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Meet the individuals disrupting their fields across wellness, business, and life. Join host, Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Inc, on the Unstoppable podcast as she discusses what makes a change maker.

Meet the individuals disrupting their fields across wellness, business, and life. Join host, Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Inc, on the Unstoppable podcast as she discusses what makes a change maker.
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Meet the individuals disrupting their fields across wellness, business, and life. Join host, Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Inc, on the Unstoppable podcast as she discusses what makes a change maker.




32 Jason Harris - President and CEO of Mekanism Creative Agency and Author of The Soulful Art of Persuasion

Today Jason Harris talks about how he built his incredible award-winning creative agency, Mekanism, and his NEW book The Soulful Art of Persuasion. "You have to believe in it, or you shouldn't be trying to sell it in any way." - Jason Harris. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/32


31 Robyn Sue Fisher - Engineering Ice Cream to Make the Process as Joyful as it Tastes as the Founder and CEO of Smitten Ice Cream

Robyn Sue Fisher talks about what she found out when she started researching the ice cream industry, why she invented a new ice cream machine, and more. "With Smitten, I worked with a team of engineers to invent an ice cream machine that makes ice cream in less time than it takes you to get a latte at your favorite coffee shop." - Robyn Sue Fisher. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/31


30 Caitlin Landesberg - Serving Beer to Sweaty Athletes as Founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company

Caitlin Landesberg talks about how she decided to start Sufferfest Beer, what it is like to create a beverage by and for athletes, being a mom and CEO + more. "No really means 'not right now', and you've got to tell yourself that." - Caitlin Landesberg. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/30


29 Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah - How the Co-Founders of Cuyana Built Their Brand Over the Past 8 Years

Karla and Shilpa talk about how Karla came up with the idea to start Cuyana, what it is like to have an international supply chain, raising money, and more. "I have an opportunity to maximize what I contribute, to see and push my limits to my capacity. And so I think that ability wasn't lost on me, to try it, to really see what we were all capable of.” - Shilpa Shah. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/29


28 Holly Peterson - CEO and Founder of Fite Luxury Tees

Finding the perfect tee can be a challenging task. Holly Peterson joins me today to talk about her incredibly comfy and fashionable t-shirt brand, Fite. "Because I am my own customer, I know that people will love it. They just have to put it on and in one day they will fall in love." - Holly Peterson. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/28


27 Amanda Slavin - Bridging Education and Hospitality as the CEO and Founder of CatalystCreativ

Amanda Slavin is the CEO of CatalystCreativ, an experience studio that creates educational and inspirational events for cities, brands or movements. "You're giving an opportunity for these younger generations to be a part of your brand, a part of your identity, be a part of your story, versus trying to shove a product down their throats." - Amanda Slavin. Learn more at karagoldin.com/27


26 Mike Flynn - How to Free Your Potential with the Host of The Impact Entrepreneur Show

Mike Flynn talks about his career journey as an entrepreneur, the questions you should be asking yourself when you're trying to find your purpose, and more. "Be ok with being normal. Your story matters. You can facilitate something great right where you're at." - Mike Flynn. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/26


25 Heidi Zak - Empowering Women to Feel Comfortable and Confident as the Co-Founder of ThirdLove Bras and Underwear

ThirdLove is one of the fastest growing brands in the country, and on today's episode Heidi Zak talks about how she created such a successful company. "If you go throughout your day and haven't thought about your bra once, then ThirdLove has done its job well." - Heidi Zak. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/25


24 Christina Stembel - From Beta-Testing Business Ideas in Her Living Room to Reaching Over $20 Million in Revenue as CEO of Farmgirl Flowers

You'll love Christina Stembel's transparency about what it is like to be the founder and CEO of Farmgirl Flowers, her entrepreneurial journey and much more. "Growing up in the farm environment, I was taught that if we don't have the money, we don't spend it - which has really helped me in growing a business." - Christina Stembel. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/24


23 Darby Jackson - Wellness Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Après

Darby Jackson talks about her wellness entrepreneurship career and how she became a co-founder of Après, what she has learned about fundraising and more. "It started off being inspired by a need for women post-workout. The product has since evolved into being something that speaks to the modern consumer post-workout."- Darby Jackson. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/23


