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A weekly resource that interviews world experts and forward thinkers to empower you to live a life less stressed.

A weekly resource that interviews world experts and forward thinkers to empower you to live a life less stressed.




A weekly resource that interviews world experts and forward thinkers to empower you to live a life less stressed.






Dr Sarah Myhill: Why We Get Sick and How to Stay Well

Are you constantly suffering from indigestion, heartburn, bloating, feeling full, and lots of other digestive problems? If so, you may have a fermenting gut, and this episode is for you. In this episode, I spoke to Dr Sarah Myhill. She is a British doctor running her own specialist M.E. clinic in Knighton, Wales, UK. Her website is an extensive resource of articles and information based on her treatment of patients, it runs to 920 web pages and has had over six million individual visits. In...


HEALTHY BITE | Public Health Messages… Immune Function Still Matters

Mental health is a huge and growing problem, but it's an opportunity for us to reflect, and I'll leave you with the thought of going and listening to this week's podcast episode featuring Dr Sanjeev Sharma. Also, I think one of the things about this pandemic is that it has been a great opportunity to reflect on life and a wonderful opportunity for us to see just how our public health system works. Join me in this Healthy Bite as we discuss some important highlights of my conversation with...


Dr Sanjeev Sharma: A Philosophy for Life

This week on the podcast we're going to discuss mental health. I know we're going through a pandemic, and mental health is a major problem even before the pandemic came along, and has certainly thrown some challenges to us from a mental health perspective. My guest today is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Sanjeev Sharma. He has an interest in General Adult Psychiatry. He specialises in Psychotic illnesses, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Addictive Disorders, and Transcultural...


HEALTHY BITE | Time to Take Control of Your Own Health

This week on the podcast, we released a very informative episode with Dr Peter Brukner. Peter covered some important health issues surrounding diabetes. He is world-renowned and he has his own personal experience, which he shares in this week's podcast and the initiative, Defeat Diabetes. Join me in this Healthy Bite as we talk about taking control of your own health. Your health is just too important to leave to anybody else. You have to take control of it yourself.


Dr Peter Brukner: Defeat Diabetes

Welcome to Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich. Well, today, we’re going to explore diabetes. We are going back to basics, see why it is such a problem, how big a problem it is, how we’ve gone with science and medicine up to this point in time, and where we can go from here. My guest today is Dr Peter Brukner. He’s the founder of Defeat Diabetes and also not-for-profit SugarByHalf. Pete has been a guest on the podcast before. He’s a world-renowned Sports Medicine Clinician and Researcher, formerly...


HEALTHY BITE | Mental Health Awareness

Welcome to another Healthy Bite. Well, this week is a big week because it is focussed on mental health. We are proud to be a Partner for Mind Medicine Australia’s International Summit on Psychedelic Therapies for Mental Illness, taking place online from 19-20 November 2021. This is such an important initiative. Join me as I talk about mental health, antidepressants and the option of psychedelic therapies in Australia.


Petrea King: How Trauma Can Lead to Positive Change

This week on the podcast we're going to be talking to a legend in health care in Australia, Petrea King. We talked about her foundation, Quest For Life, trauma, default mode network, task-positive network, mental health - for both patients and health practitioners, and so much more. Petrea is the CEO of Quest For Life Foundation, a well-known author (having written nine best-selling books), an inspirational keynote speaker, and a facilitator. She has received the Advance Australia Award,...


HEALTHY BITE | How’s your Emotional Intelligence and Health Quotient

Welcome to another Healthy Bite. In this week's podcast, we explored Emotional Intelligence with Robin Hills, which is how we relate to others. IQ - Intelligence Quotient - relates more to logic, memory, language, concentration, and comprehension. In this Healthy Bite episode, let's touch on something called HQ. The Health Quotient. What is it and why is it as important as the other two?


Robin Hills: Can You Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Robin Hills is based in the UK in the Greater Manchester area and is Director of Ei4Change. With over 35 years of successful commercial and leadership experience, he has worked in a variety of sales and marketing management roles with a variety of companies from small start-ups to large multinationals. These include the NHS, major pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, universities, charities, finance, and recruitment organisations. In this podcast, we are going to be exploring...


HEALTHY BITE | Walking – Make It the Habit of a Lifetime

Do you know what is another excellent way to improve or maintain your health? Well, the answer is walking. It is one of the best exercises and what I love about it is - it is slow, it is sustainable, it is safe, and it's out in the fresh air. It can be sociable too if you do it with others and the best thing? You can do it for the rest of your life. Join me in this Healthy Bite as I contemplate my conversation with Sarah Wilson. We talked about so many important topics that are worthy of...


