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Wellnessible or Wellness is Possible is here to help you achieve your life and wellness goals! Hosted by Mikki Sachiko, certified holistic health coach, model, & Founder of Wellnessible. Each episode explores wellness, life and growth mindset lessons with different change-makers, influencers and advocates to help you grow professionally and personally. Connect with us wellnessible.com , instagram.com/mikkisachiko , facebook.com/wellnessible.




Wellnessible or Wellness is Possible is here to help you achieve your life and wellness goals! Hosted by Mikki Sachiko, certified holistic health coach, model, & Founder of Wellnessible. Each episode explores wellness, life and growth mindset lessons with different change-makers, influencers and advocates to help you grow professionally and personally. Connect with us wellnessible.com , instagram.com/mikkisachiko , facebook.com/wellnessible.




Using the 5 Love Languages to practice self-love

Let's talk about some research, unique insights, and confessions about self-love. We are all work-in-progress, that's why it's important to dive into self-love practices so you can love yourself more while unlocking your health and career goals! An episode in collaboration with GOROS Global. Check out the best-selling GOROS AQUA SMART WATER FLOSSER. Dentist–inspired jet tips for a professional deep clean feeling! For your healthy smile, Go with Goros. https://shope.ee/LFpN3m2We Follow https://www.facebook.com/goros.global To watch the video episode here: https://fb.watch/jDfT_s_pVG/ For feedback, and business proposals email us at info@wellnessible.com


Benefits of helping others and vulnerability with psychologist Sarah Poh

Sarah Poh - Founder of The Therapy Platform in Singapore and Mikki Sachiko's open conversation about how vulnerability is a strength and why there is power in giving is here! Generosity creates positive changes in your brain and being vulnerable with someone you trust is like healing together while building a stronger bond. This special episode is in partnership with Oleia Topical Oil - a blend of essential oils like olive oil, moringa seed oil, virgin coconut oil, etc, formulated and technology-activated by a Biochemist to allow fast transdermal delivery of healthy nutrients to the blood vessels and tissues of the body to help relieve skin allergy and body aches. https://www.facebook.com/oleia.ph/ For feedback, proposal and inquiries info@wellnessible.com


The MMA and fitness journey of Mark Striegl, SEA games gold-winner

Get inspired by the unique fitness journey of MMA influencer and SEA games gold-winner, Mark Striegl! An episode brought to you by Wellnessible and Oleia. Oleia Topical Oil is a ready-to-use essential oil such as Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, Frankincense or Tangerine, diluted in a specially formulated blend of carrier oils such as olive oil, pomegranate seed oil, moringa seed oil, and virgin coconut oil. Check out this aromatic, multi-purpose wellness essential here: https://instagram.com/oleiaoil or https://oleiaoil.com/ For feedback, proposals or partnerships, please email info@wellnessible.com


Why emotional agility is critical for your health and career right now

Unlocking emotional agility allows us to connect to our authentic selves, understand our emotions and embrace the messiness of our life (the good, the bad and the ugly). "Emotional agility is the ability to be with yourself in a way that is courageous and curious and compassionate.” - Susan David, PhD What are the practical ways to apply this and how can it help us manage stress, make better decisions, and more? Listen to this episode to find out. Brought to you by SkinDrip Clinic. For healthy, glowing and beautiful you - inside out. Visit http://www.skindripclinic.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/skindripclinic Or book your appointment via +63 9177146505 For feedback, proposals or inquiries for Wellnessible, please email us at wellnessible@gmail.com


Cellular nutrition for balancing your hormones, energy boost and more with Melinda Jolly

Melinda Jolly is a Certified Integrative Symptoms Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Professional and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, who will share her battle with health issues and her transformation. Not only will she share her holistic wellness journey but will also talk how she uses the lessons learned along the way as a tool to help others. Topic covered ranges from cellular nutrition, PCOS, energy hacks, food choices, depression and more. Melinda is based in California. Reach out to her through these links: Telegram https://t.me/JollyHealth_Melinda Tools https://shopneolife.com/madnjolly And for Wellnessible's customized group coaching, email us at info@wellnessible.com. Empower your team through health! Wellness is Possible!


Clear and healthy skin tips and getting rid of maskne for good with Dr. Athena Mallari

If you're late to the skincare game, this episode will help you. Check out health tips from one of the Aphrodite Clinic's experts for all skin types & different skin concerns. Board Certified Dermatologist & Cosmetic Surgeon, 𝐃𝐫. 𝐀𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐚 𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐢 also explained why some of your pre-pandemic skin routines may not be applicable now! Find out new hacks for caring for your maskne and more! Brought to you by https://www.facebook.com/AphroditeClinicPH/ Enjoy their best treatments and services for your Face, Skin and Hair. Book yours at m.me/AphroditeClinicPH or 09156150888 For your feedbacks and business proposals, send Wellnessible an email at info@wellnessible.com.