22 Leslie Silverglide – From Conservation to Entrepreneurship and the Co-Founder of MIXT

Leslie Silverglide knew that she wanted to pursue eco-entrepreneurship after grad school. So she and her husband started Mixt salad restaurant in 2005. "I realized that I was not meant to be a on-the-ground conservationist at all, and if I wanted to make a big impact then I'd need to do that through business. And seeing that business utilizes most of the world's resources, it seemed like a pretty interesting fit.” - Leslie Silverglide. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/22


21 Ali Bonar - Creating the First Spreadable Granola as Co-Founder of Kween Granola Butter

Ali Bonar and I talk about how she invented "Granola Butter", the lessons she's learned as a budding entrepreneur, great food-for-thought on branding and more. "I never thought that I would start my own food company, but it has been so fun and so rewarding." - Ali Bonar. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/21


20 Nikki Azzara - From a Gluten-Free College Blog to Becoming the CEO and Founder of P.S. Snacks

Nikki Azzara joins me on today's episode of Unstoppable to talk with us about her entrepreneurial journey selling cookie dough that's actually good for you! "The lows are brief and painful, but if you can see the larger vision and know that there are thousands of people who are buying this and there are thousands of people that want it. That, to me, is the most important thing every day.” Nikki Azzara. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/20


19 Jenny Fleiss - Innovator and Co-founder of Rent the Runway and Jetblack

Co-founder of Rent the Runway, Jenny Fleiss, now leads a startup called Jetblack. Today she talks about innovation, tips for entrepreneurs, and more. "Entrepreneurship is like highs and lows. I think it is like flying a plane at low altitude. It is like the highs are really high and the lows are really low and it feels like your going to crash. It is great having a co-founder because there are different moments during then when you need to pick each other up.” - Jenny Fleiss. Learn more...


18 Jessica Herrin - From Tech Startup to Founder & CEO of Stella and Dot

Listen in to today's episode with Jessica Herrin, the founder of Stella and Dot, the multi-million dollar jewelry, bags, accessories, and clothing social selling company. "You do not have expertise when you start. You get expertise over time with failure, with iteration, with tenacity.” - Jessica Herrin. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/18


17 Marion Nestle - Food Politics and How Funders Influence Food Studies

Marion Nestle’s research and writings have examined a lot of the scientific and socioeconomic influences on food choices, obesity, and food safety. "Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and people should be enjoying it and eating what they love. It makes me really sad that people are in such pain and it makes me angry with the food industry for deliberately confusing people.” - Marion Nestle. Learn more at karagoldin.com/17


16 Alli Webb - From a Mobile Hair Styling Business to Becoming the Founder of Drybar

The blowout queen and founder of Drybar, Alli Webb, joins me on today’s episode of Unstoppable to talk about building her incredible hair enterprise. "If Drybar didn’t work, no one was going to die, the world wasn’t going to end, and I would’ve figured something else out. I think you have to have that mentality to not feel afraid to take that big leap.” - Alli Webb. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/16


15 Ellen Bennett - Line Cook Turned Designer and CEO of Multimillion Dollar Company

Starting as a line cook in a kitchen in L.A., Ellen Bennett came up with a great idea that has turned into multimillion dollar brand, Hedley & Bennett. "It is just like listening to your customers in the restaurant world and realizing they are just really functional. Everything they do is so smart and efficient and better. So then we take that and put it into our direct to consumer channels too.” - Ellen Bennett. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/15


14 Jake Kassan - How a Serial Entrepreneur Co-founded MVMT Watches

As a young serial entrepreneur Jake Kassan raised $30,000 on Indiegogo in one day! Today he talks about how he did that and co-founded MVMT Watches. "I think that the evolution of a brand takes time, and you learn things by testing and failing. That’s how I became and entrepreneur to begin with.” - Jake Kassan. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/14


13 Elie Ayrouth - How a College Dorm Room Blogger Became a Food Social Media Entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and Publisher of Foodbeast

Listen in as Elie Ayrouth talks about how he started Foodbeast from his college dorm room, how he's landed major brand deals, and more on today’s show. "I don’t really have a passion to cook. But I knew that there were people that liked food but didn’t need all the pretentiousness around it, and I wanted to fill that gap.” - Elie Ayrouth. Learn more about this episode of Unstoppable at www.karagoldin.com/13