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In this lifestyle podcast, we'll demystify wellness and help you add more adventure to your life, with host Valerie Moses. From healthy living and mindfulness to travel and career (and everything in between!), this podcast will give you a weekly dose of ways to be healthier and happier in today's new normal.

In this lifestyle podcast, we'll demystify wellness and help you add more adventure to your life, with host Valerie Moses. From healthy living and mindfulness to travel and career (and everything in between!), this podcast will give you a weekly dose of ways to be healthier and happier in today's new normal.


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In this lifestyle podcast, we'll demystify wellness and help you add more adventure to your life, with host Valerie Moses. From healthy living and mindfulness to travel and career (and everything in between!), this podcast will give you a weekly dose of ways to be healthier and happier in today's new normal.






85. Love Made Simple with Juan Lee

Let's talk about LOVE! Today’s guest is Juan Lee, the founder of a nonprofit called Clear Journey and author of the book Love Made Simple: A Guide to Inner Peace, Contentment and Success. In our conversation, we discuss the message of love and why it has been made so confusing over the years. Juan shares what exactly love is and how we can use it to act on behalf of humanity, why the term “unconditional love” is really a misnomer, how we can begin to practice self-love, and reflection...


84. Finding Body Confidence Through Joyful Movement with Chel Rogerson

Body image is something that most of us have struggled with at one time or another. How do we learn to accept our bodies and not let our limiting beliefs hold us back from living life to the fullest? This week's guest is Chel Rogerson, a former corporate marketing executive turned yoga teacher and surfer whose story will truly inspire you. After struggling with low self-confidence and body image issues, Chel found a passion for joyful movement in activities like pole dancing, hula hooping...


83. The Power of Community and Connection with Arielle Leavitt

Why are connections and community so important? We are chatting with Arielle Leavitt, host of the You’ve Got Connections podcast. Arielle started out podcasting about the dating world, before pivoting to her new brand You’ve Got Connections earlier this year. Business is done through connections, and how you connect with a person’s energy can make or break a deal. In our conversation, we talk about the power of connections and community, and how to nurture the relationships in our own...


82. Postpartum Self-Care with Princess McKinney

How can we take care of ourselves after giving birth? Our guest this week is Princess McKinney, female entrepreneur, author, doula and founder of BELLIBIND, a lifestyle company for women transitioning into motherhood. In our conversation, we talk about the sacred act of bellybinding during the postpartum experience to help mothers heal physically and spiritually. Princess shares tips for navigating the “fourth trimester” time after birth, self-care strategies for birthing families, how...


81. Navigating Sex and Love Addiction with Brianne Davis

What is sex and love addiction, and what does the recovery process look like? This week, I’m chatting with Brianne Davis, an actress, director and producer, podcast host and author of “Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict.” In our conversation, Brianne and I discuss what sex and love addiction is, and many of the misconceptions around this type of addiction. We talk about trauma bonding, mistakes we are making in the dating world today, how our early childhood experiences play...


80. Binge Eating Recovery and Intuitive Eating with Sam Sherman

Let's talk about intuitive eating! Our guest for this week is Samantha Sherman, a diet recovery coach who helps women break free from binge eating and emotional eating. In our conversation, we discuss how we can destigmatize the foods we eat and get to a place of food freedom. We also discuss the principles of intuitive eating, body neutrality and getting away from diet culture in a world that’s wrapped up in what we look like. If you enjoy this episode, please feel free to rate and review...


79. Manifesting Your Dream Life with Brittany Welsh

What is manifestation, and how can we use it to live our best lives? Brittany Welsh is a manifestation expert at Manifesting With Britt, where she uses scientific research in neuroscience, evolutionary biology and cognitive psychology to help people better understand how we create our reality. In our conversation, we talk about the science behind manifestation and how we can co-create with the universe. We also discuss how manifestation plays into our health and wellness goals, romantic...


78. Becoming a Transformational Leader with Heather Wickman, Ph.D.

What does it mean to be a transformational leader, and how can we get there? This week, we chat with Heather Wickman, Ph.D., co-founder of Untethered and author of The Evolved Executive. Through Untethered, Heather helps her clients break through stubborn roadblocks through peak experiences like sacred plant medicine and equine coaching. In this episode, we talk about how to transform our mindsets and navigate through change, how to practice Love in Action in our work lives, ways to deepen...


77. Dealing With Burnout and Reclaiming Our Confidence with Erica Fredenburg

If you've been feeling burned out these days, you are not alone! This week, we are chatting about all things burnout with Erica Fredenburg, a health and mindset coach and registered nurse who helps healthcare workers break free from burnout. In our conversation, we talk about how to identify our own sources of burnout, and what we can do to overcome it. We also discuss boundaries for creating a better work/life balance, how to be more present, and ways to build our confidence and...


76. Surviving Breakups and Creating Our Best Lives with Sarah Mac

Most of us have gone through at least one difficult breakup in our lives, but it can still feel like such a lonely and isolating experience. This week, we chat with Sarah Mac, a certified life coach who helps women get through their breakups and create space for what's next. We talk about ways to get over your ex, how our attachment styles and childhood experiences play into our relationships, how to make the most of your single time and use it to manifest something new, and how to become...


