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How an Fitness Coached Healed from Hypothyroidism

Each week I and my team get to speak to tens of women. Each one with a unique struggle. With a unique story. Each one searching for an answer. When Heidi spoke to one of our coaches, she had a story to tell. Young, beautiful, talented. A wife, mother, and a fitness guru that was out of energy to train. A runner, who could not run in the way to make herself happy. A dreamer, who was afraid that her dreams are too far-fetched. On thyroid medication that was not making her feel better. On...


How Debbie Healed Hypothyroidism, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Pain, IBS and GERD in...

- 1 thyroid medication -14 supplements -41 symptoms -16.5 lbs 8 weeks! The doubters, the haters, and most doctors would say it's impossible, but her numbers beg to tell a different story. She used to feel exhausted all the time. The brain fog was so bad that she would walk into walls every now and then. And no, it's not figurative speech. It became harder to communicate for her because her words would not come out as clearly as she would have liked them to. A tough gig for a...


From Begging for Death to Living to the a Matter of Weeks

Imagine this... You are young, smart, gorgeous and have everything going for you. An amazing husband, kids, education, and a thriving business. True American Dream! And then... Your life begins to fall apart. You are diagnosed with a double whammy: hypothyroidism and a pituitary tumor. Your world turns upside down, as you drag yourself from doctor to doctor while trying to hold on to the shreds of your old self. You try supplements, diets, medications, detoxes...and anything you can...


How to Heal PCOS and Hypothyroidism in Less Than 8 Weeks

Imagine doing everything that you can to get well--working out, eating a plant-based diet, seeking professional medical help...and still not getting better. In fact, instead of better, you are doing worse. You have 21 symptoms...and counting. One day you wake up, look down at your hand, filled with medications and supplements, and realize that this is NOT the life you've been working so hard to create. are only 30-something. Here you are, staring your future in its face,...


How Maritza Healed Hashimoto's Naturally

Imagine being only twenty and feeling like your life had come to an end. You are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, after years of suffering, and you reach out to your doctors for help. They give you medication. They give you supplements. But NOTHING gets better. On the contrary, things get worse. You now have Hashimoto's--autoimmune thyroiditis. You are twenty, your entire life is supposed to be ahead of you. You are supposed to be seizing the moment, carpe freaking diem! But...


How to Cure Diabetes Naturally in Just a FEW Weeks

With over 35 million Americans suffering from #diabetes and over 90 million more in a pre-diabetic condition (1), we know that the traditional approach to fighting this disease is not working. So instead of giving you more of what already failed you, I am bringing you a medical doctor who has developed a plan that can CURE diabetes in a matter of weeks! If you follow her advice, the chances are, you can be diabetes free and finally living the life you've been dreaming about. Pull up a...


Curing Hypothyroidism and Endometriosis Naturally

When you feel like vomiting, when you are more nauseous than a pregnant woman, when you are doubled over in so much pain that you can barely probably have endometriosis. Not a fun hormone imbalance. It comes with irregular, painful cycles. It causes infertility. And it causes more than the physical pain--women, living with endometriosis, end up giving up on feeling alive, or having a normal social life, because their disease is unpredictable. The only hope that their...


Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid? Think Again!

Have you heard claims that coconut oil benefits extend to having healing properties for your thyroid? If you have...DON'T BELIEVE THEM! There is not truth to these claims. In fact, exactly the opposite it true. There are NO health benefits that come from consuming coconut oil. NONE! Unless you are trying to gain weight, clog your arteries, develop cardiovascular problems, or to screw up your hormone health further. Last week I conducted an impromptu live video cast in my private...


Gwenn Kintyhtt Interview

Almost 6 years ago, Gwenn suffered from IBS, migraines, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, panic attacks, food addictions and difficult pregnancies and labors. After having her first child, she was inspired to change her health and give her daughter a better life than she had. She began to seek and found what she was looking for. Gwenn is now absolutely disease free, and is full of energy--enough to run a business and to keep up with 3 of her children, who are under 5 years old. She has...


How Renee Lost 70 lbs, Came Off 9 Medications and Got Her Life Back

Approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed annually in the United States, and approximately 20 million American women have had a hysterectomy. Most of hysterectomies are absolutely unnecessary and can be avoided. Renee BEFORE Americans filled 4.3 billion prescriptions and doled out nearly $374 billion on medicine in 2014 alone. The medical industry, although it has its place, is a HUGE business. And, often, we are left to wonder, if this is a business that is there to save...


