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154: Mark Sisson: On Cholesterol, Keto, and Each of the WLC's 7 Daily Habits

Available On: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spotify Mark Sisson is founder of Primal Nutrition, LLC and Primal Kitchen, LLC, New York Times Bestselling Author, health and wellness revolutionary, and founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, the #1-ranked blog for over a decade in its health and fitness category. He is also wrote The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. Prior to his life as a health and wellness educator and...


153: Sarah Ballantyne — The Paleo Mom on How Eating Real Food Can Change Everything

Available On: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spotify Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. is the creator of the award-winning online resource www.ThePaleoMom.com, co-host of the syndicated top-rated The Paleo View Podcast, New York Times bestselling author of Paleo Principles The Paleo Approach The Paleo Approach Cookbook, and The Healing Kitchen; creator of the online program Go To Bed, and creator of the top-rated online course, The Autoimmune Protocol Lecture Series. Sarah earned her doctorate...


152: Farmer Paul Greive - Most "Free Range Organic" Chickens Never See the Light of Day

Available On: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spotify Paul Greive is making a difference. He's the co-founder and CEO of PastureBird - the country's largest supplier of REAL pasture raised, free-range chicken in the Country. And what do I mean by real? Well, "pasture raised", when you see it on packaging in the market, doesn't mean what you think it does. Here's his story: When Paul got out of the military in 2011 and became a Certified Public Accountant, he decided to do something...


151: Kevin Rose — Lifehacker, Visionary Tech Investor, and CEO of Oak Meditation

Available On: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spotify Kevin Rose is a pioneer in the tech world. He's been named in the list of the Top 25 Angel Investors (Bloomberg), Top 25 Web Celebrities (Forbes), Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web (Time and Businessweek), and Top 35 Innovators under 35 (MIT). He founded the social news site Digg, was a general partner at Google Ventures (investing in companies like Ripple, Medium, and Nextdoor), and prior to that started investing as an...


150: Tracy Sundlun — Co-Founder of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series

Available On: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spotify Tracy Sundlun is best known as one of the co-founders of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, which with his involvement, grew to 29 events in 15 states, Washington DC, and 6 other countries, in which over 500,000 runners competed each year. He has over 4 decades of involvement in virtually every facet of the sports of track and field, long distance running, and race walking. His experience includes everything from coaching (including...


149: Dr. Mark Goulston — Transforming Relationships and Upgrading Your Happy Through Listening

Available On: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spotify Dr. Mark Goulston is a psychiatrist, a mentor to top executives and CEOs, bestselling author, and is considered to be the world's number one expert in deep listening and influence. His book, Just Listen, is the top book on listening in the world. He teaches listening for empathy around the world to highly diverse groups of people including FBI and SWAT hostage negotiators, coaches, teachers and educators, and recently in Moscow to over...


148: Josh Mantz - Back From the Dead With a Message About Living

Available On: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spotify Josh Mantz graduated from West Point in 2005 and received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor while serving in combat in Iraq. In 2007, Josh died after suffering a gunshot wound in Baghdad, only to be miraculously revived by an expert medical team after his heart stopped for a full fifteen minutes. To chronicle his journey back from the dead to a place of truly living, Josh wrote his #1 best-selling book, The Beauty of a...


147: Kevin Carter — Father, Philanthropist, Former NFL Player & Super Bowl Champion

Available On: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spotify Kevin Carter is a 14-Year NFL veteran, Super Bowl Champion, Sports Broadcaster, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. He recently hosted the highest rated college gameday show on ESPNU - The Experts and College Game Day. With four stellar seasons in the NFL, Carter turned his fifth season with the Rams into the best of his career. In 1999 he led the NFL in sacks with 17, earning him Pro Bowl, All-Pro, and All-Madden honors. Carter...


146: Charles Mayfield — Farmer, Father, and Bestselling Author of Paleo Comfort Foods

Charles Mayfield is a leader in the health and nutrition world coming from his personal desire to provide his kids with the best, healthy, nutritious food available and to be responsible for taking care of our land, making it sustainable and renewable for years and generations to come. For the Complete Show Notes, Please Visit our Website He is the co-author of one of the first cookbooks ever for paleo recipes, Paleo Comfort Foods, is the co-founder of Atlanta Strength and Conditioning,...


145: Paul Chek— Founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute

Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology. For over thirty years, Paul’s unique, holistic approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of many of his clients, his students, and their clients. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed. Paul is the founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise...


