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A free monthly audio show from Europe's largest campaigning vegan charity. Released around the 1st day of every month, our first episode was on World Vegan Day, November 1st 2016. The show is hosted and produced by Helen Wilson at "Viva! central" (our HQ) in Bristol, UK.

A free monthly audio show from Europe's largest campaigning vegan charity. Released around the 1st day of every month, our first episode was on World Vegan Day, November 1st 2016. The show is hosted and produced by Helen Wilson at "Viva! central" (our HQ) in Bristol, UK.


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A free monthly audio show from Europe's largest campaigning vegan charity. Released around the 1st day of every month, our first episode was on World Vegan Day, November 1st 2016. The show is hosted and produced by Helen Wilson at "Viva! central" (our HQ) in Bristol, UK.




#42 A special message from Viva! Founder & Director, Juliet Gellatley and the latest Viva! news and vegan-inspired interviews

April’s podcast opens with a special introduction from Founder and Director, Juliet Gellatley, as we find ourselves in this most unprecedented time of lockdown, due to the . Juliet is joined by Viva!’s Associate Director, Tony Wardle, in a detailed conversation about how the virus started, its connections to factory farming, the role of veganism and what this means for the future. We bring you the latest news and events updates from Viva!, followed by some cheery vegan-themed interviews to...


#41 HOGWOOD: a modern horror story documentary, Mother's Day of Action for dairy cows and

March’s podcast celebrates the up and coming release of new ground-breaking documentary – HOGWOOD: a modern horror story. Last summer, Tesco dropped Hogwood pig farm as a supplier following an intense campaign and repeated investigations into horrific conditions there by Viva! investigators. Viva!’s Editor and Associate Director, Tony Wardle, chats to us about how this wonderful victory for animals has transferred into a gripping documentary that is set to launch at the House of Commons at...


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Veganuary 2020 with Plant-Based News, No Porkies, comedy and musician Ian Haywood

A belated Happy New Year and a wonderful Veganuary to you all! In this episode, we take a look at how far the vegan movement has progressed, as Laura and Tayana interview the creators of a new feature length film, Vegan 2019. We give our top tips for trying (and staying!) vegan, and feature some laugh-out-loud conversations from our vegan comedy night. IN THIS EPISODE: Kris chats with our Louisa, about vegan resolutions and trying vegan. We interview Klaus, one of the founders of and the...


Our festive season episode with a worldwide music exclusive, Viva Shake tour, Bristol Xmas vegan festival, and chart-topping singer-songwriter Gabriel Aplin.

We wish you a compassionate Christmas! In this extra special episode, we have a worldwide exclusive! Introducing the fantastic, positively vegan Christmas song . Produced by Gavin Chappell-Bates and Giles Bryant, Peace on Your Plate could become the first ever vegan Christmas No.1 – with your support! Hit 'play', listen to the song and learn how to help bring compassion to the charts this Christmas. Also in this episode: Juliet, our founder and director, wishes you a very merry vegan...


World Vegan Day Special, GoVegan24, and Vegan Now

It's World Vegan Day! This episode marks two years since the Viva! Vegan Podcast launched, how time flies! Join us in celebrating World Vegan Day with our #GoVegan24 campaign. We're joined by a whole host of celebrities, including Fearne Cotton and James May, in asking people to Go Vegan for 24 hours. Our huge environment campaign has made national headlines and is set to create an even bigger storm on World Vegan Day. Listen in to our extra special podcast and be the first to know all about...


#36 Vegan NOW launch, new Day Of Action environmental campaign, and Vegan Campout.

has launched! In this episode, find out about our new environment campaign including our on World Vegan Day, Friday 1 November. We also look back at Juliet's and young environmentalist, talks at Vegan Campout, and look forward to our which celebrates Viva!'s 25th birthday on Saturday 26 October. Gavin Chappell-Bates catches up with Mike Mckinnon, fresh off the Vegan Campout stage. ABOUT OUR SHOW. You can hear this show via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on lots of other apps and...


#35 A Viva Campaign Victory Special as Hogwood "Horror" Farm is dropped by Tesco.

Wow! This must be our most exciting podcast to date… Tesco has dropped Hogwood Farm! After three investigations, Red Tractor and Tesco have finally taken a stand against the appalling conditions at Hogwood and have dropped them as a supplier. This month we celebrate our campaign victory, look back over the previous three investigations and discuss what this decision means for the future. FIND OUT MORE. Kris has the latest vegan news including looking back over our campaign, our current and...


#34 Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch, Die For Coke Demo, Vegan vs Plastic-Free, and music from Muse To Sirens.

August’s podcast features a magical interview with Harry Potter star hosted by Juliet. We follow the Viva! Campaigns team to the at the London Eye where they protested the systematic abuse in the global dairy industry. Viva! staff debate whether plastic-free living should be central to veganism, and our new health campaigner busts vegan health myths. FIND OUT MORE. Kris has the latest vegan news, including an update on how any Amazon shopper can via Amazon Smile. ‘An Audience with Evanna...


#33 Vegan comedian Carl Donnelly, Bristol Animal Rights, our 25th anniversary party plans, and KFC's new 'Imposter' Burger.

In this episode, we take you along on the Bristol Animal Right March, featuring a speech from Juliet Gellatley. We interview Carl Donnelly — vegan comic and headliner for our . Kris catches up with our campaigns team on the success of our and the Viva! team discuss the recent KFC Imposter Burger and its effectiveness in saving animals. LINKS AND MORE. - Latest vegan news including an update on our , with actor Peter Egen. - : we had loads of fantastic discussions with the British public, we...


#32 (June 2019) author George Monbiot, One Planet Pizza, Dirty Sanchez Goes Dirty Vegan, and music from Matty G and L'il Winter.