Wellness is Possible with Dr. Jansen Calalan & Mikki Sachiko

Finally, here's an overview of Wellness is Possible webinar we designed together with Dr. Jansen Calalan. At Wellnessible, we often say, love and celebrate yourself Now regardless of your size, shape, or age! Because health is not just about your current body status but more about feeling good while we're on a journey in achieving our goals. That's why Wellness is Possible or Wellnessible! This episode covers the two most common questions we get asked about - metabolic health and how you can approach finding wellness tools that works for you. For bookings and questions about the holistic health webinars, email us at info@wellnessible.com. Creating an agile business strategy, means including an investment for employee well-being programs. Please send us your requirements for customized wellness training. And to connect with us - follow us at instagram.com/wellnessibleco and facebook.com/wellnessible.


Plant-based diet for healthy aging, healing & longevity with Dr. Jansen Calalan

How did Dr. Jansen Calalan cope with his health conditions using plant-based diet? Learn some research showing how this diet promotes healthy aging and helps you live longer! Whether you're transitioning or thinking of doing a plant-based diet or just curious about it - this episode is for you! And don't forget to grab the effervescent tablet from Vitapack for glowing & hydrated skin & help in boosting your immunity! Just dissolve it in your water to make it a deliciously healthy apple-taste drink! Visit facebook.com/vitapackbeauty or bit.ly/3EpvebB For questions, suggestions and proposals email us at info@wellnessible.com.


Glow-up tips for beauty, skincare and money with Beauty Queens' favorite Nix Soriano

Miss Universe Philippines' Official Makeup Artist Nix Soriano (CEO Nix Institute of Beauty) shares beauty secrets, makeup hacks, and entrepreneurship tips. Everyone is beautiful even without make on, but with the right make up, they can feel even more confident, powerful and uplift their mood. Listen and share this episodes to know some latest tips and some confessions behind the beauty pageant world. Brought to you VitaPack. VitaPack's collagen sparkle promotes glowing & hydrated skin & helps in boosting your immunity. Check out their yummy collagen effervescent tablet: bit.ly/3EpvebB


VR fitness, Ditching Imposter Syndrome and other hacks of Gina Romero

Gina Romero, the woman behind award-winning platforms and startups called Connected Women shared her thoughts on some of the most requested topics at Wellnessible - VR fitness, overcoming imposter syndrome, plus remote work tips! This episode is brought to you by VitaPack! Level up your water with their 𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑎𝑔𝑒𝑛 𝑠𝑝𝑎𝑟𝑘𝑙𝑒 that's Healthy + Yummy! Available in Lazada and Shopee. facebook.com/vitapackbeauty You may also check the video version of this episode at Facebook.com/wellnessible.


Science-based strategies to cope with pandemic anxiety

Research shows that anxiety lowers our immune response and negatively impacts our heart health. Join Mikki Sachiko for a brand new episode and explore different strategies for coping with pandemic anxiety. From Red Light, Yellow Light And Green Light strategy according to Dr. Daniel Goleman. To Mikki's tips on building mental muscles to lessen anxiety. To understanding habits that amplify your anxiety. Find out why smokers are more prone to anxiety? And more! Follow us at Instagram.com/wellnessibleco Facebook.com/Wellnessible For business inquiries & collaborations, email info@wellnessible.com.


Power of Mindfulness with Maureen Pelton & Charlie Hartwell

If we want to be the best versions of ourselves we need to use mindfulness as one of our health tools. The power couple and Co-Founders of the ShiftIt Institue, Charlie Hartwell & Maureen Pelton, MSSW, joined the podcast to discuss fostering healthy relationships and thriving careers using mindfulness. Charlie is the Managing Director of Bridge Builders Collaborative, a group of highly successful investors who have been investing in startup companies. Maureen Pelton, is a social scientist with 36 years of professional experience as a Holistic Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, etc. This episode is brought to you by Women in IT Series: Asia Edition The summit will focus on knowledge sharing and celebrating the achievements of women in technology. Join us on October 26, 2021 to hear from different senior leaders across APAC who will explore the evolution of IT roles and tech for good. Register for free at https://womeninitawards.com/asia


Using inner work to turn your flaws into impact and uncover purpose

No matter what stage we are in, knowing our purpose gives more meaning to our life. Why do we have to embrace our flaws first before acting on our purpose? What flaws do we need to FLIP and which ones do we KEEP? Stand out and let your purpose guide your route. Listen to this audio episode of Mikki Sachiko's Facebook live. Time Stamps: 00:00-03:00 - intro and Self-love ad 03:40 - inner work 06:15 - flaws 11:05 - purpose Brought to you by Puritan's Pride Philippines! Since Health is Everyday, choose only the best vitamins. Head over to: https://www.instagram.com/puritansprideph And join Wellness is Possible mission. Reach out to Team Wellnessible at info@wellnessible.com.


