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A weekly resource that interviews world experts and forward thinkers to empower you to live a life less stressed.

A weekly resource that interviews world experts and forward thinkers to empower you to live a life less stressed.




A weekly resource that interviews world experts and forward thinkers to empower you to live a life less stressed.






Dr Pran Yoganathan: Is The Gut The Second Brain?

My guest today is Dr Pran Yoganathan, a gastroenterologist on a journey to empower his patients by using a philosophy of “food as medicine”. In our conversation we explore the role diet can play in combating co-morbidities, ask “how much protein do you actually need” for your age, discuss leaky gut syndrome, liver health, and more.


HEALTHY BITE | Public Health Messages Are Often Oversimplistic

Join me in this conversation as I discuss some of the highlights of my interview with Dr Leland Stillman. And how he reminded me of the importance of sunlight.


Dr Leland Stillman: Light Therapy, Circadian Rhythms & Melatonin

This week, I spoke with Dr Leland Stillman, an Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician based in Orlando Florida. In our conversation, we explored the impacts of environmental medicine on health, the benefits and potentialities of light therapy, infrared Light and melatonin.


HEALTHY BITE | Focusing on Immune Function Backed by Science

I want to talk about Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. There is one thing this focuses on: Ensuring that we have all the right nutrients for those processes to continue optimally. And if that is the case, there's a very good chance that you will enjoy good health. One of the things that I am hoping will emerge from this pandemic is a new focus on health care. On health, on immune function, on boosting immune function to be optimal because we need it not only to overcome the epidemic of...


Prof Ian Brighthope: Medicinal Cannabis & Nutritional and Integrative Medicine

In this episode, I spoke with Professor Ian Brighthope. Ian is the Director of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) whose mission is to improve healthcare outcomes for all and to empower individuals to take control of their health and create a balanced life. Ian is also the founder of Entoura, an Australian medical cannabis manufacturer and educational company. In our conversation, we explore the benefits of studying nutritional and environmental medicine, the role and...


HEALTHY BITE | Why Are Public Health Messages So Confusing

Join me in this conversation as I discuss some of the issues that make those public health messages so confusing.


Belinda Fettke: Veganism, Public Health Messages and the Influence of Sanitarium

Belinda Fettke is the wife of Gary Fettke, an Orthopaedic Surgeon practising in Launceston, Tasmania, who has come under scrutiny for his research into the influence of Seventh Day Adventism and Cereal companies impact on creating dietary guidelines. In our conversation, Belinda and I discuss the origin of public health messages, the rise of veganism in the west from a sustainability discourse and take a broader lens to explore the origins of health food branding in the 21st century.


HEALTHY BITE | How Connected Are You

Today, in this podcast, I want to talk about Connections. I think we're being reminded throughout this pandemic that physical connection is really important. I mean, it's something that in a world where we have become so preoccupied with our online world, where we have maybe hundreds or even thousands of friends or followers and all of those things that online life brings us, the actual connection face to face is so critically important.


Dr Im Quah-Smith: Can Laser Acupuncture Aid Depression Therapy?

Dr. Quah-Smith is a medical practitioner and independent medical researcher with a focus on optimal wellbeing, preventative medicine and stress management. After many years in general practice, Dr. Quah-Smith developed her interest in mind-body medicine where she observed the effects of environmental stressors on physical symptomatology in patients. In our conversation we explore acupuncture, posturology, auricular medicine and her emerging research on how laser acupuncture might aid...


HEALTHY BITE | Humankind: A Hopeful History

When I saw Rutger Bergman's newest book, Humankind: A Hopeful History, I just had to read it. And what a great read it is. What's the connection between this book and the Polyvagal Theory? Tune in to find out.


Dr Michael Gonzalez: Improving Your Immune Function

Dr Michael Gonzalez is a professor at the Nutritional Program School of Public Health, University of Puerto Rico. In our talk, we discuss ways to optimize immune function best, the influence of vitamin C on cancer treatment and explore the long term complexities involved in undertaking diets ranging from low carb, veganism and carnivorism.


HEALTHY BITE | Listening To Our Bodies: Are You Listening To Your Body?

Our body tells us things each and every day - it sends us messages each and every day. Are you listening to the messages your body is sending you?


Maria Hunt: Body Ecology and Gut Health

Maria Hunt is a health practitioner, educator and media spokesperson whose work focuses on advocating good gut health, the benefits of fermented foods and body ecology principles for good digestion.


HEALTHY BITE | Boosting the Immune System

What does "boosting the immune system" mean?


Dr Richard Cheng on Protected Population Immunity and Vitamin C

Dr Richard Cheng is a practising physician, public health educator and public speaker whose work integrates conventional medicine with anti-ageing medicine, orthomolecular medicine and functional medicine.


HEALTHY BITE | Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time

The average working adult will spend one-third of their life at work. But what is the history of work and how do we spend our time? Tune in as I talk about James Sussman fascinating new book.


Dr Chris Miliotis on Diet for a Cool Planet

Dr Chris Miliotis, Eco-entrepreneur, a micro-organism enthusiast and a tireless inventor guided by the principles of regenerative biodynamic agriculture, joins me to talk about his book and idea "Diet for a Cool Planet".


Dr Carolyn Dean: Magnesium, Yeast Overgrowth & What Are rNA Drops?

Dr Carolyn Dean joins us to chat about Magnesium, Yeast Overgrowth & What Are rNA Drops? And Are We Living In A 'Disease Care System' Or A 'Health Care System?


Anna Hohenboken and Raeanne Sabira on One Step Walks & MECA

Anna Hohenboken and Raeanne Sabira on One Step Walks & MECA: How You Can Support Australian Refugees In Your Life


Roger Price on Breathing Well

Dr Ron Ehrlich [00:00:07] Hello and welcome to Unstress. I am Dr Ron Ehrlich. Well, we’ve talked about breathing over the last couple of years, but I would have been the subject worth revisiting, and breathing is something that we take for granted. And yet he is so fundamental to everyday life. Dr Ron […]