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Meet the individuals disrupting their fields across wellness, business, and life. Join host Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Inc, on the Unstoppable podcast as she discusses what makes a change maker.

Meet the individuals disrupting their fields across wellness, business, and life. Join host Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Inc, on the Unstoppable podcast as she discusses what makes a change maker.
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Meet the individuals disrupting their fields across wellness, business, and life. Join host Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Inc, on the Unstoppable podcast as she discusses what makes a change maker.




16 Alli Webb - From a Mobile Hair Styling Business to Becoming the Founder of Drybar

The blowout queen and founder of Drybar, Alli Webb, joins me on today’s episode of Unstoppable to talk about building her incredible hair enterprise. "If Drybar didn’t work, no one was going to die, the world wasn’t going to end, and I would’ve figured something else out. I think you have to have that mentality to not feel afraid to take that big leap.” - Alli Webb. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/16


15 Ellen Bennett - Line Cook Turned Designer and CEO of Multimillion Dollar Company

Starting as a line cook in a kitchen in L.A., Ellen Bennett came up with a great idea that has turned into multimillion dollar brand, Hedley & Bennett. "It is just like listening to your customers in the restaurant world and realizing they are just really functional. Everything they do is so smart and efficient and better. So then we take that and put it into our direct to consumer channels too.” - Ellen Bennett. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/15


14 Jake Kassan - How a Serial Entrepreneur Co-founded MVMT Watches

As a young serial entrepreneur Jake Kassan raised $30,000 on Indiegogo in one day! Today he talks about how he did that and co-founded MVMT Watches. "I think that the evolution of a brand takes time, and you learn things by testing and failing. That’s how I became and entrepreneur to begin with.” - Jake Kassan. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/14


13 Elie Ayrouth - How a College Dorm Room Blogger Became a Food Social Media Entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and Publisher of Foodbeast

Listen in as Elie Ayrouth talks about how he started Foodbeast from his college dorm room, how he's landed major brand deals, and more on today’s show. "I don’t really have a passion to cook. But I knew that there were people that liked food but didn’t need all the pretentiousness around it, and I wanted to fill that gap.” - Elie Ayrouth. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/13


12 Jeremy Cohen – From a Simple Instagram Account to Working with Major Brands as a Sought-after Portrait Photographer

New York City based lifestyle and portrait photographer, Jeremy Cohen, talks about how his creativity caught the attention of major brands on today's show. “The most helpful thing is being passionate about it. I genuinely love photography, so that alone just makes this all easier. It makes it easy to do this. If you love it, you can make it happen.” - Jeremy Cohen. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/12


11 Yuval Rechter - Growing, Scaling, and Hiring at First Media as the Fastest-Growing Digital Publisher

On today’s episode, Yuval Rechter of First Media joins me to talk about growing, scaling, and hiring as the fastest-growing digital publishing company. "I think that it is super important to create the culture of how you see yourself in the organization that you built. So I see First Media as my family.” - Yuval Rechter. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/11


10 Sara Dietschy - How she Grew her YouTube following to Over 30 million Views

On today’s episode, Youtuber, content producer, and influencer, Sara Dietschy, joins me to talk about how she became a creative entrepreneur. As she merges creativity and technology, Sara has over 350,000 subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel where she creates and uploads docu-series, tech reviews, and vlogs. "If I could be a part of helping people to live their creative life and to get from point A to point B in the fastest way possible, then I want to be a part of that. So that...


09 Jay Sean and Thara - Working as a Husband and Wife Team as Musicians and Entrepreneurs

Join me as we kick off the season with the multi-platinum chart-topping recording artist, Jay Sean and his wife, manager, business partner, and former recording artist Thara. As artists and entrepreneurs, the pair tells us all about what it is like to be a globally recognized icon and more. “Do what you do and love it, but just know that it could be tough.” - Jay Sean. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/09


08 Randi Zuckerberg - From Silicon Valley to Broadway, Forging a Career Balancing Music and Theater and Tech

Tune in as Randi Zuckerberg shares about her passion for opera, how she’s dealt with rejection, the importance of asking for what you want, her experience in Silicon Valley and more on today's episode of Unstoppable. “The first rule of entrepreneurship is that there are no rules, right?” - Randi Zuckerberg. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/08


07 Lisa Sugar - How a Personal Blog turned into a Multi-Million Dollar Media Company

On today’s episode of Unstoppable, Lisa Sugar, founder and President of PopSugar, joins me to talk about how the entertainment blog she innocently started writing when she was in her twenties turned into a multi-million dollar media company. “When I had started, a lot of the competitors and other folks who had started around the same time had their names as their website, but I was like ‘this has to be bigger than me’.” - Lisa Sugar Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at...


06 Amy Williams - How the CEO of Citizens of Humanity Became an Accidental Entrepreneur

Amy Williams, my friend and incredibly successful CEO of Citizens of Humanity, joins me on today's episode to talk about how she became an “accidental entrepreneur”. Listen in to hear more about her entrepreneurial journey, career in fashion, perspective on advertising, tips for raising venture capital and more. “I learned that I didn’t need to be the author of every idea and I got great joy in bringing out over time the best in other people, and that was really really gratifying.” - Amy...


05 Nina Teicholz - Uncovering the Truth About Nutrition Science and Low-Fat Diets

Investigative journalist, Nina Teicholz, joins me on today’s episode to talk about the truth about fats and how we’ve been fooled by nutrition science. Nina is the author of the international and New York Times bestselling book, The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet. “For the first two years of writing, I thought I was writing a book on trans fats so I did nothing but talk to hundreds of vegetable oil executive. It became clear to me how much they did...


04 Darya Rose - Overcoming Chronic Dieting and Preventing Degenerative Diseases with Real Foods

Darya Rose is the author of Foodist and the creator of the blog Summer Tomato. She writes about food, health, science, and how to overcome chronic dieting. “The vast majority of the causes of misery in the old age disease world are things that are massively improved if you eat more vegetables, eat less junk food, and exercise.” - Darya Rose. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/04


03 Melissa Hartwig - How a 30-Day Dietary Experiment Turned into the World Renowned Whole30 Program

Melissa Hartwig is the co-founder of The Whole30 Program. Today, she talks with Kara Goldin about healthy living and how she created the Whole30 company. “The Whole30 is all about getting you back in touch with your body’s natural regulatory mechanism and re-establishing a healthy relationship with food.” - Melissa Hartwig. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/03


02 Dr. T. Colin Campbell - Curing Cancer Through a Plant-Based Diet

Dr. T. Colin Campbell is the author of The China Study and an Endowed Chair at Cornell University. Kara Goldin discusses nutrition with him on today's show. "We can use the kind of nutrition I'm talking about, not only to prevent future disease. Problems like heart disease, and cancer, and diabetes, and that sort of thing. But it actually can be used to treat people with existing disease now." - Dr. T. Colin Campbell Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/02


01 Dr. Robert Lustig - How Serotonin can Help you be Happy and prevent Pre-Diabetes

Learn from Dr. Robert Lustig about what sweet drinks are doing to our bodies and minds, as well as new research about the growing diabetes pandemic. "It turns out that stress is a primary, possibly the seminal driver of visceral fat." - Dr. Robert Lustig Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable with Kara Goldin at www.karagoldin.com.