Heart Health Discussion in times of pandemic with Dr. Christopher Cheng

Dr. Christopher Cheng is a Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon, Former President of PATACSI, an NGO organization of all certified thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons in the Philippines. He will cover the vaccine's connection to Heart Health, Broken Heart Syndrome, and more! Special thanks to Puritan's Pride Philippines! https://instagram.com/puritansprideph For feedback and business inquires email info@wellnessible.com


Powerful ways to prevent & overcome burnout with DR. Lally Villafuerte, RPm, RPsy

The cases of Burnout during this pandemic increased! One of Wellnessible in-house experts, DR. LALLY VILLAFUERTE, RPm, RPsy will help us in coping and preventing burnout. Dr. Lally in a nutshell: ✔Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology ✔Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education ✔Master of Arts in Psychology ✔26 years in helping people boost their mental and emotional health. Book us for a Wellnessible Health Makeover to ➡Improve your health ➡Happier Life ➡Get better work performance ➡Heal from mental and emotional traumas ➡ Unlock your personal goals Contact info@wellnessible.com for group and individualized coaching. Follow Instagram.com/wellnessibleco


Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey on vegetarian lifestyle, mental health and sustainability

WWF Ambassador, Climate Reality Leader, Model and Activist, Lindsey Coffey who was crowned Miss Earth 2020 joined Mikki Sachiko for a talk about fitness journey, sustainable habits, life lessons and more! Supercharge your wellness habits with this part 2 of 3 for women's month celebration at Wellnessible. Brought to you by Breathewell. An ultra-light purifier that can be perfectly attached to a face mask. This patented advanced Japanese technology filters out about 99 percent of harmful particles! Learn more at www.breathewelltoday.com And get more health tips at instagram.com/wellnessibleco Wellness is Possible!


Donita Rose: Transforming challenges into blessings and wisdom

Let's talk about women's health, lessons on pain, breakthroughs, and exciting new milestones with Celebrity Chef & Actress Donita Rose. The reward is in the journey. Happiness is in the journey. Health is a journey. Healing is a journey. Be inspired and listen to this Wellnessible SEASON 4 Premier brought to you by Breathewell. An ultra-light purifier that can be perfectly attached to a face mask. This patented advanced Japanese technology filters out about 99 percent of harmful particles! Learn more at www.breathewelltoday.com And get more health tips at instagram.com/wellnessibleco Wellness is Possible!


Wellnessible Top 5 health hacks in 2020 that are 2021-Worthy + Top 5 Reasons to be optimistic about in the New Year

A lot may have said WTF, 2020? So we decided to make an FTW (For The Win), 2021 kind of a year-end episode! Kick-off your new year with some healing, clarity, peace, and wellness! Whether you're finding healthy ways to transform your life, or optimistic reasons to celebrate 2021, this episode is for you! Follow us on Instagram.com/wellnessible Instagram.com/mikkisachiko Facebook.com/wellnessible Be updated about our wellness campaigns to help you stay healthy! Sign up for newsletter: wellnessible.com/#community For feedbacks & business proposals email info@wellnessible.com. And share this show today. Wellness is Possible!


Wellnessible's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign: Be Your Own Breast Friend

Fact, breast cancer knows no gender. Women are at higher risk but men can get it too! Another fact, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer worldwide in women, with nearly two million new cases diagnosed in 2018. But the great news, if you become your own 'breast friend' - you can learn early detection strategies plus know different ways to prevent it. Join Mikki Sachiko together with one of the Philippine's top oncologists, Dr. Jorge Ignacio, and Glenda Resurreccion, a breast cancer survivor/author/advocate for a breast cancer prevention discussion. This is the podcast version of the Wellnessible live webinar on Oct. 23, 2020. Brought to you by the following: Health Fusion - Natural & vegan gummy vitamins! instagram.com/healthfusionph and Vita Coco - 100% NATURAL Coconut Water packed with Vitamin C! instagram.com/vitacocoph Stay informed. Stay empowered. Stay healthy. Wellness is Possible. For feedbacks and proposals email info@wellnessible.com.


Trauma Healing & Mental Health in uncertain times with Esther Turingan, Psychologist

Experts say that if you want better health, start with mental health. The ROI of healing is massive for mental health. Join Mikki Sachiko and award-winning Psychologist Esther Turingan about trauma healing and boosting mental health in a COVID-19 era. A special episode brought to you by Que Rica, your source for healthy and fine-tasting products crafted in Bicol. From their best-selling laing longanisa to vegan laing in a bottle. Or treat yourself with their pineapple-cured chicken tocino, healthy Pili nuts and more! Enjoy their holiday promos, visit Querica.ph today. Email info@wellnessible.com for feedbacks and business proposals.