144: Katie Wells — The Wellness Mama

Katie Wells, the “Wellness Mama,” is a wife, a mom of six, an award-winning blogger, author, podcaster, and a real-food crusader. Her mission with WellnessMama.com is to provide simple answers for healthier families through practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and more. To see the complete show notes, please visit our website. To handle her daily workload, Katie has developed systems and tips for living a Wellness Lifestyle™ with a...


143: Megan Morrone — TWiT.tv Host, Mother, Whole Life Challenger

Megan Morrone is a technology journalist hosting video shows covering tech news, longform interviews, and tips for normal people trying to make their way in a world where tech can be as confusing as it is ubiquitous. She is also a freelance writer, wife, and mom to three children and one dog (who reads and responds to her email for her and helps her attain inbox-zero!) Megan got her start in tech broadcasting in 2000 when she was promoted from web producer on The New Screen Savers on ZDTV...


142: Jimmy Rosenberg — if You Juice it, They Will Come

Jimmy Rosenberg is an American entrepreneur and the founder of the Evolution Fresh Company and Naked Juice, a producer of smoothies and juices. In 1983, Rosenberg established the Naked Juice Company in Santa Monica, California. Starting on a small scale, Rosenberg first introduced his product by developing fruit drinks in his home kitchen and selling them in-person on the beaches of Santa Monica under the name “Naked Juice”. The popularity of the juice drinks took off and they were soon...


141: Dr. Jeremy Brook

Dr. Jeremy Brook, aka “The Spinechecker,” is a Los Angeles-based chiropractor, yogi, and movement specialist. He is the founder of The Life Center Chiropractic, a unique healing oasis that incorporates the disciplines of chiropractic, spinal corrective protocols, yoga, and other movement art forms to make sure the spine, body, and mind are aligned. For complete show notes, please click here to visit our website. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Brook has been teaching an...


140: Ronnie Teasdale -- On Unicycling, Water, Sound Healing and Supercharging Your Life

How do you describe Ronnie Teasdale? Figuring out how to capture him in conversation and in writing... that's the problem I ran into after spending a few hours with him recording the podcast. Ronnie grew up in Michigan playing hockey practically every day of his life until he was 23 years old. At the height of his hockey "career," he was what I'd call an"enforcer" - the guy you'd put in to take out (by brute force) whatever player on the other team was scoring goals or causing problems....


139: Michael Gervais -- On Unraveling the Secrets of Masters

Throughout his career, Dr. Michael Gervais has followed a central question: Is there a common thread connecting those who change how we understand how the world works? As a high-performance psychologist, published, peer-reviewed author and recognized speaker on optimal human performance, Michael Gervais works in the trenches of high-stakes environments, where there is no luxury for mistakes, hesitation, or failure to respond. While Dr. Gervais’ roster includes an MVP from every major sport,...


138: Kristin MacDermott -- On Learnable Resilience Skills to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Who IS Kristin MacDermott? Kristen MacDermott is a consultant and performance coach who has created resiliencetraining programs for some of the highest performing people on the planet, including Naval Special Warfare Command (Navy SEALs) and the Los Angeles Police Department. Kristin's programs have also been used in more than 20 hospitals across the country, in the Duke Cancer Institute, and in the National Institutes of Health among others. Kristin brings a unique skillset to her...


137: Sam Morris – Zen Warrior

In November of 1999, at the age of 24 and having just led an unsupported cycling trek across the United States with nine teenagers, Sam was in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. In an instant, he went from being an avid outdoorsman, athlete and Zen enthusiast to being paralyzed from the waist down. Determined to not become the victim of his circumstances, Sam spent years learning from some of the world’s top experts in the fields of somatic healing, meditation, breath work and mind...


136: Brian Donahoe & Alex Rizk - Master Motion Mechanics

As you might have noticed, this is the third podcast I've done with the folks from Human Garage. The first two were with the founders, Garry and Anela Lineham. Their stories and experiences are vastly different, yet they came together to create this extraordinary place of learning and healing. Today, I'm moving the conversation toward the "how" of it all — in other words, what's "under the hood" at the Human Garage. I'm doing this by talking to two of their Master Motion Mechanics:...


135: Anela Lineham - On Courage and Resiliency, Living Into Your Intention No Matter What the Obstacle

Anela Lineham is the co-founder, along with her husband Gary Lineham, of Human Garage. Anela is an Intuitive Women’s Health Expert. She is a motion/breathwork master, and an expert in women's health focusing on the biochemical, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman’s well-being. Anela is also the co-owner Human Garage and has studied under Masters of NAAM, Kundalini & Vinyasa Yoga for over 30 years. Anela leads dedicated workshops on the importance of the mind/body balance...