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Unshaken podcast is a place for real conversations about all the things life throws at us! Encourage and educate, celebrate and cultivate. We are your community and have your back sis!

Unshaken podcast is a place for real conversations about all the things life throws at us! Encourage and educate, celebrate and cultivate. We are your community and have your back sis!
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Unshaken podcast is a place for real conversations about all the things life throws at us! Encourage and educate, celebrate and cultivate. We are your community and have your back sis!




Building a Business on Faith with the Founder of “The H is For"… Chandler Hatchett

Talk about a boss babe! We sit down this week with Chandler Hatchett, the Editor in Chief and Founder of the booming online publication, “The H is For…” Of course, we were super excited to talk to her about branding and content creation since her online pub is what dreams are made of… no seriously, go look at the site- perfection! We have wanted to bring someone on the podcast that can shed light on being an entrepreneur and a Christian. It can be hard to wrestle with the idea of creating a...


All About Blogging: Getting Started, Content Ideas, and Monetizing with Courtney and Megan

We asked our audience what you guys wanted to learn more about and blogging was at the top of the list! In this episode, we give tips that you can take straight to the blog! Whether you are just starting, trying to decide if a blog is the right move, or a seasoned blogger, these tips and ideas are sure to give you inspiration. We answer the question, “Is blogging dead?” We load you up with some content ideas and reasons why a blog or website is something that you need in your business. And...


Building a Support System: A Chat about Grief with Sarah Belleau

It can be hard to know what to say to a friend or loved one that is walking through something you haven’t experienced yourself. You desperately want to find the words to say that could comfort them without making it “worse.” We had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing, Sarah Belleau about grief and how you can support those around you that are walking through a tough season. Sarah started her own podcast after the passing of her father. She wanted to share other’s stories, build a...


Creating Female Leaders with Nichole Harrop

It is no secret we are all about girl power around here at Unshaken. Female only guests, female-forward brands, and lots of women supporting women going on here! We were thrilled to interview Leadership Coach, Nichole Harrop and chat with her about women in the corporate world learning their worth and owning it. Nichole opens up and the struggles of being a new mom, launching her business, and being pregnant while her own mother is incarcerated. A challenge that would set most back has...


Making Bank with Poshmark and Money Mindset with Yolanda Boyarin

Money, Money, Money! We are chatting all about the dollar bills today, yall! Money is one of those topics that can seem taboo. “It isn’t polite to talk about money” or “I hate it when people brag about how much money they are making” seem to be two common responses when fiances come up... Not today! We sit down with Yolanda Boyarin, a Spiritual Money Mindset Coach. She gives us the down low and how to manifest money into your life and break down barriers that you have about your finances....


What’s Your Enneagram... I Need to Know! with Kristi Rowles

Ah, Enneagram. It has become something that we find ourselves asking people when we meet. “So, what’s your enneagram?” As soon as they answer, you feel like you know a little more about them on a deeper level. In this episode, we chat with Enneagram Coach, Krisit Rowles who gives us the 101 on how this personality type test can be used to better your relationships. She chats with us about how different Enneagram types work well together, how to use your type at work, and in your marriage or...


Hair Secrets from our “Mane’ Girl, Meagen Shepherd

Have you ever wanted to sit down with your stylist and ask her ALL the burning questions you have about your hair? Well, that’s exactly what we did with our guest, Meagan Shepherd. Meagen has been in the business for over a decade and owns her own salon, Tease Salon. We didn’t hold anything back. From how to make your hair longer to how to get the perfect blow out, we asked it all. Not only will you feel more education on how to make your hair work with you, but Meagen gives us her favorite...


Learning to Laugh while Chasing Your Dreams and Embracing Your Failures with Amy Lyle

You guys, our guest this week is capital F- Funny. It felt like we were sitting on the back porch of her house in Atlanta, sipping wine, and laughing our heads off at all of Amy Lyle’s jokes. Amy is a comedian, #1 Best Selling Author, Screenplay writer, Co-Host, wife, and mom. Amy’s first book is about all the failures she's had and learning to laugh through the hard times. We asked her what it was like trying to turn her screenplay into an actual movie, how to get published for all of our...


Pack Your Suitcase: Travel 101 with Lindsey Epperly Sulek

Got wanderlust? Us too! Traveling is one of the best ways to feed your soul, explore new places, learn about different cultures, and grab some much needed rest and relaxation. If you are anything like us, there are so many places to go and it gets hard to narrow down the choices. That's why we invited Linsey Epperly Sulek, CEO of Epperly Travel to answer all of our burning questions about traveling! Lindsey dishes on the best travel tips, why you should hire a travel agent, and what it is...


Understanding Your Gut Health with Hannah Aylward

You know that “gut instinct” you get about someone or something? Well, turns out there is a ton of science linking your gut health to the rest of your body. From physical to emotional well being, the gut is at the center of living a healthy lifestyle. We sit down with gut health expert, Hannah Aylward and talk about the effects of what we are putting into our body can affect our sleep, emotions, and brain function. We even talk about the evil “S” word again- SUGAR! Hannah’s perspective and...


