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PTSD, Jesus and Me There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters

PTSD, Jesus and Me There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters


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PTSD, Jesus and Me There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters






PTSD, Jesus and YOU: Grieving The Loss Of A Child, Special Guest, Randy Mortensen

Episode sponsored by Pop Fusions Gourmet Ice and Wine Pops. Click the hyperlink for your amazing collision of fresh fruit flavors straight from Florida or if you are feeling like an extra kick, pick up one of their wine pops. Likely at a beach town near you or their website. We are so grateful for their support! Little Jay was just five years old, when a mistake changed the lives of everyone around him. Randy Mortensen joins the Wednesdays With Watson, AKA as "the healing zone" podcast to...


PTSD Jesus and YOU: Parenting PTSD, Special Guest Troy McLaughlin

Thank you to our podcast sponsor this week!! Podcast Sponsor: Amy Meek of Meek Real Estate. We are INCREDIBLY grateful for her sponsorship of this podcast and our mission to help provide counseling to to those who may not be able to afford it. If that is you, contact Amy Watson on Instagram. To contact Amy Meek about real estate call 352-364-​4132 or visit their website. As we continue our second season, PTSD, Jesus and YOU, we are highlighting PTSD in the stories of others and how they...


Closing A Chapter: Amy's Story--This Is My Story, These Are My Songs

Finished Listening? For the REST and BEST part head here, to the Faithful Podcast After 30 plus episodes, it is time. It is time to tell you the whole Amy Watson story. True to self, this podcast is Amy's story on her terms and in the most hopeful way possible given the body of trauma that is her story. Special guest Phil Baker recorded some of Amy's favorite songs and they are interwoven into the podcast. Sometimes it is time to close a chapter, and at least for the purposes of this...


PTSD Jesus and YOU: Defining Safety, special guest Crissy Loughridge

Returning guest Crissy Loughridge is back for a check in from her episode "Shattering Safety" (Season 2, Ep1). When using the most rudimentary definition of PTSD it can be said that at some point safety has been compromised. As the world continues to adjust to life with Covid-19, everyone's safety was compromised at one point. Crissy shares her struggle and need for safety and how she is doing with that now. She also helps listeners understand how it has been walking through the pandemic...


PTSD, Jesus, and You: Surviving Cancer with PTSD, Returning Guest: Lindsay Tozer

In the first of the "Where Are They Now" episodes, special guest Lindsay Tozer is back for an update. Lindsay told her story on episode 2 of season 2 of the podcast. We check in with her, ask how telling her story was for her and how she has been since guesting on Wednesdays With Watson. Lindsay, a PTSD patient, also battled cancer and a multiplicity of health issues. Lindsay is the text book PTSD patient, her body has truly kept the score, a principle highlighting in the book by Bessel Van...


PTSD, Jesus and You: Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders--Mental Health Awareness Month

Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Patrice Berry joins the Wednesdays With Watson podcast to help us understand other mental health illnesses and their presence with PTSD. Dr. Berry walks listeners through Bi-polar disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, OCD, social anxiety, and Major Depression. She also helps listeners understand miss diagnosis and strongly suggest that individuals engage a therapist that works for their individual struggles. Not all therapist are created equal and...


PTSD Jesus and YOU: Experiencing Near Death (Medical PTSD)

Special guest and award winning author Rebekah Millet joins the Wednesdays With Watson podcast. Rebekah is married with two boys and makes her home in the bayou state. Fiercely in love with Jesus, Rebekah shares her experience of her otherwise healthy 36 year old husband almost losing his life. "I thought it was so odd that the ambulance did not have on their sirens on the way to the hospital", she said. Rebekah also shares, in part, her own near death experience and how years later she...


PTSD, Jesus and You: Remaking Marley (Survivor, Advocate and Thriver)

Special guest Marlena Kandell, pediatric ER nurse, advocate, child abuse survivor and thriver brings first hand value to the Wednesdays With Watson podcast. Think you can recognize child abuse? Maybe Marlena's story will help reframe flawed assumptions about this subject, and what we should observe--and more importantly ACT. What if a harmed child just wanted you to ask if you cared? What if they just wanted you to ask if they are okay? Marlena shares her own desire to have had just one...


PTSD, Jesus and You: Recognizing Childhood Trauma--Special Guest Jeremy Fox, LPC, EMDRI

Check out Amy's Lost Childhood Instagram Challenge all month of April to raise awareness! Recognizing childhood trauma is as important for us as are the solutions. The solution could be you, and your ability to recognize childhood trauma. In this second installment on this subject, special guest Jeremy Fox, LPC and EMDRI Approved Consultant joins the podcast. We continue to highlight child abuse awareness this week focusing on abandonment and neglect, and how it affects developing brains of...


PTSD, Jesus and You: Recognizing Childhood Trauma, Special Guest Erica Cuni, LMFT

Erica Cuni, LMFT joins the Wednesdays With Watson podcast to help us understand and recognize childhood trauma and its effects on a child's brain. She shares her expertise of Adverse Childhood Experiences and helps us understand the pathology of trauma and ACE scores as well as a CDC study addressing adverse childhood experiences. She cites a Centers For Disease study here. Erica also helps us understand attachment styles and how they are fundamentally formed by trauma, but also promotes...