In this jam-packed episode hosted by Kris Townsend, Juliet and Tony interview — environmental and political columnist, author and campaigner. We catch up with the brilliant team who completed their momentous marathon challenge! We feature the first of our interviews from our Magical Viva! Vegan Festival, , from Dirty Sanchez to Dirty Vegan. LINKS AND MORE. - Latest vegan news including an update on (since recording, we have reached our 100,000 signature target - but it's not too late to...


#31 (May 2019). MooFree May, Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn, pro cyclist Christine Varados, and music from Giles Bryant.

It's ! Kris catches up with our campaigns manager, Lex Rigby, to discuss our spectacular month of dairy-free action. We're of four UK cities to hand-out free vegan cheese and chocolate, kindly supplied by and . We revisit our interview with Jerome Flynn, Game of Thrones actor, just in time for our new Everyone’s Going Dairy-Free magazine launch. We also continue our interview series with top vegan athletes. This time, Veronika interviews professional cyclist and vegan of 17 years, Christine...


#30 (April 2019). 25th anniversary plans, our UK advertising victory, marathon champ Fiona Oakes, End of Meat and music from Tape Runs Out

In this episode, Kris interviews the producer and director of the new vegan documentary, the End of Meat. We catch up with Juliet about the exciting new move for our rescued pig, Hope, and her babies. Relatedly, Veronika also interviews vegan marathon runner Fiona Oakes, who is the proud founder of Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary - the new forever home to Hope and Dotty! In This Episode: Latest vegan news including new at Viva! Victory! The Advertising Standards Authority( on our TRASH...


#29 for March 2019. Cultured meat, Hench Herbivore, Viva!ccino Tour and music from Yak.

This month features an extended interview about cultured meat, which has the potential to save billions of animals from factory farming and slaughter each year. Our founder and director Juliet Gellatley was invited to see the labs at Mosa Meats, the first company to create a slaughter-free hamburger in 2013. We also speak to vegan bodybuilder Hench Herbivore and cover our latest campaigns. In This Episode: Latest vegan news including exciting plans for our 25th Anniversary. Find out how...


#28 for February 2019. Our 2018 Review, PAWS, Vegan Athlete Lisa Gawthorne of Bravura Foods, and Juliet Goes To Parliament.

In this episode, Kris reflects on the last twelve months and . We also caught up with of Bravura Foods, and Juliet chats with one of the co-founders of the . We and highlight some of our recent radio interviews. Get stuck into another jam-packed Viva! Podcast. In this episode: What a was for Viva! And there's more to come! A summary of the latest vegan news from Bristol, the UK and beyond. Kris catches up with of Bravura Foods to discuss her book, future plans and the vegan revolution Juliet...


#27 for January 2019. Happy New Year! It's Veganuary and much more.

Happy New Year! This Veganuary we’ve interviewed Ecotricity’s Paul Sands about vegan energy-supply and discussed the fantastic work taking place at Forest Green Rovers. We also caught up with world champion pole athlete Terri Fierce, Mercury Rising lead guitarist Rob Raymond, and Juliet talks animal welfare policy with animal welfare-focused MP Henry Smith. What better way to kick off 2019 than with our jam-packed January Podcast? In this episode: Latest vegan news to celebrate Veganuary,...


#26 MMM Christmas! Melbourne's Martinez, Melody's Music and Meat-Free Festive Munchies!

Plenty to enjoy and celebrate in this year-end episode, especially with our deliciously vegan Speaking of guides, podcast host Kris Townsend is joined by voices from across the Viva! team to talk vegan food for non-vegans, 3 (Christmas) cheers for awesome festive recipes, Anonymous for the Voiceless, and music from Melody Causton. There's also a Scary Dairy update with animal rights campaigner Dina Aherne and a vegan active wear clothing recommendation from Kris. (Yes, you did read that...


#25 for World Vegan Day with reggae star Macka B, more TRASHED talk, and "Sexual Politics of Meat" author and feminist-vegan activist Carol Adams

This World Vegan Day, podcast host Kris Townsend has an exclusive interview with vegan reggae star Macka-B, more news on our UK awareness-raising campaigns as we launch motorway-side billboards and YouTube adverts, and Sophie Delarny, our Festivals & Events Manager, goes deep with "Sexual Politics of Meat" author and feminist-vegan activist Carol Adams. Also in this episode VIVA! launches YouTube's first vegan adverts 300 of you helped More on Tesco's continued refusal to engage with us...


#24 for October 2018. Hogwood Horror Farm Victory. We're hiring. Plus, chef Richard Buckley, founder of Bath's Acorn restaurant, our new TRASH campaign, and Juliet talks cow-rescues at the Lisa James Animal Sanctuary.

Kris sits down with VIVA! founder Juliet to talk TRASH, hear about a new animal rescue initiative, and thank the amazing supporters that make VIVA! the successful force for change as it is. We hear music artist Moby's TedX Talk on why he became a vegan, discover the vegan grime of JME and share news on how you can join VIVA!'s online and media team. Also in this episode Earthling Ed – Why I support viva! TV hosts Phil and Holly admit on "Good morning Britain" to doing something they'd never...


#23 for September 2018 with Dr. Neal Barnard, Melanie Joy PhD, Animal Rights March in London and our 2nd Day of Action against Hogwood 'horror' farm.

More exclusive vegan-world news from Kris and our team as we report back on our national ice cream tour, our success in getting kangaroo meat off the shelves at a national chain, and our 2nd Day of Action protests against Tesco sparked by the horrific conditions of Hogwood 'horror' farm which supplies the supermarket. In this episode: Viva Festivals are coming soon to Birmingham and Brighton Interviews from our big Vegan Camp Out featuring Dr Neal Barnard and US speaker and psychologist...