75. Making Our Wellness Goals a Reality with Zach Tucker and Jeremy Grater

How can we improve our health and find inner peace through small, incremental shifts? This week, we chat with Zach Tucker and Jeremy Grater, hosts of The Fit Mess Podcast, all about making our wellness goals a reality. Through their podcast, they help listeners overcome these challenges through open and vulnerable conversations. In this episode, Zach and Jeremy each share their own wellness journeys and the small lifestyle changes they have made over time to create major transformation in...


74. Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and Immune Health with Dr. Justine Lemos

Ayurveda is the science of life, and it can help us better understand our bodies and their imbalances. This week is a deep dive into Ayurveda with Dr. Justine Lemos, Ayurvedic practitioner, teacher and host of the brand new podcast, Third Eye Roll. Justine is also the host of Thrive: Self-Healing with Ayurveda, on Gaia TV. In today’s conversation, Justine shares how Ayurveda helps us determine the root causes of bodies’ imbalances, and what we can do to improve our vitality (our ojas) and...


73. How To Love and Accept Our Bodies Unconditionally with Lizzy Cangro

Accepting our bodies unconditionally can often feel like a radical act. How can we ditch the diet culture and love our bodies, while still practicing healthy habits? This week, we chat with Lizzy Cangro, nutritionist and author of the new book, Reclaim the Rebel: 12 Rebellious Acts to Achieve Unconditional Love for Your Body. In our conversation, Lizzy shares her own story of recovery from an eating disorder, and how she found inner peace. We discuss the power of vulnerability, how we can...


72. Understanding Our Pain and Forgiving Ourselves with Poonam Bhuchar

How can we find purpose and meaning in life's most painful moments? This week, we chat with author Poonam Bhuchar all about how we can understand our pain and regain control of our lives. After surviving sexual assault, multiple suicide attempts and an abusive arranged marriage, Poonam created the SAFE Method, a four-step system to help you heal from trauma. In this episode, Poonam shares her own story and how she reclaimed her power. We talk about the four steps of the SAFE method, how...


71. How To Declutter Your Home and Life with Jane Stoller

For many of us, decluttering is a huge part of our New Year's Resolutions, but getting started can often feel overwhelming. This week, we chat with Jane Stoller, also known as Organized Jane, all about how we can declutter our homes, minds and businesses. Jane is the author of ‘“Organizing For Your Lifestyle” and “Decluttering for Dummies,” and she’s passionate about helping others reduce stress through simple organizing techniques. In this episode, we discuss how to tackle the most...


70. Redefining Holistic Healthcare with Krista Berlincourt and Kensho Health

How can we navigate the confusing world of holistic health -- without breaking the bank? Meet Krista Berlincourt, an inspiring entrepreneur and co-founder of Kensho Health, a platform that makes it easy to find high-quality and affordable holistic health care. Kensho Health came to life after Krista went through her own healing journey, helping to take the guesswork out of holistic health. In this episode, Krista shares her own personal wellness journey that led to the creation of Kensho...


69. Embodying Our Divine Feminine with Elé de Posson

What does it mean to tap into our divine feminine? This week, we're about to find out! Elé de Posson is a business mentor, spiritual teacher and host of the Sacred Roots Podcast. She is also the author of two books, “The Self Healing Spiral” and “The Path of Femininity.” In this week’s episode, Elé and I talk about tapping into our divine feminine energy and how it can help us receive abundance in our lives. She shares the three feminine wounds we experience on an individual and collective...


68. Healing Our Bodies Through Ayurveda with Lillian Jacobs

What is Ayurveda, and how can we use this ancient science to improve our health? Lillian Jacobs is an LA based holistic health coach and Ayurvedic health coach with clients nationwide. Ayurveda is considered the sister science of yoga and it’s a modality that focuses on treating the root causes of illness rather than the symptoms. In this episode, Lillian shares her own wellness journey and how Ayurveda first came into her life. We discuss what Ayurveda is, how to determine your Ayurvedic...


67. The Comparison Trap, Wellness Trends and 2021 Recap

Happy New Year! Today's episode is a short and sweet solo episode where we wrap up 2021, discuss the comparison trap we all experience with social media, and share wellness trend predictions for 2022. I also share what I'm working on this year, how I'm structuring my goals by quarter, and what our listeners are looking to manifest in the new year. Plus, you'll find out my one-word theme for 2022, and why it's so different from previous years. If you enjoy this episode, please feel free to...


66. Getting to Know Our Inner Narrators with Valerie Gordon

Do you have an inner narrator, and what does that voice say to you? In this episode, I’m chatting with Valerie Gordon, author of "Fire Your Narrator: A Storyteller's Guide to Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Life." Valerie is also an Emmy Award-winning producer and the founder of Commander-in-She, a communications and career strategy firm. Valerie and I talk about those inner narrators we all have - the critical narrator, the people pleasing narrator, the arrogant narrator, and so...