PTSD, Jesus and YOU: Desiring Wellness (Solo Episode)

Previously on Wednesdays With Watson: "I have never prayed for God to heal my PTSD" That was a live admission and this solo episode examines this statement and as Wednesdays With Watson listeners have come to expect, there is a a twist. This solo episode is a twist on that striking admission in the middle of a live interview. Do we desire wellness? Is something required of us to get it? Is something required of us to keep it? How does community, church and counseling factor in to our...


PTSD Jesus and YOU - Healing PTSD (Shea's Story)

Shea Watson first fought battles of childhood abuse and then he chose to fight for his country. Diagnosed with PTSD in 1997 by the United States Army, Shea spent two years in the hospital because trauma finally demanded his attention. Life hasn't been easy for him, but then Shea tells us what Jesus did for him. This is a special podcast crossover event, as Amy joins forces with The Pantry Podcast, co-hosted by Shea Watson as well as his wife Michelle Watson, also a co-host of The Pantry...


PTSD Jesus and YOU: Living With PTSD, A Warrior's Story (Angel's Story)

In November of 1989, the Rivera's life was changed forever as a the events in their home rendered them all four orphans. Angel is the second of the four, his sister's episode is the one before this one "Holding On To The Unseen Hand" In this episode, Angel talks to us how witnessing the horror of his parent's death has affected him over the last thirty years. He talks about his fight to keep his family; he talks about the people that he loves and he talks about Jesus, Who never left him,...


PTSD Jesus and YOU: Holding On To The Unseen Hand (Anna Marie's Story)

Special guest Anna Marie Rivera Alberts joins the Wednesdays With Watson podcast with her story of the crooked roads of trauma and pain that has led to a beautiful, albeit still difficult life. Her family's story made the news headlines. A visit to the scene of the tragedy yielded stories from neighbors who remember the story, 30+ years later. We attempt to tell her story with the delicacy it deserves, yet listeners are still able find Hope in a story that most people would describe as...


PTSD Jesus and YOU: Moving Beyond The Wreckage (The Body Keeps The Score)

Special guest Lindsay Tozer bravely tells us about a moment that changed everything. She describes her life as a "line" in her life as "before and after" that day. Twenty years have elapsed and she wanted to tell her story as part of her own healing process as well as an intense desire to help others. Lindsay's story does not get tied up in a nice bow, her body has recorded the events of that day and yet she still has Hope. She still gets up in the morning, and has dedicated her life and...


PTSD, Jesus and YOU: Shattering Safety

Because we believe that HEALING PEOPLE HELP PEOPLE Season 2 debuts with the first guest of the season sharing her story of a night that changed everything. The second season of Wednesdays With Watson highlights the crooked roads of trauma that lead to hope and healing. That road is not always an easy and nobody's road is the same, so we are here to tell you stories that help you know a story of Hope can be yours too. So, we are here to continue to give Hope to PTSD patients and those that...


PTSD, Jesus and YOU Trailer: Hope For Crooked Roads Of PTSD

This is the trailer episode for Season 2 of Wednesdays With Watson, PTSD, Jesus and YOU! This episode contains clips and a recap of some of season one's most impactful episodes. Additionally, we jump forward to the mission of season two: featuring stories of other people's journey with PTSD, and their own roads to Hope and healing. They can be and often are crooked roads of healing, but chances are they are roads you recognize. You do not have to live in defeat, you can victoriously live...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Pastoring Through A Pandemic--Remembering Joy

This final bonus hiatus episode brings Dr. Charles Reed to the podcast. This interview was recorded in September of 2020. Dr. Reed brings insight to pastoral struggles during a global pandemic and what it means to pivot as a church, pastor, father, and friend. As the world continues to navigate a "new normal", people of faith leaned on church leadership for their needs whether those needs are spiritual or physical needs. Pastors worldwide began speaking to empty rooms and red blinking...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Healing That STILL Doesn't Make Sense

In this reboot of the pilot episode, listeners get the first peek at the story--the one where an author with a full time job decided to start a podcast. For such a time as this. After 18 episodes, revisiting the very first one, the one that started it all is surreal, and worth listening to again. We healed, we learned, we evolved, and most of all, we highlighted the Star of all of our stories. This is the Healing Zone. So, don't press play if you don't want to hang out in a place of Hope...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Helping In The Trenches & Beyond (Season Finale)

The inaugural season finale of Wednesdays With Watson, features two special guests. Cheryl Rice and Christy Waulk join us to conclude the season and help highlight the message of the entire season. We know that there is Hope, and want to tell you about it. Cheryl Rice brings 37 years of ministerial experience as she has served alongside her husband Dr. William Rice, senior pastor, Calvary Church, Clearwater, Florida. She holds her BA in History and English from Samford University. Christy...