Mom Confessions: Letting Go of Being Perfect with Kristen Wheeler

Have you ever experienced that feeling of anxiety to be perfect? Come on, we all have at some point! Wanting to be the perfect mom, perfect friend, or perfect wife is exhausting! We sit down and just let it all out with our guest, Kristen Wheeler. The three of us chatted about our secret mom confessions and how to get over the guilt of feeling less than perfect. Kristen hosts her own podcast, Confessions of a Supermom Wannabe and started her show to let other moms know that we are in this...


Master Your Productivity with Momprenuer, Stef Gass

You guys are going to feel like you can conquer the world after listening to this episode with Stef Gass. Stef is the host of the Mompreneur Mastermind Show, passive income creator, and a gem of a person! We sat down with Stef to talk about how to stay on task and master your productivity when you have a million other things going at the same time. We talk about planning out your day, time blocking, and some tips and tricks that can help you stay on track. Stef is open and honest about how...


Creating Meaningful Conversations with Jennifer Zumbiel

Imagine sitting around the dinner table trying to ask your kids about their day. You keep getting one word replies like “good” or “it was fine.” Or you are trying to talk to your husband about how work is going and you keep getting the same one liners. Well, thanks to our guest on the show today, we have a solution for you! Jennifer Zumbiel is the creator of Togather Moments, a table game created to cultivate conversation with your family. Jennifer wanted to create a way to make more...


5 Ways to Overcome Burnout going into Summer

UNSHAKEN Peeps! Welcome to Season Two! We are SOOOO excited you are here on this journey with us! Season Two is kicking off with 5 ways to overcome burnout and stay motivated as we go into the second half of 2019. We don't know about you, but in the past, our brains seem to have hit a wall and want to go straight into vacation mode! It can be SO hard to stay pumped about the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Maybe you haven’t made any progress or are starting to feel like all your...


Everyone is Intuitive: Yes, Even You! With Lindsay Schroeder

That’s right. Everyone is intuitive. Your gut instincts and that feeling you get when you think something is “off” are spot on. We dive into how to start harnessing or recognizing your intuition with Lindsay Schoeder of Our and Are. And we give you more than one way to approach it so that you can pick what feels right to you! Lindsay walks us through mindfulness and mindset, how to understand and bring out your Divine Femine, and why crystals are great to have in your home no matter your...


How to Have a Killer Marriage After the Honeymoon with Michelle Purta

Marriage… it can be a love-hate relationship, literally! From navigating life with a new partner or strengthening your marriage that is decades in the making, we chat about how do it all with Marriage Coach, Michelle Purta. We cover topics such as: how social media can cause unwanted tension, how to find time and energy to devote to your marriage, and how to foster a relationship as a stepmom. Michelle breaks down tangible tips that you can start working on in your day to day life that...


Organization Hacks Everyone Needs with Meredith Wood

We all have that room or cabinet that we shove everything into with the hopes that someday we will organize it. Unfourtaley, for most of us, that never happens! Cleaning out is Stressful with a capital ‘S’.’ In this week’s episode, we chat with Meredith Wood, a professional organizer with a background in psychology and hoarding, to help us uncover tips and trick to take the chaos out of organizing. Meredith teaches us her tactics to bring order to the most disorganized spaces like the...


Don’t Confuse Your Career With Your Calling with Life Coach, Tammy Hotsenpillar

Wow Guys… just WOW! This episode is LOADED with beautiful takeaways that will inspire you! We chat with Life Coach, Author, and Co-Pastor of Influence Church, Tammy Hotsenpillar about how to be great storytellers and find the value telling your own story. Tammy recently launched her Story Club, a six-week program cultivated to spark personal clarity, purpose & power! We discuss how to get quiet before God and understand your calling so you can step into your purpose. Tammy touches on...


Two Changes to Your Diet that Will Change Your Life with Emmy Award Winner, Lara Lyn Carter

It’s not everyday we get to interview a Emmy Award winning tv host, author, and cook. But on today's show, we did just that! Lara Lyn Carter talks about making a huge life change for herself and her family when they decided to cut out all gluten and refined sugar. Now, this is a feat for most people, but most people aren't famous for their savory, southern recipes. Like any authentic cook and author, Lara Lyn’s recipes made the big change with her. In the episode, she tells about how she...


Getting Your Groove Back with Sexual Communication Coach, Leah Carey

Oh libido, where are you? Will you ever come back or are you gone forever!? Sex is a topic that still makes some of us cringe, but why? We believe it is because it isn’t talked about enough and there is some stigma around women talking about sex. That is why we wanted to have Sexual Communication Coach, Leah Carey come on the show and give us some pointers on how to bring up sexual conversations with our partners. We dive into low libido, foreplay, what gets us in the mood and more. Our show...