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051 Empowering the Phoenix in Ourselves with Heather Meglasson

Join Sophia as she has a conversation with Heather Meglasson, an accomplished author, healer, and impact artist. They discuss the safety in setting clear boundaries, Heather’s Dear Shadow Letters, and her Human Phoenix Project. They weave together all this and so much more in a series of medicine stories, so take all that which nourishes you. “We only go into that sense of ‘what if’—that massive fear, when it’s something that really matters to us and being an artist…was important for me.”...


050 Weaving a Brighter Future

Beloved listener, thank you so much for continuing on this journey with us! We are celebrating our 50th episode of Vagina Talks by weaving together all the different viewpoints of the healed world that Sophia Wise One has collected over the last year and a half. Relax your body and breathe into the future we know is coming. Here are all the weavings in order of appearance with the number of their episodes. You can follow the link to each episode for more information. 49.5 Aerin of Many...


49.5 God Does Not Want to Be Monogamous With Me with Aerin of Many Names

We’re correcting a lapse in counting this week and getting back into alignment so our 50th episode will actually be the 50th episode. So join Sophia and Aerin from their stay in Bali as they discuss many things, including personal autonomy, codependency, Reports from the Spider Queen, and so much more. This episode is a really rich treat, so listen to it again and again (or just once if that’s all you want, it’s your life). “God and Spirit don’t want to take away my autonomy and don’t want...


049 Healing on this Water Planet with Naia Leigh

Join Sophia this week as she goes deep into the medicine with Naia Leigh. As Sophia says early on, this episode is the right thing for you if you have seen fast change. This episode is the result of many answered prayers and the deep knowing that healing can happen for anyone at any time. Naia empowers women through supporting the emergence of greater sensuality, purpose, creativity, and personal power. She is the founder of Boundless, a healing modality that clears the root causes of...


048 Letting the Plants Help with Nadine Artemis

Join Sophia as she talks with the brilliant Nadine Artemis about how to use plants to support and protect the many microbiomes in and on your body. If you hear anything from this episode, let it be this: there is nothing you need to change about your body to make it good enough. The smells and liquids your body makes are all just information about how well you’re doing and don’t need masking, removing, or stopping—only honoring and listening. “[Plants] are the cosmic chemists. They’re...


047 Stepping Into Authenticity with Brittany Policastro

Dear listeners, this episode is no joke. This week, Sophia Wise One and Brittany Policastro share wisdom from their journeys into authenticity. They share intimate stories that illustrate the daily practice of laying down old behaviors that no longer serve, in pursuit of living your own, true life. “I feel so exhilarated, so fulfilled––filled with self. And, they’re coming and they’re shifting, the waves. But, oh the terror! This terror of ‘who will I be if I’m not burdened? Who will I be...


046 Four Major Tools for Optimizing a Healing Opportunity

Take a peek behind the curtain into a private class with Sophia Wise One. This episode is from the last weekend of the training ground where Sophia outlined four vitally helpful tools for enhancing a healing experience. Take notes, listen a few times, show your friends, reach out to Sophia on instagram with any questions. These are tools to help you become a better, healer, friend, parent, child, partner, coworker, and person. Enjoy! Major Tools for Healing: All these things INCREASE...


045 Let It All Fall Away

Settle in for an intimate, solo episode with Sophia as she talks about springtime and the clarity it brings. Let old agreements fall away as the old you who made them falls away too. This is the time for new seeds to burst into the sunlight and make a whole new planet full of all new people. Here is the link to the expanded telling of the rabbit medicine bag story. “Let it all fall away. Let it all fall away. Let the growth come forward, and let all that other stuff fall away. Because...


044 Sovereign Expressions of the Yoni

Jonita D’souza drops some serious knowledge this week. She talks about the many properties of the yoni egg and gives us some historical background on the use of jade eggs. Grab a pencil and paper, because this episode will school you on all things yoni! This week, Jonita and Sophia share: “The beauty will shine through because [your yoni] is your sacredness, but you have to be present.” -Jonita “Your yoni is your sovereign expression” -Jonita Check out Jonita’s website...


043 Wisdom From the Pelvic Bowl with Alicia Patterson

In this episode, Sophia talks with Alicia Patterson and asks the question, “what is ripe to be shared?” What unfolds is a beautiful co-weaving of stories and wisdom from their pelvic bowls. It’s a rich and very caring conversation that lends itself well to getting cozy, laying hands somewhere on your body and relaxing into the web with these powerful healers. “The time is now, and there is no rush.” -Sophia Alicia Patterson is the mentor and creator of “The Way of Inner Power”, a...


