a life that was worth exploring instead of escaping? Our guest, Sara Belhouari is coaching others to do just that- creating a life to explore instead of a life to escape. Sara is a coach, author, host of Power Hour Podcast, and speaker who is changing the...


Fertility, IVF, and How to Support One Another with Jess Milanes

One in eight women struggle with infertility. Every journey is different and sometimes it can be a hard topic to talk about, even with your best friend. We wanted to provide a conversation for all women to better understand fertility and options you have at your disposal. We understand that this is a topic that is not often talked about, but we wanted to change that and share our support and resources. We chat with the lovely Jess Milanes, who is an Expert Fertility Coach. Jess helps women...


Interior Design 101 with Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors

Do you love to take long strolls in TJ Maxx and HomeGoods looking for inspiration for your house only to find the perfect thing and not know where to put it or how to style it? Well, have no fear! Sarah Schwuchow, creator and founder of Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors breaks down how to design your favorite spaces with ease. We talk paint finishes, trends, and if you are better off throwing out your favorite, worn chair and purchasing a new one. Sara lays out budgets and expectations for someone...


But Does It Bring You Joy? Spring Cleaning with your Hosts!

Needing some inspiration to get your spring cleaning on? Have no fear! We are here this week to bring you tips, hacks, and even a breakdown of the KonMari Method to help you get your house spick and span as we head into Spring. Whether you watched the full series of “Tidying Up” like Courtney, or if you haven’t seen one episode like Megan, this episode is a good review and sums up the method in short tips! We also pull in some hacks that we discovered ourselves to help get rid of stains and...


Getting Out of Your Own Way and Not Letting Competition Get the Best of You with Britt Buntain

This episode feels like you are sitting down with girlfriends and chatting over coffee. Britt has a magnetic personality and we loved diving into how she got started in her career, how to manage a business while you are still at your 9-5 career, and how to embrace others in your field because there is room for all of us! If you are struggling with where to go next in your business or how to even start, Britt’s coaching skills can help you find that “next step” and boost your self confidence...


Creating Community, Finding your Recharge, and Letting Go of “Doing it All” with Ashley Meyer

After getting kicked out of a Facebook Group for moms, Ashley Meyer decided she wanted to create a place that women could talk about their entire life- work, personal, mom life all rolled into one. Since then, she has built a company called Mompire, formerly, Mommies Hiring Mommies, a place that women can promote their business, hire fellow mothers for jobs, and encourage a sense of community. In this episode, we dive into how Mompire came to be, the ups and downs of building a business...


Living Intentionally with Ashley Gann

What exactly is intentional living and why is everyone talking about it? Today on Unshaken we dive into living intentionally with Ashley Gann. Ashley is the mama of three kids, her and her husband have several businesses they run, and she is Chief Meteorologist for CBS 42, in Birmingham, Alabama. To keep all that straight you have to be intentional, right?! Ashley is inspiring and faith filled, teaching us how she make choices outside of society norms to cultivate the best life for her and...


Overcoming Fear, Rejection, and Imposter Syndrome with, Jillian Parekh

Have you ever wanted to jump head first into the sea of entrepreneurship (or anything for that matter), but let fear stop you in your tracks? Our guest, Jillian Parekh dives into how she coaches women to push past the fear of rejection and not being enough- giving women the courage and tools to build their dreams into reality. We chat about how therapy can change your life, how you can improve your relationship skills, and how to take ownership of your actions. Instagram:...


How to Land Your Dream Job with Jamie Bianchi

Have you ever sat down for an interview and wished you were the person on the other side of the table?! Or wondered what that person was thinking? What they thought about you? How did they even find you? Why did they pick you? Did they see the pictures you posted on Instagram from the tailgate on Saturday, GEEES I hope not! People don’t really look at that stuff anyway… right?!?….. Well, you are in luck because on Episode Five we get all the details; where hiring mangers look for new...


5 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love this Valentine's Day!

An Answer to the Burning Question… What do women REALLY want for Valentine’s Day? We dive into what Courtney and Megan really want for this holiday as well as give you our top 5 tips for showing yourself some love this February 14. These are 5 tips that you can use anytime of the year to refuel your soul and refill your cup. We know if we are fulfilled inside, we can Love on our friends and family, give grace and serve other SOOO much better! Plus some funny conversations that should be...


Find your Purpose and Change the World with Amber, Creator of Eleventh Candle Co

Over 40 million people are trapped in slavery around the world today. Every single one of them is someone’s daughter, someone’s son, someone’s mother, someone’s friend. Join us as we take a deep dive with Amber, creator and found of Eleventh Candle Company to hear how she is helping to end trafficking and slavery everyday. Find out more about Amber and Eleventh Candle Company HERE Use code: UNSHAKEN for 25% off at Checkout


Setting Intention: How to Crush Your Goals with Powersheets

Planning to have a BIG Year, but need a tool to help you map it out? Look no further! Lara Casey’s Cultivate What Matters Powersheets are your answer! We break down how to use her tips with or without the planner! Unfortunately the 12 month planner is already sold out but don’t make the mistake Courtney did and wait until 2020. Try the 6 Months Planner and get started this year! They are available HERE Screen shots of our CWM planners will be in our secret Facebook group HERE


Meet Your Hosts: Courtney and Megan

Meet your Hosts! We break down why we are motiviated to produce this podcast, a little bit about our background, and end with some really fun rapid fire questions. Join Our Secret Facebook Group HERE We will post the same rapid fire questions in our FB group so you guys can answer them too! Find out more about Courtney HERE and Megan HERE