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This is an explicit podcast!

This is an explicit podcast!
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This is an explicit podcast!




Episode 55: Finding Our Happy Place in the Lifestyle

Discussion topic: In this episode we catch you all up to date on what we've been going through since we were "outed" as lifestyle podcasters 18 months ago. Through all the turmoil we lost our "happy place" and share how we've grown and rediscovered each other. Each person and couple has the freedom to define and then find their happy place in the lifestyle. Our We Gotta Thing Desire Pearl trip next year we be the week of November 16-23, 2019. Click here to join us! Join our WGT Members...


Episode 54: Drama in the Lifestyle

Discussion topic: Most agree we'd like to avoid any drama in a lifestyle experience. But is this a realistic expectation? Is drama such a bad thing? Do we know what drama really is and is not? How should we handled drama if we encounter it in ourselves or another couple? Catherine (from episode 41), a licensed professional counselor joins us again and provides answers, insights and tools to help answer these and other questions around drama in the lifestyle! You can reach Catherine via...


Episode 53: The Discretion Dilemma

Discussion topic: In this episode we discuss the tension between wanting to be discreet yet at the same time wanting to know as much as possible about others. Too much discretion and nobody knows you but being vulnerable is necessary to connect socially to make true friends (with benefits) in the lifestyle. Join us at our first WGT Regional Meet & Greet on Saturday, October 20 at 8pm in Providence, Rhode Island! Register at Choice Social Club and be sure to put "WGT2018" in the comments...


Episode 52: Play Preferences- Newbies or Veterans?

Discussion Topic: We share sexy stories from our trip to Desire Pearl and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of sexual play with newbies and veteran couples in the swinging lifestyle. Spoiler alert: we enjoy both! Mentioned this episode: Join our We Gotta Thing private members only group Listen to our podcast with the Spiritual Swingers Desire Pearl Resort in Cancun, Mexico


Episode 51: Awkward Lifestyle Encounters

Discussion Topic- Whether it's your very first play experience or you've been swinging for years awkward encounters will always be a part of your lifestyle journey. We share some awkward lifestyle moments, discuss why they occur, what (if anything) can be done to avoid them and how to work through them as a couple. Visit our website: https://wegottathing.com/ Join our private community: We Gotta Thing Members Only Join Kasidie Book your trip to Desire!


Episode 50: Reflecting on Our Lifestyle Journey

Discussion Topic: In this episode we celebrate the milestone of reaching 50 episodes by reflecting on our lifestyle journey thus far. We are learning a lot and having a loads of fun but it's the people we meet and the growth in our relationship that are most valuable. Care to join us? Our new We Gotta Thing Members Only Subscription Our Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey online course Our new We Gotta Thing website Email: mrjones@wegottathing.com Email: mrsjones@wegottathing.com Follow...


BONUS Episode 49: Mrs Jones & "C"- What Men Need to Know About the Swinging Lifestyle

Discussion Topic: Mrs Jones is joined live by "C" from the Swinging Downunder podcast to discuss what the two ladies believe men need to know and understand to be successful in the swinging lifestyle. Mentioned this Episode: The Swinging Downunder podcast Our brand new We Gotta Thing website Our new "Members Only" subscription Our online Lifestyle Course


Episode 48: Which Comes First? Confidence and Courage in the Lifestyle

Discussion Topic In this episode we discuss the difference between being courageous and being confident as you enter and navigate the swinging lifestyle. Many people say "just be confident" and you'll be fine. But is that enough to be helpful? We offer tips to help you understand the difference and how being courageous leads to being a more confident person and couple in the swinging lifestyle. Confidence is sexy!


Episode 47: Real Life Meets the Swinging Lifestyle

Discussion Topic- In this episode we discuss how we see the lifestyle bumping up against real life. Personally we are becoming more "out" as swingers, more and more mainstream media is reporting on swinging and the lifestyle community seems to be growing rapidly. What does this all mean? Listen in to find out! Mentioned in this episode: Our online lifestyle course- Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey The Joneses Interview- Leading Questions w/Calvin Moore Podcast Swinger Diaries...


Episode 46: Staying Connected During Play

Discussion Topic- Connecting with your play partner while trying to maintain a connection with your own partner is a balancing act many find difficult to achieve. This month we discuss the challenge of and some helpful tips for staying connected as a couple during playtime with others. Online Lifestyle Course Relaunch- we are excited to announce the following major changes and additions to our course products: Base price reduction on our Community and Premier level courses A new a la...