042 Cyclical Superpowers with Stasha, The Period Coach

In this episode, Sophia Wise One talks with Stasha, The Period Coach about the unique qualities of each phase of the menstrual cycle and the magic that we can all experience from following its natural energetic rhythm. Key Takeaways: “But the freedom that you feel when you’re no longer living in that linear, goal-oriented manner that it’s amazing how much more you actually get done. And yet, it feels so much easier and time just takes on a new perspective!” Stasha on the deep...


041 What is Medicine Dosage and Prescription

In this episode, Sophia Wise One and discusses the effects of medicine and how to determine proper dosage of the medicine taken. Sophia explains the trials of changing certain medicines with new ones, and how to determine an effective dosage. She expresses the importance of the people in your life that are participating in your healing journey. Sophia lets us know that the way we handle our medicine could change and reshape our lives. Key Takeaways: Knowing the dosage to take of the...


040 Medicine Circle Philosophy and Medicine Tracking

In this episode, Sophia Wise One discusses the amazing healing abilities of the medicine circle. Sophia describes the effective nature of altars and how they bring us the space we need to connect to the spiritual. She expands on the need we have for medicine circles that give a physical place to express the emotions we may be struggling to find space to express. Sophia describes the need for Time-Space in healing both as a healer and as a person in need of that place to express and feel...


039 The Sanity of Being Yourself

In this episode, Sophia Wise One discusses sanity in what we have been taught is insane. Step into a sacred place with Sophia as she explains the true meaning of being sane. Explore the intimacy of presenting yourself to others and knowing yourself so you can heal and connect with your body. Sophia opens up about the impact of pain and how to learn the sensations of your body to better understand what messages are hidden in sensation. In this raw and emotional episode Sophia explores one of...


038 Owning Your Story, Knowing Your Pussy

Owning Your Story, Knowing Your Pussy In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Sierra discuss becoming a pussy oracle. Follow Sierra’s journey to awakening, and her life experiences that opened the door to teaching female empowerment. Listen as Sophia and Sierra explore the passion that comes with teaching women to love their bodies and heal from traumas, connecting with a whole new depth in the feminine experience. Sierra helps teaches us that we are all unique and beautiful spirits, and...


037 The Journey to Womb Healing

In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Sama discuss womb centered healing. Explore the sensual journey of undertaking the words and wisdom your womb has to offer with Sama’s insight on hearing those soft whispers. Listen as Sophia delves into the effects of running from healing and how that can lead to a road of loss and misunderstanding in your personal self. Let Sama and Sophia enlighten your understanding of the body as a temple and the other temples built in your life by your interactions...


036 Magic that Comes from the Stars

Magic that Comes from the Stars In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Portia discuss the discovery of personal witchery, and how that path begins in childhood. Portia reflects on the aspects of cultural society that closeted her journey to coming out both in magic and as a member of the queer community. Sophia gives insight on the struggles of grief and anger, and how processing these vital emotions brings healing to the heart and understanding to the mind. Together, Sophia and Portia...


035 Trading War and Trauma for Peace and Wholeness

Trading War and Trauma for Peace and Wholeness In this episode, Sophia Wise One discusses the impact of grief and gratitude in our lives as we work through the struggles and trauma that affect us. Reach into your empathetic space as she expresses her vision for our future in a war of peace culture that ends the war we have been teaching our society for decades. Allow yourself to embrace the power of healing your spirit and mind in processing trauma and grief, opening yourself to a...


034 Amy Jo Goddard – Sexual Empowerment and Creativity

Amy Jo Goddard – Sexual Empowerment and Creativity In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Amy Jo Goddard discuss, openly and with love, vulnerability, empowerment, and sex. They invite us to also join in the discussion about sex, especially with our partners. Sex is an intensely vulnerable and personal thing. We are all afraid that we are not “normal” and that we will be rejected because of it. Rejection, however, is a normal part of life, and it’s not because there’s something that is not...


033 Call to Action – Show Up, Know, & Follow Your Heart

Call to Action – Show Up, Know, & Follow Your Heart In this episode, Sophia Wise One discusses things that she has previously been too afraid to say aloud outside of her innermost circle. Delve into her heart and mind as she talks about why she started the training ground, why she is building RTTCon (Red Tent Temple Convergence) and healing spaces with which we can learn how and become the bridge builders between the world we have now and the world that we want to create. These...