Sarah Wilson: This One Wild and Precious Life

Will you sleep throughout the revolution? Or do you wish to reconquer your one wild and precious life by waking up? Well if your answer is yes, then this week's episode is for you. I spoke with Sarah Wilson. Sarah is a multi-New York Times and Amazon best-selling author, podcaster, thought leader, minimalist, philanthropist, and climate advisor. She also founded the international I Quit Sugar movement and is the best-selling author of the books I Quit Sugar and First, We Make the Beast...


HEALTHY BITE | Let’s Make This the Century of the Revered Teacher

Welcome to another Healthy Bite. If you haven't heard this week's podcast with Prof Pasi Sahlberg, I really recommend it because it touches on the subject of education. I love this expression that Pasi coined: "Leaders are teachers and teachers are pedagogical leaders." In this episode, I will share with you some takeaways from my conversation with Pasi. I will also share some quotes from one of my favorite authors, Yuval Noah Hari.


Prof Pasi Sahlberg: In Teachers We Trust

My guest this week is Professor Pasi Sahlberg. Pasi is a Finnish educator and author who has worked in the Finnish education system as both a teacher and a policymaker. In this episode, we discuss the differences between the Australian and Nordic education system, NAPLAN tests, the idea of “play theory” and so much more.


HEALTHY BITE | Climb Into The Man Cave

Man cave - it's a part of life that I have over the years found myself crawling into and out of many times. I think what I've referred to as the man cave is a little different but connected to what Matt and his crew have created for young people of today's generation. A safe space where you are not on your own, where you are actually encouraged to get in touch with your feelings. Listen to this week's Healthy Bite where I reflect on my conversation with Matt DeFina. I have mentioned The...


Matthew DeFina: Positive Masculinity & The Man Cave

In this episode, I spoke with Matt DeFina. Matt is the head of programmes at The Man Cave, preventive mental health and emotional intelligence charity that empowers boys to become great men. Through The Man Cave, Matt now wants to give young men experiences that will expand their views of what is possible in life for themselves and in their deeper relationships with others. It is such an important and empowering conversation. I hope you enjoy this conversation I had with Matt DeFina.


HEALTHY BITE | A “Brave New World” of Medical Knowledge

Welcome to another Healthy Bite. This week on the podcast, we released a very informative episode with Dr Jim Parker, an obstetrician-gynaecology, and we talked about women's health. Dr Jim covered some important health issues that women experience, like PCOS and endometriosis. What is empowering and relevant to this week's discussion with Jim was the powerful impact of a nutrient-dense diet. Join me as we talk about the idea of an integrative approach to specialities within medicine, is now...


Dr Jim Parker: Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Today, we're going to explore women's health. And women's health, whether you're a woman or not, is important because we all know women and they're an important part of our lives. They're known as the backbones of growth and a progressing nation. My guest today is Dr Jim Parker. Jim has been an obstetrician, gynaecologist, and endoscopic surgeon. He has a wide range of researches with a particular interest in evidence-based medicine and the application of those findings to clinical practise....


HEALTHY BITE | Evidence-Based Medicine or Evidence-Based Marketing

Welcome to another Healthy Bite. This week on the podcast, we had a tremendous interview with Dr Martin Whitely, who's written a book called Overprescribing Madness. In this episode, we will talk about the significant difference between evidence-based medicine and evidence-based marketing. I am also going to share with you eye-opening books that I encourage you to have a look at particularly if you're a health practitioner.


Dr Martin Whitely: Overprescribing Madness

Dr Martin Whitely is a mental health researcher and former Western Australian Member of Parliament. Martin led studies proving that the youngest children in schools are considerably more likely than their older classmates to be ‘medicated' for ADHD, as well as research exposing a troubling correlation between antidepressant usage and suicide among young Australians. He is also the author of an eye-opening book called Overprescribing Madness. In this podcast, we are going to explore mental...


HEALTHY BITE | How Curious Should We Be… As Health Practitioners

This week on the podcast, we released an amazing episode with Professor Julia Rucklidge. Today, in this Healthy Bite, I want to talk about how important for health practitioners to have both scepticism and curiosity. Join me in this discussion as I extract some of the highlights of my conversation with Julia. I have also shared the names of upcoming guests including a doctor who specialises in chronic fatigue, and a world leader in education. Tune in to find out more!