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We're Jason and Caroline Zook, a husband and wife team who believes life is just one big experiment. This is the show where we share our journey as we figure out this ever-changing thing called LIFE. We cover topics like running a business, traveling the world, and clawing our way out of debt—all with the hope of inspiring you to live, work and create with more intention.

We're Jason and Caroline Zook, a husband and wife team who believes life is just one big experiment. This is the show where we share our journey as we figure out this ever-changing thing called LIFE. We cover topics like running a business, traveling the world, and clawing our way out of debt—all with the hope of inspiring you to live, work and create with more intention.
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We're Jason and Caroline Zook, a husband and wife team who believes life is just one big experiment. This is the show where we share our journey as we figure out this ever-changing thing called LIFE. We cover topics like running a business, traveling the world, and clawing our way out of debt—all with the hope of inspiring you to live, work and create with more intention.






Why and when you should make a business pivot

Is your current business not quite serving you? Making a business pivot can look like many things: Switching from one type of business to another Scrapping all your current offerings and changing it up to something else Getting rid of a bunch of features and try a slew of new ones Or quitting a business completely! (which you shouldn't feel bad about!) We go through all these different types of business pivots and share stories from our various business ventures since 2007. We've had our...


Our unique wedding and our unconventional thoughts on marriage

A few years ago we found ourselves at an impasse: Caroline had one idea of what she wanted for our wedding and Jason had a completely different idea. While we were both 100% committed to each other and our relationship, we also found that the topic of being married was different for both of us. How did we get on the same page when it came to our wedding? What did we do for an engagement (hint: you'll never guess!)? Why do we think the idea of marriage may not be for everyone? In this...


The things we wish we'd known when we started our businesses

Whether you're starting a business or you've been on your own entrepreneurial journal for over a decade like we have, we've got some lessons learned and tips for you in this episode! When was the last time you set out to plant seeds for your business? No, not actual seeds, but tasks and to-do items that may not bear fruit for many months? This can seem difficult if you're trying hard to generate revenue right now, but it's an important way to shift your thinking to play the long-game with...


How to plan for your dream trip and our 2019 travel plans

Taking that dream travel trip doesn't happen out of the blue. With enough planning and forward-thinking, your dream trip can be a reality with just a few simple steps we share in this week's WAIM Show episode. Some of our favorite recent trips: Tahiti (overwater bungalows!) Iceland (all the waterfalls and crazy Instagram-worthy terrains) Italy (pizza, pasta, need we say more?) Tulum (amazing beaches and food) While those big destinations are awesome, we also had a great time in British...


Which one of us has had more one-night stands? (WAIM After Dark #2)

This is our second "After Dark" episode of Wandering Aimfully: The Show. What happens after a healthy pour of rose and tequila? What kind of random questions did we find from the game Open Up? Which one of us has had more one-night stands?? Find the answers to those questions and more in our second installment of Wandering Aimfully, After Dark! If you huddled around a fire of your own (virtual fireplace, or not), poured yourself a drink of any kind, and listened to our...


Our 2018 Year End Review (and 2019 Preview)

For the past few years we've written individual "Year End Reviews" but since we combined forces with Wandering Aimfully in 2018, you now get ONE review to rule them all! In this review we go over: What went well in 2018. What sucked about 2018. What surprised us about 2018. What we're planning for 2019. And finally, a word to help us frame 2019 (a mantra, if you will). We find these reviews are great for looking back on all we've accomplished, appreciating the ups, learning from the downs,...


The power of constraints and limitations

We've come to realize that constraints and limitations don't have to be bad things. In fact, we use them to our advantage often! One of the most important parts of owning your own business is knowing how to avoid perfection and how to focus on completion. Over and over again we've seen the value in limiting how much time (or how many resources) we can use to get things done. And on the flip side, we've also used constraints to control how much we work so we can try to keep a nice balance...


Authenticity isn't just a buzzword

Being authentic isn't just a tactic or strategy, it's the core of who you are as a person (and how you should run your business). The word "authenticity" can be a bit buzzword-y these days but if lots of people are talking about being more true to who they are, we're all for that! The key though is to not use authenticity in a fake way or an unethical way. We hope you walk away from this episode with a few ways to think about adding more authenticity to your business. We also hope you give...


Is minimalism right for you?

Becoming minimalists has had such a profound impact on our lives. It's not just about owning fewer things, it's about being more aware of how you live and what you let into your life. In this week's episode, we share our journey through minimalism, how it's made us happier people, and how we use the phrase "does this thing bring me value?" Starting with minimalism was as simple as spending one day in our closet and getting rid of things we were holding onto just in case. After that, we...