Episode 45: Closing the Deal- Transitioning to Playtime

Discussion Topic- Navigating this lifestyle can be awkward at times, especially when trying to transition from conversation to playtime. We discuss our experience in this area and share some tips to help couples take the leap to enjoying some sexy fun with others! Our New Online Lifestyle Course is Live! Our new online lifestyle course called Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey is now available! Purchase in the month of January 2018 to have a chance to win two free passes to Naughty in...


Episode 44: The Evolution of the Lifestyle

Our New Online Lifestyle Course is Live! Our new online lifestyle course called Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey is now available! We've created 6 modules and over 40 lessons to help you move into the through the lifestyle while having fun, growing your relationship and avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes. For more information and to purchase visit our new course website or send us an email at mrjones@wegottathing.com. Discussion Topic We contrast the sexy, fun, respectful, open and...


Episode 43: Seven Sexy Swinger Sins

Announcing our special project Mrs Jones and I are developing an online lifestyle course called Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey to be released in December 2017! We've created 6 modules and over 30 lessons to help you move into the through the lifestyle while having fun, growing your relationship and avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes. For more information please check out our website or send us an email at mrjones@wegottathing.com. Discussion Topic As we prepare for our first group...


Episode 42: (Not So) Great Expectations- Avoiding Disappointment

Discussion Topic: Setting expectations is something we (and many couples) struggle with in the lifestyle. With expectations usually comes disappointment. Disappointment can lead to leaving the lifestyle or stir up negative emotions and feelings about yourselves. We discuss how we TRY to manage our interactions with others and share some tips we hope will help you do the same. Good luck!


Episode 41: A Licensed Counselor (and Swinger) Breaks Down Jealousy

Discussion Topic: Way back on WGT Episode 3 we discussed Mr Jones's struggle with jealousy when we entered the lifestyle. In this episode we welcome Catherine, a licensed professional counselor AND swinger! She breaks down jealousy: what it is, how to prepare for it, what it feels like, how to identify it, how to work through it and come out of it stronger as a couple. You can reach Catherine by email at expansiveconnection@gmail.com or on her website:...


Episode 40: Myth Busting Clothing Optional Resorts- Desire Pearl 2017

Discussion Topic- Many couples approaching the lifestyle consider clothing optional resorts as a first step on their journey. This episode we tackle some commonly held beliefs and fears regarding clothing optional resort vacations. Just back from another trip to Desire Pearl, we use our experiences from the week to "bust some myths." Book your trip to one of the Desire Resorts right here! Subscribe to our Finding Your Thing weekly newsletter here.


Episode 39: Finding Your Flirt in the Lifestyle

Read our latest newsletter here and then Subscribe to our newsletter here! Keeping up with the Joneses We update you on our new business ventures and Mr Jones makes his request to Mrs Jones for his home office modifications. We also describe a visit from our Canadian friends, our Southwest friends and our long-time LS friends. Topic Many people say how intimidated they are by having to flirt with others in the lifestyle. We break down flirting in society, in the lifestyle, tie it to...


Episode 38: Finding that Elusive Four-way Connection

Read our latest newsletter here and then Subscribe to our newsletter here! Keeping up with the Joneses We recap the highlights of our experiences at Naughty in N'awlins 2017! Our WGT Meet & Greet and workshops were amazing, we were runner-ups again at the Annual Lifestyle Awards for Best Lifestyle Podcast. Discussion topic We hear from many listeners how difficult it is to find that "four-way connection" with other lifestyle couples. We break down the issue and offer insights into what...


Episode 37: Our Worlds Collide- Outed as Lifestyle Podcasters

Discussion topic: This month we stray from our regular format to talk about being "outed" as podcasters in the lifestyle. We discuss what happened, how it impacted our lives, how we managed the fallout, what decisions we had to make and how we've decided to move forward. Snapshots: This month we share two emails from listeners that describe perfectly how we view the lifestyle and why it's so important to us both. Mentioned this episode: It's time to vote for your favorite lifestyle...


Episode 36: Friends With Benefits- The Real Lifestyle Unicorn?

Keeping up with the Joneses "Friends" from out of town drop by for a few sexy encounters and we chat about the half-marathon that almost happened. Discussion topic We break down lifestyle friendships and what they might look like. We categorize friendships into four types: Community, Casual, Close and Core to help put some perspective on expectations for making Friends With Benefits in the lifestyle. Snapshots Mr Jones enjoys watching a friend give Mrs Jones a good tongue lashing on the...