How to Live a Healthy Life with Type 1 Diabetes and Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Among innumerable, debilitating health conditions Type 1 Diabetes is one of the worst. Why? Because it is an autoimmune disease and cannot be cured. At all. Ever! Side effects of these viscous disease include, but not limited to: - Thirst and dry mouth - Frequent urination - Fatigue - Dry warm skin - Nausea and vomiting and stomach pain - Deep and rapid breathing sometimes with frequent sighing - Confusion and decreased consciousness And can culminate to neuropathy, heart...


How to Cure Fibroids Naturally

One study found that, by age 50, 70 percent of whites and 80 percent of African Americans had fibroids in the US Various therapies are used to treat symptoms, including drugs or surgical removal of individual fibroids, when the condition is painful or the number of fibroids is great, doctors may advise surgery to remove the uterus—a hysterectomy. More than 200,000 hysterectomies are performed each year for uterine fibroids. Annual direct health care costs for uterine fibroids exceed $2.1...


Thyroid and hormone testing cause more harm than good

New Hormone and Thyroid testing guidelines have added millions to the ranks of those who are thought to have hormone imbalances, although often these women and men are asymptomatic. The latest studies show that thyroid and hormone testing lead to not only over-diagnosis of otherwise healthy adults, but often to overtreatment too. Consider these things before making the decision to go on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or get on thyroid medications. LINKS FREE Facebook group...

Why hormone replacement therapy is not a healthy choice

Hormone replacement therapy drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry. Millions of women and men opt into HRT, whether pharmaceutical or bio-identical, each year in hopes of reviving their libido, reducing menopausal symptoms, or as means to address numerous hormone imbalances. Few, however, know the risk they are taking by adding HRT to their regimen. While numerous studies have shown that HRT is not only a bad, but a risky health choice, doctors often fail to tell their patients the...

Vegalicious Announcement about Upcoming Changes

Today I'm coming to you with a big announcement about the changes you've been seeing happening on Vegalicious, with more to come soon. I am shifting my efforts to concentrate on working with those who need to resolve hormone imbalances naturally, with a whole foods plant based diet and lifestyle changes only. If you are in this camp, then today's episode is exactly what you've been looking for. Details are inside.

Can maca root help your hormone imbalance?

If you are suffering with a hormone imbalance you are constantly in search of that one thing that can make all the difference in the world for your health. You go from doctor to doctor, hoping that one will finally be able to wave his magic wand and you walk out of his office with a clean bill of health. When that doesn't happen, and chances are, that never happens, you start searching the world wide web, in hopes of finding even a crumb of hope that there is something in this Universe...


6 Reasons to Avoid Iodine if You Want a Healthy Thyroid

Iodine is a trace mineral that the body needs to produce thyroid hormones, which are essential for normal growth, development and to regulate metabolism. These hormones also affect heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, weight, fertility and many other processes in our bodies. We have erroneously been told that in order to get adequate iodine, we must consume iodized salt or take iodine supplements. However, history, the fact that we now consume food from many different locations,...


The Lies About Coconut Oil Benefits You Should Never Believe

Coconut oil is represented as having almost magical properties. Some people claim that coconut oil is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, hypothyroidism, cancer, and almost any and all health conditions. But are these claims true? All the evidence points to the fact that they aren't. By the end of today's podcast you will realize that the only way you should be using coconut oil is as a moisturizer, make up remover or an amazing ingredients for a homemade chemical free deodorant. However,...


How to achieve a healthy pregnancy in these 5 steps

When you feel that all's lost and your hope for a natural healthy pregnancy is almost gone, there is still hope. Today I am interviewing Dr. Pamela Popper, of The Wellness Forum, a published author, about a fertility diet and lifestyle. She will give you 5 simple steps to follow to make your body fertile without medication, in-vitro, or any other expensive procedures that come with side effects.

The Gluten Effect on Your Hormones

Ever wondered what kind of effect gluten has on your hormones? In today’s episode you will learn whether you can keep enjoying gluten delights, or whether you should dump them like a bad habit in order to cure your hormonal illness. You’ll learn the science and the common sense approach on where gluten fits in the grand scheme of hormone health. Transcript is provided at this link. Click on it to also share your thoughts on the topic and to let me know what else you want to learn about...