Changes are afoot!

Our podcast and show, Wandering Aimfully: The Show, has officially ratcheted up a notch with our brand new recording studio called: The WojPod! Our good friends Caleb and Jen Wojcik were kind enough to offer space in their home to have as a recording studio so we could better control the lighting, the audio, and overall make the production experience WAYYY smoother. This is me, Jason, doing a very giddy happy dance! Hopefully, you enjoy the new setup and the "WojPod" studio. We're extremely...


The good, the bad, the ugly of customers

Customers are the life-blood of our online businesses but that doesn't mean we have to bend to their every whim. So, what do you do if you have a bad customer? Is it possible to ensure you only end up with good customers? We talk about a few tried and true strategies we use to create the best experience for our customers (without breaking the bank). This episode dives deep into the conversation of running a business that focuses on taking care of and managing customers! QUESTION FOR YOU: Are...


A conversation over tequila and wine (WAIM After Dark #1)

What type of conversation happens after we enjoy some tequila and wine? This is Wandering Aimfully, After Dark! We decided to keep things a little less formal as far as the conversation goes. We poured ourselves some adult beverages and explored these topics: When is it appropriate to start listening to Christmas music? What job do we think we'd have if we weren't entrepreneurs? And what unpopular opinions did Caroline have (or not??) during this chat? Hope you enjoy this first non sequitur...


How to handle toxic friendships

Friendships evolve throughout our lives and in this episode, we discuss how we've seen our friendships change as we've become adults. We also share specific examples of dealing with toxic friendships. Like, what happens if you want to make a big change in your life but you feel like a close friend (or family member) won't support you? And how do you know if your friends actually align with your values? QUESTION FOR YOU: Are you more like Jason, where you have fewer friends or are you more...


Practical ways to increase confidence

We aren't going to lie to you and say that becoming a more confident person happens just because you want it to. However, we do believe that there are practical ways you can increase confidence and we explore them in this week's episode. Because we try to keep things as real as possible, we also share a story about body confidence and how hurtful a few simple words can be in a relationship. Whether you're trying to gain confidence in your life or in your business, this episode should give...


Should you co-mingle finances?

Money is a tricky subject, especially in a relationship! How do you split bills? Who pays for what at certain times? When do you decide to combine bank accounts (or do you??) These are the hard-hitting financial topics we discuss in this week's episode. We share how we look at our income and expenses as a couple and when we merged everything together (and why). If you're wondering if you and your partner should or shouldn't co-mingle your finances, this episode is for you. Even if you don't...


Our current marketing strategy and the future of marketing

Marketing can be something you enjoy or the part of your business you absolutely loathe (and most likely avoid). In this episode, we break down the marketing strategies we've used for the past few years. Spoiler alert: Email marketing has been THE BEST form of promotion for us and we'll share why we think it's the marketing tactic YOU should focus on the most. We don't stop there though, we also talk about where social media fits into marketing and where we think marketing is going in the...


Our up and down journey with working out

We fully admit that our journey with physical exercise hasn't been perfect over the years. It's been hard for us to find a sustainable exercise program that we didn't hate. One of the most difficult things we explore was how much society and the people around you can impact how you view fitness and getting in shape. In this episode of Wandering Aimfully: The Show, we share all our stories about working out, including how tough it's been to find an exercise program we could do together...


When was the last time you took a big risk?

Whether it was thinking Jason could get paid to wear t-shirts for a living, Caroline quitting her perfectly great job after college, or moving clear across the country with $100,000+ in debt and almost no plan, we're no strangers to taking risks. In this episode of Wandering Aimfully: The Show we share some of the biggest risks we've taken and what the steps were from dreaming about it to DOING about it. You may even be thinking about taking a risk of your own and we hope this conversation...


Let’s talk about therapy and mental health

In our household we don’t see going to therapy as a weakness, we see taking care of mental health as something vitally important. Caroline shares her experiences going to three different therapists, while Jason breaks down what it’s like to support your significant other while going through difficult experience. We also discuss if Jason is ever going to therapy and our thoughts on couples therapy. Hope you enjoy this episode all about mental health! If you want to learn more about Wandering...


Who are Caroline and Jason Zook?

We weren’t bitten by any radioactive spiders (thankfully!) but we do have origin stories of our own and share them with you in this episode. We share the experiences that shaped us into the creative entrepreneurs we are today, including our upbringing, our very different college experiences, and the pivotal lessons we learned from our crappy jobs. We also discuss IWearYourShirt and the impact it had on both of us. If you want to learn more about Wandering Aimfully head to...